Path: /root/amiganet/mods/jungl

CBA_1999_01.lzh 1.5MB 2008-08-10 9 D&B and Jungle mods from CBA 1999 (generic)
valium.lha 223.7KB 2008-03-10 Drum'n bass/Jungle by freQ / dA Jointmen (generic)
A-dream.lha 174.9KB 2003-09-05 Jungle module with filtered break (generic)
stepdarkness.lha 242.4KB 2003-09-05 Old but great breakbeat track (generic)
lns75_Fuck.lha 692.5KB 2001-12-06 Fuck the worms - jungle by tarmslyng (generic)
sjuice.lha 772.4KB 2001-07-28 Drum'n'Bass DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
sjuicedit.lha 772.3KB 2001-07-28 Drum'n'Bass DBM mod by Tripper^Moods^Void (generic)
Trip_to_hell.lha 94.3KB 2001-02-15 Drum & Bass track from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
ShortDrum.lha 309.1KB 2000-07-26 DBM hard D'n'B MOD by Tripper (generic)
Tikka.lha 466.8KB 2000-07-26 DBM Drum'n'Bass tune by Tripper (generic)
L_BASIS.lha 385KB 2000-03-27 Drum & Bass flavor (generic)
jazz_tip.lha 1.1MB 2000-02-28 Jump up by SD (generic)
mappy.lha 1.1MB 2000-02-28 '95 style happy hardcore by SD (generic)
ozone.lha 891.2KB 2000-02-28 Happy breakbeats by SD (generic)
summer.lha 505.6KB 2000-02-28 Jazzy dnb by SD (generic)
zebesxm.lha 227.6KB 2000-02-28 Amnient jungle by SD (generic)
VK-GdI.lha 146.1KB 1999-12-30 HipHop/D&B/Jungle...who knows that schon.. ;) (generic)
VK-Herbst.lha 141.2KB 1999-12-23 Jungle/D&B 6+2bit (generic)
VK-NMP2.lha 171.9KB 1999-12-23 Jungle/D&B 16bit (generic)
crystal.lha 347.3KB 1999-10-23 Drum'n'bass by spook (generic)
BrokenPipe.lha 131KB 1999-07-21 Drumba by TSt (generic)
y2k.lha 407.4KB 1999-07-21 Drum and Bass by istari (generic)
Cong.lha 211.8KB 1999-07-18 Abstrakt Beats by istari (generic)
lns37_deck.lha 108.7KB 1999-06-24 Down on the deck - jungle (generic)
lns35_meta.lha 216.7KB 1999-06-15 Goodby metal - jungle (generic)
lns36_mick.lha 186.3KB 1999-06-15 You do Mickey Mouse - jungle (generic)
lns33_resp.lha 295.4KB 1999-06-10 Respekt to profets - intelligent jungle mix (generic)
lnsR22_dog.lha 385.2KB 1999-06-10 Dog on a string - hardstep jungle mix (generic)
RisinHard.lha 259.5KB 1999-06-10 Breakbeat/Metal by Amiga Teenage Riot (generic)
Smoke.lha 374.1KB 1999-06-03 Ragga jungle by istari (generic)
kmfbrain.lha 197.7KB 1999-06-01 Kill my fuckin BRAIN!!! (new Optik .XM song) (generic)
trance.lha 196.4KB 1999-05-31 no description
lns32_jungEp1.lha 257.9KB 1999-05-26 JungleEp2 p1 - The made throat (generic)
lns32_jungEp2.lha 179.9KB 1999-05-26 JungleEp2 p2 - Riding on a bus (generic)
Abi08.lha 250.2KB 1999-04-29 Breakbeat Ambient style mod. (generic)
Hour-rmx.lha 174.9KB 1999-04-20 Hard drum'n'bass roller by Vox (generic)
Oceanic.lha 285.2KB 1999-04-20 Mellow drum'n'bass by Vox (generic)
lnsR9_boy.lha 184.6KB 1999-04-09 The boy from bronx - triphop remix (generic)
lns30jungleEp1.lha 376.2KB 1999-03-31 JungleEp p1 - Devils delegate (generic)
EarlyBird.lha 165.4KB 1999-03-25 Drum and Bass by istari (generic)
RememberMe.lha 472.8KB 1999-03-02 Amiga Teenage Riot is back w. Hardcore Jungle (generic)
Gangstars.lha 438.3KB 1999-01-30 Drum and bass techstep by istari (generic)
Kanalratte.lha 289.2KB 1999-01-30 Drum and bass jungle by istari (generic)
Scientist.lha 487.5KB 1999-01-30 Jungle techstep by istari (generic)
aftrtgts.lha 266.2KB 1999-01-13 Afterthoughts (generic)
Korrekt.lha 202.8KB 1998-11-18 Jungle by istari (generic)
PirateRadio.lha 239.5KB 1998-11-18 JunglisticRave Music by istari (generic)
Suling.lha 89.5KB 1998-11-18 Weird Breakbeat by istari (generic)
legomix.lha 239.8KB 1998-11-05 Minder/WhoKers remixes Legoland by Skid (generic)
ViciousCircle.lha 241.1KB 1998-10-30 Drum'n'bass and jungle crossover by Vox (generic)
