Path: /root/amiganet/mods/neuro

nd-lands.lha 504.1KB 2000-06-08 "Mute Lands" OSS 12ch. classic ambient (generic)
nd-still.lha 341.1KB 2000-04-01 OSS 12 ch. athmos slo-mo chill trance (generic)
nd-love.lha 442.6KB 2000-02-19 OSS Groovy Clubtune, 5:29 mins (generic)
nd-wings.lha 402.7KB 2000-01-26 11 ch. OSS tribal/ethno goatrance 7:19 (generic)
nd-ark99.lha 162.1KB 1999-08-02 11ch. OSS conv. of Arkanoid titlemusic (generic)
nd-grain.lha 137.6KB 1999-03-27 8ch. OSS groovedubjazzrelaxstuff! (generic)
nd-gldrm.lha 185KB 1999-03-16 Experimental ambient tune, OSS, 8ch. (generic)
nd-omnic.lha 352.9KB 1999-01-02 Omniconscious (10 Channels OSS, 11+ mins playtime) (generic)
phd_nddd.lha 229.3KB 1998-08-07 Divine Darkness (A Phase Distortion Release) (generic)
nd-3rdks.lha 147.6KB 1998-08-06 "Third kiss" from "Music for the lost" (generic)
nd-4sprt.lha 124KB 1998-08-06 4 Spirits from the "Warp 69" dentro by Poet (generic)
nd-aghrt.lha 126.2KB 1998-08-06 "Angry Heart", EBM-style hard synthtrack (generic)
nd-agrs8.lha 114.5KB 1998-08-06 "Agressor 8" from the lousy "Beyond" sound disk (generic)
nd-alien.lha 276KB 1998-08-06 Alien Temple (9:29, 137bpm Goatrance) (generic)
nd-amisy.lha 130.5KB 1998-08-06 "Amiga symphony" (from "Journey Into Sound") (generic)
nd-andlc.lha 151.1KB 1998-08-06 "Angelo di Luce" from the first musicdisk (generic)
nd-black.lha 190.3KB 1998-08-06 Black Absorber (144bpm Goa/Psytrance) (generic)
nd-bsoks.lha 11.1KB 1998-08-06 Blue Socks from the "Curious" 40k by Moon (generic)
nd-bvisn.lha 150.2KB 1998-08-06 Blur vision (Fresh black chrome hammer in your head!) (generic)
nd-cfreq.lha 327.7KB 1998-08-06 Chakral Frequency (8:03, 138bpm Psy. Goa-Trance) (generic)
nd-clbst.lha 34.4KB 1998-08-06 "Cloudbuster" (from Journey into Sound I) (generic)
nd-cls01.lha 178.2KB 1998-08-06 City Lights (older Module by Neurodancer/1oo%) (generic)
nd-cls02.lha 60.2KB 1998-08-06 Do the Moogman (older Module by Neurodancer/1oo%) (generic)
nd-cls03.lha 105.1KB 1998-08-06 The new Beginning (older Module by Neurodancer/1oo%) (generic)
nd-cls04.lha 118.1KB 1998-08-06 Winter Dream (older Module by Neurodancer/1oo%) (generic)
nd-cosmb.lha 31KB 1998-08-06 "Cosmic Beeper", small technohouse tune (generic)
nd-cry.lha 148.7KB 1998-08-06 "Cry", silent song with classic inspiration (generic)
nd-dawnc.lha 132.6KB 1998-08-06 "Dawn of the creation day" by Neurodancer/1oo% (generic)
nd-dblnd.lha 157.2KB 1998-08-06 Dry Blend (5:56, 160bpm monotonous clubby technohouse) (generic)
nd-dhse9.lha 77.4KB 1998-08-06 Deep House 9 from "Swap & Dance charts #4" (generic)
nd-drug.lha 311.9KB 1998-08-06 All songs from Abyss' "Drugstore" (generic)
nd-dydnc.lha 46.7KB 1998-08-06 "Do-ya-dance" (from Journey into Sound I) (generic)
nd-edsun.lha 147.6KB 1998-08-06 Electric Desert Sun (6:11, 144bpm tribal techno/trance) (generic)
nd-f2l.lha 79KB 1998-08-06 "Fade to Light", 8 voices tune, cute synthtrack (generic)
nd-fl23.lha 150.6KB 1998-08-06 Floor 23 (Upspeed Acid/Trance style track) (generic)
nd-fnshn.lha 45.2KB 1998-08-06 "Fine Shine" (from Journey Into Sound II) (generic)
nd-ftzdp.lha 147.3KB 1998-08-06 Flying through the Dreampark (Trance) (generic)
nd-fuzzy.lha 126.8KB 1998-08-06 Fuzzy Logic (152bpm clubby hardtrance) (generic)
nd-fyou.lha 123KB 1998-08-06 Fuck you (from Orange8 music-demo) (generic)
nd-gates.lha 180.2KB 1998-08-06 Gates of Infinity (Ambient/Chill-out/Trance) (generic)
nd-grfm.lha 134.3KB 1998-08-06 Go (Rainforest Mix) by Neurodancer/1oo% (generic)
nd-gsoks.lha 62KB 1998-08-06 "Green Socks" from the PLZ-tro by Caro (generic)
nd-guitr.lha 38KB 1998-08-06 "Guitar", lovely tune with acoustic guitars (generic)
nd-handm.lha 24.6KB 1998-08-06 "Hit and Miss", poppy tune intended for an intro (generic)
nd-hithr.lha 52.5KB 1998-08-06 "Hi there!" - fast techno by Neurodancer/1oo% (generic)
nd-hypfl.lha 66.9KB 1998-08-06 "Hypno Flight" from Swap & Dance charts #1 (generic)
