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Lotr_Taffel.mpg 1.8MB 2002-07-27 Taffel Visa [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
PinkLove.mpg 3.9MB 2002-07-27 PinkLove [Electro\Goth\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Lotr_troll.mpg 4MB 2002-06-02 Trollet och Haldur [Fantasy/Folklore] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
LotR-Gil.mpg 1.1MB 2002-05-16 Gil-galad [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
LotR-Isen.mpg 1.7MB 2002-05-16 Iseng rd [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
LotR-Skynda.mpg 2.2MB 2002-05-16 Skynda stad [LotR/Medieval] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Wrong_cure.mpg 3MB 2002-05-16 Wrong Cure [Electro\Goth\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Devil.mpg 3.4MB 2001-11-30 The Devils Voice [Gothic/Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Intensify.mpg 3.9MB 2001-11-30 Intensify [Electronic\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
a_change.mpg 4.5MB 2001-11-25 A Change [Electronic\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Falling.mpg 5.5MB 2001-11-25 Falling Down Looking up [Electronic\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
closed_door.mpg 5.1MB 2001-11-14 Closed Door [Electronic\Vocal] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
sprawl.mpg 5.2MB 2001-04-12 Sprawl Pneumatique [electro] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Chiba_el.mpg 5.9MB 2001-04-05 Chiba_Electronique [electro] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
elu_grav.mpg 5.2MB 2001-03-30 Elusive Cure - Gravety [Gothic] By ElbiE ! (generic)
memory.mpg 2.8MB 2001-03-30 A Memory of the Past [Electric] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Empire.mpg 1.8MB 2000-12-08 Empire_Topsy-Turvy [Piano] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Disney.mpg 3.1MB 2000-11-08 "The Lion king meets the Little Mermaid" [PoP] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
positron.mpg 2.9MB 2000-10-06 Positronic Robotique [Synth] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Str_elec.mpg 7.5MB 2000-09-23 Stripped Electronique [Synth] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Alien_on_Mars.mpg 2.7MB 2000-08-26 Alien_Mars [Bowie-tech] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Anthem.mpg 1.2MB 2000-08-26 Anthem [Classical] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Willi_tale.mpg 4.2MB 2000-07-30 Sir Williams Tale [Saga Orch.] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Minas.mpg 469.1KB 2000-07-03 Minastir [Folklore] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Elu_stil.mpg 4.4MB 2000-05-16 ElusiveCure Still Remember[GothiC] - ElbiE (generic)
Midnight.mpg 2MB 2000-03-23 Midnight in Mordor [Dark Classical] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Voice_heart.mpg 4.9MB 2000-03-02 Voice_heart [Classical] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Weary_eyes.mpg 4.3MB 2000-02-03 Weary Eyes [SadSynth] with Vocals by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Chain_latino.mpg 3MB 2000-01-24 Chain_Latino [hiphop] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Chain_mellow.mpg 4.3MB 2000-01-24 Chain_Mellow [hiphop] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Now.mpg 1.9MB 1999-10-14 Now [Trance] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Riot_v1-01.mpg 2MB 1999-10-14 Riot_v1,01 [hard Industrial] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Vargoga_II.mpg 2MB 1999-10-14 Varg ga_II [Electronic] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Whispers.mpg 4.4MB 1999-10-14 Whispers [hallowene gothic] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Robotic.mpg 4.7MB 1999-09-15 Robotic Love Vocoder Synthpop by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Extacy.mpg 2.4MB 1999-08-30 Extacy FluidMotion techno by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Jazz_jam.mpg 3.6MB 1999-08-30 Elbie freakz out on the jazz organ and jams thiz up (generic)
