Path: /root/amiganet/mods/slc

1sight.lha 454KB 1997-06-23 Love at first sight-XM By:SLiCE/Ryl (generic)
Mystery-Drup.lha 533.6KB 1997-01-20 Myst.of.Druphad XM-mod,Goa-By:SLiCE/Ryl (generic)
astrotx1.lha 163.8KB 1997-01-05 AstronomicTrack1 GoaTrance.By:SLiCE/Ryl (generic)
cyclonic.lha 141.9KB 1997-01-05 CyclonicBlips.PsychTrance By:SLiCE/Ryl (generic)
xcite.lha 82.4KB 1997-01-05 Xcite, XM-module.Tance.By:SLiCE/Ryl (generic)
face.lha 119.4KB 1996-09-17 no description
slc-infamous.lha 352.6KB 1996-09-17 Infamous Jungle! #SLC/RoyaL (generic)
softdrink.lha 76.4KB 1996-09-17 SoftDrinkGroove, SoftHOUSE By:SLC/Royal (generic)
moongroove.lha 242.7KB 1996-06-27 MoonGroove. TranceTechno, By: SLC/RoyaL (generic)
sonicdrug.lha 145.9KB 1996-06-27 SonicDrug GoaTrance By:SLC/RoyaL (generic)
crazyphase.lha 95.2KB 1996-06-26 CrazyPhase HardGoaAcid! SLC/RoyaL (generic)
amg-303.lha 73.7KB 1996-06-13 AMiGa-303! AcidGoa By: SLC/Royal (generic)
freakuencer.lha 128.8KB 1996-06-10 Freakuencer! Techno By: SLC/Royal (generic)
shockmoves.lha 211.3KB 1996-06-10 Shockmoves! 3rd at 4ch-compo, Icing96 (generic)
Pollution.lha 59.4KB 1996-03-08 Pollution. Jungle-mod. By: SLC/RyL (generic)
Artificial.lha 90.4KB 1996-02-04 Artificial Inspiration. PHtx1 - SLC/RyL (generic)
Drive.lha 77.2KB 1996-02-04 no description
FrantiC.lha 84.3KB 1996-02-04 no description
MelodyChaos.lha 83.4KB 1996-02-04 MelodyChaos 95ad. PHtx1-Techno. SLC/RyL (generic)
Next2u.lha 145.7KB 1996-02-04 Next to you. PHTX1.techno-SLC/RyL (generic)
plastic.lha 86.5KB 1996-02-04 no description
RudeboySLC.lha 86.2KB 1996-02-04 RuDeBoYsLc. JUGLE-mod! By: SLC/RoyaL (generic)
Technology.lha 113.2KB 1996-02-04 Technology. PHTX1.techno-SLC/RyL (generic)
WiSH.lha 93.2KB 1996-02-04 no description
57Remix.lha 235.2KB 1996-01-15 57up REMIX! Comm. Techno By: SLC/ROYAL (generic)
SoundTheAlarm.lha 116KB 1996-01-15 Sound The Alarm. Techno! By: SLC/ROYAL (generic)
SolidMotion.lha 90.9KB 1995-12-24 Solid Motion. Techno By: SLICE (generic)
tempotrance.lha 130.4KB 1995-12-24 TempoTrance. HardTrance By: SLICE (generic)
TranceCore.lha 92.4KB 1995-12-24 Trancecore. Techno By: SLICE (generic)
TrancePop.lha 150.4KB 1995-12-24 TrancePop. TranceTechno By: SLICE (generic)
Tricky.lha 170.5KB 1995-12-24 no description
Connections.lha 208.6KB 1995-12-23 Connection 6. HardTrance By: SLICE (generic)
Generation.lha 102.5KB 1995-12-23 Trance Generation. Trance By: SLICE (generic)
HardChip4.lha 17.2KB 1995-12-23 HardChip 4. TechnoChip By: SLICE (generic)
Hardknocker.lha 86.7KB 1995-12-23 HardKnocker. Techno By: SLICE (generic)
HardTrance.lha 57.2KB 1995-12-23 HardTranceDub. Techno By: SLICE (generic)
Inferno.lha 74.9KB 1995-12-23 no description
IntoMachine.lha 106.9KB 1995-12-23 Into The Machine. Trance By: SLICE (generic)
InYaFace.lha 130.4KB 1995-12-23 In Ya Face. Techno By: SLICE (generic)
LostInLove.lha 132.5KB 1995-12-23 Lost in Love. Trance By: SLICE (generic)
Nightflight.lha 79KB 1995-12-23 no description
Nightmare.lha 235.1KB 1995-12-23 no description
nosleep.lha 93.6KB 1995-12-23 No Sleep. RaggaTechno By: SLICE (generic)
Lunatic.lha 56.6KB 1995-12-22 no description
57up.lha 117.6KB 1995-12-20 57up "Melody"-Techno By: SLICE (generic)
AcidLines1.lha 81.9KB 1995-12-20 AcidLines1. ACID-Techno By: SLICE (generic)
BrutalAcid.lha 76.5KB 1995-12-20 BrutalAcidTrip. AcidTechno By: SLICE (generic)