Path: /root/amiganet/dev/c

vbcc_bin_amigaos68k.lha 2.1MB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_bin_amigaosppc.lha 2.5MB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_bin_morphos.lha 2.4MB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_bin_powerup.lha 1MB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_bin_warpos.lha 913.9KB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_target_m68k-amiga.lha 497KB 2018-10-10 no description
vbcc_target_m68k-kick13.lha 182.7KB 2018-10-10
vbcc_target_ppc-amigaos.lha 188.8KB 2018-10-10
vbcc_target_ppc-morphos.lha 929.2KB 2018-10-10 ISO C compiler, MorphOS Target
vbcc_target_ppc-powerup.lha 352.1KB 2018-10-10 ISO C compiler, PowerUp Target
vbcc_target_ppc-warpos.lha 221.5KB 2018-10-10 no description
make421.lha 482.8KB 2018-07-15 no description
SDI_headers.lha 32.2KB 2018-05-07 no description
zlib_S1211.lha 308.1KB 2018-05-02 no description
luxcc.i386-aros.lha 525.8KB 2018-03-06 no description
indent-mos.lha 931.6KB 2017-09-26 ANSI C and C++ source code formatter (ppc-morphos)
vbcc_PosixLib.lha 343.2KB 2017-05-18 POSIX compatibility library for vbcc (ppc-morphos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-powerup; ppc-warpup; m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
lcfront.lha 15.8KB 2016-07-18 compiler front-end for Lattice/C V5 (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
cflow-mos.lha 1.3MB 2016-06-18 Generate a program flowgraph (ppc-morphos)
objc.lha 2.6MB 2016-01-26 Portable Object Compiler (ppc-morphos)
pthread.lha 27.5KB 2015-03-25 POSIX Threads for AROS and MorphOS (ppc-morphos)
jam_mos.lha 332.3KB 2014-08-24 Software build tool and make replacement (ppc-morphos)
c_mem.lha 10.1KB 2014-04-26 Extended memory functions for C (m68k-amigaos; generic)
vbcc_com.lha 11.3KB 2014-01-26 makes comments compatible (m68k-amigaos)
smartdev.lha 11.2KB 2013-12-27 smartdev - S.M.A.R.T. developer archive (m68k-amigaos)
ix2nix.lha 24.4KB 2013-10-04 convert from ixemul to libnix (m68k-amigaos)
anaiis_print.lha 115.4KB 2013-02-25 ANAIIS USB printer goodies (m68k-amigaos)
GameX.lha 13.6KB 2012-09-05 Small game development link library (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0)
ToolTypesEditorPPC_SP.lha 2KB 2012-07-10 ToolTypes Editor 2.1 spanish catalog (generic)
sdl_configs.lha 6.6KB 2012-06-21 Useful SDL configurations (generic)
nc2sdl.lha 173.2KB 2012-01-22 convert from Ncurses to SDL (m68k-amigaos)
UReader.lha 70.6KB 2011-10-06 UReader 0.02 (m68k-amigaos)
camd-morphos-dev.lha 8.5KB 2011-08-15 CAMD developer kit for MorphOS (ppc-morphos)
VBCC_HTM.lha 152.5KB 2011-07-02 VBCC docs in HTML format (generic)
ACM_PDF.lha 2.5MB 2011-06-26 Amiga C Manual - PDF version (generic)
getopt_long.lha 20.4KB 2011-05-24 GNU conform ReadArgs wrapper (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4; ppc-morphos)
SASCFuncOverview.lha 4KB 2011-01-01 Clickable C function overview for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
zlib_S125.lha 279.7KB 2010-05-24 ZLib 1.25 link library for StormGCC (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
Weaver.lha 255.7KB 2010-05-23 Shared library source creator (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros)
peg-0.1.4-src.tar.gz 145.3KB 2010-02-11 No Readme available
peg-v0.1.4.tar.gz 116.2KB 2010-02-11 No Readme available
splint_3.1.2_mos.lha 1.4MB 2009-01-25 Splint 3.1.2 (ppc-morphos)
splint_3.1.2_os4.lha 1.8MB 2009-01-25 Splint 3.1.2 (ppc-amigaos)
netsurf-morphos-src.lha 1.8MB 2009-01-18 Source code for NetSurf MorphOS port (generic)
sge2d_os4.lha 14.4MB 2009-01-01 A 2D game engine (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
gperf.lha 422.1KB 2008-12-11 Generates perfect hash functions (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
emptyhandler-morphos.lha 17.2KB 2008-12-10 filehandler example, creates empty files (ppc-morphos)
glpng_os4.lha 172.2KB 2008-11-20 Load PNG files as OpenGL textures (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
sqlitequery.lha 580.7KB 2008-10-23 Example for using the sqlite3 library (ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
c_ucode.lha 56.3KB 2008-10-22 C_Ucode 0.01 (m68k-amigaos)
usblist.lha 54KB 2008-09-18 USB lister 0.06 (m68k-amigaos)
re2c.lha 1.1MB 2008-08-04 Scanner generator f. regular expressions (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
lemon.lha 107.8KB 2008-08-03 no description
chipmunk.lha 380.6KB 2008-03-29 2D physics library (ppc-morphos)
C_V43-DT.lha 16KB 2008-03-19 How to: OS3 V40/43 PicDatatype in 100% C (m68k-amigaos >= 1.3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5)
C_V44-DT.lha 15.6KB 2008-03-19 How to: OS3 V40-44 PicDatatype in 100% C (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5)
showlib.lha 17.8KB 2008-02-29 System libraries and devices lister 0.04 (m68k-amigaos)
physfs.lha 747.2KB 2008-02-20 PhysicsFS (ppc-morphos)
bindata-os4.lha 5.3KB 2008-02-13 Converts raw binary into C source (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
png2c-os4.lha 60.5KB 2008-02-13 Convert PNG images into C source (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
iconv-morphos-dev.lha 5.9MB 2008-01-19 Character set conversion library (ppc-morphos)
libintl-morphos.lha 254.5KB 2008-01-19 intl.library for MorphOS (ppc-morphos)
sc-snprintf.lha 4.2KB 2007-12-29 sc-snprintf - snprintf() for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0)
AllocSysObject.lha 34KB 2007-12-21 AllocSysObject() implementation (OS4Emu) (generic)
MiniGL_OS4.lha 2.5MB 2007-11-15 OpenGL subset API for Amiga OS4 (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
BasiliskII-src-mos.lha 1MB 2007-08-01 Source code to 68k Macintosh Emulator (generic) 783.3KB 2007-07-04 SDL_gfx (i386-aros)
ttengine_dev_cpp.lha 8.9KB 2007-05-20 C++ includes for TTEngine (generic)
