Path: /root/amiganet/mods/techn 486.9KB 2014-03-23 Nix Miz Mee Rips 1, 10, 12 (generic) 97.6MB 2013-11-20 All Music MODules Pack - 1990 to 1999 (generic)
S0S_BASS.lha 38.8KB 2008-05-22 BASS DRIVE by cTrix, System Of Sound 001 (generic)
S0S_ROMZ.lha 25KB 2008-05-22 ROMZ FUNK by cTrix, System Of Sound #001 (generic)
CheesyBeat.lha 16.9KB 2007-08-18 Cheesy Beat (generic)
UP-VAFLS.lha 18.2KB 2006-08-08 UP ROUGH "Vaffals!" by Goto80 (generic)
superstardust.lha 379.1KB 2005-10-03 Techno musics by RIB (v1.1) (generic)
up-tbilr.lha 481.6KB 2005-09-06 UP ROUGH 'To Be In Love Ameega Roots Remix' by Spot (generic)
UP-NSDIE.lha 497.5KB 2004-04-12 UP ROUGH "Never Say Die" by Qwan. A compomod from JRP04. (generic)
UP-SBSKY.lha 8.8KB 2004-04-12 UP ROUGH "Summerblue Skyes" by Qwan. Ranked 1st in the chip compomod at JRP04. (generic)
djnick-cel.lha 294.9KB 2003-09-26 Celebration RMX mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
A-nameless.lha 37.3KB 2003-09-05 Made for some mod compo in 1997 (generic)
A-weird.lha 55.8KB 2003-09-05 Experimental track (generic)
djnick-boo.lha 371.7KB 2003-08-16 Old competition song by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-cap.lha 164.5KB 2003-08-16 Module for a game by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-cyb.lha 429.9KB 2003-08-16 Module for competition by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-don.lha 267.4KB 2003-08-16 Taken from Teknoactive album by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-fuc.lha 190.3KB 2003-08-16 Teknoactive album by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-mak.lha 352.3KB 2003-08-16 Old breakbeat by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-mal.lha 284.5KB 2003-08-16 Old breakbeat mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-mar.lha 237.7KB 2003-08-16 Techno dance mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-par.lha 346KB 2003-08-16 Rave the Brain mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-rav.lha 332.4KB 2003-08-16 Rave the Brain breakbeat by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-red.lha 191.7KB 2003-08-16 Dance rave rmx mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-und.lha 221.1KB 2003-08-16 Teknoactive mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-wha.lha 88.2KB 2003-08-16 Old techno mod by djnick/d-tronic (generic)
djnick-you.lha 453.3KB 2003-08-16 Rave the Brain album djnick/d-tronic (generic)
up-tumb.lha 290.4KB 2003-01-07 UP ROUGH "Tumblebeat" a compomod by Qwan released at Underscore 2002 (generic)
up-warp.lha 362.3KB 2003-01-07 UP ROUGH "In Warp" by Qwan (generic)
prosektorium.lha 211.1KB 2002-10-05 Prosektorium by Dj Thunder from poland (generic)
thunder_in.lha 211KB 2002-10-05 Thunder in my mind by Dj Thunder from poland (generic)
AcidPlague.lha 354.8KB 2002-04-21 An acid techno track, a DBM module (generic)
af-digi_boosts.lha 566.5KB 2002-03-31 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- tech-house 144bpm (generic)
EnfoldMe.lha 129.8KB 2002-03-03 Techno/minimaliste/conceptual muzzik (generic)
HaveALook.lha 35.9KB 2002-03-03 Techno/minimaliste/conceptual muzzik (generic)
Cryp_1.mpg 2.8MB 2002-01-27 This is the first Acid/Tekkno from Cryp (generic)
explosive.lha 890.8KB 2001-12-29 EXplosive nature - my best tune .... (generic)
mayday.lha 360.9KB 2001-12-29 no description
lns73_Suntan.lha 89.1KB 2001-12-06 Suntaned beaver - techno by tarmslyng (generic)
lns74_Clever.lha 288.1KB 2001-12-06 Clever Computers - ambient/techno by tarmslyng (generic)
up-rough.lha 123.3KB 2001-07-09 UP ROUGH "Rough Cutz" by Spot (generic)
bo-125.lha 334.4KB 2001-05-09 #125 bOhema release - TZX (mod). (generic)
bo-130.lha 1.1MB 2001-05-09 #130 bOhema release - SUBSTANCE (dbm). (generic)
bo-132.lha 357.6KB 2001-05-09 #132 bOhema release - N.ABDUL+FADEMAN (mod). (generic)
crs_tilo.lha 595.9KB 2001-04-04 CRS00060: phase - timelock (generic)