Junglecream.lha 8.5KB 1998-10-13 Jungle by istari (generic)
Planetrock.lha 18.1KB 1998-10-13 Chip jungle by istari (generic)
WhadUThink.lha 54.6KB 1998-10-13 Small jungle mod by Minder of WhoKers (generic)
HCJunglism.lha 275.2KB 1998-09-28 Jungle by istari (generic)
HappyCrap.lha 269.5KB 1998-09-18 Happy hardcore by istari (generic)
posotronic.lha 466.4KB 1998-09-18 Two step by istari (generic)
Taizokai.lha 265.1KB 1998-09-18 Two step drum and bass by istari (generic)
nf_afro.lha 269KB 1998-09-14 'AfroHedz' by Ninja Fool (generic)
nf_next.lha 570KB 1998-09-14 'Next Time' by Ninja Fool (generic)
nf_circle.lha 106.8KB 1998-08-18 Ninja remixes 'Circle' by Vox (generic)
nf_django.lha 382KB 1998-08-18 'Django In Paris' by Ninja Fool (generic)
nf_supapimp.lha 239.8KB 1998-08-18 'SupaPimp' by Ninja Fool (generic)
Baldhedz.lha 258.6KB 1998-08-09 Jungle by istari (generic)
EatKnowledge.lha 971.5KB 1998-08-09 Jungle by istari (generic)
UkNOW.lha 510KB 1998-08-09 Jungle by istari (generic)
pie_littleroll.lha 370.5KB 1998-07-24 16ch jungle, Written by Dj Pie / Lunatic (generic)
NoKrak.lha 428.1KB 1998-07-14 Jungle by istari (generic)
DreadDay.lha 462.8KB 1998-07-10 Jungle by istari (generic)
WhatWeDo.lha 420.7KB 1998-07-10 Jungle by istari (generic)
afterburna.lha 31.9KB 1998-07-09 Rockenrolla! (generic)
bel0w.lha 195KB 1998-07-09 Suicidal 160 bpm breakbeat trip (generic)
drippedydrap.lha 68KB 1998-07-09 Stalactitez et stalagmitez (generic)
farewell.lha 67.1KB 1998-07-09 Chip-style 120 bpm bullshit (generic)
nic.lha 151KB 1998-07-09 74.5 bpm brain surgery (generic)
sonic.lha 179.8KB 1998-07-09 no description
tearible160.lha 125.8KB 1998-07-09 Rockin da nada bpmz (generic)
pie_slowdown.lha 442.3KB 1998-06-15 14ch jungl, Written by Dj Pie / Lunatic (generic)
FeelDABasS.lha 200.2KB 1998-06-13 This is a small Jungle-like tune ;) (generic)
Abi04.lha 206.4KB 1998-06-03 E-128956 9... Prodigy style mod? (generic)
a+n+n+e.lha 138.9KB 1998-05-30 Dark trip-hop tune (generic)
fuct.lha 193.6KB 1998-05-30 Dark 160bpm techstep trak (generic)
legoland.lha 245.4KB 1998-05-30 Weird 95/190bpm breakbeat trak (generic)
shaken.lha 333.4KB 1998-05-30 160 bpm techstep trak (generic)
suckma.lha 139.9KB 1998-05-30 180 bpm ruffneck jungle trak (generic)
Yodel2.lha 323.7KB 1998-05-27 Een "D&b" Remix Van "YodeL 2" By Punnik (KnP) (generic)
Reclaim.lha 698.2KB 1998-05-17 Jungle/elektrodub by istari (generic)
phd_shao.lha 524.7KB 1998-05-16 [ PHD ] - shaolin by teis (generic)
headz1.lha 157.9KB 1998-05-13 Headz down breakz by istari (generic)
Underdog.lha 90.7KB 1998-05-13 Jungle by istari - (generic)
InTheSox.lha 203.6KB 1998-05-11 Housy breakbeat by istari (generic)
skillz4u.lha 222.9KB 1998-04-22 Jungle by istari (generic)
Dub_Tree.lha 497.8KB 1998-04-17 Drum&Bass / Dub by Moontrip (generic)
Sweetstuff.lha 233KB 1998-04-17 Drum&Base by Moontrip (generic)
gs_rubbish.lha 1MB 1998-04-14 India Drum&Bass Upset Beatz (generic)
boomerz.lha 378.9KB 1998-04-12 Jungle/triphop by istari (generic)
kettingbrief.lha 345.1KB 1998-04-07 A AtmoS/dRUm&baSS mOd bY PuNNik (generic)
Krash.lha 497.7KB 1998-04-07 Suprem drum&bass by istari (generic)
The_Evil_Devil.lha 111.5KB 1998-04-07 The Evil Devil. Drum'n'bass by Moontrip (generic)
hour.lha 169.5KB 1998-04-06 Dark trancey drum'n'bass trax by Vox (generic)
phd_arab.lha 504.2KB 1998-04-05 [ PHD ] - arabian nights by linus (generic)
drum-beatz.lha 111.8KB 1998-04-03 Drum Beat - Optik XM Fasttracker module (generic)
fastfwd.lha 540KB 1998-04-03 Whacki dandbjungle by istari (generic)