expsascxx.lha 505.6KB 2007-04-02 Experimental SAS/C++ (requires SAS/C) (m68k-amigaos)
GenPragma.lha 20KB 2006-11-26 Generate pragma files for PDC or SAS (m68k-amigaos)
indent.i386-aros.tar.gz 546.8KB 2006-11-05 No Readme available
glib-morphos.lha 616.7KB 2006-11-02 Experimental shared runtime library (ppc-morphos)
memory_h.lha 260b 2006-09-13 the very obsolete memory.h header (generic)
make-bin.lha 355.1KB 2006-08-11 GNU make including parallel compile (ppc-amigaos)
PAR_C.lha 15.5KB 2006-07-26 PAR: access using the SIMPLEST of C. (m68k-amigaos)
PPC_samples.lha 369.1KB 2006-07-14 PPC samples distributed with SCPPC patch (ppc-powerup)
scppc_beta22.lha 1.8MB 2006-07-14 Experimental SAS/C++ PPC (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
bintoc.lha 20.7KB 2006-05-28 Binary to C source converter (ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2; m68k-amigaos >= 2.1.0; ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
reaction_dn.lha 527.9KB 2006-04-08 Reaction examples (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; generic)
exec.lha 90.1KB 2006-03-28 OOP tutorial to programming exec (french) (i386-aros)
vmwcc-mos.lha 217.6KB 2005-11-24 c-subset compiler (ppc-morphos)
clipit.lha 264.4KB 2005-11-08 ClipIt V2 GUI for clipboard.device src included (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; m68k-amigaos)
tox.lha 20.9KB 2005-10-06 Simple tokenizer for XML (m68k-amigaos)
Versionize.lha 35.9KB 2005-08-05 Tool to update build number and time (m68k-amigaos)
reaction_examples.lha 890.5KB 2005-06-12 Most of the old ClassACT examples converted to OS4 (generic)
pthreads.lha 83.4KB 2005-06-02 POSIX thread API as shared library (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xprintf.lha 12KB 2005-05-27 Replacement set for *printf commands (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
n2w_mos.lha 53.5KB 2005-05-18 Convert numbers to words w/source (ppc-morphos)
nuqneh.lha 130.8KB 2005-02-21 Commandline parser generator. (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
cprofilerppc.lha 199KB 2005-02-17 Generate a Call-diagram for a program's source code. (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
statemachineppc.lha 407.6KB 2005-02-17 Generates Finite State Machine source code. (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
tooltypeseditorppc.lha 79.3KB 2005-02-17 V2.1 ToolTypesEditorPPC (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
minicrc_0.2.2_mos.lha 31.6KB 2005-02-16 Minicrc 0.2.2 (ppc-morphos)
splint_3.1.1_mos.lha 1.6MB 2005-02-16 Splint 3.1.1 (ppc-morphos)
pgmasstppc.lha 286.3KB 2005-02-06 A GUI (V3.1) for various text editing & formatting tools (C). (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos)
StormCIncludes.lha 1.2MB 2004-08-15 StormC includes updated for OS3.9 (m68k-amigaos)
zlib_S4.lha 191.6KB 2004-04-04 Zlib link library for StormC 4 (m68k-amigaos)
KronosC.lha 72.2KB 2004-03-27 C compiler for M68020+ under the CLI (m68k-amigaos)
IFFtoC.lha 63.8KB 2004-03-23 Converts IFF-pics to C-code (MorphOS) (ppc-morphos)
librarymaker.lha 72.9KB 2004-01-25 Create shared libraries with SAS-C (m68k-amigaos)
GetImage.lha 48.8KB 2004-01-13 Convert DPaint brush files to C src (source code included). (m68k-amigaos)
PluginDemo.lha 10.7KB 2003-12-07 V1.1 plugin demo using LoadSeg (m68k-amigaos)
ctags.lha 349.3KB 2003-07-20 Generate tag files of source code (m68k-amigaos)
GL-pack1.lha 18KB 2003-06-22 Examples to start programming with TinyGL (m68k-amigaos)
GCCGUI.lha 15.2KB 2003-05-18 GUI for GNU C Compiler (gcc) (m68k-amigaos)
GetCRC.lha 30.5KB 2003-03-23 V1.19 calculates different checksums (m68k-amigaos)
TinyGL.lha 188.1KB 2003-01-24 Subset of the OpenGL API for AGA/CGFX/P96, AmigaOS and MorphOS (m68k-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
DepthMenuSDK.lha 51.3KB 2002-12-22 DepthMenu modules development kit. V3. (m68k-amigaos)
minigl.lha 201.4KB 2002-12-01 MiniGL v1.2 - OpenGL(tm) compatible API (m68k-amigaos)
minigl_data.lha 405.8KB 2002-12-01 Textures for MiniGL example-demos (m68k-amigaos)
CLib-SDI.lha 102.3KB 2002-11-05 V1.1 example.library in 100% C code (m68k-amigaos)
Emperor.lha 763.4KB 2002-10-13 Rapid Application Development Tool for Amiga3.5+ (m68k-amigaos)
expat-dev.lha 86.3KB 2002-09-10 Shared library to parse XML (m68k-amigaos)
nroot.lha 1.2KB 2002-08-03 Function which extracts n-th root (m68k-amigaos)
Dorkalize.lha 181.2KB 2002-03-10 Very powerful localization tool, v0.91 (m68k-amigaos)
TTEditor.lha 60.7KB 2001-08-29 V1.0 ToolTypesEditor (m68k-amigaos)
byteswap.lha 504b 2001-08-17 Some byteswaping-functions (68k & PPC) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
fractal.lha 69KB 2001-08-01 no description
koch.lha 18.4KB 2001-08-01 OpenGL Source: Koch's Snowflake (m68k-amigaos)
PgmAsst.lha 99.4KB 2001-07-09 A GUI (V1.8) for various text editing & formatting tools (C). (m68k-amigaos)
GfxSndSystemSr.lha 283.7KB 2001-06-26 C++ Sources of an independant graphic/music system for Amiga/Windows (m68k-amigaos)
millibar.lha 56.9KB 2001-06-26 Millibar Barcode Library v 0.1 (m68k-amigaos)
c++2latex.lha 94.7KB 2001-04-20 LaTeX files from C++ and C sources (m68k-amigaos)
PgmAsst1.7.lha 85.2KB 2001-04-17 A GUI for various text editing & formatting tools (C). (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Feb01.lha 112.4KB 2001-03-14 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in Febuary 2001 (m68k-amigaos)
amigastlport.lha 12.7KB 2001-03-06 Standard Template Library for StormC v4 (m68k-amigaos)
indent.lha 354.7KB 2001-02-18 ANSI C source code formatter (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Jan01.lha 134.8KB 2001-02-15 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in January 2001 (m68k-amigaos)
flstack.lha 11.2KB 2001-01-24 Fixed length stack ADT (m68k-amigaos)
BSMustek-src.lha 43.5KB 2001-01-13 Source for Mustek/Trust Scanner Driver For BetaScan (m68k-amigaos)