crs_mend.lha 968.1KB 2001-03-29 CRS00058: jocko - mendes (generic)
AcidFog.lha 151KB 2001-02-15 ACID track from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
Monotone.lha 268.2KB 2001-02-15 no description
TheScene.lha 185.6KB 2001-02-15 Old school Tekkno track from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
af-pulse.lha 311.6KB 2001-02-13 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 142bpm (generic)
af-something.lha 233.2KB 2001-02-13 Ptmod ->Acid Frog<- techno 154bpm (generic)
wormhole.lha 237.4KB 2001-02-01 no description
breed_egg.lha 231.7KB 2001-01-25 A minimal acid DBM module by Breed (generic)
af-bassic_tune.lha 231.1KB 2001-01-01 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 143bpm (generic)
af-vklop.lha 983.8KB 2001-01-01 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 140bpm (generic)
bo-102.lha 497.1KB 2000-12-25 #102 bOhema release - SPEKTRA (mod). (generic)
bo-103.lha 532.6KB 2000-12-25 #103 bOhema release - TZX (mod). (generic)
bo-104.lha 251.4KB 2000-12-25 #104 bOhema release - KLINTON (xm). (generic)
crs_qwe.lha 706KB 2000-12-25 CRS00057: speaker for the dead - (generic)
drumshit.lha 137.5KB 2000-12-21 Techno tune (generic)
me_and_my_love.lha 146.7KB 2000-12-21 Techno tune (generic)
skycore.lha 163.9KB 2000-12-21 Techno tune (generic)
blue_xtc.lha 181.2KB 2000-12-12 "Blue xtc", artist unknown (generic)
no_way_out.lha 317KB 2000-12-12 Hardtrance Track from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
666-alarma.lha 357.2KB 2000-12-11 666-ALARMA by Chris, The Highlander (generic)
Dags.lha 193.8KB 2000-12-11 Dags by Chris, The Highlander (generic)
dreampart.lha 183.5KB 2000-12-11 Moby - GO by TailS... (generic)
ShortLifespend.lha 209.4KB 2000-12-11 Short Lifespend by Chris, The Highlander (generic)
Teckbeat.lha 49.2KB 2000-12-11 Teckbeat by Chris, The Highlander (generic)
aBc_Marie.lha 458.7KB 2000-12-07 L'aBc de Marie by Chris, The Highlander (generic)
A-el.mpg 6.2MB 2000-10-28 Electroish d&b techno carnage (generic)
A-geron.mpg 2.9MB 2000-10-28 Electroish d&b soothing techno (generic)
indamix2k.lha 1.5MB 2000-10-16 Ultimate Club Megamix from Psycho/MOODS (generic)
brm_cook.lha 400.4KB 2000-10-12 DBM by brm. (generic)
brm_prop.lha 758.4KB 2000-10-12 DBM by brm. (generic)
brm_refu.lha 250.9KB 2000-10-12 DBM by brm. (generic)
brm_sala.lha 518.9KB 2000-10-12 no description
crs_brd.lha 2.5MB 2000-09-24 CRS00056: hardcorrosion :: brain damage (generic)
tek_vacum_mmx.lha 64.1KB 2000-09-23 Vacuum mmx - minimalistic stomp (generic)
tek_mtone.lha 56.8KB 2000-09-13 Monotone - minimalistic stomper (generic)
tek_pnoia.lha 227.3KB 2000-09-09 Paranoia - psycho intelligent drum (generic)
tek_vacum.lha 57.9KB 2000-09-09 Vacuum - minimalistic move (generic)
af-autodrive.lha 310.6KB 2000-08-10 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 143bpm (generic)
af-supertonyk.lha 366.1KB 2000-08-10 DBM 6ch ->Acid Frog<- detroit-min.140bpm (generic)
bO-029.lha 407.3KB 2000-08-03 #029 bOhema release - Spectra+Xball. (generic)
bO-027.lha 1MB 2000-07-30 #027 bOhema release - SPEKTRA. (generic)
bO-028.lha 188KB 2000-07-30 #028 bOhema release - XBALL. (generic)
easter.lha 25.9KB 2000-07-17 no description
lionking.lha 250.4KB 2000-07-17 Sick tune by SD (generic)
bO-024.lha 184.5KB 2000-07-14 #024 bOhema rec. release (Teo) (generic)
tek_dcell.lha 47.6KB 2000-07-14 Duracell - experimental elektro move (generic)
tek_ptype.lha 78KB 2000-07-14 Prototype - progress move (upd 2nd) (generic)
tek_sxmat.lha 39.5KB 2000-07-14 Sexomat 2000 - sexomatic bump move (generic)
A-tiktok.mpg 3.4MB 2000-07-09 A nice minimal techno song with a twist (generic)
bO-023.lha 603.8KB 2000-06-22 #023 bOhema release by effron (i_drum'ma) (generic)
crs_neut.lha 1.4MB 2000-06-21 CRS00055: phase :: neutral (generic)
bO-022.lha 137.6KB 2000-06-15 #022 bOhema release by otton (m-n-b) (generic)
lns70_sheep.lha 22.7KB 2000-06-06 Randomised Sheep - intro mod from TRSAC by Booster (generic)