SelectionOfLif.lha 142.4KB 1998-04-03 Selection of Life - Optik XM Fasttracker module (generic)
drumbeat.lha 111.8KB 1998-04-02 Drum beat .XM hardstep module by OPTIK (generic)
MST-Earthvibe.lha 186.4KB 1998-03-18 Winning module at ACG Hack VII (generic)
digital.lha 531.4KB 1998-03-17 Digital (ploter mix) (.XM FASTTRACKER) (generic)
gs_waiting.lha 1.6MB 1998-03-12 Right here Waiting D&B Remix (generic)
vk-lt.lha 61KB 1998-03-10 Protracker mod. Jungl n Bassdrum Style.. (generic)
Bollen.lha 1.3MB 1998-03-09 Bollen EP (HaSSan & PuNNik) -Dutch- (generic)
Donker.lha 355.4KB 1998-03-09 Jungle Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
Drum-n-bazs.lha 694.2KB 1998-03-09 Jungle MIX Mixed & Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
gs_doubt.lha 1MB 1998-03-09 Doubtless Drum&Bass (generic)
Industry.lha 288.7KB 1998-03-09 Jungle Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
gs_dissolution.lha 2.2MB 1998-02-19 HiQuality Breakbeat (generic)
Rave-DJNick.lha 328.2KB 1998-02-19 OLD 4ch breakbeat MOD by D.J.Nick (generic)
raze-mush.lha 390KB 1998-02-19 An XM Jungle mod by Raze/Nah-Kolor (generic)
base_breaks.lha 310.5KB 1998-02-05 DigiBoosterPro mod - 10chnnl... (generic)
dd-clinicp.lha 253.8KB 1998-01-30 Clinically P by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-crime.lha 270.2KB 1998-01-30 Organised Cr by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-fallena.lha 140.9KB 1998-01-30 Fallen Angel by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-feeling.lha 230.8KB 1998-01-30 Inside the F by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-fix.lha 308.8KB 1998-01-30 I Need a Fix by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-forfie.lha 180.8KB 1998-01-30 Forbidden F by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-gate.lha 154.7KB 1998-01-30 The Gate by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-ln7.lha 188.9KB 1998-01-30 Lucky No. 7 by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-logic.lha 165KB 1998-01-30 Mr Logic by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-sdrmx.lha 208.1KB 1998-01-30 S-Darkness by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-shine.lha 132.9KB 1998-01-30 Shine in da by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-step.lha 179.2KB 1998-01-30 Step Off by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-tot.lha 207.6KB 1998-01-30 Test of Time by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-wal.lha 514.1KB 1998-01-30 WelcomeAlvin by Jammz of DD (generic)
Ventilator.lha 180.3KB 1998-01-30 Relaxing jungle music by Xenon/XTC DK (generic)
Lop_303Machine.lha 581.3KB 1998-01-24 Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED! (generic)
onyx.lha 740.5KB 1997-12-24 BarnAmiga'97 winner module by Cueder/Ozone^Network (generic)
Lopez_303Mach.lha 581.3KB 1997-12-20 Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED! (generic)
corinth.lha 1000.5KB 1997-12-18 A drum+bass .mod by Salty (generic)
dd-junglebells.lha 73.8KB 1997-12-17 Jungle Bells by Jammz of DD (generic)
phd_yule.lha 346.1KB 1997-12-11 [ PHD ] - yuletide ride by rhino (generic)
dNt-sTAT.lha 380.9KB 1997-11-30 StAtE oF MiNd bY dNT (Melodic Jungle) Release 03! (generic)
Piano-Dream.lha 127.8KB 1997-11-11 Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED! (generic)
AutumTrans.lha 153.5KB 1997-11-10 Autumn Transitional - A Drum n bass MED by AViD and DJ Frankie Gunns (generic)
