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WTF is this?! Looks like some lame BBStro from the 90ies, doesn't it? Well.. ..You're WRONG! It's a lame BBStro from 2015! \o/ ;) And it's here to tell you: This file passed the Kuehlbox - a full featured BBS System accessable via web, ssh and telnet(s): KUEHLBOX.WTF     -     The track, I used for this pile of shame was done by Rams le Prince (CBC / Nectarine) - I looped it in some crappy way, but you can leech the whole track in all its beauty at the Kuehlbox! :) (Well and on his soundcloud profile, too - but what's kreweler? You decide... Choose wisely! ;)     BTW: This whole BBStro is pure HTML5 & CSS3! No JavaScript.     And now to something completely different:    .   .  . .. ...:> Connect to this sweet, little anachronism today: KUEHLBOX.WTF <:... .. .  .   .