Path: /root/amiganet/mods/punn

Hahaha.lha 642.6KB 1999-03-02 A Sick Techno Mod By Punnik & Dj TCO (KnP records) (generic)
Mindtrip.lha 680KB 1999-03-02 A dance Mod By Punnik (15th at the party'98) (generic)
ZzTjipper.lha 1.6KB 1999-03-02 A Chipper By Punnik (Richard Hof) (generic)
Poehaaa.lha 74KB 1998-09-23 Mod By PuNNik (Knip 'N Plak) (generic)
Welcome.lha 759.2KB 1998-09-23 no description
JustDreams.lha 352.6KB 1998-09-07 A Trance Mod By PuNNik (Knip 'N Plak) (generic)
Sattelite.lha 449.5KB 1998-09-07 A Trance Mod By PuNNik !! (generic)
AmenBreaks.lha 325.4KB 1998-05-27 A D&B/Jungle MoD By Punnik (KnP Records) (generic)
step123.lha 312.3KB 1998-05-27 A HardCore Mod By Punnik (Knip 'N Plak Records) (generic)
Tomorrow.lha 459.4KB 1998-05-27 no description
DeepSleep.lha 809KB 1998-04-17 A deep trance mod composed by PuNNik (generic)
boojaart.lha 716.6KB 1998-04-14 A DanCe/TechNo mOd bY PuNNik ! (generic)
ET.lha 100KB 1998-04-14 no description
jippie2.lha 118.1KB 1998-04-14 Een Harde-Kern Mod dOOr PuNNik ! (generic)
OnzePoes.lha 214.5KB 1998-04-14 Just hear it, and dont ask stuppid questions (Punnik) (generic)
sorry.lha 468.1KB 1998-04-14 no description
afraid.lha 295KB 1998-04-07 no description
dancin.lha 465.9KB 1998-04-07 AnOtHer TrancE MOd bY puNNik (kNp) (generic)
drukken.lha 419.9KB 1998-04-07 TranSz /TekNo mOd bY puNNik (generic)
lighter.lha 341.1KB 1998-04-07 TranSz --- mOd bY puNNik ---<> (generic)
Tripnotizing.lha 320.2KB 1998-04-07 TeCHNo mOd bY puNNik (generic)
DieHards.lha 718.5KB 1998-03-09 Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
DoReMi.lha 158KB 1998-03-09 "Hip-Hop" Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
Escalator.lha 737.6KB 1998-03-09 Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
Jij.lha 382.1KB 1998-03-09 Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
MindWarp.lha 494.9KB 1998-03-09 no description
Nummer-Drie.lha 777.5KB 1998-03-09 Trance Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
Pressure.lha 478KB 1998-03-09 no description
Working.lha 248.8KB 1998-03-09 Techno Mod Composed By PuNNik ! (generic)
Appiekap.lha 234.3KB 1997-10-28 Trance/Techno Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Classick.lha 191.2KB 1997-10-28 Techno/Classic/HAPPY Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Donthold.lha 297.2KB 1997-10-28 Hard/trance/core Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Fellinlove.lha 833.3KB 1997-10-28 Techno/remix Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Hurtyou.lha 554.2KB 1997-10-28 HARDCORE Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Insomnia.lha 469.5KB 1997-10-28 no description
Numberone.lha 433.8KB 1997-10-28 Hardcore Mix by PUNNIK ! (generic)
PunX-Files.lha 546.1KB 1997-10-28 Trance by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Recolor.lha 367.7KB 1997-10-28 Trance Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
Tillefoan.lha 297.2KB 1997-10-28 Hardcore Mod by PUNNIK ! (generic)
BlauweBanaan.lha 332.5KB 1997-10-08 A Trance/Techno Mod By Punnik !! (generic)
patzer.lha 453.3KB 1997-10-08 Patzerjoopy (EP) Jebber & Punnik (generic)