dd-fey.lha 365.2KB 1997-11-10 ForeverYoung by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-hctd.lha 138KB 1997-11-10 Here Comes by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-human.lha 69.7KB 1997-11-10 Humanist by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-nk.lha 337.8KB 1997-11-10 Never Known by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-quat.lha 110.2KB 1997-11-10 Quattro by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-r2u.lha 486.2KB 1997-11-10 Rolling 2 U by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-solrmx.lha 252KB 1997-11-10 SourceOfLife by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-spam.lha 260.1KB 1997-11-10 Only Spam by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-stgr.lha 180.3KB 1997-11-10 S.T.G.R. by Jammz of DD (generic)
ode2.lha 523.4KB 1997-11-10 Inteligent d&b by istari (generic)
Piano-Dream-sa.lha 128KB 1997-11-10 Wild 303-Samples 4 remixin ! Nice MED! (generic)
dd-4u.lha 284.1KB 1997-10-25 4 You by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-bc.lha 234.7KB 1997-10-25 Breakdown C by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-dab.lha 274.2KB 1997-10-25 Da Beats by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-deck.lha 235.7KB 1997-10-25 Deck TMTCOS by Jammz of DD (generic)
dd-drift.lha 342.6KB 1997-10-25 Drift by Jammz of DD (generic)
Dreaming.lzh 111.7KB 1997-10-21 no description
mylight.lha 280.2KB 1997-10-08 *My Light* by Dx0 - 4th at 4ChCompo TIG'97 - (generic)
Boon.lha 406.2KB 1997-09-21 Jungle Tune by ISTARI and TINTIN (generic)
LostMind.lha 432.6KB 1997-09-11 Ambient/hard jungle by Vox (generic)
AreYou.lzh 140.6KB 1997-08-31 Happy Hardcore Jungle Tune by Istari (generic)
Explict.lzh 312.8KB 1997-08-31 Nicey trance jungle tune by Istari (generic)
phd_b2at.lha 465.1KB 1997-08-13 [ PHD ] - back to atlantic by pirat (generic)
baaf.lha 348.1KB 1997-08-08 Baaf by Trivial/LoPro (generic)
zu_spaet.lha 221.4KB 1997-08-08 Urban climax > very cool d&b-track (generic)
SNDofW.lha 255.7KB 1997-07-28 SOUNDs oF waTErP!P@ Jngle-Ambnt-ChILL0Ut (generic)
ICF.lzh 251.5KB 1997-07-27 - ragga jungle module (generic)
Ezoterrica.lha 318.1KB 1997-07-02 Guitar (?) ambient jungle by vox (generic)
Desire.lha 235.3KB 1997-06-26 Great mellow jungle by Vox (generic)
ji-Derivation.lha 169KB 1997-06-06 Derivation - A med module by JaBi (generic)
ji-So.lha 173.9KB 1997-06-06 SO... - A med module by JaBi (generic)
rama.lha 159.2KB 1997-05-23 Breakbeat module (generic)
Lopez_Breakit.lha 231.2KB 1997-05-13 Cool Breakbeats, feel the sun, feel free with "Lopez School Chill(Break-)Out" (generic)
phd_come.lha 465.3KB 1997-05-10 [ PHD ] - come back by pirat/phd (generic)
dMN_Ruffah.lha 297.8KB 1997-04-24 Ambient Breakbeat by DamNation/iNSTiNCT (generic)
forest.lha 309.9KB 1997-04-19 no description
jninject.lha 388.3KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > rough thing (generic)
pepsi.lha 274.2KB 1997-04-19 Fun dredd base-style jungle (generic)
pixel.lha 7.4KB 1997-04-19 Small jungle by SD (generic)
speedset.lha 93.4KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > featuring laughing Ricarda P. (generic)
StrDarkn.lha 412.2KB 1997-04-19 Strange & Dark Drum&Bass MOD (generic)
bonus.lha 1.7MB 1997-04-01 no description
ji-SuRReNDeR.lha 267.4KB 1997-03-29 SuRReNDeR - A protracker module by JaBi (generic)
DeathJungleCit.lha 281.4KB 1997-03-25 ProTracker Jungle Module by KOLa / PnS! (generic)
Remedy-Break.lha 431.5KB 1997-03-17 BreakBeat Impulse Tracker Module by JayC (generic)
phd_phib.lha 396.6KB 1997-03-16 [ PHD ] - them phibes by substance/mono (generic)
pnk-shao.lzh 150.7KB 1997-03-15 Shaolin Teknique by pANiK (generic)
ia-badbz.lha 578.6KB 1997-03-09 Badboiz - Jungle/Techstep module (XM) by BiG DaDDY^iA (generic)
