Path: /root/amiganet/mods/crash

airlock.lha 544.1KB 1998-01-04 6 channel spacey jazz mod - NEW OCTAMED (generic)
BlackOcean.lha 95KB 1998-01-04 Short, slow and drudging, looping demo mod. (generic)
clandestine.lha 116.4KB 1998-01-04 Looping demo mod, hopping beat with grinding guitar (generic)
hplague1.lha 76.6KB 1998-01-04 First movement of the evil trilogy of orchestra mods from crash (generic)
hplague2.lha 114.6KB 1998-01-04 Second piece to the Hate Plague trilogy, full of destruction (generic)
hplague3.lha 123.3KB 1998-01-04 The final Hate Plague mod, an overdose of depressing music (generic)
DreamBurn.lha 214.2KB 1997-09-03 Low toned, mellow groove (generic)
CenturyF.lha 187.3KB 1997-09-02 Jungle / Trance (generic)
Abyss.lha 157.1KB 1997-04-29 Long fade in intro, then goes into drums/evil chorus (generic)
Bloated.lha 201.5KB 1997-04-29 Fast Techno/hiphop with revolting gutteral noises (generic)
CFlavor.lha 131.7KB 1997-04-29 Old original-instrument style, hard hitting STROBE demo mod (generic)
Dilemma.lha 44.1KB 1997-04-29 Another old style repetitive mod, but better than a stick in the eye. (generic)
FlameSheep.lha 112.3KB 1997-04-29 Old old mod from the experimental days, kinda funky. (generic)
Silo.lha 46.1KB 1997-04-29 Counter part to "Nuclear Winter"- low, slow, and depressing (generic)
Anoqia.lha 66KB 1997-04-28 Background noise mod, something to sleep to. (generic)
Dementia.lha 86.9KB 1997-04-28 8 channel mood-swinging mdo w/ minor chords & distorted guitar (generic)
NineDeath.lha 17.5KB 1997-04-28 70 % synth, 100% infectious evil rythms (generic)
0mar.lha 72.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module 3/6 beat, loud and hard hitting. (generic)
0pal.lha 84.7KB 1997-04-23 Med module, blast beat, fast paced, full of leads (generic)
0scaryman.lha 97.8KB 1997-04-23 Med module, harcore noise tech mod, one of 3 mixes. (generic)
1Murder.lha 68KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Bongos and panflute mixed with tech instruments (generic)
Aftershave.lha 111.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Another long epic one, lots of harpsicord (generic)
Biochem.lha 16.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. The ultimate grand finale song. (generic)
BrokenSkull.lha 98.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Hardcore metal sound with synth-like leads (generic)
Burglary.lha 245.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Real sneaky / action sounding mod, lots of sfx. (generic)
Clone_Death.lha 77.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Hypno-trance type mod with computer sfx (generic)
COPtheme.lha 25.2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. mellow, groovin, low toned mod (generic)
CoronerLab.lha 57.7KB 1997-04-23 Med module. hard hitting, evil sounding tech mod. (generic)
CrysJung.lha 128.4KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Epic mod, melodies and chords with thundering drums (generic)
DeathSquad.lha 82.2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Tech mod, with evil, hypnotic break down. (generic)
DemonRobot.lha 133.2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Blast-beat speed metal mod. (generic)
dissociate.lha 65KB 1997-04-23 Med module. 8 channel melodic mod, with distorted guitar rythms. (generic)
DriveBY.lha 95.6KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Head crackin heavy metal mod. (generic)
Elongated.lha 103.4KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Total drums and percussion (not a drum solo) (generic)
Exposure.lha 99KB 1997-04-23 Med module. acoustic / hard core metal mod (generic)
eyesocket.lha 93.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. implementing noises as instruments. (generic)
GumDisease.lha 73.4KB 1997-04-23 Med module. grungy tech mod with pulsating rythms. (generic)
HairyChild.lha 406.1KB 1997-04-23 2 med modules. Long fast tech mod, and a short slow hip hop mod. (generic)
HalfLife.lha 181.2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Monstrous sounding mod, loud strings and gongs. (generic)
Infexion.lha 87.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Evil sounding, mix of odd horns and synth. (generic)
Ionized.lha 26.4KB 1997-04-23 Med module. goes from calm/classical to tech/tribal. (generic)
MagneticWaste.lha 191.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. long, experimental tech mod. full of death. (generic)
n2depths.lha 63.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. upbeat chord/melody mod with hard beat. (generic)
Narcotomy.lha 35.7KB 1997-04-23 Med module. loud and fast tech mod. (generic)
Necrocracy.lha 59.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. evil work of art, minor melodies and grungy basslines. (generic)
niknak.lha 75.8KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Loud tribal drums and synth strings. (generic)
niknakremix.lha 120KB 1997-04-23 Med module, remix of Crash's "Nik Nak" (generic)
NUkem.lha 283.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Metal mod, sequel to "Nuk'em Till They Glow." (generic)
OberoN.lha 53.8KB 1997-04-23 no description
psychor.lha 118.8KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Fast and furious tech mod, guitars & noises. (generic)
radon.lha 42.5KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Almost too generic techno mod. (generic)
retrograde.lha 105.1KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Metal mod. Sounds like a millitary assault. (generic)
RIPFACE.lha 35.5KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Loud and fast tech mod. (generic)
SPOREmix.lha 57KB 1997-04-23 Med module. remix of CND's "SPORE" mod. (this one loops.) (generic)
STALKER.lha 21.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. simple, slow, creep-o-mod. (generic)
SubwayBlue.lha 186.9KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Easy groove mod. (generic)
synsympathy.lha 2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. short, depressing synth mod (this one loops.) (generic)
wwwretch.lha 80.2KB 1997-04-23 Med module. Sounds like an acid overdose at a horror movie. (generic)