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The_News.lha 468.1KB 2008-05-16 Mod By Pseudaxos (.xm): The News (generic)
Home_Run.lha 422KB 2008-05-12 Cool Summer 2008 House by Pseudaxos (.xm) (generic)
Just_a_try.lha 423.6KB 2008-05-01 .xm mod made by Pseudaxos (29/04/2008) (generic)
electrobeat.lha 459.2KB 2002-02-16 An electro track, a DBM module by Vladimir Sheremetiev (Freelance) (generic)
BelieveInHouse.lha 686.8KB 2001-12-12 An acid house track, a DBM module by Freelance (generic)
Bass_mec.lha 413KB 2001-12-08 An acid house track, a DBM module (generic)
bicycle.lha 340.8KB 2001-07-28 Moods-Onlinecompo DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
boyfunky.lha 314.6KB 2001-07-28 Funkyhouse DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
fantasynew.lha 452.2KB 2001-07-28 Demohousetrance DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
monobeats.lha 343.3KB 2001-07-28 Monotonic house,detroit DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
upground.lha 701.5KB 2001-07-28 House, Dance DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
washgo.lha 28.2KB 2001-07-28 House 4ch MOD by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
hardriving.lha 641.4KB 2001-03-01 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper (generic)
ignorance.lha 307.3KB 2001-03-01 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper (generic)
slowfood.lha 254.6KB 2001-03-01 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper (generic)
spinsession.lha 417KB 2001-03-01 16-channel DBM mod by Tripper (generic)
Beginning_autu.lha 143.5KB 2001-02-15 House track from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
HouseCore.lha 315.2KB 2000-12-11 HouseCore by TailS... (generic)
Preacher.lha 180.4KB 2000-07-26 Nice DBM Trance/House tune by Tripper (generic)
Wayout.lha 30.4KB 2000-07-26 DBM hardhouse MOD by Tripper (generic)
housebrk.lha 164.4KB 2000-07-17 Piano house by SD (generic)
quickmat.lha 49.9KB 2000-07-17 Piano house by SD (generic)
SCL_Moments.lha 391.1KB 2000-07-03 SCL! - 4channel Mod at trsac'00 (2nd place) (generic)
sandam.lha 403KB 2000-02-28 SD and phillips masterpiece (generic)
semla.lha 599b 2000-02-28 Semlahouse sthlm by SD (generic)
I124Q.lha 2.6MB 2000-01-22 The Best Deep House Tune EVER!!! by BZ (generic)
Muuntaja.lha 203.8KB 2000-01-22 PT house/acid MOD By Tripper/Styrox/Sulpu (generic)
VK-WSDM.lha 16.8KB 1999-12-23 Housy 8bit (generic)
bla_deathmatch.lha 446.7KB 1999-11-01 Original by pirat^phd. (generic)
deep_lyra.lha 519.6KB 1999-10-16 Deep House Octamed SS Module by Olethros, 1999 (generic)
Asitgoes.lha 139.5KB 1999-06-12 House/trance styled DBM mod by Tripper (generic)
Bucket.lha 164.5KB 1999-06-12 Experimental Detroit PT mod by Tripper (generic)
Kickit.lha 286.7KB 1999-06-12 Relaxed House PT mod by Tripper (generic)
Streetparty.lha 356.3KB 1999-06-12 House PT mod by Tripper (generic)
Abi10.lha 60.5KB 1999-04-29 Funky house tune. (generic)
houseBreed.lha 40.3KB 1999-03-31 A happy house PT module by Breed (generic)
sideras2.lha 145.9KB 1998-12-10 Sideras2 - OctamedSS MOD by Olethros (generic)
ph-jap2.lha 117.4KB 1998-10-16 Japanse Hymn (Remix) (generic)
ms-polo.lha 252.1KB 1998-10-14 Powerlodia, great dancefloor-track (generic)
ph-ousp.lha 66.4KB 1998-07-19 They_came_from_Outer_Space! (generic)
cba_dawn.lha 95.8KB 1998-06-25 Break Of Dawn- Speed Garage- cBa -1998 Australia Adelaide (generic)
Cba_fantasy.lha 78.5KB 1998-06-24 Enter The Fantasy, Speed Garage by cBa (generic)
wHAT_yOU_wANT.lha 216.2KB 1998-06-13 A kwel TUNE between HOUSE and Jungle ! (generic)
hEFTIGZT.lha 214.3KB 1998-06-09 Kewl HOUSE MOD with KEWl vOICes ;) (generic)
SCL_ElaudroRmx.lha 259.1KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Elaudronia-Rmx -pt- (generic)
SCL_IronicDanc.lha 331.6KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Ironic-Dancer -pt- (generic)
SCL_MorTabloid.lha 157.5KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_MorningTabloid -pt- (generic)
SCL_Psychedhel.lha 797KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.DCC_Psychedhelic -pt- (generic)