lclint.lha 515KB 2001-01-13 A tool for statically checking C programs (m68k-amigaos)
2b_TKLsort.lha 32.6KB 2001-01-07 This program sorting text files. (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Dec00.lha 122.4KB 2001-01-07 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in December 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
codestorage.lha 354.2KB 2001-01-06 Create & manipulate your own DataBase of Function Code (C). (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Nov00.lha 89.4KB 2000-12-14 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in November 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
libiconv_src.lha 3.4MB 2000-12-03 Src for libiconv.a (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Oct00.lha 112.9KB 2000-11-10 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in October 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
apputil.lha 9.3KB 2000-11-10 Source code for apputil.lib (m68k-amigaos)
GSys.lha 48.5KB 2000-11-08 Development-system for AmigaOS & others (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Sep00.lha 112.4KB 2000-10-09 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in September 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Aug00.lha 116.7KB 2000-09-07 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in August 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Jul00.lha 71.2KB 2000-08-17 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in July 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
AsyncIOPPCdev.lha 4.7KB 2000-07-22 Use asyncio.library under PPC (PUP/GCC) (ppc-powerup)
MPEGAPPCdev.lha 4.4KB 2000-07-22 Use mpega.library under PPC (PUP/GCC) (ppc-powerup)
warpcollect.lha 6.1KB 2000-07-19 Integrates Elf2Exe2 with GCC-WarpUP (ppc-warpup)
SASC_Y2k_patch.lha 180b 2000-07-11 Year 2000 patch for SAS/C 6.58 (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Jun00.lha 177KB 2000-07-07 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in June 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
BestRandom.lha 27.8KB 2000-05-31 Best Random Number Generator (PPC+68k) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
fftPPC.lha 107.4KB 2000-05-31 FFT program and test signal generator (PPC) (ppc-powerup)
MD5Random.lha 31KB 2000-05-31 MD5-based Random Number Generator (PPC+68k) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
bignum.lha 34.4KB 2000-05-29 BigNum package (PPC+68k) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
Amiga-C-Apr00.lha 96.6KB 2000-05-16 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in April 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
CPRFiX.lha 16KB 2000-05-14 SAS/C CPR debugger fix v1.1 (13.05.00) (m68k-amigaos)
crc32fj.lha 6.5KB 2000-05-02 Crc32fj - Cycle Redundancy Check 32-bit (m68k-amigaos)
CLib37x.lha 36.3KB 2000-04-22 Example.library in 100% C (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Mar00.lha 201.8KB 2000-04-04 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in March 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
PMM.lha 1.2MB 2000-03-27 Project-Make-Manager (PMM) for vbcc (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup; ppc-powerup)
Amiga-C-Feb00.lha 85KB 2000-03-04 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in Febuary 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
RoboticsDP.lha 753KB 2000-02-26 Robotics Developer Pack (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Jan00.lha 53.4KB 2000-02-04 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in January 2000 (m68k-amigaos)
SimpleCalc.lha 53.9KB 2000-01-30 A Simple Calculator (m68k-amigaos)
MaxonCPPfix.lha 1.8KB 2000-01-27 Bugfixes for Maxon C++ 3.1 (m68k-amigaos)
wchar.lha 6.5KB 2000-01-24 Subset of wide character library (m68k-amigaos)
icu-bin.lha 3.2MB 2000-01-21 International Classes for Unicode (bin) (m68k-amigaos)
icu-diffs.lha 12.2KB 2000-01-21 ---------------------------------------- (m68k-amigaos)
icu.lha 6.9MB 2000-01-21 International Classes for Unicode (src) (m68k-amigaos)
HelloWorld.lha 127.4KB 2000-01-20 Multitasking tutorial. (m68k-amigaos)
easyaudiolibra.lha 177.2KB 2000-01-16 An Easy Audio Library (m68k-amigaos)
simplestats.lha 38.6KB 2000-01-16 A Simple Stats Program (m68k-amigaos)
ADOSLib.lha 28.7KB 2000-01-11 Additional DOS Lib for vbcc (m68k-amigaos)
MEMLib.lha 107.8KB 2000-01-11 Port of MEM.Lib for vbcc (m68k-amigaos)
MMULib.lha 34.5KB 2000-01-11 Vbcc stubs linklib for mmu.library (m68k-amigaos)
REQUESTLib.lha 164.1KB 2000-01-11 Requester Lib for vbcc (m68k-amigaos)
STRINGLib.lha 83KB 2000-01-11 Many stringfunctions (linklib vbcc) (m68k-amigaos)
SUPRALib.lha 106.9KB 2000-01-11 Port of SUPRA linklib for vbcc (m68k-amigaos)
Amiga-C-Dec99.lha 78.3KB 2000-01-06 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in December 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
n2w.lha 42.6KB 2000-01-06 Convert numbers to words w/source (m68k-amigaos)
crc32.lha 1.6KB 2000-01-03 no description
measureconpup.lha 16.3KB 2000-01-03 Example for measuring PUP context-switch (ppc-powerup)
nrdargs.lha 16.1KB 1999-12-12 Shell-/workbench transparent ReadArgs interface (m68k-amigaos)
ascii2xxx.lha 19.2KB 1999-12-08 Shows equivalents for number systems. (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-Nov99.lha 97.3KB 1999-12-06 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in November 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
2b_TKAlgebra.lha 108.3KB 1999-12-04 Some of linear algebra algoritms implementation (m68k-amigaos)
measureconwos.lha 9.5KB 1999-11-22 Example for measuring WOS context-switch (ppc-warpup)