ia-john.lha 554.2KB 1997-03-09 JOHN 316 - Jungle module (XM) by BiG DaDDY^iA (generic)
circle.lha 77.7KB 1997-03-04 Drum'n'bass by Vox (generic)
nathan.lha 248.3KB 1997-03-04 Flanged drum'n'bass by Vox (generic)
jungle.lha 109.8KB 1997-03-01 no description
kENz-kenzee-la.lha 538KB 1997-02-28 KENzIe - Drum n Bass version of "Fugee-La" (generic)
NiTEFORCE.lha 387KB 1997-02-05 NIGHTFORCE - done by anthrium/delusion design 1997 (generic)
J_Law.lha 464.7KB 1997-01-24 Jungle MMD3 module... (generic)
phd_dres.lha 174.2KB 1997-01-23 [ PHD ] - drum'n'bass featuring orlingo/bs (generic)
BigMix5.lha 433.3KB 1997-01-19 Part 5 of a mega-monster-module-mix (generic)
BigMix4.lha 590.3KB 1997-01-18 Part 4 of a mega-monster-module-mix (generic)
border.lzh 111.9KB 1996-12-28 Trancey breakbeat by Vox (generic)
sumphin.lzh 95.6KB 1996-12-28 Drum'n'base ch00n by Vox (generic)
BigMix2.lha 466.9KB 1996-12-20 Part 2 of a mega-monster-module-mix (generic)
BigMix3.lha 553.4KB 1996-12-20 Part 3 of a mega-monster-module-mix (generic)
BigMix1.lha 530.3KB 1996-12-18 Part 1 of a mega-monster-module-mix (generic)
ia-invas.lha 317KB 1996-12-02 I N V A S I O N - Jungle module (XM) by BiG DaDDY^iA (generic)
phd_dsch.lha 274.8KB 1996-11-27 [ PHD ] - Jungle by Raytrayza/PHD (generic)
phd_feel.lha 300KB 1996-11-15 [ PHD ] - Atmos jungle by piRaT/PHD (generic)
ops-fire.lha 394.7KB 1996-11-03 "Firestarter Remix" by Oops! (generic)
mod_Tjungle.lha 57KB 1996-10-28 Tech-Jungle CheeZoMod49 (generic)
phd_cath.lha 320.9KB 1996-10-28 [ PHD ] - Jungle XM by tEiS/PHD (generic)
phd_riot.lha 26.9KB 1996-10-25 [ PHD ] - Chip jungle by piRaT/PHD (generic)
phd_soul.lha 228.8KB 1996-10-20 [ PHD ] - Jungle by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
bsts.lha 186.2KB 1996-10-19 'Better Safe Than Sorry' by Freq (generic)
ia-sss.lha 184.9KB 1996-10-19 Super Sharp Shooter - Jungle module by BiG DaDDY^iA (generic)
DaHype.lzh 151.3KB 1996-10-17 Another jungl ch00n by Vox (generic)
phd_vers.lha 437.6KB 1996-10-17 [ PHD ] - Drum'n'bass by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
DMP-BlZooSpm.lha 429.9KB 1996-10-12 Spaceman/Wipeout/Jungle by !DmP!/PrS (generic)
BackUp.lha 203.9KB 1996-10-10 no description
phd_jung.lha 225.9KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Jungle by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
Control.lha 159.5KB 1996-10-04 no description
DropItAndFlow.lha 58.4KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by Braintumour ****+ (generic)
Frequent.lha 154.8KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod ***** (generic)
HellRave.lha 277.5KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod **** (generic)
LetTheRaveLoos.lha 217.2KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by Braintumour **** (generic)
lostjung.lha 145.1KB 1996-10-04 Good jungle module by MR.CHEAT (generic)
morphing.lha 78.6KB 1996-10-04 Great jungle like tune by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
PickItUp.lha 198.1KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by Braintumour ****+ (generic)
SaturdayNight.lha 137.4KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by 911 **** (generic)
Spinna.lha 109.5KB 1996-10-04 Breakbeat / jungle by Vox (generic)
UnDaWorld.lha 109.2KB 1996-10-04 Dark style breakbeat by Vox (generic)
Varso3.lha 21.5KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by Dune ***** (generic)
WestCoastDepan.lha 12.5KB 1996-10-04 Jungle mod by 911 ***+ (generic)
UnderWater.lha 111.2KB 1996-10-03 no description
Vertigo.lha 269.4KB 1996-10-03 Intelligent breaks by Sheffra (generic)
Release.lha 150.4KB 1996-09-16 Drum'n'base mod by Vox (generic)