lns71_Matrix.lha 64.3KB 2000-06-06 Matrix Babbel - Minimalism by Maytz (DigiBooster) (generic)
bO-021.lha 344.4KB 2000-06-04 #021 bOhema release by spektra! (generic)
tek_dect6_hmx.lha 182.7KB 2000-06-04 Deceit6 hmx - dark monotone stomper (generic)
tek_dect6_rmx.lha 385.4KB 2000-06-04 Deceit6 rmx - dark monotone stomp (old) (generic)
tek_nuclr_rmx.lha 209.8KB 2000-06-04 Nuclear rmx - dark nuclear elektro move (generic)
tek_nuclr_upd.lha 143KB 2000-06-04 Nuclear - dark nuclear psycho drum (upd) (generic)
tek_perox.lha 118.5KB 2000-06-04 Peroxysm - experimental psycho move (generic)
tek_perox_smx.lha 118.6KB 2000-06-04 Peroxysm smx - experimental psycho move (generic)
tek_ptype_upd.lha 77.9KB 2000-06-04 Prototype - progress move (upd) (generic)
tek_subzr.lha 165.3KB 2000-06-04 Subzero - dark nuclear psycho move (generic)
tek_subzr_jmx.lha 48.4KB 2000-06-04 Subzero jmx - experimental jormas move (generic)
bO-020.lha 343.6KB 2000-06-01 #020 bOhema release by tzx'bO (generic)
tek_nuclr.lha 142.7KB 2000-05-24 Nuclear - dark nuclear psycho drums (generic)
af-jappek.lha 273.1KB 2000-05-19 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- min.techno 134bpm (generic)
af-zwer.lha 162.3KB 2000-05-19 DBM 6ch ->Acid Frog<- detroit-min.134bpm (generic)
crs_flip.lha 698.6KB 2000-05-16 CRS00054: domin8r :: flipped (generic)
bO-019.lha 815.4KB 2000-05-14 #019 bOhema release by xhale (guest) (generic)
bO-018.lha 299KB 2000-05-10 #018 bOhema release by xball (generic)
bO-017.lha 799.2KB 2000-05-04 #017 bOhema release by effron (trance) (generic)
bO-012.lha 829.8KB 2000-04-21 #012 bOhema release by xball+spektra (generic)
bO-013.lha 779.2KB 2000-04-21 #013 bOhema release by effron (generic)
bO-014.lha 398.3KB 2000-04-20 #014 bOhema release by tzx (generic)
bO-015.lha 420.5KB 2000-04-20 #015 bOhema release by spektra (generic)
bO-009.lha 555.1KB 2000-04-12 #009 bOhema release by xball (generic)
bO-010.lha 184.8KB 2000-04-12 #010 bOhema release by noisy abdul+tzx (generic)
bO-011.lha 523.1KB 2000-04-12 #011 bOhema release by spektra (generic)
af-ex-booster.lha 944.3KB 2000-03-31 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- acidtrance 143bpm (generic)
lns69_trsEp1.lha 107.7KB 2000-03-28 Smells like seahorse - minimalistic techno (Ep p1) (generic)
lns69_trsEp2.lha 51.7KB 2000-03-28 Mind Dirt - minimalistic techno (Ep p2) (generic)
lns70_gridEp1.lha 71.2KB 2000-03-28 Loud heart good - minimalistic techno by CIE (Mono Grid Ep) (generic)
lns70_gridEp2.lha 69.4KB 2000-03-28 Progress rmx - minimalistic techno by CIE (Mono Grid Ep) (generic)
lns70_gridEp3.lha 123.4KB 2000-03-28 Sex - minimalistic techno by CIE (Mono Grid Ep) (generic)
lns70_gridEp4.lha 113.2KB 2000-03-28 What the hell - minimalistic techno by CIE (Mono Grid Ep) (generic)
af-16th_floor.lha 725.3KB 2000-03-09 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 144bpm (generic)
lns68_rakm.lha 303.5KB 2000-03-09 2 Rakmesey - break2 ramkesey mix (tEiS) (generic)
bO-008.lha 392.4KB 2000-03-07 #008 bOhema release by teo (generic)
bO-007.lha 188.5KB 2000-03-01 #007 bOhema release by otton (generic)
bO-006.lha 263.3KB 2000-02-21 #006 bOhema release by whiskas (generic)
bO-005.lha 372.2KB 2000-02-15 #005 bOhema release by spektra (house) (generic)
bO-003.lha 219.6KB 2000-02-05 #003 bOhema release by TZX (generic)
PH-DECO.lha 163.2KB 2000-02-01 Dark industrial sound by the Faces of Mars (generic)
lnj-djnick.lha 176.9KB 2000-01-28 Old LastNinja rmx by D.J.Nick/D-Tronic (generic)
pie_mine.lha 421.8KB 2000-01-22 Hardcore by Dj Pie / Lunatic 99 (generic)
bO-002.lha 513.9KB 2000-01-20 #002 bOhema release by protas (generic)
af-trip2aea303.lha 2.9MB 2000-01-19 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 135bpm (generic)
lns67_belEp1.lha 250.1KB 2000-01-18 Bell-ville - ambient bell mix (farfar) (generic)
lns67_belEp2.lha 363.1KB 2000-01-18 Bella my love - ambient bell mix (farfar) (generic)
