Path: /root/amiganet/mods/sidew 270.7KB 2006-09-20 Techno/rave/jungle w/ Wile E Coyote sample (generic)
DJH_OFRM.lha 257KB 1999-12-23 Merry Christmas '99! (OctaMED SoundStudio release) (generic)
sheepdnc.lha 734.4KB 1997-01-30 MOD by Sidewinder.. fun song enjoy (generic)
rainnorshine.lha 599.8KB 1997-01-09 MOD by Sidewinder..hi fi headphones recomended (generic)
whatlife.lha 960.2KB 1996-11-13 MOD/Sidewinder a little pop song (generic)
imagine.lha 1MB 1996-10-19 MOD by Sidewinder.. Erasure style (generic)
zygo_ray.lha 614.2KB 1996-10-12 MOD by Sidewinder.. Depesh MODE style (generic)
tellme1.lha 724.2KB 1996-07-06 MOD by Sidewinder. SYNTHROCK (generic)
extreme2.lha 346.3KB 1996-06-02 MOD Sidewinder WorkitonOut (generic)
justlike.lha 795.6KB 1996-04-30 no description
bees.lha 460.3KB 1996-04-02 no description
insatia.lha 734.9KB 1996-04-02 MOD by Sidewinder..double released with Technobees (generic)
analyzer.lha 741.2KB 1995-07-29 MOD Sidewinder/Megawatts TEchno-POP (generic)
extreme.lha 747.3KB 1995-05-15 no description
shockers.lha 274.6KB 1995-03-27 MOD/Sidewinder .. TEchno-RAVE (generic)
2badshep.lha 395.5KB 1995-03-22 MOD/Sidewinder .. TEchno-HardSheep (generic)
trulogic.lha 231.2KB 1995-03-20 MOD/Sidewinder.. c-64/TECHNO (generic)
delta_mx.lha 170.9KB 1995-03-16 MOD/Sidewinder.. game/C-64 (generic)
timeagin.lha 358.3KB 1995-03-04 MOD/Sidewinder.. Guitar/SynthPop (generic)
notlh_mx.lha 189.1KB 1995-02-22 MOD/Sidewinder.. Remix of NOTLH (generic)
sandrize.lha 683.3KB 1995-02-03 MOD/Sidewinder... AmbiTrance (generic)
doodles.lha 85.4KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. TEchno/Toons (generic)
flight.lha 166.6KB 1995-01-09 no description
JungleTC.lha 207.8KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. HArdCOre JUNGLE (generic)
liverman.lha 218.2KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. HardCOre TEchnoMetal (generic)
lollybomb.lha 136.3KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. ACid/HArdTEchnoSweeps (generic)
myworld.lha 290KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. TEchno/RAVe (generic)
NXLCIO.lha 213.8KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. RAVe/TRAncient (generic)
reflects.lha 290.8KB 1995-01-09 MOD/Sidewinder.. Jazz/Piano (generic)
camelDNC.lha 190.2KB 1995-01-01 MOD/Sidewinder.. TEchno/CAmelCOre (generic)
travelers.lha 277.4KB 1995-01-01 MOD/Sidewinder.. Movie/Fantasy (generic)
amigaxms.lha 111.6KB 1994-12-08 MOD/Sidewinder..Xmas Jingles (generic)
ydta.lha 227.5KB 1994-12-08 MOD/Sidewinder.. ALternative REmix (generic)
1995.lha 702.3KB 1994-11-28 MOD/Sidewinder.. Fantasy/Future (generic)
infinato.lha 582.9KB 1994-11-07 MOD/Sidewinder..DAnce/MindTrAnce (generic)
catchup.lha 243.4KB 1994-11-05 MOD/Sidewinder..HarDCOre from CD FS2 (generic)
intheeye.lha 173.8KB 1994-11-05 PT MOD/Sidewinder..Rock/Guitar soft (generic)
Ejourney.lha 262.7KB 1994-11-03 MOD/Sidewinder.. Fantasy Synth (generic)
ifu-love.lha 175.6KB 1994-11-02 MOD/Sidewinder.. TEchno Pop/Piano (generic)
raiders.lha 271.9KB 1994-10-28 MOD/Sidewinder.. Western/TEchno POP (generic)
papersky.lha 295.2KB 1994-10-27 MOD/Sidewinder..Raga-TEchno (generic)
onemans.lha 473.9KB 1994-10-25 PT MOD/Sidewinder.. HArdCOre TEchno GRuel (generic)
neverend.lha 482.7KB 1994-10-19 PT MOD/Sidewinder..Soft Synth/Dream (generic)
d_scribe.lha 528.6KB 1994-10-03 PT MOD/Sidewinder..BubbleBathAnalog(TrAnCe) (generic)
InTime4U.lha 234.2KB 1994-09-28 MOD/Sidewinder..Hi-energy piano/dance (generic)