nd-i2spc.lha 290KB 1998-08-06 Ilyana to space (160bpm hardtrance) (generic)
nd-icepl.lha 72.4KB 1998-08-06 "Ice Planet" (from Journey Into Sound II) (generic)
nd-itays.lha 135.1KB 1998-08-06 "Into the abyss" - cosmic/trance/hardtrance (generic)
nd-jetst.lha 71.7KB 1998-08-06 "Jetstream" (from Journey Into Sound II) (generic)
nd-ktrip.lha 126.6KB 1998-08-06 Killer Trip (from Orange8 music-demo) (generic)
nd-l8nmv.lha 39KB 1998-08-06 "Late night movie" from the "X-Ray" by Kyle (generic)
nd-lilh.lha 90.2KB 1998-08-06 Little house (Weirdo Module by Neurodancer/1oo%) (generic)
nd-math.lha 268.4KB 1998-08-06 Math Hysteria (8:11, 137bpm Psytrance) (generic)
nd-mflow.lha 79.2KB 1998-08-06 "Magic Flow" (from the "Journey Into Sound II") (generic)
nd-mikro.lha 17.2KB 1998-08-06 "Mikrotek", another one for a packmenu (generic)
nd-mlane.lha 125KB 1998-08-06 Memory lane, another diskmagtune by Neurodancer/1oo% (generic)
nd-moogg.lha 130.1KB 1998-08-06 "Moog Gnirkel" from the first Abyss intro in 1993 (generic)
nd-motn.lha 115.9KB 1998-08-06 "Mysteries of the night" (from Jrny. into Sound) (generic)
nd-mscsd.lha 88.8KB 1998-08-06 Miss Cassandra (Housy Trance/Trancy House) (generic)
nd-mvsuk.lha 102.8KB 1998-08-06 "Moove Sukka!" from Swap & Dance charts #3 (generic)
nd-myswv.lha 34.7KB 1998-08-06 "Mystery waves", another one from a pack. (generic)
nd-nancy.lha 83.5KB 1998-08-06 Nancy you're so trancy (from Swap & Dance charts #2) (generic)
nd-ncity.lha 112.8KB 1998-08-06 "Neon city", poppy resostring tune (generic)
nd-nofel.lha 91.4KB 1998-08-06 "No feelings", done for the "HAM" diskmag (generic)
nd-ohsus.lha 36.8KB 1998-08-06 "Oh Susannah" (from "Journey Into Sound") (generic)
nd-pcyfl.lha 123KB 1998-08-06 Paulina's Cyberflight (Acidic/hardtrance/crossover) (generic)
nd-psoks.lha 9.1KB 1998-08-06 Purple socks from another packmenu (by Neurodancer) (generic)
nd-psuck.lha 138.8KB 1998-08-06 Plasma Sucker (from Orange8 music-demo) (generic)
nd-quasr.lha 283.7KB 1998-08-06 Quasar - utterly long & harmonic trance stuff (generic)
nd-saw.lha 40.9KB 1998-08-06 "S.A.W." - another lame shorty from a pack (generic)
nd-sensd.lha 254.1KB 1998-08-06 Sensual Deliria (10:01, 141bpm goa trance) (generic)
nd-shiva.lha 232.3KB 1998-08-06 Shiva Ascending (142bpm psychedelic goa trance) (generic)
nd-sofs.lha 60.1KB 1998-08-06 "Song of Silence" (from "Journey Into Sound II") (generic)
nd-spcdv.lha 108.5KB 1998-08-06 Spice dive (from S&D Charts #5 Beta) (generic)
nd-spcin.lha 22.2KB 1998-08-06 Spice Intro from the Swap & Dance charts #5 intro part (generic)
nd-spher.lha 66.9KB 1998-08-06 "Spheres" (from "Journey Into Sound") (generic)
nd-sshwr.lha 84KB 1998-08-06 "Starshower" (from "Journey Into Sound II") (generic)
nd-stary.lha 230.3KB 1998-08-06 Stary hallway (10:02, 144bpm kicking goatrance) (generic)
nd-strn8.lha 81.9KB 1998-08-06 "Stranger 8", 8 channel typical "computer" tune (generic)
nd-strwv.lha 68.1KB 1998-08-06 "Starwave" (from "Journey Into Sound") (generic)
nd-sugar.lha 189KB 1998-08-06 Sugar Leaves (6:41 techological musique) (generic)
nd-summa.lha 348.6KB 1998-08-06 Midsummer (10 Channels OSS, 07:30, 127bpm trance) (generic)
nd-swtdr.lha 73.1KB 1998-08-06 "Sweet Dreams", 8 channel tune (generic)
nd-tatrs.lha 57KB 1998-08-06 "Tatris" (from "Journey Into Sound") (generic)
nd-terrt.lha 187.5KB 1998-08-06 The Terror Theme (Upspeed techno/trance style) (generic)
nd-tthat.lha 129.3KB 1998-08-06 The Trick Top Hat (Hardtrance from S&D Charts 5) (generic)
nd-ttrap.lha 98KB 1998-08-06 "Time Trap" from the old "Beyond" technothing (generic)
nd-tunvs.lha 120.2KB 1998-08-06 "Tunnel Vision" from "Swap & Dance Charts #5" (generic)
nd-waitn.lha 59.5KB 1998-08-06 "Waiting", pianostyle tune (generic)
nd-wfcrr.lha 141.3KB 1998-08-06 Waveform courier (from the Drugstore demo) (generic)
nd-wv1st.lha 8.7KB 1998-08-06 "Waveform Firstie", Neuro's first chiptune ever (generic)