bO-001.lha 54.7KB 2000-01-16 #001 bOhema release by spektra (generic)
crs_tmix.lha 3.1MB 2000-01-11 CRS00052: 'the mix' module pack by domin8r (generic)
lns66_excEp1.lha 245.9KB 2000-01-11 Horsens by night - minimalism (exchange Ep p1) (generic)
lns66_excEp2.lha 67.7KB 2000-01-11 Horsens by night loopmix - techno (exchange Ep p2) (generic)
af-starijebach.lha 2.2MB 2000-01-09 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 133bpm (generic)
lns64_blaa.lha 18.4KB 1999-12-23 Blaa opt - hard minimal acid by Maytz (generic)
crs_50th.lha 2.1MB 1999-12-21 CRS00050: megamix anniversary release (generic)
MjK-dahappy.lha 219.7KB 1999-11-30 Big Beat Cheeze by Mijk (generic)
Try_It.lha 90.4KB 1999-11-30 Techno Tune made by MadMan of FunDesign (generic)
MjK-fonKyy.lha 335.7KB 1999-11-29 Fonky Beat tune by Mijk (generic)
MjK-fettolaine.lha 2.3MB 1999-11-28 Jumpy housetune by DJ Mijk (generic)
MjK-BlackAngel.lha 228.2KB 1999-11-27 Deep Beat tume by DJ Mijk (generic)
MjK-ChemikazeR.lha 591.4KB 1999-11-27 DJ Mijk Remix of phia's Chemikaze (generic)
MjK-Disengage.lha 163.4KB 1999-11-27 Kikkass trancetune from Dj Mijk (generic)
MjK-Nazina.lha 945.2KB 1999-11-27 DJ Mijk presents A kikkin new tune. (generic)
ItsMagic.lha 74.1KB 1999-11-20 Techno Tune made by MadMan of FunDesign (generic)
GetTheAss.lha 37.4KB 1999-11-17 Techno Tune made by MadMan of FunDesign (generic)
Mental.lha 149.6KB 1999-11-17 no description
MS-DASY.lha 177.1KB 1999-11-16 Das System (generic)
ph-phma.lha 310KB 1999-11-16 Phoenix Machine, by Faces of Mars (generic)
ph-toea.lha 94.6KB 1999-11-16 Touching Earth, by Faces of Mars (generic)
af-music_was.lha 377KB 1999-11-15 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- d-techhouse 148bpm (generic)
af-petroit.lha 263.4KB 1999-11-15 DBM 8ch ->Acid Frog<- detroit-min 146bpm (generic)
af-warrior.lha 1.1MB 1999-11-15 DBM 6ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 148bpm (generic)
Activity.lha 329.9KB 1999-11-13 Techno Tune made by MadMan of FunDesign (generic)
bla_mc-theveni.lha 254.5KB 1999-11-01 A joke, made with voice of a teacher sampled at school.... (generic)
bla_michoteknp.lha 48.1KB 1999-11-01 No comment ... (generic)
bla_oldy-tekno.lha 82.1KB 1999-11-01 Old tekno style... (generic)
bla_pinochiote.lha 253.5KB 1999-11-01 Pinochio, game boy & piano ... (generic)
bla_poing.lha 28.9KB 1999-11-01 99% the same of the original... (generic)
bla_who-is-elv.lha 226.7KB 1999-11-01 Another cool tune ... (generic)
crs_sfaw.lha 110KB 1999-10-31 CRS00049: "so far away..." by domin8r (generic)
advent_oss.lha 512.5KB 1999-10-16 Ambient Octamed SS Module by Olethros, 1999 (generic)
crs_ansu.lha 114.6KB 1999-10-16 CRS00048: "analogue summer" EP by asarhad (generic)
crs_gphk.lha 999.2KB 1999-10-16 CRS00046: "green photekamera" by phase (generic)
crs_trfm.lha 232.7KB 1999-10-16 CRS00047: "transformation" by domin8r (generic)
af-deep.lha 2.2MB 1999-10-14 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- acidtrance 144bpm (generic)
af-mental_code.lha 166.6KB 1999-10-14 DBM 7ch ->Acid Frog<- detroit 142bpm (generic)
crs_360.lha 1.1MB 1999-10-14 CRS00034: "360 degrees" EP by Jocko (generic)
crs_agon.lha 193.3KB 1999-10-14 CRS00032: "agony" by domin8r (generic)
crs_cons.lha 240.2KB 1999-10-14 CRS00013: "conspirators" by dominator (generic)
crs_dp.lha 245.3KB 1999-10-14 CRS00036: "dead people" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_drth.lha 221.3KB 1999-10-14 CRS00027: "dirty harry" by domin8r (generic)
crs_fapr.lha 116.6KB 1999-10-14 CRS00029: "fake progress" by domin8r (generic)
crs_hcsr.lha 111.6KB 1999-10-14 CRS00033: "hardcoded sorrow" by domin8r (generic)
crs_htts.lha 127KB 1999-10-14 CRS00028: "higher than the sun" by ilke (generic)
crs_nakd.lha 99.1KB 1999-10-14 CRS00014: "naked" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_pk.lha 110.4KB 1999-10-14 CRS00035: "pain killa'" by Asarhad (generic)