MP3rip.lha 8KB 1999-11-04 Header cutter for MP3 files with source (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-Oct99.lha 66.4KB 1999-11-01 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in October 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-sep99.lha 40.7KB 1999-10-16 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in September 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
GED_Scripts.lha 17.6KB 1999-09-21 Useful ARexx Scripts for C Programming (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-aug99.lha 110.5KB 1999-09-02 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in August 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
SetMousePort.lha 10.2KB 1999-08-21 Map Mouse to Joystickport (or Mousport) (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-jul99.lha 96.4KB 1999-08-09 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in July 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
ged6indent.lha 7.1KB 1999-08-06 Indent C source code in GoldEd6 (m68k-amigaos)
C_Keywords.lha 51.3KB 1999-07-21 Online documentation for C keywords. vbcc autodocs harlock (m68k-amigaos)
vbcc-grexx.lha 4.5KB 1999-07-21 Arexx scripts: compile stuff with GoldEd vbcc harlock (m68k-amigaos)
dice-docs-3-xx.lha 337.4KB 1999-07-16 DICE Compiler Documentation (AmigaGuide) (m68k-amigaos)
md5.lha 3.7KB 1999-07-12 MD5 message-digest algorithm + test program (m68k-amigaos)
GAPLib.lha 242.3KB 1999-07-04 Genetic Algorithm Programming Library (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-jun99.lha 182.6KB 1999-07-03 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in June 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
mkmk.lha 266KB 1999-06-24 Makefile rebuilder (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-may99.lha 122.4KB 1999-06-16 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in April 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
amiga-c-apr99.lha 67.9KB 1999-05-30 Postings to Amiga-C mailing list in April 1999 (m68k-amigaos)
dicedocs3-html.lha 436.5KB 1999-05-21 DICE Compiler Documentation (HTML) (m68k-amigaos)
PMManager.lha 1.4MB 1999-05-15 Project-Make-Manager (PMM) for vbcc (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup; ppc-powerup)
awin.lha 215.7KB 1999-05-11 Easy-to-use API for RTG chunky display (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
BOGLsrc.lha 8.8KB 1999-05-11 C source code for the BOGL blanker (m68k-amigaos)
BitMap24.lha 47.5KB 1999-05-09 A simple 24 bit bitmap C++ class (m68k-amigaos)
cflow.lha 46.3KB 1999-03-23 Show C call structure (m68k-amigaos)
Storm_FlexCat.lha 2.8KB 1999-03-18 FlexCat Makescripts for StormC (m68k-amigaos)
DependantScan.lha 51.1KB 1999-03-02 V1.1 generates SAS/C MakeFiles, w/source (m68k-amigaos)
random.lha 53.5KB 1999-03-02 Some random number generation algorithms (28.2.99) (m68k-amigaos)
flash-0.4.3.lha 339.4KB 1999-02-22 Shockwave Flash Plugin/Library (sources) (generic)
AMPlifier_SDK.lha 4.9KB 1999-01-28 AMPlifier Software Development Kit (m68k-amigaos)
SASCOptsPlus_s.lha 128.1KB 1999-01-09 SAS/C SCOpts replacement (m68k-amigaos)
EGCSWOSAlib.lha 15.2KB 1999-01-07 Amiga.lib for EGCS-WarpUP (ppc-warpup)
qtools0.3-src.lha 697.8KB 1999-01-02 A compilation of utils for QuakeI v0.3 (sourcecode files) (m68k-amigaos)
EGCS-WarpUP-Ad.lha 107.6KB 1998-12-31 Installtion help for EGCS WarpUP (ppc-warpup)
ElfCheckWos.lha 42.2KB 1998-12-31 WarpUP-ELF Object-Checker for 68k (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
chunky_lib.lha 33.3KB 1998-12-19 Complete 8-bit chunky gfx system for AGA/CGFX (m68k-amigaos)
Bin2C.lha 3.4KB 1998-12-17 Converts binary files to C source (m68k-amigaos)
clibpdf.lha 191.9KB 1998-12-11 PDF Writer Linker-Lib for StormC (68k+PPC) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
flashsort.lha 9.3KB 1998-12-05 Flashsort1 implementation (5.12.98) (m68k-amigaos)
AMesaRTL.lha 210.2KB 1998-11-25 AmigaMesaRTL Mesa runtime library+GLUT (m68k-amigaos)
rot13.lha 566b 1998-10-19 Rot13 'encoding' source code (m68k-amigaos)
mCWEB.lha 1.1MB 1998-10-07 Literate Programming System for teams (m68k-amigaos)
dice-3.16.lha 2.9MB 1998-10-05 A clean-up and re-compiile of DICE (m68k-amigaos)
hc.lha 9.3KB 1998-10-02 Developement tool for C programming (m68k-amigaos)
Goo.lha 26.5KB 1998-09-25 no description
VBCCGUI.lha 18.1KB 1998-09-25 Gui for VBCC. (m68k-amigaos)
Vperf5.1-bin.lha 93.4KB 1998-09-24 Official OpenGL benchmark (binary 68030+68881) (m68k-amigaos)
Vperf5.1-src.lha 88.5KB 1998-09-24 Official OpenGL benchmark (source codes) (m68k-amigaos)
qtools0.2-bin.lha 336.7KB 1998-09-10 A compilation of utils for QuakeI v0.2 (030/881 binary files) (m68k-amigaos)
qtools0.2-deb.lha 381.7KB 1998-09-10 A compilation of utils for QuakeI v0.2 (020-060 debugging binary files) (m68k-amigaos)
qtools0.2-tst.lha 645.7KB 1998-09-10 A compilation of utils for QuakeI v0.2 (testfarm files) (m68k-amigaos)
RsrcTrackLib.lha 29.4KB 1998-09-10 Shared Library to do ressource tracking (m68k-amigaos)
TimePrefs.lha 19.5KB 1998-09-07 Time Preferences replacement w/source (m68k-amigaos)
crcPPC.lha 71.1KB 1998-08-29 Fast CRC tools & sources (PPC+68k) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-powerup)
cmacros.lha 4.4KB 1998-08-10 Collection of useful C-macros (m68k-amigaos)
ppcmathlib.lha 46.9KB 1998-07-17 Fast PPC math lib for StormC (ppc-warpup)
xpm_ic.lha 36.7KB 1998-07-17 BOOPSI image class for XPM images (m68k-amigaos)
ASAPUpd.lha 4.7KB 1998-06-23 ASAP Update (m68k-amigaos)
GimmeDir.lha 3.2KB 1998-06-21 Routines for reading directory contents. C source. (m68k-amigaos)
SScreenManager.lha 48.2KB 1998-06-16 StormScreenManager (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_CyberGL.lha 21.9KB 1998-06-16 StormC CyberGL (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch10.lha 108.9KB 1998-06-16 StormC Patch 10 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch11.lha 99.9KB 1998-06-16 StormC Patch 11 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch12.lha 105.3KB 1998-06-16 StormC Patch 12 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch13.lha 103.3KB 1998-06-16 StormC Patch 13 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch9.lha 96.3KB 1998-06-16 StormC Patch 9 (m68k-amigaos)
