Path: /root/amiganet/misc/unix

AGReader.tar.bz2 51.7KB 2006-06-05 No Readme available
adt.c.gz 22KB 2005-10-16 Aminet Download Tool (generic)
unix_boot.lha 36.4KB 2002-09-22 Boot into Amiga Unix from AmigaOS (m68k-amigaos)
adt-passive.lha 2.2KB 2002-05-28 Passive FTP mode patch for ADT (generic)
irix-lha.gz 41.7KB 2001-06-22 SGI Mips Irix version of LHA
unlzx.c.gz 9.5KB 2001-04-05 Unlzx - decompresses LZX archives on multiple platforms (generic)
lha-114d.tar.gz 59.4KB 1999-04-18 No Readme available
sploinerppc.lha 135.1KB 1998-10-07 Split,Join&Recover PowerUP/WarpOS/020 (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup; ppc-powerup)
sup.lha 224.5KB 1998-08-18 Amiga port of the NetBSD 'sup' client and server (+src) (m68k-amigaos)
File2Partition.lha 10KB 1998-07-08 Spare memory if LinUX install V1.2 stores images direct to HD (m68k-amigaos)
undms-1.3.c.Z 12.9KB 1998-02-16 Unpack .dms files under UNIX (generic)
LinuxAddUser.lha 1.9KB 1997-03-29 Linux AddUser command. Missing from Watchtower FS
uae-0.6.4.lha 367.1KB 1996-11-09 V0.6.4 of the Unix Amiga Emulator (now correct !)
adt-hpux-parisc1.0.gz 31.9KB 1996-10-02 ADT 2.3 for HP, series 800 (PA RISC 1.0)
adt-hpux-parisc1.1.gz 30.5KB 1996-10-02 ADT 2.3 for HP, series 700 (PA RISC 1.1)
adt-aix32.gz 28.4KB 1996-09-13 ADT 2.3 for AIX 3.2
adt-aix41-ppc.gz 28.9KB 1996-09-13 ADT 2.3 for AIX 4.1 (PowerPC)
binsplit.c.gz 778b 1996-08-26 Small 'hardcore' filesplitter written in ANSI C (generic)
adt-iris4d.gz 37.8KB 1996-08-01 ADT 2.3 for IRIX Release 5.3
adt-sun4-SunOS413.gz 41.1KB 1996-08-01 ADT 2.3 for Sun4 running Sun-OS 4.1.3
adt-sun4-SunOS55.gz 58.7KB 1996-08-01 ADT 2.3 for Sun4 running Sun-OS 5.5
mpack-1.5.tar.Z 278.7KB 1996-04-29 No Readme available
adtf.lha 24.5KB 1996-03-16 Front end for Aminet Directory Tool (in French) (generic)
xfrscripts01.tar.Z 12.2KB 1996-03-12 No Readme available
mkfsc.lha 1.9KB 1996-03-11 Makes ftp scripts from aminet index
slrp.tar.Z 403.6KB 1996-01-29 No Readme available
sploiner.lha 91.1KB 1995-12-02 Split,Join&Recover for UNIX, PC & Amiga. (m68k-amigaos)
mapux.lha 89.2KB 1995-09-02 V7 UNIX for A1200 without MMU. Binary only prerelease. Source to follow.
AmiNetGet.lha 4KB 1995-06-01 A new AmiNet dl. tool. Read .readme (generic)
tracker-4.31.tar.Z 396.7KB 1995-05-24 No Readme available
I-AmigaFilter.Z 3.1KB 1995-04-20 Displays filtered mailbox index
Scroller.Z 4.3KB 1995-04-20 Ascii file scroller, works on VT100
SplitIt.lha 16.1KB 1995-03-20 File splitter for transferring UNIX->AMIGA
ppsmall-1.0.tar.Z 5.1KB 1995-03-16 No Readme available
ppunpack-1.0.tar.Z 197.8KB 1995-03-16 No Readme available
NetBSD-FAQ.lha 21.4KB 1995-03-09 NetBSD-Amiga unix FAQ (8.March.95) (generic)
ARun.tar.Z 33.1KB 1995-02-17 No Readme available
xanim2683.tar.gz 158.5KB 1995-02-11 No Readme available
lha-unix.bug.txt 1.3KB 1994-10-19 Patch for Unix-LhA on DECstations (generic)
dcalc1_2.c.Z 8.3KB 1994-01-11 Update! C source (UNIX) Fit files onto diskettes (v1.2) (generic)
DNet-bin-NeXT.tar.Z 64.4KB 1993-05-06 No Readme available
DNet-AIX.lha 190.8KB 1993-04-16 DNET src+bin for AIX systems
zoo-2.10.tar.Z 240.3KB 1993-03-18 No Readme available
bsplit.tar.Z 2.2KB 1993-02-23 No Readme available
DNet-diffs-SVR4.Z 2.7KB 1992-12-16 Patches for DNET to work on SVR4 (generic)
DNet-bin-Sun3.lha 62.7KB 1992-12-13 DNet binaray for Sun3 systems
DNet-bin-Sun4.lha 84.5KB 1992-12-13 DNet binaray for Sun4 systems
dmscheck.c.Z 6.8KB 1992-08-15 Checks .dms files under UNIX (generic)
splitlzh.c.gz 675b 1992-06-14 Splits archives in 720K pieces (generic)