crs_subn.lha 95.5KB 1999-10-14 CRS00015: "subsidive neophyte" by .A. (generic)
crs_wdan.lha 371.3KB 1999-10-14 CRS00030: "Wu-dan EP" by Asarhad (a.k.a. " .A. " / CoRRoSioN) (generic)
gen-bad_trip.lha 1.7MB 1999-10-14 142 BPM Mono Acid by Genacid (DBM 10ch) (generic)
lns54_sun.lha 142.8KB 1999-10-14 Waiting for the sun - minimalism (generic)
lns55_trip.lha 170.4KB 1999-10-14 Tripping on sunshine - minimalism (generic)
lns56_amph.lha 109.3KB 1999-10-14 Old people on amphetamines - minimalism (generic)
lns57_rub.lha 218.4KB 1999-10-14 The innocent rubberduck - minimalism (generic)
lns58_form.lha 257KB 1999-10-14 Starting a new life form - minimalism (generic)
lns59_bark.lha 260.7KB 1999-10-14 My shoe is barking - minimalism (generic)
lns60_diss.lha 229.2KB 1999-10-14 When people dissapear - trancy minimalism (generic)
lns61_puk.lha 307.7KB 1999-10-14 Puk in the Nazi dwarf kingdom - funny acid (generic)
ReturnOfClassi.lha 100.4KB 1999-10-14 One of the latest production of MadMan of FunDesign (generic)
TheArtOfTechno.lha 262.7KB 1999-10-14 Techno Tune made with ProTracker by MadMan/FunDesign (generic)
gen-geno-steal.lha 1.3MB 1999-09-24 138 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 24ch) (generic)
gen-gnoj.lha 1.3MB 1999-09-24 143 BPM Acid House by Genacid (DBM 12ch) (generic)
gen-old_s.lha 2.5MB 1999-09-24 146 BPM Pure Acid by Genacid (DBM 12ch) (generic)
gen-shrotara.lha 642.3KB 1999-09-24 160 BPM Trance by Genacid (DBM 10ch) (generic)
SparDas.lha 65.9KB 1999-09-07 Techno like mod using Assampler sounds (generic)
crs_upt.lha 91.5KB 1999-08-28 CRS00045: "UpTempo!" by domin8r (generic)
af-burnout.lha 214.4KB 1999-07-28 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- hard techno 144bpm (generic)
af-scarbazz.lha 226.8KB 1999-07-28 DBM12ch ->Acid Frog<- 303%hardacid 140bpm (generic)
af-voyage.lha 396.3KB 1999-07-28 DBM14ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 146bpm (generic)
lns52_mandEp1.lha 376KB 1999-07-16 It never happens - jungle influted minimalism (mandril Ep p1) (generic)
lns52_mandEp2.lha 502.8KB 1999-07-16 The slave of death - jungle influted minimalism (mandril Ep p2) (generic)
lns39_out.lha 349.7KB 1999-06-22 A world outside - slowbeat minimalism (generic)
lns40_room.lha 97.2KB 1999-06-22 Emergency room - hard slowbeat minimalism (generic)
lns42_fly.lha 110.4KB 1999-06-22 On the fly - hard slowbeat minimalism (generic)
lns34_foot.lha 90.3KB 1999-06-15 My left foot - minimal techno mix (generic)
lns34_rams.lha 125.4KB 1999-06-15 Ramsesboy - minimal techno mix (generic)
Plastic.lha 203.6KB 1999-06-12 no description
Skyline.lha 171.2KB 1999-06-12 Nice melodic dance PT mod by Tripper (generic)
SM-TS1.lha 134.2KB 1999-06-07 Hardcore theme tune PT-MOD by Sean McLean (generic)
SM-TS2.lha 138.8KB 1999-06-07 Goofy theme tune PT-MOD by Sean McLean (generic)
SM-TS3.lha 36.7KB 1999-06-07 Dancy theme tune PT-MOD by Sean McLean (generic)
smaptour.lha 39.2KB 1999-06-07 Hardcore silliness by Sean McLean (generic)
smfatty.lha 39.5KB 1999-06-07 Silly dance PT-MOD by Sean McLean (generic)
smvltj18.lha 50.8KB 1999-06-07 Action-packed PT-MOD by Sean McLean (generic)
oldBreed.lha 41.9KB 1999-05-26 A old school techno PT module by Breed (generic)
raveBreed.lha 64.5KB 1999-05-26 A techno PT module by Breed (generic)
traxBreed.lha 125.7KB 1999-05-26 A groovy techno PT module by Breed (generic)
crs_nwdo.lha 815.2KB 1999-05-11 CRS00044: 'new world disorder' by domin8r (generic)
M_O_N.lha 301.1KB 1999-05-10 "Middle of Nowhere" Dance tune. (generic)
SniperF.lha 212.1KB 1999-05-10 "Track 01" Dance/Techno tune. (generic)
classicBreed.lha 177.1KB 1999-04-26 A good dance PT module by Breed (generic)
danceBreed.lha 93.4KB 1999-04-26 A bad dance PT module by Breed (generic)
lnsR14_power.lha 135.3KB 1999-04-14 More power - electro remix (generic)
crs_ast1.lha 2MB 1999-04-11 CRS00043: Atomic Shelter Tunes vol. 1 (generic)
