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MUIbase-4.1.lha 5.1MB 2019-03-14 no description 8.6MB 2019-03-13 no description
WhatChanged.lha 6.1KB 2017-11-05 Identifies file system changes over time (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros) Android version is identical to desktop now! Add description of main features in help Add same tabulation in help for easy reading Add versio number ib adout dialog Import from *.csv file French localisation Registaration name in About dialog Now you can edit and save from table Sort column entries Now binaris for all systems Now version for Android OS
MUIbase-4.0.lha 5.1MB 2017-10-14 Programmable relational database w/ GUI (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
ShimmerDB_src.lha 40KB 2017-04-17 ShimmerDB source code (generic)
SQLManSP.lha 14.3KB 2016-05-11 SQLMan spanish guide v0.4 (generic)
SQLMan.lha 8.5MB 2016-05-07 SQLite database manager (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros)
ViewCSV.lha 1.1MB 2014-03-09 MUI based CSV file reader (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0)
XBazeSP.lha 12.9KB 2012-02-12 XBaze v7.3.1 spanish catalog (generic) 3.3MB 2010-06-13 Programmable relational database w/ GUI (i386-aros)
sqlite-3.6.1-amiga.lha 5.5MB 2008-10-22 SQL database engine (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
AlphaBase_keyfile.lha 73b 2008-03-31 Free keyfile for AlphaBase (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
Audithec.lha 227KB 2007-09-25 file Audithec.readme matches (m68k-amigaos)
XBaze-fr.lha 18KB 2007-08-19 XBaze v7.3.1 french catalog (generic)
FLeagues.lha 119.6KB 2007-04-02 Football Database For 50 Leagues (3.5c) (m68k-amigaos)
StarBase_SCR.lha 117.5KB 2007-04-02 Star Trek Style Database (5.2) (m68k-amigaos)
sqlite3.lha 1.5MB 2006-05-07 An Embeddable SQL Database Engine (ppc-morphos)
TelExpress2xs.lha 509.3KB 2005-12-13 Database for Amiga OS 3.x by (m68k-amigaos)
agendafr.lha 355b 2005-11-27 French Catalog file for AGENDA (generic)
agenda.lha 801.3KB 2005-11-25 Nice and easy address & phone book (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
DBF.lha 161.9KB 2005-08-12 Xbase manipulation package, update (m68k-amigaos)
DatabenchDemo.lha 177.4KB 2005-07-20 Small Database (german) (m68k-amigaos)
XBaze-7.3.lha 636.6KB 2005-04-29 Very easy2use flexible and fast database (m68k-amigaos)
SN-EuroArchiv.lha 711.1KB 2004-03-23 V1.3 Euro-Coin-DataBase (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
AmigaBase26.lha 447.5KB 2004-02-15 Powerful programmable database with GUI (m68k-amigaos)
MicroBase504de.lha 841.6KB 2004-01-13 Database supports dBASE, HTML - GERMAN (m68k-amigaos)
MicroBase504en.lha 444.2KB 2004-01-13 Database supports dBASE, HTML - works! (m68k-amigaos)
PAC.lha 1.9MB 2003-07-06 HTML Photoalbum Creator v1.0. (m68k-amigaos)
McA45a.lha 67.2KB 2003-05-25 *McAgenda* easy to use and useful phonebook (m68k-amigaos)
mca45CAT.lha 2.9KB 2003-05-25 Catalonian catalog for database McAgenda (generic)
mca45ESP.lha 4.8KB 2003-05-25 Spanish catalog for database McAgenda (generic)
SN-KontoArc.lha 94.1KB 2003-05-25 V1.11 Accout archives (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
SN-MuenzArch.lha 196.7KB 2003-03-09 V1.4 Coin-DataBase (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
SN-BackupArc.lha 85.8KB 2003-01-18 Provide Backup's automatically (German) (m68k-amigaos)
SN-AnlagenArc.lha 99.9KB 2003-01-01 V1.0 Money units archive (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
musicdatabase.lha 128.1KB 2002-09-01 Music (CD Albums etc, Catalogger CanDo! Deck). (m68k-amigaos)
SN-MarkenArc.lha 189KB 2002-07-11 V1.0 Stamp-DataBase (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
AlfredAncestor.lha 213.6KB 2002-05-24 Genealogy of Alfred the greats ancestors (m68k-amigaos)
Catalog.lha 191.2KB 2002-05-12 Create a database of your disks/CDs (French) (m68k-amigaos)
AddressMaster.lzh 68.4KB 2002-05-05 Small Address Book (WB1.3+), German ONLY (m68k-amigaos)
tummy_020.lha 915KB 2002-05-05 The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.15 (m68k-amigaos)
tummy_040.lha 915.4KB 2002-05-05 The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.15 (m68k-amigaos)
hwmrarfs.lha 192.6KB 2002-04-14 Home Wine Making Recipe & Record File System (m68k-amigaos)
CMLV_II_Key.lha 1.4KB 2002-03-21 CMLV II Free Keyfile (m68k-amigaos)
Dohodnina01.lha 7.9KB 2002-02-25 Calculates income tax in Slovenia (m68k-amigaos)
ligamanager.lha 462.2KB 2002-01-27 German database for sport leagues V3.4 (m68k-amigaos)
REDD_Txt.lha 24.4KB 2001-12-25 Red Dwarf StarBase-Text (52.1) (m68k-amigaos)