StormWizard_EG.lha 96.6KB 1998-06-16 StormWIZARD External Gadgets (m68k-amigaos)
ASAP.lha 66.8KB 1998-06-15 ASAP - Amiga Software Authoring Platform (m68k-amigaos)
CyberGL-DevKit.lha 41.6KB 1998-05-22 CyberGL-stubs/fd/inline for gcc-2.7.2.+ (m68k-amigaos)
Oui.lha 362.2KB 1998-04-11 Object User Interface (m68k-amigaos)
ilbm2raw.lha 6.2KB 1998-04-03 Converts ILBM to RAW. Makes coplists (m68k-amigaos)
ProcessILBM.lha 4.9KB 1998-04-02 IFF-ILBM file processor (m68k-amigaos)
crcWOS.lha 42.7KB 1998-03-20 Fast CRC tools & sources (PPC,WarpOS) (ppc-warpup)
BCC_IconifyBut.lha 7.3KB 1998-03-19 BCC tutorial. Effective BOOPSI programming with BCC. (m68k-amigaos)
MemPools.lha 25.6KB 1998-03-12 Fast malloc() replacement, v1.3 (m68k-amigaos)
cpost-1.4.lha 74.8KB 1998-02-17 V1.4, C language file formatter for PostScript (m68k-amigaos)
cxref-1.4a.lha 469KB 1998-02-17 V1.4a, C Cross Referencing & Documenting tool (m68k-amigaos)
AmiVoGL-MDEV.lha 1.3MB 1998-01-05 MaxonDevelop4 version of the AmiVOGL (m68k-amigaos)
Orion.lha 21.2KB 1997-12-27 Resource Tracker/Debugger for C programmers (m68k-amigaos)
northc13.lha 623.1KB 1997-11-20 Public Domain C Compiler (m68k-amigaos)
AsyncIO.lha 52.2KB 1997-11-18 AsyncIO library for fast IO. V39.2a (m68k-amigaos)
fortify22.lha 31.2KB 1997-11-13 Fortify V2.2. A C/C++ memory bug/leak detector. (m68k-amigaos)
CopDis.lha 12.1KB 1997-10-28 A copper disassembler. Includes source in C. (m68k-amigaos)
focs.lha 25KB 1997-10-27 Creates C header files for SetFunction() (m68k-amigaos)
DosList.lha 5.7KB 1997-10-18 How to get Assigns, Devices & Volumes (m68k-amigaos)
remote.lha 24.9KB 1997-10-11 Shared lib to launch remote apps (m68k-amigaos)
make_bin.lha 182.2KB 1997-10-04 Port of GNU make with SAS/C (no ixemul) (m68k-amigaos)
make_src.lha 592.3KB 1997-10-04 Port of GNU make with SAS/C (no ixemul) (m68k-amigaos)
ged4indent.lha 5.9KB 1997-09-30 Indent C-source in GoldEd4 (m68k-amigaos)
gedcppscn.lha 2.2KB 1997-09-24 C++ scanner for GoldED (method, class) (m68k-amigaos)
dice-3.15.lha 4.7MB 1997-09-17 DICE 3.15 Source Release (m68k-amigaos)
AHIToolsrc.lha 25KB 1997-09-10 Source Code to AHI B&Pipes Tool (m68k-amigaos)
HVC.lha 7.8KB 1997-09-09 Small, simple and nice version/revision control system (m68k-amigaos)
LoC.lha 8.9KB 1997-08-19 Count contents of C-files V1.2 *REUPLOAD* (m68k-amigaos)
sc.lha 2.5KB 1997-08-18 Arexx Script for use SAS-C with Golded V4.XX (m68k-amigaos)
expsascxx_old.lha 412.6KB 1997-08-13 Experimental SAS/C++ (requires SAS/C) (m68k-amigaos)
IFFConverter.lha 137.4KB 1997-08-13 Shows IFF pics. AGA support. V??? (m68k-amigaos)
sc658pch.lha 668.2KB 1997-08-13 SAS/C 6.58 Patch (requires 6.50-6.57) (m68k-amigaos)
BinaryTrees.lzh 46.4KB 1997-08-07 Binary AVL & Splay trees non-recursive. (m68k-amigaos)
FW_ACMdev.lha 168.2KB 1997-07-24 ACE in FinalWriter format - Devices (m68k-amigaos)
FW_ACMgfx.lha 91.5KB 1997-07-23 ACE in FinalWriter format - Graphics (m68k-amigaos)
FW_ACMint.lha 107.4KB 1997-07-23 ACE in FinalWriter format - Intuition (m68k-amigaos)
FW_ACMsys.lha 54.8KB 1997-07-23 ACE in FinalWriter format - System (m68k-amigaos)
vcopts.lha 151.1KB 1997-07-20 BGUI vbcc preferences editor (m68k-amigaos)
Mesa2_2ASrc1_6.lha 1.4MB 1997-06-27 3D library, OpenGL based, Amiga v1.6 (m68k-amigaos)
pj_p2cc01b.lha 8.4KB 1997-06-26 A C Language Planar to Chunky function by PJ. (m68k-amigaos)
Tabulator.lha 185.6KB 1997-06-06 SAKU-V1.2-Adjusts C source code tabs (m68k-amigaos)
ScanGuide.lha 6.7KB 1997-05-30 StormC: Con-sensitive help in GoldED! ;) (m68k-amigaos)
AsyncIFF.lha 2KB 1997-04-26 Asyncronous IFFParse operations (m68k-amigaos)
AMCSourcesV1.lha 130.1KB 1997-04-25 AM C Sources Vol 1 (m68k-amigaos)
AMCSourcesV2.lha 217.6KB 1997-04-25 AM C Sources Vol 2 (m68k-amigaos)
CTO.lha 3.3KB 1997-04-24 Converts a binary file to a linkable object (m68k-amigaos)
amis_c.lha 38.8KB 1997-04-08 Pro. C editor for AMIS. (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_FastLib.lha 193.6KB 1997-04-07 Replacement for "storm.lib" and "amiga.lib" (m68k-amigaos)
StormC2_0.lha 921.2KB 1997-03-21 ANSI C & C++ Development System (DEMO) (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_TWiMUIL.lha 307.4KB 1997-03-20 StormTWiMUI Library for StormC (Shareware) (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_CDFiles.lha 17.6KB 1997-03-18 English CD files of StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_EngGuid.lha 28.1KB 1997-03-18 English Guide for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_EngRead.lha 3.6KB 1997-03-18 English Readme for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_FD2Prag.lha 4.2KB 1997-03-18 FD2Pragma for StormC (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_GerGuid.lha 53.1KB 1997-03-18 German Guide for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_GerLoca.lha 18.3KB 1997-03-18 German Locale for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_GerRead.lha 2.1KB 1997-03-18 German Readme for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_ItaGuid.lha 11.2KB 1997-03-18 Italian Guide for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_ItaLoca.lha 17.4KB 1997-03-18 Italian Locale for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_ItaRead.lha 5.1KB 1997-03-18 Italian Readme for StormC-Demo (generic)