Siiing.lha 126.6KB 1996-09-16 Drum'n'base mod by Vox (generic)
ia-brut.lha 449.5KB 1996-09-11 Brut & Force - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^iA (generic)
10th.lha 181.8KB 1996-09-06 EngLish HappyHardCore/BreakBeat by VoX (generic)
TotallyWikkid.lha 125.9KB 1996-09-06 WiKkId dRuM'n'bAsE by VoX (generic)
dreams.lha 8KB 1996-09-01 no description
gifted.lha 14KB 1996-09-01 Jungle Style Mod (Tracker Format) (generic)
homsalad.lha 24.6KB 1996-09-01 Jungle Style Mod (Tracker Format) (generic)
ia-fuges.lha 258.5KB 1996-09-01 Ready or not jungl - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
madness1.lha 25KB 1996-09-01 Jungle Style Mod (Tracker Format) (generic)
madness2.lha 22KB 1996-09-01 no description
oasis.lha 208.7KB 1996-09-01 no description
jumpup.lha 201.6KB 1996-08-28 Some hard jump-up style drum and bass by DJ Spark-E (generic)
DopeFrc.lha 186.8KB 1996-08-20 Dope Force by Sheffra (generic)
FreqMix.lha 235.4KB 1996-08-18 Atmospheric Beats by Sheffra (generic)
bs-rtv.lha 227.4KB 1996-08-05 Respect The Vinyl - A jungle Mod by Orlingo/Black Sista (generic)
LoneBoyz.lha 193KB 1996-07-13 Traditional drum n bass track by da -+ Holy Ghost +- (generic)
ia-champ.lha 123.2KB 1996-06-06 Champion Sound - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-copk.lha 234.3KB 1996-06-06 CopKiller - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-jvrem.lha 176.7KB 1996-06-06 Jungle Vibes *REMIX* - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-ltmu.lha 374.6KB 1996-06-06 Limb The Mash Up - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-ngrmx.lha 309.1KB 1996-06-06 No Good *REMIX* - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-sol.lha 219.1KB 1996-06-06 Source Of Life - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
ia-tmt.lha 440.4KB 1996-06-06 Tuch My Toes - Jungl module by BiG DaDDY^IA (generic)
HolyGhost.lha 397.4KB 1996-06-04 Ambient Jungle mod by the -+Holy Ghost+- (generic)
AfricanSavage.lha 572.8KB 1996-05-22 A new and ambient jungle track by -+Holy Ghost+- (generic)
TempleOfSunRem.lha 262.7KB 1996-05-22 Jungle mod by Yolk *****+ (generic)
E-Brew.lha 546.4KB 1996-05-21 Junglism MOD, nice and loopy, by -+Holy Ghost+- (generic)
Elektronix.lha 432.2KB 1996-05-21 Junglism MOD file by the -+Holy Ghost+- (generic)
tropical_vibr.lha 185.8KB 1996-05-17 Protracker module by sKYPHOS/mTX. (generic)
jungleexample.lha 177.9KB 1996-05-10 Dr Horgan's CU Amiga example Jungle module (generic)
rain2.lha 131.2KB 1996-05-06 Jungle/guitar module by MEANACE/dIVE! (generic)
ItsJungleTime.lha 132.8KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Riders **** (generic)
j_TheJThing.lha 299.1KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by The Boomerang ****+ (generic)
KillHimBefore.lha 252.4KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Utopia ***+ (generic)
k_justSayN2o.lha 116.8KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Zake ***** (generic)
lx_InFlUeNcEOF.lha 334.2KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Tamerax ****+ (generic)
l_SadisticDent.lha 73.6KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Loki ***** (generic)
mb_WhyMe.lha 103.6KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Cand-ice **** (generic)
oq_LeVinRouge.lha 108.9KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Octoque *** (generic)
o_MelodicJungl.lha 610.1KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Oona **** (generic)
pn_TunnelVisio.lha 91KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Pinion *** (generic)
smeg_Epileptic.lha 204.6KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Smeg ***+ (generic)