MTRechIII_1_11.lha 1.4MB 2001-12-16 MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V1.11 (m68k-amigaos)
MTRIIIsrc_1_11.lha 431.8KB 2001-12-12 MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V1.11 (generic)
StarBase_GR.lha 8.3KB 2001-11-30 Greek documentation for StarBase_SCR v 4.12) (generic)
MTRIIIsrc_1_10.lha 420.6KB 2001-10-15 MT-RechnungIII Invoice program V1.10 (generic)
A2KDeck.lha 670.8KB 2001-10-11 no description
HomeCINEMA.lha 194.7KB 2001-10-07 German Video Database - with Source (m68k-amigaos)
DataM_II_Key.lha 1.2KB 2001-10-02 Public Keyfile for DataM II (m68k-amigaos)
F1db.lha 104.7KB 2001-10-02 Store and manage Formula 1 results (m68k-amigaos)
Regist_II.lha 342.8KB 2001-10-02 user-administration for programmers (German) (m68k-amigaos)
Fdata_Gerb1.lha 4.6KB 2001-09-14 Football2.6 German Budesliga 1 datafile (m68k-amigaos)
Fdata_Gerb2.lha 4.7KB 2001-09-14 Football2.6 German Budesliga 2 datafile (m68k-amigaos)
Fdata_Itasa.lha 3.4KB 2001-09-14 Football2.6 Italian Serie A datafile (m68k-amigaos)
Fdata_Itasb.lha 4.5KB 2001-09-14 Football2.6 Italian Serie B datafile (m68k-amigaos)
Fdata_2001.lha 44.6KB 2001-09-05 Football2.6 - 2001/2 season Datafiles (m68k-amigaos)
gkartei.lha 223.7KB 2001-07-29 Powerful and easy database. (m68k-amigaos)
mSQL-Admin.lha 73.1KB 2001-07-19 MSQL-Database Administration Tool (with GUI) (m68k-amigaos)
tummy_060.lha 910.6KB 2001-05-27 The Ultimate Magic Yard V1.10 (m68k-amigaos)
QuickFile_3.27.lha 360.9KB 2001-05-20 Powerful, fast and easy database. (m68k-amigaos)
FootballPatch.lha 109.1KB 2001-04-01 Patches for Football 2.6 (m68k-amigaos)
Football.lha 583.3KB 2001-03-12 *NEW* Setup your own leagues/cups (m68k-amigaos)
Dohodnina00.lha 7.8KB 2001-03-08 Calculates income tax in Slovenia (m68k-amigaos)
DataM_II.lha 1.1MB 2001-01-28 Spreadsheet using MUI (German docs only!) (m68k-amigaos)
Videomanage.lha 398.4KB 2001-01-03 A Videodatabase (m68k-amigaos)
Videomat1.7.lha 55.6KB 2000-12-27 Video cassette management system (m68k-amigaos)
StarBase_CLI.lha 104.3KB 2000-12-09 Star Trek Episodes Database (v3.8) (m68k-amigaos)
AnjouCounts.lha 5.1KB 2000-11-22 Genealogy of the Counts of Anjou (m68k-amigaos)
Trekkie.lha 925.3KB 2000-08-30 Star Trek Database, V2.19final Data V2.21final (m68k-amigaos)
VorwahlenGui.lha 163KB 2000-08-20 MUIGUI for german telefon codes (m68k-amigaos)
MUI-LigaM-Czec.lha 2.4KB 2000-06-07 Czech catalog for MUI-Ligamaster 1.20 (generic)
VowaData.lha 99.8KB 2000-06-06 Datafile v1.48 for VorwahlenGUI (generic)
PQL.lha 154.5KB 2000-04-18 "plain query language", a kind of SQL subset (m68k-amigaos)
OnyxBase.lha 110KB 2000-03-23 Great address book manager with lots of features (m68k-amigaos)
FootballUpdate.lha 240.6KB 2000-02-02 Update Football 2.5.1 to 2.5.2 (m68k-amigaos)
gkartei6.1.3.lha 231.1KB 2000-02-01 Powerful and easy database. (m68k-amigaos)
QuoteMan.lha 28.2KB 2000-01-30 V1.0 Quote and Invoice manage (m68k-amigaos)
mb_rrAutoDocs.lha 6.9KB 2000-01-20 Generates AutoDocs with MUIbase (m68k-amigaos)
mb_rrfuncs.lha 20KB 2000-01-18 Useful include files for MUIbase v1.3+ (m68k-amigaos)
mb_rrWarentest.lha 328.5KB 2000-01-18 Stiftung Warentest Database for MUIbase (m68k-amigaos)
Fiasco_pol_doc.lha 261.8KB 2000-01-03 Polish guide for Fiasco v2.22 (generic)
addidevV1.19.lha 130.9KB 1999-12-21 Sourecode for Addipro in MaxonPascal (generic)
addiproV1.22.lha 116.4KB 1999-12-21 German Adress database OS2.X written in Pascal (m68k-amigaos)
db3.6-beta-src.lha 262.3KB 1999-11-26 V3.6 BETA - Multi purpose database. 15 langs! (generic)
db3.6-beta.lha 49.6KB 1999-11-26 V3.6 BETA - Multi purpose database. 15 langs! (m68k-amigaos)
STDB-full_1.7.lha 55.4KB 1999-10-31 Star Trek Database v1.7 (Main Exec) (m68k-amigaos)
cycledbase.lha 26.2KB 1999-10-21 Cycle trip database inc. search function (m68k-amigaos)
Fiasco_deu_doc.lha 334.4KB 1999-10-14 2.22 - Multifunctional database program (generic)
Fiasco_eng_doc.lha 294.8KB 1999-10-14 2.22 - Multifunctional database program (generic)
Fiasco_main.lha 536KB 1999-10-14 2.22 - Multifunctional database program (m68k-amigaos)
DiskOrg.lha 67.4KB 1999-09-12 DiskOrg - A disk cataloguer (with asm source) (m68k-amigaos)
STDB.lha 629.6KB 1999-08-26 Star Trek Database - Demo v1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
MUI-Leagues.lha 669.7KB 1999-08-19 Over 500 leagues for MUI-Ligamaster (generic)
XsQL.lha 16.2KB 1999-08-01 Execute a mSQL Text-Query (m68k-amigaos)
ADACSearch.lha 110.3KB 1999-07-31 Example for mSQL++/ADAC (m68k-amigaos)
datagi21pd.lha 610.8KB 1999-07-21 Powerful database (only italian version). (m68k-amigaos)
StarBase.lha 181.1KB 1999-07-18 Star Trek Episodes Database 3.0c+1.2c (m68k-amigaos)