lns31_technoEp.lha 110.7KB 1999-04-09 Techno ep p2 - calling pilot (generic)
ph-sain.lha 34.3KB 1999-04-06 Samba-technomod - Samba Inferno (generic)
flat_eric.lha 55.8KB 1999-04-02 Flat Eric RULEZ ;) (generic)
astralBreed.lha 35.7KB 1999-03-31 A little techno PT module by Breed (generic)
lns28_tomatEp1.lha 235.7KB 1999-03-31 Tomat Ep p1 - A happy tomato (generic)
lns29_arson.lha 229.8KB 1999-03-31 Premeditated arson - techno house (generic)
lns31technoEp1.lha 172.4KB 1999-03-31 Techno ep p1 - Monster (generic)
lns22_peasants.lha 168.6KB 1999-03-29 British peasants - minimalism (generic)
lns12_miniEp.lha 130.5KB 1999-03-19 Minimal techno ep - siamese elephants (generic)
ph-haf2.lha 85.9KB 1999-03-18 History and Future (Remix) (generic)
ph-temp.lha 146.7KB 1999-03-18 The Temple (generic)
ph-tff2.lha 93.4KB 1999-03-18 The Final Frontier (Remix) (generic)
rfz-eltr.lha 916.3KB 1999-03-02 Electragic - 12 Chn DBM (generic)
SwG-Gakr.lha 358.3KB 1999-02-27 Plastikman remix (mod) in 4 ch PT! (generic)
SwG-Wood.lha 458.3KB 1999-02-26 Laid back techno tune in 4ch P.T! (generic)
DDay-DJNick.lha 819.1KB 1999-02-16 16-ch. OLD OSS BBeat by D.J.Nick/D-Tronic (generic)
af-bababumba.lha 417.2KB 1999-02-08 DBM12ch ->Acid Frog<- acid 140bpm (generic)
djh_g2k.lha 373.3KB 1999-02-03 Gods 2000 - A Hotcakes "Remix By Request" (TM) (generic)
af-transpiral.lha 672.5KB 1999-02-02 DBM16ch ->Acid Frog<- hard trance 144bpm (generic)
af-pumpaj.lha 597.4KB 1999-02-01 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- acid trance 145bpm (generic)
tunnel.lha 157.5KB 1999-01-31 'Tunnel' - OSS Mod by Mark Harman (generic)
901039.lha 122.9KB 1999-01-28 TB303 on the loose!!! (generic)
nwp_sp.lha 251.8KB 1999-01-17 (NWP 021) - Spuren (generic)
MjK-NadiaRMX.lha 594.1KB 1999-01-12 Mijk remixed Spoochy. OSS, Big Beat V. (generic)
gen-acid.lha 1.3MB 1999-01-06 150 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 8ch) (generic)
gen-savo.lha 1.3MB 1999-01-06 125 BPM House by Genacid (DBM 20ch) (generic)
djD_Daydream.lha 150.6KB 1999-01-04 8ch DigiBoosterModule from djd (generic)
SD-TurnOn.lha 290KB 1999-01-03 A Rave module made by EcheXiO. (8C, DBM) (generic)
SD-BM.lha 173.1KB 1999-01-02 A Rave module made by EcheXiO. (generic)
af-intro.lha 440KB 1998-12-19 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- hardtrance,136bpm (generic)
af-introing.lha 440KB 1998-12-19 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- hardtrance,136bpm (generic)
af-iberlauf.lha 396.2KB 1998-12-17 DBM14ch ->Acid Frog<- psyhrdtrance136bpm (generic)
af-subaquatic.lha 678.7KB 1998-12-17 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- monoacid,136bpm (generic)
af-atmosphere.lha 182.2KB 1998-12-13 DBM10ch ->Acid Frog<- progrtechno,136bpm (generic)
af-tetra.lha 1.2MB 1998-12-13 DBM-14ch acidtrack by Acid Frog,138bpm (generic)
little_spider.lha 48KB 1998-12-13 Spoochy's 5th OctaMed mod. (generic)
DesertPlanet.lha 1MB 1998-12-10 Desert Planet (Symphonie 3.0+) (generic)
Hollogen.lha 441.6KB 1998-12-08 Incredible techno mods (generic)
ph-hbd.lha 76.3KB 1998-12-05 Human by Design, electric pop (generic)
phd_2000.lha 1.2MB 1998-11-30 [ PHD ] - siemens 2000 by tweeter (generic)
phd_deep.lha 507.6KB 1998-11-30 [ PHD ] - d.e.e.p. dive by dane (generic)
MouthofMadness.lha 268.7KB 1998-11-25 "Mouth of Madness" a commercial techno-tune by Cobolt69/Triumph (generic)
OrdoAbSanguis.lha 299.3KB 1998-11-25 "Ordo Ab Sanguis" a commercial techno-tune by Cobolt69/Triumph (generic)
c9h13n_pt2.lha 465KB 1998-11-24 "C9H13N_pt.2" a commercial techno-tune by Cobolt69/Triumph (generic)
lah.lha 146.3KB 1998-11-16 Looking At Her. By Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
af-vrt_xtc.lha 930.3KB 1998-11-11 DBM.14ch acidtrance by Acid Frog,140bpm (generic)
brm_surv.lha 749.1KB 1998-11-10 The Survivor by Broom. (generic)
phd_drs6.lha 269.9KB 1998-11-08 [ PHD ] - dreamscope 6 by dexter (generic)
