Path: /root/amiganet/mods/hje

IchHabeHass.lha 351.4KB 1996-04-30 Muss-brechen-module (hardcore) (generic)
Rave-heart.lha 595.4KB 1996-04-30 Chartbreaker (Rave) (generic)
1ststrike.lha 94.8KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, first one made on amiga. compare! (generic)
activate.lha 208.7KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, act-t-vate! (generic)
aggress2.lha 77.3KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, very "agressivly" and "breakbeatly" (generic)
agrssmix.lha 2.8KB 1995-01-20 F242-like, remixed by hje (you know) (generic)
autotoon.lha 341.3KB 1995-01-20 Sidew-style tekkno, but has very much hje-style in it (generic)
baseit.lha 33.3KB 1995-01-20 Breakbeat, clipart (generic)
berlin.lha 176.3KB 1995-01-20 Hardcore, personal top hit ! "kick em-kick em..." (generic)
brkbeats.lha 165.4KB 1995-01-20 Breakbeat, clipart - quality! turn up the volume! (generic)
chronolo.lha 41.6KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, clipart (generic)
discogra.lha 206KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, turns into tekkno ;-) (generic)
evngroov.lha 167.4KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, this completes the morning-groove. rate=source rdms! (generic)
fareast.lha 261.4KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, get the trance, huh.. quality! (generic)
funkyddr.lha 40.4KB 1995-01-20 Drumloop, clipart - a must have. (generic)
funkydru.lha 51.9KB 1995-01-20 Drumloop, clipart - a must have. (generic)
goodtime.lha 4.8KB 1995-01-20 C64 like MEDule (generic)
happybir.lha 2.8KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, used as a birthday present for C.K. (generic)
highsped.lha 85.8KB 1995-01-20 Hardcore-breakbeat, this is really c00lsource rdms (generic)
hitit.lha 60.5KB 1995-01-20 Breakbeat, get harder.. (generic)
hohoho.lha 118.7KB 1995-01-20 Dancefloor, persiflage to nowadays top-ten (generic)
ianbaddy.lha 165.4KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, is this a whiskey name (generic)
instdark.lha 596.8KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, music for the jilted generations (generic)
itsfanta.lha 427KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style tekkno, note his dubbing technology ;-) (generic)
jeanmich.lha 122.8KB 1995-01-20 Jmj-like, great audio track (generic)
leimleit.lha 128.2KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style rave, the title says everything... ;-) (generic)
malle.lha 125.5KB 1995-01-20 Weird one, extremly powerful hardcore (you get malle) (generic)
morgroov.lha 127.1KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, piano/pipe-organs (generic)
nomem1.lha 6.9KB 1995-01-20 Chip-tune, very SID like => c00l (generic)
nomem2.lha 10.9KB 1995-01-20 Chip-tune, very SID like => c00l (generic)
othrtrip.lha 188.3KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, great remix, very much hje-like (generic)
partytun.lha 171.8KB 1995-01-20 Hardcore-breakbeat, personal top hit (generic)
prsident.lha 228.4KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, 1990 style -> but still wonderful ! (generic)
spd4xtc.lha 280.8KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, personal top hit ! a must have (generic)
tantara.lha 267.3KB 1995-01-20 Pop/funk, sorry i forgot what LFO\... means (generic)
the_tv.lha 61.7KB 1995-01-20 Metal, not my thing, others say "whow! thats cool, her-her-her" (generic)
trance.lha 204.2KB 1995-01-20 no description
trash.lha 58.4KB 1995-01-20 Metal, not my thing, others like "metal" (generic)
tripbase.lha 101.9KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, personal top hit! impressive! megacool! (generic)
ukw.lha 151.2KB 1995-01-20 Hje-style, similar to MEGAHERTZ but better! personal top hit ! (generic)
verarsch.lha 213.6KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, clipart (very very early one) (generic)
veryshrt.lha 5.3KB 1995-01-20 C64 like => very short ;-) (generic)
voice.lha 17.6KB 1995-01-20 Tekkno, clipart (very very early one) (generic)