MusicManager.lha 48.9KB 1999-06-16 Small polish CD data base for MUI. (v.1.01) (m68k-amigaos)
mSQL-20101-bas.lha 795.9KB 1999-06-09 MiniSQL Database engine - base (m68k-amigaos)
mSQL-20101-nse.lha 376.9KB 1999-06-09 MiniSQL Database engine - nse (m68k-amigaos)
mSQL-20101-src.lha 335.7KB 1999-06-09 MiniSQL Database engine - src (generic)
mSQL-20101-upd.lha 25.7KB 1999-06-09 MiniSQL Database engine - update (m68k-amigaos)
mSQL-20101-wse.lha 391.6KB 1999-06-09 MiniSQL Database engine - wse (m68k-amigaos)
msql++.lha 53.9KB 1999-06-08 C++ Wrapper (V1.2) for mSQL.library (V5+) (m68k-amigaos)
AlphaBase.lha 205.9KB 1999-06-06 V2.2.4 Universal database, English/German (m68k-amigaos)
CBAdress200.lha 565.7KB 1999-03-23 Adressenverwaltung in MagicWB (Germany only) (m68k-amigaos)
CBAdress200E.lha 555.6KB 1999-03-23 Adressedatabase with MagicWB (English) (m68k-amigaos)
MegaBookSR1.lha 144.6KB 1999-03-23 The ULTIMATE Amiga Address Book (Update) (m68k-amigaos)
muil-1bl63-99.lha 102.9KB 1999-03-17 Complete 1.Bundesliga (63-99) (generic)
Scion508.lha 707.2KB 1999-02-22 Genealogy database manager (V5.08) (m68k-amigaos)
ScionExtras.lha 122.1KB 1999-02-22 Scion Genealogist support programs (m68k-amigaos)
MsqlLib.lha 102KB 1999-02-20 Access mSQL database with a shared library (m68k-amigaos)
AvgObjectSize.lha 3.2KB 1999-02-15 FinalCalc report from MiniSQL in ARexx (generic)
DBFtoMUIbase.lha 12.8KB 1999-02-15 Converts DBF file to MUIbase import file (m68k-amigaos)
DefectForm.lha 4.3KB 1999-02-15 MiniSQL defect form editor in ARexx (generic)
Fiasco_NL_Cat.lha 26.8KB 1999-02-02 Fiasco 2.21 Dutch catalogs (generic)
Keeper.lha 93.5KB 1999-01-09 Program to catalog magazine articles (m68k-amigaos)
CDDateiKey.lha 798b 1999-01-06 Free Keyfile for CD-Datei (m68k-amigaos)
AAA_MegaBook.lha 278.7KB 1998-12-27 ULTIMATE Amiga Address Book (XMas Edition) (m68k-amigaos)
CMLV_2_Conv.lha 32.1KB 1998-12-13 CD-MC-LP Databaseconv (m68k-amigaos)
basicadr.lha 66.2KB 1998-12-09 Small german database. (m68k-amigaos)
Pix2HP.lha 14.6KB 1998-12-08 Creates galleries for homepages using MUIbase (m68k-amigaos)
MusicManIII.lha 588.8KB 1998-12-07 A must have for CD, MC... collectors (m68k-amigaos)
CMLV_V21.lha 231KB 1998-12-05 CD-MC-LP Database (m68k-amigaos)
AmwayDeckV5.lha 615.7KB 1998-11-26 DataBase For AMWAY Distributors done In CanDo. (m68k-amigaos)
F-BaseV2_40.lha 143KB 1998-11-23 Easy-to-use DataBase manager for Rom 2.04+ (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
MUIVideo_236.lha 222.4KB 1998-11-23 Video Database using Magic User Interface (m68k-amigaos)
MUIL-Italiano.lha 2.3KB 1998-11-18 Italian catalog for MUI-Ligamaster 1.20 (generic)
VA_Czech.lha 2.6KB 1998-11-02 Czech Catalog for VideoArchiv v3.0 (generic)
mfs.lha 611.9KB 1998-10-31 Music File System 1.56 - Album database (m68k-amigaos)
LSD_Eng-Pol.lha 207.5KB 1998-10-17 English -> Polish Dictionary for LSDictionary3 (generic)
LSD_Eng-Ser.lha 273.7KB 1998-10-17 English -> Serbian Dictionary for LSDictionary3 (generic)
LSD_Ser-Eng.lha 263.6KB 1998-10-17 Serbian -> English Dictionary for LSDictionary3 (generic)
ADM362.lha 550KB 1998-10-13 THE german address & home office tool, V3.62 (m68k-amigaos)
MUI-Ligamaster.lha 74.1KB 1998-10-13 A database for sport leagues (m68k-amigaos)
ligamanagerdat.lha 206KB 1998-10-07 League datafiles for Ligamanager (generic)
FiascoPL.lha 11.1KB 1998-09-22 Fiasco 2.x - PL version by WFMH LocalePL (generic)
Fastbase12.lha 52.6KB 1998-09-14 Very easy databaseprogram. (m68k-amigaos)
List13.lha 17.6KB 1998-09-14 Generates a list of your disks. (m68k-amigaos)
secret.lha 53KB 1998-09-10 German password protected database. (m68k-amigaos)
Fiasco_dan_cat.lha 21KB 1998-09-06 Danish catalog for Fiasco 2.2. (generic)
PopPhone_HU.lha 3.6KB 1998-09-05 Hungarian translation for PopPhone v2.2. (m68k-amigaos)
MUIL-RegL94-98.lha 40KB 1998-08-20 Complete Regionalligen (94-98) with dates (generic)
MUIL-2BL74-98.lha 87.1KB 1998-08-10 Complete 2.Bundesliga (74-98) with dates (generic)
ARC.lha 552.8KB 1998-08-06 Recipe Program inc many examples - v2 (m68k-amigaos)
MUI-Season9899.lha 22.6KB 1998-08-02 European leagues for the season 1998-99 (generic)
ADB.lha 156.9KB 1998-07-29 Semplice DataBase configurabile (m68k-amigaos)
Minidata.lha 147.5KB 1998-07-13 DataBase (German necessary) (m68k-amigaos)
multidata.lha 149.8KB 1998-07-13 DataBase (German necessary) (m68k-amigaos)
Worldcup98.lha 3.9KB 1998-07-13 World Cup 98 result's (generic)
AmwayDeckV4.lha 346.1KB 1998-07-09 DataBase For AMWAY Distributors. (m68k-amigaos)
MUI-Ligam-nolo.lha 1.5KB 1998-06-30 MUI-Ligamaster Norwegian catal (generic)