SCL_ScreamVibe.lha 119.4KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.DCC_(S)creaming-Vibes -pt- (generic)
SCL_TidyUp.lha 199.2KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Tidy-Up -pt- (generic)
SCL_ClubHouse.lha 76.1KB 1998-06-04 SCL! - Mod.DYN_ClubHouse -pt- (generic)
p-brasil.lha 21.2KB 1998-03-12 Brasil (Dreamhouse) (generic)
vk-so.lha 120KB 1998-03-10 Protracker mod. Houzz Style with Saxophn (generic)
vk-dih.lha 47.2KB 1998-03-07 Protracker mod. BreakTechno n fast Houzz (generic)
cantuc.lha 223.4KB 1998-01-24 DigiBoosterPro mod - 8chnnl... (generic)
masterplan.lha 642.6KB 1998-01-06 OctamedSS TechnoHouse Track by Olethros, 1998 (generic)
glad2be.lha 190.1KB 1997-10-08 Dance Mod by Olethros (2 versions) (generic)
atlantis.lha 248.5KB 1997-08-14 no description
Plastertracks.lha 49KB 1997-04-20 Strange house by SD (generic)
Hus.lha 88.2KB 1997-04-19 Cool house by SD (generic)
raveforest.lha 227.1KB 1997-04-13 A haunting exotic trance techno tune (generic)
Extradimension.lha 37.5KB 1997-03-23 ProTracker module - Extradimensional (generic)
FinalHouseMyx.lha 203.6KB 1997-03-23 ProTracker module - The Final House Myx (generic)
JackAttack.lha 273.4KB 1997-03-23 MED module - Jack Attack (generic)
TooLate.lha 35.4KB 1997-03-23 no description
TurnItRight.lha 101.4KB 1997-03-23 ProTracker module - Turn It Right III (generic)
sunrise.lha 272.5KB 1997-03-21 no description
HouseAttack.lha 178KB 1996-10-25 A med by Village Underground (generic)
NM_UFOHouse.lha 133.1KB 1996-10-12 Outer Space House by Neil Martin (generic)
Agn-House.lha 172.2KB 1996-09-08 House Ep2 AGONY Mix (generic)
NM_Amerivibe.lha 88.4KB 1996-09-04 Commercial underground by Neil Martin (generic)
NM_Progreed.lha 47.7KB 1996-09-04 Progressive house by Neil Martin (generic)
i_cant_do_that.lha 96KB 1996-08-31 House style (generic)
feel-it.lha 198.6KB 1996-08-11 Influenced dance music. (generic)
UnderArrest.lha 140.1KB 1996-06-19 Underground Techno by Redd Kaa (generic)
Blowinghouse.lha 159.4KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Unknown ****+ (generic)
Littlesoul.lha 223.2KB 1995-12-23 Sunday morning soul by Redd Kaa ***** (generic)
95HouseMegamix.lha 422.3KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
1-house.lha 364.9KB 1995-08-03 Respect Yourself - House-mod by Holger K. (generic)
2-house.lha 276.2KB 1995-08-03 Acidhouse - House-mod by Holger K. (generic)
3-house.lha 378.2KB 1995-08-03 People-remix - House-mod by Holger K. (generic)
4-House.lha 342.7KB 1995-08-03 Loveline - House-mod by Holger K. (generic)
DancePiuRemix.lha 427.5KB 1995-06-13 Module by DJ Jake (generic)
HeavyDRemix.lha 346.6KB 1995-06-13 Module by DJ Jake (generic)
HouseEP-JakeRM.lha 453.5KB 1995-06-13 Module by DJ Jake (generic)
JunglStyleeRMX.lha 406KB 1995-06-13 Module by DJ Jake (generic)
FunkyBeat.lha 148.7KB 1995-06-03 RMX/[Death] mod: a tad bit 'o BASS! (generic)
FunkyBeat2.lha 175.7KB 1995-06-03 RMX/[Death] mod: even more BASS! (remix) (generic)
xenon2.lha 322.2KB 1994-10-26 Pop by Whittaker, David -:-- **** (generic)
CrueltyOfHouse.lha 76.3KB 1994-08-07 House mod by Prime Time **+ (generic)
DanceclubMix.lha 64.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Dutch **** (generic)
FreshHouse.lha 166.4KB 1994-08-07 House mod by Chronos *** (generic)
HouseBeat.lha 53.8KB 1994-08-07 House mod **** (generic)
Housedance.lha 23.9KB 1994-08-07 House mod ****+ (generic)
Housespecial.lha 70.5KB 1994-08-07 House mod ****+ (generic)
JackTheHousebe.lha 94.5KB 1994-08-07 House mod ****+ (generic)
Newaciiiid.lha 253.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
johnsgroove.lha 330.1KB 1994-01-23 1st music file from John(house) (generic)
StreetTuff.lha 237.1KB 1993-05-21 Music Module of song by Rebel MC **** (generic)
Adamski1.lha 41.7KB 1993-03-12 Module (generic)
I_like_it.lha 322.3KB 1992-12-31 Noisetracker Mod from boing archive (generic)
jack.lha 287KB 1992-12-28 no description
insanitydance.lzh 132.9KB 1992-10-22 Soundtracker mod from boing (generic)