StormC_Patch1.lha 49.6KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 1 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch2.lha 164KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 2 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch3.lha 206.7KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 3 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch4.lha 289.5KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 3 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch5.lha 433.9KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 5 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch6.lha 95.3KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 6 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch7.lha 62.5KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 7 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Patch8.lha 120.4KB 1997-03-18 StormC Patch 8 (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Tools.lha 10.7KB 1997-03-18 Screen Manager and MagicMenu Patch (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_WizLib.lha 146.7KB 1997-03-18 WizardLibrary (m68k-amigaos)
StormWizard2_0.lha 727.7KB 1997-03-18 StormWIZARD (Demo): Outstanding GUI Editor (m68k-amigaos)
fillbar-ic.lha 43KB 1997-02-18 Fillbar Image Class source code 43.5 (m68k-amigaos)
sc657man_ged.lha 7.1KB 1997-02-18 ARexx script for using Amiga AutoDocs (AmigaGuide) with GoldEd v3.x+ (m68k-amigaos)
ucdoor10.lha 70.6KB 1997-02-18 Library for MAXs BBS doors. (m68k-amigaos)
cmp.lha 9.5KB 1997-02-17 V1.0, compare 2 binary file (with source) (m68k-amigaos)
Bison125.lha 284KB 1997-02-16 GNU Bison - a compiler compiler (Amiga SAS/C port) (m68k-amigaos)
Flex254.lha 459.3KB 1997-02-16 GNU Flex - lexical scanner gen. (Amiga port) (m68k-amigaos)
AssignP.lha 7.8KB 1997-01-24 AssignX replacement in 100% C (SAS) (m68k-amigaos)
mylist14.lha 30.4KB 1997-01-23 Support SAS/C linkable lib for data structures. (m68k-amigaos)
math_classes.lha 76.5KB 1997-01-16 A Matrix and a Bignum class for C++ (m68k-amigaos)
scc.lzh 12.8KB 1996-12-19 GCC-like frontend for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos)
stcc.lzh 9.6KB 1996-12-19 GCC-like frontend for StormC (m68k-amigaos)
prog_bar.lha 30.3KB 1996-12-18 A Progress Bar Link Library for C (m68k-amigaos)
CalcStruct10.lha 3.4KB 1996-12-09 Calculate the size of C structures in .h files (m68k-amigaos)
unixlib.lha 326.9KB 1996-12-03 'unix emulation' library for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos)
GenProto.lha 40.8KB 1996-11-16 V1.2, extract and sort prototypes from C/C++ sources (m68k-amigaos)
sc657pch.lha 595KB 1996-11-08 SAS/C 6.57 Patch (requires 6.56) (m68k-amigaos)
IBase.lha 7.9KB 1996-11-03 Example C code for using LockIBase() (m68k-amigaos)
sc656man.lha 1.4KB 1996-11-02 ARexx script and Instructions on how to use Amiga AutoDocs with SAS/C 6.56 SE (m68k-amigaos)
VersionHandler.lha 88KB 1996-10-20 AutoBump project version and dates. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
RecallSource.lha 608.9KB 1996-10-14 Source code for Recall V3.1 (m68k-amigaos)
AlertSource.lha 17.3KB 1996-10-04 Displays text in a Alert (m68k-amigaos)
BlackborderSou.lha 3.5KB 1996-10-04 Source code for BlankBorder (m68k-amigaos)
EasygadgetsSou.lha 91.5KB 1996-10-04 Source code for easygadgets.library V3 (m68k-amigaos)
EasyrexxSource.lha 504KB 1996-10-04 Source code for EasyRexx V3.2 (m68k-amigaos)
GroupBorderCla.lha 2.7KB 1996-10-04 BOOPSI groupframe class (m68k-amigaos)
IconifyButtonC.lha 1.6KB 1996-10-04 BOOPSI button class (m68k-amigaos)
MorereqSource.lzh 64.6KB 1996-10-04 Source code for MoreReq V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
SetmouseSource.lha 14.7KB 1996-10-04 Source code for SetMouse 2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
SkipListLib.lha 53.6KB 1996-08-30 Fast sorted linked list library & source (m68k-amigaos)
mkid.lha 146.8KB 1996-08-25 V1.7, a program identifier database package (m68k-amigaos)
pbar11b.lha 9.9KB 1996-08-24 Make Progress Bar's easily (m68k-amigaos)
cxxc.lha 14.8KB 1996-08-23 Converts C++-style to C-style comments. (m68k-amigaos)
byacc-3.0.lha 108.5KB 1996-08-21 Port of Berkeley Yacc v3.0 [bugfixed 19-Aug-96] (m68k-amigaos)
pbar11.lha 9.9KB 1996-08-21 Make Progress Bar's easily (m68k-amigaos)
StormC_Demo1_1.lha 1.2MB 1996-08-18 Demo: ANSI C & C++ Development System (m68k-amigaos)
Makefile-Ced.lha 577b 1996-08-15 Short script to compile sas c from CED. (m68k-amigaos)
fd2StormC_11.lha 2.1KB 1996-08-13 Creates Storm-C pragmas from FD-file (m68k-amigaos)
Config101.lha 9.1KB 1996-06-27 Very easy access to cfg files (bugfix) (m68k-amigaos)
crblib.lha 41.6KB 1996-06-27 Convenient C source code library (m68k-amigaos)
genlib.lha 31.7KB 1996-06-27 Generic utilities source code library (m68k-amigaos)
conman.lha 13.7KB 1996-06-26 Low level custom console IO C source code (m68k-amigaos)
gfxsys.lha 22.2KB 1996-06-26 Scalable resolution-independent Intuition superset C source (m68k-amigaos)
aframv02.lha 534.1KB 1996-06-23 C++ OOP Wrapper for Intuition v.02 (m68k-amigaos)
ConvertBS.lha 8KB 1996-06-15 Coverter Binary->Source (GUI) (m68k-amigaos)
dbt.lha 42.7KB 1996-06-09 Version 2 of the dbtools library. (m68k-amigaos)
Config.lha 8.6KB 1996-05-25 Very easy access to config files (m68k-amigaos)
fontlib.lha 7.3KB 1996-05-18 Library to make it easier to open fonts. (m68k-amigaos)
PhoneLogDevKit.lha 81.7KB 1996-05-08 Phone log file standard (SGML format) V1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
ProjectMan211.lha 23.7KB 1996-04-29 SAS/C Project Manager v2.11 for SAS/C v6.0+ (m68k-amigaos)
SmakeOpts.lha 92.8KB 1996-04-14 Configuration program incl. BGUI GUI for SAS/C Smake (m68k-amigaos)
EZPrinter.lha 2.1KB 1996-04-10 C Source code to make using the printer device easy (m68k-amigaos)
SMc2cweb.lha 77.9KB 1996-04-03 Port of C2CWEB V1.4, converts C/C++ code to cweb (.w) (m68k-amigaos)
MultiList.lha 7.6KB 1996-03-21 MultiSelect Gadtools ListViews Demo OS3.0+ (m68k-amigaos)
2b_Bin2C.lha 4.6KB 1996-03-08 Converts binary file to C source. (m68k-amigaos)
wb2argv.lha 24.8KB 1996-02-12 GNU getopt() <-> Workbench interface (m68k-amigaos)