Kalowache1_3.lha 124.6KB 1998-06-19 Kalowache Version - German language only - (m68k-amigaos)
NewTTL10.lha 14.7KB 1998-06-15 TTL and CMOS database (m68k-amigaos)
Kulinarius06a.lha 2.2KB 1998-05-30 Kulinarius-Bugfix (generic)
Kulinarius06.lha 54.1KB 1998-05-29 Receipe-Manager for Fiasco V0.6 (beta) (generic)
dB_Editor100.lha 70.1KB 1998-05-27 Editor for dBASE database files (m68k-amigaos)
MegaB32to33Upd.lha 69.2KB 1998-05-26 Very Late Update for MegaBook v3.2 (m68k-amigaos)
LSD_Idegen.lha 35.6KB 1998-05-23 Hungarian Dictionary for LSDictionary3 (generic)
LSD_Rus-Eng.lha 289.6KB 1998-05-23 English -> Russian Dictionary for LSDictionary3 (generic)
DataCLI1.1.lha 66.7KB 1998-05-17 Small DataBase with command CLI and GUI version (m68k-amigaos)
CDDateiPL.lha 4.9KB 1998-05-13 Polish catalog for CDDatei 3.13a (generic)
VA_Norsk.lha 2.5KB 1998-05-10 Norwegian Catalog for VideoArchiv v3.0 (generic)
conjesp_norloc.lha 690b 1998-05-05 Norwegian local for conjesp (generic)
homebank_norlo.lha 1.8KB 1998-05-05 Norwegian catalog for Homebank (generic)
DBF_Browser.lha 50.6KB 1998-04-20 Manipulating data files in DBF format. (m68k-amigaos)
YAAddressbook.lha 118.3KB 1998-04-06 Small Neat Hotkey *Address Database* 1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
Address.lha 59.6KB 1998-03-20 Small, yet powerful address database (MUI) (m68k-amigaos)
DFABirthdays.lha 20.5KB 1998-02-24 Birthday-Checker for DFA (m68k-amigaos)
OwnWordsFix.lha 54.1KB 1998-02-24 Dictionary system (ARexx/Commodity) FIX (m68k-amigaos)
CDDateiUpdate.lha 70.8KB 1998-01-30 Update V3.12/3.13 to V3.14 (m68k-amigaos)
Aminet2DB.lha 3.3KB 1998-01-29 Aminet RECENT, CSV, TSV converter. (m68k-amigaos)
Fiasco2_11_pch.lha 155.2KB 1998-01-26 Patches Fiasco 2.1 to 2.11 (m68k-amigaos)
afile.lha 137KB 1998-01-25 A powerfull datafile manager (m68k-amigaos)
Quando98.lha 86.9KB 1998-01-25 Quando dateorg&phonebook(italian) (m68k-amigaos)
DataSATPro-r.lha 229KB 1998-01-23 REGISTERED Database for Satellite channel (m68k-amigaos)
GCBKeys.lha 1.1KB 1998-01-23 GCB-Public-Keys (m68k-amigaos)
almanac_f3.lha 367.8KB 1997-12-18 A day to day database with lots more. (m68k-amigaos)
Black_Book.lha 40.5KB 1997-12-04 Address book written in Blitz2 (m68k-amigaos)
CDDatei_GR_upd.lha 18.8KB 1997-12-03 Greek catalog for CD-Datei V3.12. (generic)
McF51.lha 147.1KB 1997-12-01 *McFiler* catalogues files, many functions (m68k-amigaos)
VA_V30.lha 140.7KB 1997-12-01 VideoArchiv v3.0 ** eng/ger/swe (m68k-amigaos)
db_sv.lha 5.3KB 1997-11-20 Swedish translation for DB 3.5 (generic)
Videobaender.lha 18.8KB 1997-11-20 German Videoarchiver for AmigaBase (m68k-amigaos)
lsdbase.lha 41.1KB 1997-11-17 Small database program for CDIDs (v1.0) (m68k-amigaos)
WorldDATA.lha 226b 1997-11-17 WorldDATA has been renamed to AlphaBase (generic)
db_fr.lha 5.7KB 1997-10-26 French translation for DB 3.5 (generic)
filmlex.lha 28.3KB 1997-10-21 Movie database (m68k-amigaos)
LigaGuide.lha 7.2KB 1997-10-20 English Guide for Liga (generic)
Ax.lha 194.6KB 1997-10-03 Update! Aminet INDEX database program (m68k-amigaos)
comic.lha 203.1KB 1997-09-26 Dbase for collectors of comic books V2.1 (m68k-amigaos)
db.lha 245.2KB 1997-09-24 3.5 - Multi purpose database. 15 langs! (m68k-amigaos)
Albin_free.lha 82.4KB 1997-09-22 **FREE** V1.09! Best Music Database (MUI) (m68k-amigaos)
ARTIKELFinder.lha 328.2KB 1997-09-20 Amiga magazine contents database, german (m68k-amigaos)
DataSATPro13.lha 193.5KB 1997-09-09 Database for Satellite channel (m68k-amigaos)
stvideo130.lha 42.8KB 1997-09-07 Managment program for TV- & Bookseries (m68k-amigaos)
VArchiv_v30b.lha 101.3KB 1997-09-07 VideoArchiv v3.0 !BETA-TESTERS WANTED! (m68k-amigaos)
Liga4.lha 185.2KB 1997-09-04 V 3.8 - database for soccer leagues (m68k-amigaos)
cdbsys.lha 10.1KB 1997-09-02 C database demo v1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
EasyVideo43.lha 230.6KB 1997-08-29 Good home-video Mangement-System (m68k-amigaos)
CDDatei_french.lha 4.8KB 1997-08-21 French catalog for CD-Datei V3.12 (generic)
TSL_source.lha 12KB 1997-08-20 Source of biz/dbase/TSL-2.lha (generic)
CDDatei_norsk.lha 4.6KB 1997-08-11 Norwegian catalog for CD-Datei V3.12 (generic)
AmiMAGs_demo.lha 32.1KB 1997-08-08 Database about Amiga magazines(german) (m68k-amigaos)
CDDatei.lha 372.8KB 1997-08-08 Database for audio compact discs, V3.12 (m68k-amigaos)
germanhotels.lha 519KB 1997-07-02 German Hotel-Guide (m68k-amigaos)
ghotelpic.lha 389.5KB 1997-07-02 Pictures for German Hotel-Guide (generic)
TurboBase_d.lha 498.2KB 1997-06-25 Demo of TurboBase (german version) (m68k-amigaos)
TurboBase_e.lha 259.1KB 1997-06-25 Demo of TurboBase (english version) (m68k-amigaos)