UnderPressure.lha 264.4KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Rage **** (generic)
ZeOLiTePrOdUcT.lha 134.7KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Utopia ****+ (generic)
zlt_Aftonvals.lha 233.3KB 1996-05-01 Jungle mod by Zalt ****+ (generic)
ITK.lha 242.6KB 1996-04-11 Quickly made Drum & Bass by Sheffra (generic)
NH.lha 245.1KB 1996-04-11 Ambient jungle by Sheffra (generic)
BlckOut.lha 198.9KB 1996-04-02 Smooth Jungle by Sheffra (generic)
Synergy.lha 387.7KB 1996-04-01 Sheffra+ReddKaa jUnGliZe tHa w0rld (generic)
hb5.lha 348.8KB 1996-03-30 Happy Breaks 5 by Sheffra (generic)
schmelze.lha 340.6KB 1996-03-29 Jungle/Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
cool.lha 158.1KB 1996-03-20 Drum & Bass by Sheffra (generic)
HB4.lha 460.7KB 1996-03-19 Happy Breaks 4 by Sheffra (generic)
fly.lha 333.8KB 1996-03-14 A little jungle, Sheffra (generic)
dominion.lha 181.4KB 1996-03-13 Trance/ambient/jungle by Sheffra (generic)
1stTryOnJungle.lha 79KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Exxon **** (generic)
af_Bof.lha 244.1KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Acidfrog **** (generic)
af_Drowning.lha 266.5KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Acidfrog ****+ (generic)
af_Xmas.lha 228.2KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Acidfrog ***** (generic)
Apollo7.lha 331.6KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod **** (generic)
BatToJungle.lha 201.8KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Demuc **** (generic)
BreakbeatAnthe.lha 146KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Phasic **** (generic)
cb_Bombtrackdf.lha 341.4KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Pedro ****+ (generic)
cb_ImJustHangi.lha 145.4KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Guy ****+ (generic)
cb_nothingPers.lha 150.8KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Logos ****+ (generic)
cb_OddSteps.lha 265.4KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by CBR ***** (generic)
cb_SlangLangua.lha 141.1KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Logos ****+ (generic)
ChasingLeaves.lha 77.7KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Smil ****+ (generic)
dem_EMateria.lha 179.6KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Demuc ****+ (generic)
Elements.lha 83.6KB 1996-03-02 no description
e_MysticFlower.lha 282.4KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Kom'ah **** (generic)
e_UltimatterNe.lha 258.7KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Kom'ah **** (generic)
e_WorldsApartK.lha 267.1KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Kom'ah ****+ (generic)
FlkFace.lha 258.6KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Piromaniak **** (generic)
FlyingHigh.lha 176.7KB 1996-03-02 no description
HeartOfTheMach.lha 160.4KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Mental Productio****+ (generic)
HolocaustCompo.lha 218KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Sphinx ****+ (generic)
KanniPaallejee.lha 169.8KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Smil ****+ (generic)
ShredWithMe.lha 336.2KB 1996-03-02 Jungle mod by Rage ***** (generic)
Heaven.lha 280.3KB 1996-02-07 no description
TakeYou.lha 257.1KB 1996-02-01 Old-school remix by Sheffra (generic)
radius-da.lha 286KB 1996-01-31 A 4 channel OCTAMED module (Jungle Style) (generic)
radius-vis.lha 225.1KB 1996-01-31 A 4 channel OCTAMED module (Jungle Style) (generic)
LoT.DearMrPopm.lha 110.3KB 1996-01-28 PTMod by Latte of Texxid (generic)