lnsR2_matrix.lha 278.5KB 1998-11-06 Ec35 extended intro module-downbeat (generic)
af-mozgolom.lha 79.4KB 1998-11-05 140BPM acidtrack by Acid Frog, DBM.12ch (generic)
phd_clog.lha 175.2KB 1998-11-05 [ PHD ] - clog by quality control (generic)
Gwin.lha 325.4KB 1998-10-30 no description
SpaceInDaysRMX.lha 687.5KB 1998-10-25 Spoochy's 3rd OctaMed mod, remix by D@1. (generic)
01_HappyHouse.lha 101KB 1998-10-21 Techno by Delight! (generic)
minifemale.lha 42.4KB 1998-10-21 MIM`s ProTracker module (generic)
crs_wron.lha 58KB 1998-10-19 CRS00042: "wronskian" by phuzzy logik (generic)
Keep-Rocking.lha 129.3KB 1998-10-19 Spoochy's 3rd OctaMed mod. (generic)
phd_mars.lha 371.2KB 1998-10-19 [ PHD ] - mars, venus, uranus. by lone wolf (generic)
A_Raver.lha 286.3KB 1998-10-07 Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
crs_calc.lha 372.4KB 1998-10-05 CRS00041: "calculated risk" by domin8r (generic)
phd_flim.lha 35.8KB 1998-10-02 [ PHD ] - flim /hillie remix/ by aphex twin (generic)
af-anybody.lha 299.1KB 1998-09-19 135BPM acidhouse by Acid Frog (generic)
gen-tonus.lha 355KB 1998-09-19 145 BPM Strange Acid by Genacid (DBM 28ch) (generic)
af-banzek.lha 658.5KB 1998-09-18 140BPM acid tune by Acid Frog (generic)
phd_heav.lha 863.2KB 1998-09-14 [ PHD ] - heavenly bodies by rhino (generic)
DJH_SlH.lha 168.6KB 1998-09-08 The third in the Happy saga by Dj HoTcAkEs! ! (generic)
Ch-Ch-Ch.lha 704.5KB 1998-09-05 A new tune by DJ Hotcakes... Featuring The Manhattan Transfer! (generic)
DJH_LOSE.lha 212.4KB 1998-09-05 Lean On Me 97 mix - Lean On Someone Else (generic)
DJH_R4R.lha 147.5KB 1998-09-05 A spanking new tune from Hotcakes! (generic)
DJH_R4RX.lha 138.5KB 1998-09-05 A spanking new tune from Hotcakes! (FastTracker 2 release) (generic)
DJH_SlHX.lha 160.2KB 1998-09-05 The third in the Happy saga by Dj HoTcAkEs! ! (generic)
DJH_Sven.lha 582.2KB 1998-09-05 A new tune by DJ Hotcakes... Featuring some German doods, and other stuff! (I think) (generic)
DJH_VivaminC.lha 395.5KB 1998-09-05 Vivamin-C, remix of Vivamin-E by DJ Hotcakes! (generic)
Euthanasia.lha 217.2KB 1998-09-05 Acid mod by TSt (generic)
Mayhem.lha 213.9KB 1998-09-05 no description
pie_deepblue.lha 440.3KB 1998-09-05 16ch techno, By Dj Pie / Lunatic (generic)
crs_tgth.lha 275.2KB 1998-09-03 CRS00040: "the gathering" EP by domin8r & phuzzy logik (generic)
Dancebox.lha 405.1KB 1998-08-28 Dance Box, MED Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
lns-sv6.lha 317.1KB 1998-08-28 Aarsagen var et sn0rebaand-minimalism (generic)
lns-sv8.lha 132.8KB 1998-08-28 Min ven Sofus-minimalism (generic)
lns-sv9.lha 139.5KB 1998-08-28 Det blir sne-techno funk (generic)
lns-svA.lha 51KB 1998-08-28 De 5 paraplyer-minimalism (generic)
lns-svB.lha 145.9KB 1998-08-28 Hvor blev her m0rkt-minimalism/acid (generic)
AdranDance.lha 144.7KB 1998-08-26 Adran Dance MIX, a dance MED [Whee_Cool] (generic)
Fiend_funk.lha 127.4KB 1998-08-26 Fiend Funk, MED Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
Infection.lha 31.4KB 1998-08-26 no description
Megalodance.lha 233KB 1998-08-26 Mega Lo Dance, OctaMED Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
MrRaver.lha 300.5KB 1998-08-26 Mr Raver, MED Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
st-house.lha 71.7KB 1998-08-26 ST-House, Protracker Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
Rhin2.lha 80.6KB 1998-08-23 Flying Rhino (generic)
phd_all.lha 663.5KB 1998-08-18 [ PHD ] - aus dem all by lone wolf (generic)
djD-OwnWay.lha 644.5KB 1998-08-04 DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module (generic)
djD-EscapeFrFe.lha 281.4KB 1998-08-03 DjD's 20channel DigiBooster Module (generic)
djD-FarAway18c.lha 175.4KB 1998-08-03 DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module (generic)
djD-GoHome18ch.lha 253.5KB 1998-08-03 DjD's 18channel DigiBooster Module (generic)
nwp_cotg.lha 104KB 1998-08-01 (NWP 020) - Change Of The Gods (generic)