AmigaBaseStruk.lha 12.5KB 1997-06-12 Two videotapes and a LP project, for AmigaBase (m68k-amigaos)
TSL-2.lha 249.8KB 1997-06-12 Fast INDEX KEEPER for DJs. 3700 songs & html (m68k-amigaos)
DataSATPro.lha 162.6KB 1997-06-08 Fr-Eng Database for Satellite channel (m68k-amigaos)
KlAdr.lha 247.2KB 1997-06-06 German address database, usable demo (m68k-amigaos)
OwnWords.lha 227.3KB 1997-05-28 Dictionary system (ARexx/Commodity) DEMO (m68k-amigaos)
voyguide.lha 283KB 1997-05-27 StarTrek-Voyager-Guide (m68k-amigaos)
KingFisher226.lha 290.2KB 1997-05-21 KingFisher 2.26 Fish/CD-ROM Catalog Tool (m68k-amigaos)
KingFisher2db.lha 730.7KB 1997-05-21 1100+ Fish Disk Database for KingFisher2 (m68k-amigaos)
KingFisher2ex.lha 216.4KB 1997-05-21 Extras (incl. DevKit) for KingFisher2.26 (m68k-amigaos)
DataSAT-E.lha 157.3KB 1997-05-19 Database for satellite channel (english) (m68k-amigaos)
Liga3.lha 157KB 1997-05-11 V 3.45 - database for soccer leagues (m68k-amigaos)
CM_V2_06.lha 49.5KB 1997-05-09 CatalogManager for Conrad Electronic catalogs (m68k-amigaos)
GCBVideoV3.11.lha 323.9KB 1997-05-08 The video-administrator (m68k-amigaos)
GCBAdresse3_08.lha 279.5KB 1997-05-07 The Address-Database (m68k-amigaos)
Phonemaster.lha 51.3KB 1997-04-14 An advanced Dbase, see readme for feats. (m68k-amigaos)
PM5-Birth.lha 4.3KB 1997-04-14 PM5-plugin, Show birthdays, on Startup. (m68k-amigaos)
AmwayDeckV3.2.lha 178KB 1997-04-10 DataBase For AMWAY Distributors. (m68k-amigaos)
dbStart.lha 1KB 1997-03-26 Starts a "db" database. (m68k-amigaos)
birdbase2.lha 81.3KB 1997-03-18 Database for storing bird-watching records (m68k-amigaos)
Ax_UpdateDB.lha 6.4KB 1997-03-17 UpdateDB utility for Ax (m68k-amigaos)
mca43acz.lha 5KB 1997-03-11 Czech catalog for database McAgenda (generic)
icdb.lha 91KB 1997-02-27 Database for integrated circuits (m68k-amigaos)
Archivio1_2.lha 78.2KB 1997-02-24 An addresses/Phone numbers database (m68k-amigaos)
VideoArchiv97.lha 9.5KB 1997-02-23 VideoArchiv NEWS & QUESTIONNAIRE (m68k-amigaos)
Generator.lha 8.5KB 1997-02-18 Generats StarTrek-DUV-Infofiles (m68k-amigaos)
RoloMan11.lha 360.2KB 1997-02-18 SuperBase address & phone database. (m68k-amigaos)
BookBase.lha 34KB 1997-02-16 An Easy-to-use book cataloguer (m68k-amigaos)
AA_30.lha 362.7KB 1997-02-07 AddressAssist: the innovative Address-DB (m68k-amigaos)
Calepin_It.lha 1.7KB 1997-01-28 Italian Catalog for Calepin (generic)
FBN-OnDr.lha 72.4KB 1997-01-27 Phone directory dialer (m68k-amigaos)
AmigaDataV2.lha 108.3KB 1997-01-26 Database program V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
PhonebookV3.lha 74.6KB 1997-01-09 Phonebook Version 3 (m68k-amigaos)
AutoRexx.lha 5.6KB 1997-01-04 ARexx PlugIns for use with DB database (generic)
Lex_Demo.lha 160KB 1997-01-04 German digital Lexikon for all AMIGA ! (m68k-amigaos)
FamCon35a_demo.lha 149KB 1996-12-29 FamilyConnections genealogy mgr demo (m68k-amigaos)
CDDateiIDFiles.lha 229.2KB 1996-12-22 Disk-ID files for CD-Datei, Release 3 (generic)
tm-dbms22.lha 28.9KB 1996-12-22 ULTIMATE DB management system in Arexx (generic)
Lsdict3.lha 568KB 1996-12-09 The larges AMIGA Dictionary with 40+ databases (m68k-amigaos)
Chaos.lha 45.2KB 1996-12-05 Nice address utility - V1.4 German only (m68k-amigaos)
FotoBestellung.lha 59.6KB 1996-12-03 Repeat ordering of photographies (m68k-amigaos)
pphone22_CZ.lha 4KB 1996-11-27 Czech catalog for PopPhone V2.2 (m68k-amigaos)
Calepin.lha 57.7KB 1996-11-15 Simple "Address' Tool", MAJOR Update (MUI) (m68k-amigaos)
AddressSearch.lha 85.1KB 1996-11-05 Address/phone/email etc. database v1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
carcosts.lha 115.9KB 1996-11-03 A carcost database, using MUI, version 3.11 (m68k-amigaos)
CDproV3.5.lha 226.5KB 1996-10-28 CD database, now using locale.library (m68k-amigaos)
addiction0.8un.lha 38.5KB 1996-10-15 MUI Software to manage your Magic TG card list (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneBase.lha 44.9KB 1996-10-14 Small PD phone number database. (m68k-amigaos)
APrint3.2.lha 166KB 1996-10-04 Best address-database... (m68k-amigaos)
Easybase_data.lha 99KB 1996-10-03 Easybase: Pics+logos for CD Collections (generic)
Phonebook_V2.lha 37.9KB 1996-09-11 Quick Phonebook version 2. Written using AMOS (m68k-amigaos)
Database_RX_v1.lha 10.4KB 1996-08-24 Database for prescription info (m68k-amigaos)
DTC-CD30.lha 16.3KB 1996-08-21 Smart and easy2use database, cool design. (m68k-amigaos)
VideoDB.lha 13.2KB 1996-08-13 V1.2 of a video-project for db2.10+ (m68k-amigaos)
pdbase_deutsch.lha 2.8KB 1996-08-05 German catalog for PDBase 1.2b (generic)
VideoRR.lha 144.5KB 1996-08-02 Handles your videotapes (demo, german) (m68k-amigaos)
