Path: /root/amiganet/misc/os

Updateto314.lha 9.7KB 2018-10-13 no description
Debian-9.0-m68k.bz2 147.4MB 2017-11-23 Debian (unstable) (other)
IcarosLive-2.2.1.tar.bz2 1.9GB 2017-11-20 No Readme available
NetBSD-7.1-amiga.tar.bz2 191.3MB 2017-11-17 No Readme available
NetBSD-7.0.2-amiga.tar.bz2 191.1MB 2016-11-06 No Readme available
ppc-user-09042000.lha 93.4KB 2015-03-27 PPC Library - User Archive (Phase 5) (m68k-amigaos) 282.1MB 2013-07-30 AROS-ORCA (m68k) Summer Version (German) (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0) 127MB 2012-12-28 AspireOS codename "Revelation" (i386-aros) 65.9MB 2012-06-06 AspireOS update (i386-aros) 1003.5KB 2011-05-26 Latest AROS 68k ROMs and boot disk (m68k-aros)
Debian-31r8-m68k-hdf.tar.bz2 128.6MB 2010-10-16 no description
Debian31r8X11-21r5-hdf.tar.bz2 145.2MB 2010-10-16 no description
debian-m68k-1.tar.gz 91.3MB 2009-10-02 No Readme available
linux2.6.28-m68k-amiga.tar.bz2 5.9MB 2009-01-16 no description
linux2.6.28-m68k-bliz.tar.bz2 6.2MB 2009-01-13 no description
Minix_Amiga_Upd92.tgz 669.3KB 2006-08-13 Update Minix 1.5.10 to (other) 91.5MB 2006-08-13 Final version of OpenBSD/amiga (other) 2.2MB 2006-08-12 Documentation and FAQs for Amiga Minix (generic)
Minix_Amiga.tgz 2.8MB 2005-07-22 Open source, Unix-like operating system (other)
newkernel2.lha 1020.1KB 2003-04-26 GNU/GPL updated kernel for AMIthlon (i386-amithlon)
newkernel.lha 1MB 2002-12-29 GNU/GPL updated kernel for AMIthlon (i386-amithlon)
WarpUP_V51Upd.lha 507.2KB 2001-12-20 WarpUP Release 5.1 Update (ppc-warpup)
WarpUP_V40.lha 1.6MB 1999-05-26 WarpUP Release 4.0 (ppc-warpup)
WarpUP_V40Upd.lha 546.2KB 1999-05-26 WarpUP Release 4.0 Update (ppc-warpup)
ppc-dev-4619.lha 1.8MB 1998-07-28 V46.19 ppc.library DEVELOPER archive (ppc-powerup)
posgg2.lha 974.8KB 1997-09-03 New files for p.OS Developer release (m68k-amigaos)
posinstall.lha 68.5KB 1997-09-03 Installskript for p.OS PreRelease (m68k-amigaos)