ORbitalDreams.lha 513.1KB 1994-07-13 PT-MOD by SideWinder,FANTASY 7:40 ****+ (generic)
DeepFingers.lha 235.5KB 1994-06-30 PT-MOD by SideWinder,FANTASY 8:00 ****+ (generic)
TimeWinds.lha 339.2KB 1994-06-30 PT-MOD by SideWinder,FANTASY 6:45 ***** (generic)
Rhelm.lha 504.6KB 1994-05-15 PT-MOD by SideWinder 5:15 ***** (generic)
Advent.lha 155.7KB 1994-05-06 PT-MOD by SideWinder,NICELY DONE (generic)
Akasha.lha 496KB 1994-05-06 PT-MOD by SideWinder,RAVE/FANTASY (generic)
JustBreaknOut.lha 201.4KB 1994-05-06 PT-MOD by SideWinder,NICELY DONE (generic)
LittleToyWorld.lha 306.9KB 1994-05-06 PT-MOD by SideWinder,NICELY DONE (generic)
SpanishArmada.lha 213.1KB 1994-05-06 PT-MOD by SideWinder,NICELY DONE (generic)
ArisanCrossroa.lha 203.6KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
IslandOfSpice.lha 290.9KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
Jasmine.lha 274.1KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
Millennium.lha 200.4KB 1994-04-19 no description
OrbitalFlower.lha 246.1KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
Pulse8-1994.lha 308.4KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
RainyDecember.lha 184.1KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
RainySeptember.lha 181.2KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
TribalToSpace.lha 288KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
TribeOfMen.lha 273.6KB 1994-04-19 MOD by SideWinder,SUPERB LISTENING (generic)
Beatwave.lha 260.3KB 1993-11-08 MOD by SideWinder...Latin/Dance(CLUB) (generic)
Elemental.lha 263.6KB 1993-11-08 no description
Final-Destiny.lha 241.4KB 1993-11-08 MOD by SideWinder..FUllFOrce MegaMOD (generic)
JamKitIntro.lha 60.3KB 1993-11-08 MOD/SideWinder..Funky/Pop/Jazz/Intro (generic)
TribalToSea.lha 242KB 1993-11-08 MOD/SideWinder..Journey EPIC VOL III (generic)
CrystalTrails.lha 70.4KB 1993-09-27 SideWinder - CyberHouse fusion (generic)
Starsails.lha 37.4KB 1993-09-27 SideWinder - Cinema/new age style (generic)
Alacazabra.lha 278KB 1993-09-05 PT MOD/SideWinder...=TRANCE=FUSSION (generic)
CamelDance.lha 191.1KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder...Crazy ((TECHNO)) :) (generic)
ClimbTheWalls.lha 71.6KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder.. Bounce/Jazz House (generic)
Creamx-treme.lha 303.8KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder...ACID((TEKKNO))16bt (generic)
Gengis.lha 253KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder...HARDCORE <> (generic)
GoldenTemple.lha 48.6KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder..Oriental KArateStyle (generic)
JungleToThCore.lha 208.8KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder...Jungle<> HIFI (generic)
NewBeginning.lha 90.5KB 1993-09-05 MOD by SideWinder... Dance/Ancients (generic)
OldSmoke.lha 31KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder..Polka/Chicago Style! (generic)
RadioRevolutio.lha 158.9KB 1993-09-05 MOD/SideWinder..A Salute/Mix to Rock (generic)
TribalJustice.lha 300.3KB 1993-09-05 MOD by SideWinder..((TECHNO)) EPIC I (generic)
AfterShock.lha 258.3KB 1993-08-27 by SideWinder...((TECHNO))Hi-Fi MegaMOD (generic)
Beyond_Dreams.lha 239.5KB 1993-08-27 by SideWinder/InfoCorner..Hi-Fi Synth (generic)
Spanish-Armada.lha 213.9KB 1993-08-27 MOD SideWinder/InfoCorner..Spanish RAVE (generic)
TribeOfMan.lha 275.1KB 1993-08-27 by SideWinder..((TECHNO)) SYnth Journey (generic)
Sidewinder.lha 289.1KB 1993-01-11 Module (generic)
concerto.lha 226.1KB 1992-08-15 Another Sidewinder Music Mod (generic)