Wetterdatei12.lha 34.5KB 1996-08-02 Note down the daily weather (m68k-amigaos)
MegaBook32.lha 173.9KB 1996-07-31 Version 3.2 of the ULTIMATE Amiga Address Book (m68k-amigaos)
ABook_10upd.lha 212.7KB 1996-07-29 Powerful address database (MUI) (m68k-amigaos)
CB_Radio23b.lha 29.6KB 1996-07-20 CB-Archive (m68k-amigaos)
S_Adress301.lha 45KB 1996-07-20 Adress-Manager(Deutsch) (m68k-amigaos)
S_Video35.lha 46.7KB 1996-07-20 Video-Manager(Deutsch\English) (m68k-amigaos)
GCBNotizV4.00.lha 279.9KB 1996-07-11 The Notebook (m68k-amigaos)
tbphone.lha 22.3KB 1996-07-09 Workbench-Phone Book with Tone Dialing (m68k-amigaos)
VideoMaster110.lha 50.2KB 1996-07-09 Manages your videos komfortably (m68k-amigaos)
AvidIndex96.lha 62.9KB 1996-07-08 Database of Avid Publ. magazine articles (m68k-amigaos)
ModuleDB_0.72b.lha 53.7KB 1996-06-28 Module Database v0.72b (m68k-amigaos)
PSVideo21.lha 209.9KB 1996-06-28 V2.12 of the video database (m68k-amigaos)
MaxonTWIST2_D.lha 672.3KB 1996-06-15 German relational database system (m68k-amigaos)
Dialer2.lha 63.9KB 1996-06-13 Easy phone diary that can dial the numbers (m68k-amigaos)
Intra2_17.lha 90.6KB 1996-06-03 Simple invoice database system (V2.17) (m68k-amigaos)
CMLV.lha 67.5KB 1996-06-02 CD-MC-LP Verwaltung (German Only!) (m68k-amigaos)
ShimmerDB10.lha 42.7KB 1996-05-17 A user configurable, flat file database (m68k-amigaos)
Telefonkosten.lha 142.8KB 1996-05-14 Telephon Coasts Database 1.19 (m68k-amigaos)
VideoArchiv_20.lha 126.8KB 1996-05-09 Video-Database. Supports Locale, User-defined Lists (m68k-amigaos)
AmiVideo.lha 71.5KB 1996-04-30 Database for video cassettes (m68k-amigaos)
Archie1_2.lha 86.1KB 1996-04-11 Database for magazine contents (m68k-amigaos)
AB.lha 30.5KB 1996-04-02 Nice address book program. V3 OS required (m68k-amigaos)
Leagues10.lha 87.3KB 1996-03-24 Football statistics program. (m68k-amigaos)
KlassikAd20.lha 96KB 1996-03-22 German address database demo (m68k-amigaos)
Famos.lha 99.5KB 1996-03-20 German accounting and customer database (m68k-amigaos)
mdb2_0.lha 326.5KB 1996-03-11 Movie Database written in AMOS (m68k-amigaos)
RoutePlanner.lha 398.3KB 1996-03-08 Highway trip planner 1.7 - Needs MUI 3.2 (m68k-amigaos)
OnForm_V20.lha 274.3KB 1996-03-01 Create and print invoice/order forms (m68k-amigaos)
ARoute203Demo.lha 540.3KB 1996-02-26 Route planning software (V2.03 german) (m68k-amigaos)
pphone22.lha 39.4KB 1996-02-13 Handy phone/address book (uses MUI) (m68k-amigaos)
liga.lha 176.1KB 1996-02-07 NEW data base for soccer results. (eng) (m68k-amigaos)
MT_Rech_228.lha 94.5KB 1996-02-07 Simple invoice program V2.28 (m68k-amigaos)
Strom.lha 52.1KB 1996-02-03 Electricity consumption database in AMOS. (m68k-amigaos)
scdb_13d.lha 132.5KB 1996-02-02 SCDB - a Sound Carrier DataBase (m68k-amigaos)
db2.10fr.lha 175KB 1996-01-24 French docs and example of DB2.10 (generic)
ViewMagic_v1.lha 51.4KB 1996-01-19 Database prog for managing 'Magic' cards (m68k-amigaos)
PDBase12b.lha 94.8KB 1996-01-10 Catalogue, store and retrieve files V1.2b (m68k-amigaos)
ds11.lha 45.3KB 1996-01-04 DataStore 1.1 Free Update (m68k-amigaos)
DBPro3_Main.lha 1.2MB 1996-01-03 DataBase Professional 3.0, german demo (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneBook.lha 25.2KB 1995-12-15 Keeps track of Phone Numbers (m68k-amigaos)
foot_vbeta.lha 146.5KB 1995-11-24 Database french soccer (foot francais) (m68k-amigaos)
raconmod10.lha 28.2KB 1995-11-18 Module database v1.0, german only (m68k-amigaos)
DFA-26.lha 798KB 1995-10-26 DFA v2.6 - the definite address database tool. (m68k-amigaos)
dfacatit.lha 9.8KB 1995-10-26 Italian catalog files for DFA v2.5 and DFA v2.6 (generic)
easybase.lha 146KB 1995-09-28 Beta version of a Powerful database using MUI (m68k-amigaos)
NFLStats23.lha 126.9KB 1995-09-28 Version 2.3 of NFL Stats Program (m68k-amigaos)
LMProV1.02.lha 221KB 1995-09-10 Database for soccer, icehockey and so on (m68k-amigaos)
LigaManager_demo.lha 161.3KB 1995-09-02 Fussball-Bundesliga-Manager-Demo (m68k-amigaos)
TwistDemo.lha 402.5KB 1995-08-29 Demo of Twist 2 Relational Database (m68k-amigaos)
ve25demo.lha 619.6KB 1995-08-09 Videographers Management System for the Amiga (m68k-amigaos)
DTC-MCD20.lha 32.3KB 1995-08-05 Usefoul and very userfriendly database. (m68k-amigaos)
IntuiDex22.lha 79.5KB 1995-07-27 Update to easy club roster database (m68k-amigaos)