2_hearts.mpg 2.3MB 1999-07-31 2_Hearts a nice popsong by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Riot.mpg 3.6MB 1999-06-28 Riot [hard Indusrtial] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Varg_gat.mpg 3.7MB 1999-06-28 Varg_ ga [Crying Violas] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Xprezzo.mpg 1.6MB 1999-06-28 Xprezzo a Synth song by ElbiE t13n! (generic)
invention_1.mpg 863.1KB 1999-06-20 Invention n1 Chambermusic by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Menu_no3.mpg 1.1MB 1999-06-20 Menuette_no3 [Chambermusic] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Strangers.mpg 2.4MB 1999-06-15 Stranger in Paradise [Atmos] by ElbiE (generic)
unbal_2.mpg 1.2MB 1999-06-14 Unbalanced II a drum n' base song by ElbiE (generic)
Elu_Wish.mpg 5MB 1999-06-07 Wish [goth] by Elbie's Elusive Cure (generic)
Elu_Barb.mpg 2MB 1999-06-06 Barbie [gothic] by Elbie's Elusive Cure (generic)
Elu_brave.mpg 3.2MB 1999-06-06 Brave new world [goth] by ElusiveCure (generic)
Elu_dest.mpg 3.3MB 1999-06-06 Destination [goth] by Elbies Elusive Cure (generic)
Elu_fall.mpg 4.9MB 1999-06-06 Fall down [goth] by Elbies Elusive Cure (generic)
Elu_othe.mpg 5.2MB 1999-06-06 The Other Side [goth] by Elbies Elusive Cure (generic)
Sovjet_3.mpg 2.1MB 1999-06-06 Sovjet hymn v III, [orch] by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Balanced.mpg 706.2KB 1999-05-26 Balanced a chamberorch song by ElbiE (generic)
unbalanced.mpg 1.5MB 1999-05-26 Unbalanced a drum n base tune by ElbiE (generic)
dachip.lha 1.7KB 1999-04-10 A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n! (generic)
fog.lha 3.1KB 1999-04-10 A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n! (generic)
happy.lha 5KB 1999-04-10 no description
hidden.lha 4.3KB 1999-04-10 A nice chiptune by elbie^t13n! (generic)
planet.lha 1.3KB 1999-04-10 no description
cafe.mpg 5.2MB 1999-03-20 Caf a smoth jazz tune by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Eminent.mpg 4.3MB 1999-03-20 Eminent a synthpop song by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
Elusive_Nothin.mpg 3.6MB 1999-03-19 Nothing Last Forever[gothic]Elusive Cure (generic)
05_symphony1cm.mpg 5.1MB 1999-02-23 Symfony in goth style by ElbiE^t13n! (generic)
01_prelude.mpg 1.5MB 1999-02-19 01_prelude by elbie (generic)
02_nocturnus.mpg 1.3MB 1999-02-19 02_nocturnus by elbie (generic)
03_minuette_fo.mpg 865.7KB 1999-02-19 03_minuette_for_ofelia by elbie (generic)
04_impromptus.mpg 2.5MB 1999-02-19 04_impromptus_vega by elbie (generic)
erdnuss.lha 1.8KB 1998-08-03 no description
dynarose.lha 280.6KB 1998-03-25 mods/elbie (generic)
justlike.lha 237.7KB 1998-03-25 "just like before" by elbie/t13n! (generic)
sovjet2.lha 2.9KB 1998-03-25 "sovjet hymn 2" by elbie/t13n! (generic)
theeasy.lha 205.4KB 1998-03-25 "the easy way out" (generic)
t13n-breakz.lha 161.1KB 1997-11-20 "Breakz n' Beatz" - [techno] by Elbie/t13n! (generic)