Justice.lha 280.3KB 1996-01-17 no description
SmoothBrakes.lha 316.3KB 1996-01-17 Trip Hop (?) by Sheffra (generic)
HB3.lha 187.7KB 1996-01-15 Happy Breaks 3 by Sheffra (generic)
adw.lha 369KB 1996-01-10 Another one from Sheffra! (generic)
DDub.lha 227.3KB 1996-01-10 Drum & Space from Sheffra (generic)
junglein.lha 200.5KB 1996-01-03 Jungle module by Hotman (generic)
LoT.W_und_S.lha 97.5KB 1995-12-23 PTMod by Latte of Texxid (generic)
trust.lha 256.7KB 1995-12-22 Trust Drum and Bass MED by dj shinobi (generic)
HB1.lha 195.5KB 1995-12-13 Happy Hardcore by Sheffra (generic)
HB2.lha 181.8KB 1995-12-13 Happy Breaks vol.2 by Sheffra (generic)
Rewind.lha 187.3KB 1995-12-12 Drum & Bass by Sheffra. (generic)
oogrmx.lha 198.8KB 1995-12-07 Jungle mod by Sheffra..use MED (generic)
res.lha 251.6KB 1995-12-07 Jungle mod by Sheffra. Use Med to play. (generic)
DJLang_1st_Mix.lha 231.1KB 1995-12-02 Breakbeat song by David Gerber. 150 bpm! (generic)
AdInf.lha 248.1KB 1995-11-21 Xperimental Jungle mod. Use MED. (generic)
BSmooth.lha 85.9KB 1995-11-08 'Light' jungle module. Use med to play. (generic)
RuffCut.lha 221.3KB 1995-09-28 Drum & Bass MED module. Get your bass bins out! (generic)
Mellow-Strain.lha 197.3KB 1995-09-22 High quality jungle from F8. (generic)
mellowst.lha 197.3KB 1995-09-22 High quality jungle from F8. (generic)
Terror.lha 144.5KB 1995-09-15 Breakbeat/Jungle mod. Use MED to play! Made 9/13/95 (generic)
TranceDB.lha 203.6KB 1995-09-15 Breakbeat/Jungle mod. Use MED to play! Made 9/13/95 (generic)
dubp.lha 349.1KB 1995-09-11 Jungle-MOD (generic)
naffjungl.lha 18.1KB 1995-08-20 Mod by KB-Zip July 1995 (generic)
doughnut.lha 289KB 1995-05-24 Jungle-MOD: By Slap-Ed of One Man And His Amiga (generic)
mamajungle.lha 119.6KB 1995-05-24 Protracker module. Jungle style. (generic)
Jungle-Turtle.lha 1012.7KB 1995-05-23 Jungle music module / Harcore-Ambient (generic)
impossib.lha 116.4KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
spak_cordial.lha 148.9KB 1995-04-11 Protracker module by Spak (generic)
thvortex.lha 236.4KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
WetDrm21.lha 392.7KB 1995-04-03 Rave/Breakbeat Mod by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
Breakdown.lha 271.9KB 1995-03-17 no description
MaxDreamMix.lha 59.1KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
Oppression.lha 61.4KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
SyranSlasher.lha 197.8KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
Tranceposition.lha 72.7KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Trance MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
ramp5.lha 318.9KB 1995-03-04 Modules done by !RAMP! (generic)
piglet.lha 77.3KB 1995-02-22 Fast breakbeat-type module. Wicked sounds. (generic)
RaveTheBrain.lha 140.1KB 1995-02-08 Rave module by Night of Sounds (generic)
AcidFlashback.lha 104.2KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by Outzider **** (generic)
BinarE.lha 137.7KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by MC Matrix **** (generic)
BUMAhZmixT.lha 41.8KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by Noice **** (generic)
CrystalKaos.lha 129KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod *** (generic)
Defeatthebeat.lha 73.6KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by Romeo Knights ****+ (generic)
DnaDream.lha 58.4KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by 4-mat **** (generic)
EsOnJesus06.lha 124.2KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by Echo ****+ (generic)
GhettoJourney.lha 57.7KB 1994-08-07 Jungle mod by DNicholson **** (generic)