Twst203221.lha 321.7KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.03 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst204221.lha 211.6KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.04 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst205221.lha 210.6KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.05 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst207221.lha 151.8KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.07 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst208221.lha 136.6KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.08 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst211221.lha 122.8KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.11 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
Twst212221.lha 123.7KB 1995-07-14 Twist 2 Amiga (English) 2.12 to 2.21 patch (m68k-amigaos)
EV30F.lha 140.4KB 1995-06-28 THE german video database for home VHS (m68k-amigaos)
AFile_v403.lha 127.2KB 1995-06-19 A datafile manager (m68k-amigaos)
VideoMaxe446.lha 418.8KB 1995-05-29 _THE_ video database (m68k-amigaos)
improcfg.lha 896b 1995-05-22 Default Config for for improdem.lha (m68k-amigaos)
improdem.lha 345.4KB 1995-05-17 Comprehensive Personal Information Manager (m68k-amigaos)
UnitedManager.lha 66.5KB 1995-05-05 Manages Oberfoul or United teams.Now free! (m68k-amigaos)
MAM-EnvPrint.lha 2.5KB 1995-04-16 ARexx-Script for MAM3 to print envelopes (generic)
MagicAMIII_1.2.lha 225.6KB 1995-04-06 German Address-Database with Locale/ARexx/MUI (m68k-amigaos)
AmigaBaseStamp.lha 20.3KB 1995-04-05 Stamps exchange project, based on AmigaBase (m68k-amigaos)
GenTree.lzh 314.4KB 1995-03-17 Genealogical/Family Tree Program. V1.5 (m68k-amigaos)
GenTreeFWDocs.lzh 100.6KB 1995-03-17 GenTree v1.5 Documents, FinalWriter Format (generic)
DataMasterDEMO.lha 126KB 1995-03-15 Demo version of a Database program. (m68k-amigaos)
ds1r3.lha 20.8KB 1995-03-14 DataStore 1.0r3 Free update (m68k-amigaos)
mmanager.lha 147.6KB 1995-03-07 MusikManger 1.0 * Database for canned music (m68k-amigaos)
AmmoGuide.lha 117.8KB 1995-03-04 Small-Arms Ammunition Database (Requires 2.0+) (m68k-amigaos)
BarTender.lha 76.5KB 1995-02-20 Database of alcoholic drinks (v1.1) (m68k-amigaos)
ArcMan15.lha 16.1KB 1995-01-30 The Archives Manager (Disk Cat Utility) (m68k-amigaos)
gsd38126.lha 36.7KB 1995-01-30 Quick-search util. for use with Sbase4 (m68k-amigaos)
ds1r2.lha 88.1KB 1995-01-26 DataStore 1.0 Release 2 Update (m68k-amigaos)
DiskManager.lha 465.8KB 1995-01-19 German disk manager utility (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneBookV1_8.lha 31.9KB 1995-01-04 Neat Little PhoneBook program (m68k-amigaos)
S-Video-2.0.lha 32.6KB 1994-12-23 Video-Cassetten-Manager (m68k-amigaos)
AddBase.lha 10.2KB 1994-12-15 Address DB prog, good interface (m68k-amigaos)
webloadvance.lha 206.3KB 1994-12-10 Weblos advancement database for SBPro v4 (generic)
bBaseIII.lha 177.4KB 1994-12-01 Easily stores and retrieves information. V3.01 (m68k-amigaos)
DDBASE.lha 139.5KB 1994-12-01 Database that can view various formats. V6.42 (m68k-amigaos)
ComicMaster.lzh 141.8KB 1994-11-16 Comic book collectors database (m68k-amigaos)
SuperLeague351.lha 253.5KB 1994-11-03 Soccer league updater/team tracker. Shareware (m68k-amigaos)
datasupe.lha 32.1KB 1994-10-18 Remembers names and adresses. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
AddressM2.2.lha 21.5KB 1994-09-30 Yet another util for managing Addresses (m68k-amigaos)
AM_Mui1.3.lha 52.1KB 1994-09-30 A MUI application for managing addresses (m68k-amigaos)
MoA_1.10.lha 97KB 1994-09-19 Module administrator. needs OS3.0 (m68k-amigaos)
Scatterbrain11.lha 79.8KB 1994-08-27 MUI-based project & to do list organizer (m68k-amigaos)
ButlerJames.lha 116.7KB 1994-08-15 Database program for address management (m68k-amigaos)
DiskArchiv.lha 121KB 1994-08-15 Program for managing your floppy disks. V1.21 (m68k-amigaos)
fbase106.lha 47.3KB 1994-07-14 Floppy Disk Contents Database. (Requires MUI). (m68k-amigaos)
rolodex13.lha 26.3KB 1994-07-07 A great little rolodex database (m68k-amigaos)
SuperLeague4.lha 139.8KB 1994-07-06 feature-packed Soccer League Database (m68k-amigaos)
Origins2.lha 144.4KB 1994-06-09 Demo of full-featured genealogy database (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneDir.lha 36.6KB 1994-05-31 Personal Phone Directory (m68k-amigaos)
Sched120.lha 150.1KB 1994-04-27 Phonebook & calendar reminder utility (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0)
upcat13.lha 64.1KB 1994-04-23 A disk catalog program. (m68k-amigaos)
RecipeBox22b.lha 44.9KB 1994-04-17 V2.2 Recipe card organizer and printer. (m68k-amigaos)
VideoBase10.lha 47.1KB 1994-04-03 VideoTape database program. (m68k-amigaos)
pvc1_0e.lha 153.4KB 1994-03-13 Video cataloguing system (m68k-amigaos)
VIB_1094.lha 218.4KB 1994-03-12 Database containing info on LOTS of amiga vira (generic)