t13n-alot.lha 247.9KB 1997-11-18 "It's A Lot Depeche" - [synth/techno] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-apollo.lha 133.1KB 1997-11-18 "Apollo 13" - [synth] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-bicent.lha 28.7KB 1997-11-18 "A Bicentennial Man" - [synth] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-chrono.lha 190.1KB 1997-11-18 "Chronological" - [hardcore synth] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-dist.lha 211.6KB 1997-11-18 "Disturbed" - [goa trance] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-dress.lha 230.4KB 1997-11-18 "Dressed In Black" - [trance/goa] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-extat.lha 237.4KB 1997-11-18 "Extatica" - [trance] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-just.lha 322.5KB 1997-11-18 "Just Hear" - [chill out/trance] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-party.lha 70.5KB 1997-11-18 "Party Time" - [synth] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-scott.lha 54.4KB 1997-11-18 "Scott Joplin" - [piano] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-slipp.lha 317KB 1997-11-18 "Time Is Slipping" - [goa/techno] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-souls.lha 204.5KB 1997-11-18 "Souls" - [piano] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-sovjet.lha 2.6KB 1997-11-18 "Sovjet Anthem" - chipmodule by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-sweet.lha 132.7KB 1997-11-18 "Sweet Silence" - [hardcore techno] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-synIII.lha 76.1KB 1997-11-18 "Synthetic III" - [goa/trance] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
t13n-tripp.lha 219.1KB 1997-11-18 "A -Tripp- Into The" - [techno] by ElbiE/t13n! (generic)
elbie-almost.lha 4KB 1997-05-10 Almost Bach EP - [bach EP] by Elbie/t13N!^XZN (generic)
elbie-easy2.lha 149.6KB 1997-05-10 Easy Part2 - [jazz/piano] by ElbiE/t13N!^XZN (generic)
elbie-hc.lha 2.1KB 1997-05-10 H.C Andersen - [happy chip] by ElbiE/t13n!^XZN (generic)
elbie-re.lha 204.3KB 1997-05-10 Re - [gangstarap] by Elbie/t13N!^XZN (generic)
elbie-roque.lha 134.1KB 1997-05-10 The_Roque_Mallet - [NewOrder synthpop] by Elbie/t13N!^XZN (generic)
elbie-sent.lha 2KB 1997-05-10 The Sentence - [sad chiptrack] by ElbiE/t13N!^XZN (generic)
elbie-when.lha 1.7KB 1997-05-10 When I Saw Her Face - [happy chip] by ElbiE/t13n!^XZN (generic)
elbie-wish.lha 235.4KB 1997-05-10 A Wishbone's Ash - [techno] by ElbiE/t13N!^XZN (generic)
ElbiE-Summ.lha 4.6KB 1997-03-12 Chiptune by ElbiE/t13N!^XZN (generic)
ElbiE-Sun.lha 64.8KB 1997-03-12 Groovy jazz by Elbie/t13N!^XZN (generic)
ElbiE-SynII.lha 157.2KB 1997-03-12 SynthetiC_II [goatrance] by Elbie/t13n!^XZN (generic)
ElbiE-Amadeus.lha 81.7KB 1997-02-18 MOD.Amadeus by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
ElbiESynthetic.lha 245.6KB 1997-02-18 MOD.Synthetic by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_From.lha 80.4KB 1997-01-03 Amiga-dorkpop by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Gothic.lha 358KB 1997-01-03 Gothic doom by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_TheFaith.lha 52.4KB 1996-12-03 ProTracker module by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
AcidicBlob.lha 137.2KB 1996-11-17 Acidic Blob by Elbie/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Circle.lha 2.7KB 1996-11-17 Circle by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_CPPPv2.lha 53.7KB 1996-11-17 CPPP v2 by Elbie/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Easy.lha 53KB 1996-11-17 Easy by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Goa.lha 23.9KB 1996-11-17 Goa by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_ImBackh.lha 4.2KB 1996-11-17 Im Bac(k)h by Elbie/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Miles.lha 107.2KB 1996-11-17 Miles?! by Elbie/t13N! (generic)
t13N_OldHouse.lha 23.6KB 1996-11-17 The Old House by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_OnAndOn.lha 83.1KB 1996-11-17 On And On by ElbiE/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Void.lha 100.7KB 1996-11-17 Void by Elbie/t13N! (generic)
t13N_Why.lha 56.1KB 1996-11-17 Why by Elbie/t13N! (generic)