Indent191.lha 138.5KB 1996-01-05 GNU Indent - a C/C++ source formatter (Amiga port) (m68k-amigaos)
ExtractBody372.lha 4KB 1995-12-25 Extracts ILBM/BODY to c source for MUI programmers (m68k-amigaos)
make-3.75-bin.lha 53.2KB 1995-12-16 Port of GNU make with SAS/C (no ixemul) (m68k-amigaos)
make-3.75-src.lha 596.5KB 1995-12-16 Port of GNU make with SAS/C (no ixemul) (generic)
CQuickRef39_1.lha 7.3KB 1995-12-10 Quick reference guide for C language (m68k-amigaos)
C_Macros39_1.lha 1.3KB 1995-12-10 Some handy macros for ANSI C programmers (m68k-amigaos)
GolDICE.lha 65.9KB 1995-12-04 GoldED-scripts for C prog - bug fixed! (m68k-amigaos)
proto2fd.lha 24.6KB 1995-11-21 SAS/C++ Proto->FD->Pragmas convert v37.3 (m68k-amigaos)
SASCProjMan.lha 23.5KB 1995-11-21 Project Manager v2.10a for SAS/C v6+ (m68k-amigaos)
sc656pch.lha 191.4KB 1995-10-18 SAS/C 6.56 Patch (requires 6.55) (m68k-amigaos)
wild.lha 2.5KB 1995-10-18 Link-routine to add pattern-matching support to yr progs. (m68k-amigaos)
fuzz.lha 435.1KB 1995-10-13 Fuzzysystem development kit (incl. compiler & examples) (m68k-amigaos)
gscroll.lha 55.1KB 1995-10-03 Program to scroll Texts with (Color-)IFF-Fonts in a Window (m68k-amigaos)
cwebbin-p13.lha 343KB 1995-09-21 Literate Programming with C and C++ (m68k-amigaos)
wind-src.lha 6.2KB 1995-09-07 Window C source - example for beginners (m68k-amigaos)
matrix.lha 48KB 1995-09-04 Matrix functions for C: BUGFIXED (m68k-amigaos)
SASalloca.lha 5.5KB 1995-07-20 Alloca() implementation for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos)
complex.lha 5.1KB 1995-07-12 Complex number functions for C (m68k-amigaos)
c2local.lha 119.1KB 1995-07-04 V1.0, automatic localization for C/C++ sourcecodes (m68k-amigaos)
LEDAPrefs.lha 9.2KB 1995-07-04 Prefs Editor for LEDA GUI. MUI Application. (m68k-amigaos)
FreeDice.lha 425.7KB 1995-06-24 Freeware Dice (2.06.37) (m68k-amigaos)
pqueue.lha 1.6KB 1995-06-23 Unbounded priority queue implementation (m68k-amigaos)
ustat.lha 2.8KB 1995-06-08 DICE: Unix ustat() function (m68k-amigaos)
CInt-0.81.lha 76KB 1995-06-03 90% complete ANSI-C interpreter (m68k-amigaos)
MCPP2GED.lha 13.5KB 1995-05-26 Dev-Environment for MaxonC++ and GED (m68k-amigaos)
DrChip1_05.lzh 274.8KB 1995-05-24 C tools cmake flist hdrtag toproto&more (m68k-amigaos)
SFPatch.lha 7.8KB 1995-05-18 How to SetFunction()/Patch library functions. (m68k-amigaos)
cint112.lha 18.8KB 1995-05-06 C Interpreter. (m68k-amigaos)
auto-braces.lzh 26.2KB 1995-05-02 Adds C braces based on indentation. (m68k-amigaos)
SupraLib11.lha 71.3KB 1995-04-18 New gfx/intuition/dos library functions (m68k-amigaos)
GED4DCC.lha 4.1KB 1995-04-12 DICE: GoldED support and ErrorParser.doc (m68k-amigaos)
llist1.1.lha 53.7KB 1995-04-01 Linked list library for SAS (m68k-amigaos)
LEDA_GUI.lha 39.8KB 1995-03-28 Amiga GUI (libWx.a) for LEDA. (m68k-amigaos)
CFilter.lha 3.8KB 1995-03-26 Filters pre-processed C source (m68k-amigaos)
sc655pch.lha 1MB 1995-03-07 SAS/C V6.55 bug fix for SAS/C 6.50 / 6.51. (m68k-amigaos)
agl1.04_demo.lha 35.6KB 1995-03-03 Small example of IrisGL(TM) using AGL (m68k-amigaos)
simpleguide1.lha 5.7KB 1995-02-06 Source for easy use of AmigaGuide help (m68k-amigaos)
c2man-2.0pl33.lha 272.8KB 1995-02-05 Automated doc. from c sources (autodoc) (m68k-amigaos)
rtlibrary.lha 12KB 1995-02-01 A kind of "resource tracking" makes cleanup easier. (m68k-amigaos)
fhopen.lha 2.8KB 1995-01-10 DICE: build FILE * from ADOS filehandle (m68k-amigaos)
DCBack15.lha 9.4KB 1994-12-26 Auto-detach link library for DICE (m68k-amigaos)
AmiVogl-1.03.lzh 417.1KB 1994-12-21 Implements a subset of SGI's GL (m68k-amigaos)
cweb33p11a.lha 411.9KB 1994-12-16 Literate programming discipline for C/C++. (m68k-amigaos)
agl103p.lha 138.9KB 1994-12-09 Subset of the IrisGL(TM) graphics lang. (m68k-amigaos)
HCE.lha 1.6MB 1994-12-01 Integrated environment for Sozobon C . V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
CardPkg_1.3.lha 137.5KB 1994-11-29 Card deck gfx,code,large cards(SAS,Manx) (m68k-amigaos)
DiceScreenshot.lha 18.2KB 1994-11-28 Screen snapshots of Dice 3.0 C Compiler (m68k-amigaos)
metre.lha 86.9KB 1994-11-14 Rule-based software-metrics tool (m68k-amigaos)
amake_v1.00.lha 23.3KB 1994-11-03 A great Unix like file maker (m68k-amigaos)
cc.lha 15.8KB 1994-10-24 no description
AmigaDate.lha 2KB 1994-10-19 Outputs "(" Useful in Makefiles (m68k-amigaos)
sas-c-emacs-B3.lha 23.1KB 1994-10-04 GNU Emacs interface to SCMSG, the SAS/C error handler (m68k-amigaos)
vogl020.lha 767.1KB 1994-09-02 AmiVOGL link-lib and examples (m68k-amigaos)
vogl020FPU.lha 668.4KB 1994-09-02 AmiVOGL link-lib and examples (m68k-amigaos)
APPGNU_bin.lha 63.2KB 1994-08-30 C++ Library, GNU/C binaries (m68k-amigaos)
APPSAS_bin.lha 381.6KB 1994-08-30 C++ Library, SAS/C binaries (m68k-amigaos)
APPSource.lha 254.7KB 1994-08-30 C++ Library (intuition,exec,..) (m68k-amigaos)
MBEDeveloper10.lha 16.4KB 1994-08-30 MUI-Brush Expander, developer files (m68k-amigaos)
VisualMaker.lha 81.9KB 1994-08-15 GUI "DMakefile maker" for DICE. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
CPump17.lzh 46.3KB 1994-08-10 CPump, a GUI for C Programming (m68k-amigaos)
ResTrackLib-02.lha 28.7KB 1994-08-10 Resource Tracking Library (incomplete yet) (m68k-amigaos)
EasySound.lha 29.5KB 1994-08-06 A Dice Linklib to play samples (m68k-amigaos)
etags.lha 34.1KB 1994-08-05 GNU ETags for C programmers (m68k-amigaos)
GEDindent.lha 2.1KB 1994-07-19 ARexx Macros to use Indent with GoldED (m68k-amigaos)
FindETag.lha 7.3KB 1994-06-05 Integrate TurboText & ETags (C programming) (m68k-amigaos)
mcs.lha 8KB 1994-05-31 Convert text/ansi files to C source (m68k-amigaos)
Powertools.lha 16.7KB 1994-05-05 Misc. SAS-C functions in lib (m68k-amigaos)
RevCo10.lha 11.5KB 1994-04-04 Simple yet flexible revision bumper for C (m68k-amigaos)
YAS2C.lha 2.4KB 1994-03-31 Yet Another SAS2CED environment (m68k-amigaos)