DiskCat_v2.1.lha 23.2KB 1994-01-31 DiskCat v2.1 is a configurable disk Librarian. (m68k-amigaos)
Rego.lha 17.3KB 1993-11-18 Registration manager. V1.01 (m68k-amigaos)
DVC2_41.lha 59.4KB 1993-10-13 Database programm with password option (m68k-amigaos)
Adressen.lha 25.3KB 1993-08-09 A simple address database for 2.04+ (m68k-amigaos)
AutoKosten.lha 37.1KB 1993-08-09 A simple car cost program (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
GoalKeeper.lha 23.8KB 1993-08-04 Computer soccer administration. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneList.lha 30.5KB 1993-06-02 Simple phone list database, WB+CLI (m68k-amigaos)
Directory.lha 14.7KB 1993-04-23 Address database, German (m68k-amigaos)
CardBase.lha 32.3KB 1993-04-13 Trading card database program. (m68k-amigaos)
sqldb.lzh 99.2KB 1993-04-03 Latest version of SQL rdbms (m68k-amigaos)
AquaPack.lzh 540.8KB 1993-03-26 Fish database (m68k-amigaos)
LE-NAG.lzh 64.1KB 1993-03-26 Reminds you of event before you miss em (m68k-amigaos)
AMaster.lha 165.8KB 1993-03-09 Address database (m68k-amigaos)
videopro.lha 108.5KB 1993-01-26 database for video tapes (german) (m68k-amigaos)
AddressitDEMO.lzh 87.4KB 1993-01-23 Demo of small mail manager (m68k-amigaos)
fstorage12.lha 50.6KB 1992-11-26 Librarian to manage large file collections (m68k-amigaos)
Addresser.lha 115.3KB 1992-11-21 Name, address and phone # database. V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
comixbase250.lha 73.8KB 1992-10-13 Database for comics (m68k-amigaos)
blm_v1_0.lha 13.9KB 1992-09-12 Generate one big file listing for all disks! (m68k-amigaos)
AddrFileSystem.lzh 25.6KB 1992-08-15 Address filing system (m68k-amigaos)
adperfect.lzh 38.3KB 1992-08-15 Address keeper (m68k-amigaos)
agenda_old.lzh 18KB 1992-08-15 Simple agenda (m68k-amigaos)
StudentAid-14a.lzh 160.3KB 1992-08-15 Program to help studying material (m68k-amigaos)
fishcat.lha 50.9KB 1992-08-04 Fish Disk catalogue searcher v1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
a-gene.lha 109.2KB 1992-08-03 Genealogy database v4.18, Demo (m68k-amigaos)
bonappetit.lha 114.3KB 1992-07-03 recipe database manager v1.3 (m68k-amigaos)
wbase.lha 74KB 1992-05-14 DataBase for WB, supports PowerPacked files (m68k-amigaos)
AppliGen.lha 17.4KB 1992-04-26 Application Generator for Superbase III. V?.? (m68k-amigaos)
tlog.lha 88.4KB 1992-04-26 Traing Log prog.+event reminder v2.01 (m68k-amigaos)
amigadex-1_61.lzh 81KB 1992-04-16 Disk based address book V1.61 (m68k-amigaos)
LoranNotebook.lha 368.9KB 1992-03-22 Database for loran numbers. V?.? (m68k-amigaos)
Contact.lha 53.8KB 1992-03-10 Maintains list of names, addr, phone #'s. V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
AutoGraf.lha 39.6KB 1992-02-21 Collects & displays info on auto mileage. V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
VideoDat.lha 80KB 1992-01-04 Databank to store info about your videos. V1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
WorldDataBank.lha 687.7KB 1991-12-22 Plots world maps . V2.2 (m68k-amigaos)
CalorieBase.lha 77.5KB 1991-11-21 Provides caloric & fat count for recipes. V1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
DataEasy.lha 84.2KB 1991-08-05 Database program with many features. V1.3 (m68k-amigaos)
SBProDemo.lha 559.5KB 1991-06-06 Trial version of Superbase Professional. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
HyperDialer.lha 30.1KB 1990-08-12 Dial numbers using database, with GUI. (m68k-amigaos)
DTC.lha 100.2KB 1990-03-22 Simple calendar for appointments. (m68k-amigaos)
SpaceLog.lha 65.6KB 1990-01-17 Database of space mission information. V1.54 (m68k-amigaos)
PennyWise.lha 98.1KB 1989-11-06 Flexible cashbook program with GUI. (m68k-amigaos)
FileIt.lha 31.4KB 1989-07-22 Simple portable database program. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
DeepSky.lha 631.1KB 1989-06-04 Database of 10,386 non-stellar objects. V5.0 (m68k-amigaos)
AmicForm.lha 30.1KB 1989-02-04 Create phonebook for PC-Pursuit usage. V1.4 (m68k-amigaos)
Bankn.lha 123.5KB 1988-11-22 Complete checkbook system. V1.5 (m68k-amigaos)
Rim.lha 527.1KB 1988-05-15 Relational Information Manager, (RDBMS). (m68k-amigaos)
HyperBase.lha 29.2KB 1988-03-14 Nice little database management system. V1.6 (m68k-amigaos)
DirMaster.lha 100.5KB 1988-03-13 Nicely done disk cataloger program. V1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
CardFile.lha 33.1KB 1987-07-26 Study aid card file. (m68k-amigaos)
BlackBook.lha 28.5KB 1987-05-02 Track important phone numbers and addr. (m68k-amigaos)
AmCat.lha 13.6KB 1987-04-13 Shareware disk cataloging program. (m68k-amigaos)
files.bbs 0b 1970-01-01 no description