AmigaCC68k.lha 79.7KB 1994-03-10 Port of Matthew Brandt's CC68k compiler (m68k-amigaos)
makedepend.lha 24.3KB 1994-03-07 makefile dependency examiner (m68k-amigaos)
ixemul_DiceSas.lha 132.7KB 1994-03-06 ixemul startup & stubs for Dice & SAS (m68k-amigaos)
KeysPlease.lha 10KB 1994-02-13 file KeysPlease.readme matches (file KeysPlease.readme matches)
butclas3.lha 66.8KB 1994-02-09 Boopsi Button Class v37.3. GadTools buttons with extras (m68k-amigaos)
ExtData-1.00.lha 22.3KB 1994-01-28 library to store data to IFF files. (m68k-amigaos)
bison++-1.04.lha 117.6KB 1994-01-25 GNU Bison++ v1.04 for the Amiga (m68k-amigaos)
SAS_Magic.lha 6.7KB 1994-01-18 MagicWB style icons for SAS/C 6.00-6.50 (m68k-amigaos)
fedcase.lha 133KB 1993-12-05 ANSI-C Source code generator from flow-charts. (m68k-amigaos)
OCT-1.99.lha 959.8KB 1993-11-28 Objective-C Translator (m68k-amigaos)
makecat.lha 54.7KB 1993-08-14 Catalog Maker for V38++ (m68k-amigaos)
MakeDMake.lha 13.7KB 1993-08-12 Creates DMakefiles. V0.22 (m68k-amigaos)
sc6_3.lha 446KB 1993-06-18 Bug fix for Amiga SAS/C 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2. (m68k-amigaos)
DCCInline07.lha 9.7KB 1993-06-15 Creates INLINE libraries for DICE C Compiler (m68k-amigaos)
ACM.lha 443.1KB 1993-06-04 Amiga C manual w/ many examples (m68k-amigaos)
AzMake.lha 28.6KB 1993-05-14 Work environment for Aztec C, V2.3 (m68k-amigaos)
cat2h10b.lha 5.4KB 1993-04-25 Convert catalog desc. files to very efficient C header files (m68k-amigaos)
c_ced.lha 6.7KB 1993-04-21 Cygmis Ed utilities for C programmers (m68k-amigaos)
Intuition++.lzh 450.2KB 1993-04-08 Intuition Encapsulation for C++ (m68k-amigaos)
AztecErr.lha 22.6KB 1993-03-09 Tool for Manx programming environment (m68k-amigaos)
ue2sas10.lha 5KB 1993-02-21 Run SAS C's sc from the UEdit editor (m68k-amigaos)
protoman3.lha 12.4KB 1993-02-14 prototype database manager. (m68k-amigaos)
quik-fix-emacs.lzh 4.9KB 1992-12-08 Connect GNU Emacs and Manx Aztec C by ARexx (m68k-amigaos)
ObjectiveGT1_0.lha 158KB 1992-11-27 Replacement GadTools done as BOOPSI objects. (m68k-amigaos)
aga-test.lha 16.8KB 1992-11-20 Example code that takes advantage of AGA HAM8 mode (m68k-amigaos)
StripIt.lha 17.5KB 1992-10-13 Strips comments from source codes. V1.3 (m68k-amigaos)
sas2ced5.lha 10.4KB 1992-10-07 interface SAS/C 5.10b to CygnusEd 2.12 (m68k-amigaos)
ANSI.lzh 22.5KB 1992-09-26 convert C between ANSI and K&R (m68k-amigaos)
RConfig.lha 57.4KB 1992-09-22 Replacement Lib. Manager for Aztec C (m68k-amigaos)
Bovs20.lha 39.9KB 1992-08-15 Replacement overlay system and startup code for SAS/C (m68k-amigaos)
BumpRev.lha 8.6KB 1992-08-15 manages revision in C and assembler sources (m68k-amigaos)
cformat.lha 18.7KB 1992-08-15 A simple program to format C-source (m68k-amigaos)
ctab.lzh 10.1KB 1992-08-15 formats a C-source code, makes it more readable (m68k-amigaos)
dicepref.lha 18.6KB 1992-08-15 DICE-AREXX environment (m68k-amigaos)
Includes.lzh 8.2KB 1992-08-15 shows which .h's a set of C files includes (m68k-amigaos)
parse.lha 16.9KB 1992-08-15 options parser on command line for C (m68k-amigaos)
sri.lzh 19.8KB 1992-08-15 ARexx-Interface for SAS/C Compiler (m68k-amigaos)
CManual.lzh 705.6KB 1992-07-24 Amiga C Encyclopedia Man 1, 2, 3 (m68k-amigaos)
CManual2.lzh 724.7KB 1992-07-24 Amiga C Encyclopedia Man 4, 5, 6 (m68k-amigaos)
CManual3.lzh 741.1KB 1992-07-24 Amiga C Encyclopedia man 7, 8, 9 (m68k-amigaos)
CManual4.lzh 499.7KB 1992-07-24 Amiga C Encyclopedia man 10, 11 (m68k-amigaos)
CManual5.lzh 497.1KB 1992-07-24 Amiga C Encyclopedia man 12 (m68k-amigaos)
emptyhandler.lha 4.4KB 1992-07-03 filehandler ex., make empty files (m68k-amigaos)
debugutils.lha 49KB 1992-05-20 tools for debugging applications (m68k-amigaos)
nofraglib.lha 16.8KB 1992-05-15 6 routines for mem. defrag. (m68k-amigaos)
fontconverter.lha 38.8KB 1992-04-26 Convert fonts -> C code structures (m68k-amigaos)
SetCCOPTS.lha 36KB 1991-07-21 Easily deals with MANX 'CCOPTS' env var. V1.00 (m68k-amigaos)
HCC.lha 637.3KB 1991-06-29 Port of Limited's C Complier, Sozobon. V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
AztecArp.lha 71.8KB 1991-01-15 Arp interface package for Aztec C v5.0. V1.9 (m68k-amigaos)
ReqAztec.lha 57.4KB 1990-12-18 Interface to req.library for Aztec C 5.0 (m68k-amigaos)
CCLib.lha 161KB 1990-11-03 Standard C library as a shared lib. V3.0 (m68k-amigaos)
PDC.lha 714.2KB 1990-05-28 Complete C compilation system. V3.33 (m68k-amigaos)
Cpp.lha 101.5KB 1990-03-23 Decus CPP plus some ANSI features. (m68k-amigaos)
LinkSound.lha 63.3KB 1990-02-27 Functions to link to for sound "beeps". (m68k-amigaos)
C-Functions.lha 51.6KB 1988-11-22 Four small useful C functions. (m68k-amigaos)
CDecl.lha 55.6KB 1988-11-22 Convert C declarations to/from english. (m68k-amigaos)
Cref.lha 15KB 1988-11-22 A C cross referencer program. (m68k-amigaos)
Sozobon-C.lha 455.4KB 1988-11-22 Atari ST version of full K&R C compiler. (m68k-amigaos)
Calls.lha 21.5KB 1988-10-02 Analyze flow of a C-program. (m68k-amigaos)
Getsprite.lha 6.8KB 1988-10-02 Convert DPaint brushes into C source. (m68k-amigaos)
SmallC.lha 40.9KB 1988-05-15 Port of the Small-C compiler. (m68k-amigaos)
LatticeXref.lha 33.9KB 1987-11-26 Cross reference of Lattice header syms. (m68k-amigaos)
UnIfdef.lha 12.1KB 1987-09-08 Remove ifdef'd sections from a file. (m68k-amigaos)
Alint.lha 10.9KB 1987-09-02 Support files for Gimpel lint. (m68k-amigaos)
Ndir.lha 9.1KB 1987-08-22 Implement 4BSD directory access routines (m68k-amigaos)
GetVolume.lha 7.1KB 1987-03-01 Example program to get volume name. (m68k-amigaos)
Compiler.lha 83.3KB 1987-01-18 An optimizing C compiler for m68000. (m68k-amigaos)
stripc.lha 9.3KB 1987-01-12 Strip comments and extraneous whitespace (m68k-amigaos)
MyUpdate.lha 12.5KB 1987-01-11 Automatically strip comments from C hdrs (m68k-amigaos)