phd_fall.lha 97.8KB 1998-08-01 [ PHD ] - the fall ep by quality control (generic)
phd_recu.lha 304.2KB 1998-07-31 [ PHD ] - recurrent dawn by stoned/distance & psycho (generic)
phd_octa.lha 596.4KB 1998-07-13 [ PHD ] - octarine calx by juice (generic)
Cba-2vcore.lha 57.5KB 1998-07-10 2 tHe c0Re 98, garagecore by cBa (generic)
phd_acid.lha 192KB 1998-07-10 [ PHD ] - basscadet presents lunar-I: acid rain (generic)
brm_catc.lha 1.4MB 1998-07-09 Catch Me by Broom. (generic)
brm_flip.lha 2.2MB 1998-07-09 Flip Side by Broom. (generic)
KeepTS2.lha 174KB 1998-07-09 KeeptheSecret 98`Dance_RemiX by FranciS (generic)
spy.lha 112.3KB 1998-06-25 Mild techono (used in Vulcan's "Wasted Dreams" demo) (generic)
af-303amigos.lha 470KB 1998-06-23 140BPM acid by Acid Frog (generic)
af-A1200_303pr.lha 147KB 1998-06-23 158BPM acid by Acid Frog(pt,4ch) (generic)
gen-d_f_b.lha 239.4KB 1998-06-23 125 BPM Monoacid by Genacid (DBM 14ch) (generic)
Cba-sgexample.lha 57.5KB 1998-06-19 CBa- Speed Garage Example (uncomplete) (generic)
phd_motr.lha 146.8KB 1998-06-19 [ PHD ] - motor city by ronny /hairball remix/ (generic)
Virtuality.lha 52.2KB 1998-06-19 Nice dark dreamy techno by Dr Dream / Whokers (generic)
er_forest.lha 41.8KB 1998-06-15 Mysterious forest (generic)
ThatsWhy.lha 280.3KB 1998-06-15 Intelligent techstep by istari (generic)
djD-app4CM.lha 102.3KB 1998-06-09 DjD/Approach 4ch Tracker module (generic)
djD-app6CD.lha 248.7KB 1998-06-09 DjD/Approach 6ch DigiBooster module (generic)
HHR-KTS.lha 174.2KB 1998-06-09 KeepTheSecret-HHR-RMX by Ramboy&MM-PRD. (generic)
phd_sph1.lha 569.2KB 1998-06-09 [ PHD ] - the sphere [1/5] by psycho (generic)
phd_sph2.lha 554.6KB 1998-06-09 [ PHD ] - the sphere [2/5] by psycho (generic)
phd_sph4.lha 580.4KB 1998-06-09 [ PHD ] - the sphere [4/5] by psycho (generic)
phd_sph5.lha 748.7KB 1998-06-09 [ PHD ] - the sphere [5/5] by psycho (generic)
SCL_Jingle1.lha 44.3KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Jingle1 -pt- (generic)
SCL_Muelabfuhr.lha 139.3KB 1998-06-09 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Muellabfuhr -pt- (generic)
SCL_DimensRave.lha 170.3KB 1998-06-04 SCL! - Mod.MRV_Dimension-Rave -pt (generic)
yaimd.lha 193.8KB 1998-06-04 You Are In My Dreams - by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
Space.lha 211.4KB 1998-06-03 no description
SpaceReggae.lha 211.4KB 1998-06-03 A KEWL reggae/rave-mod by Zap (generic)
Gahra.lha 177.1KB 1998-05-31 Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
crs_acdf.lha 376.9KB 1998-05-27 CRS00039: "acid-o-feel" EP by dominator (generic)
phd_dbea.lha 415.5KB 1998-05-27 [ PHD ] - d-beam positioning by bass-cadet (generic)
mixa_Acid64.lha 93.7KB 1998-05-22 64 - number of Acid! (Acid-techno, MED-MMD3) (generic)
immer.lha 208.5KB 1998-05-21 Protracker module by Zarathustra (techno) (generic)
inmybrai.lha 206.8KB 1998-05-21 Protracker module by Zarathustra (techno) (generic)
landscape.lha 154.5KB 1998-05-21 no description
loopings.lha 195KB 1998-05-21 Protracker module by Zarathustra (techno) (generic)
calling.lha 137KB 1998-05-20 Protracker module by Zarathustra (protracker) (generic)
SCL_ExtdDreams.lha 149.2KB 1998-05-11 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Extended-Dreams -pt- (generic)
SCL_GetAllDown.lha 247.5KB 1998-05-11 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Get-All-Down -pt- (generic)
SCL_TakeItAcid.lha 64.7KB 1998-05-11 SCL! - Mod.TRN_Take-It-Acid -pt- (generic)
er_summe.lha 77.1KB 1998-05-08 Summer of love (generic)
nwp_rj1.lha 610.7KB 1998-05-08 (NWP 019) - Rodger Young E.P. (Part 1) (generic)
nwp_rj2.lha 490.5KB 1998-05-08 (NWP 019) - Rodger Young E.P. (Part 2) (generic)
rTr_BDAY.lha 319.1KB 1998-05-08 Rtr Birthday MMD3 module (generic)
rTr_CYRL.lha 308.2KB 1998-05-08 Rtr Cyril MMD3 module (generic)
rTr_DITH.lha 140.1KB 1998-05-08 RTR !NSAni+y D!thumMS MMD2 module (generic)
rTr_QSP.lha 49.8KB 1998-05-08 RTR QSP EP Musicline Module (generic)
rTr_STOP.lha 98.7KB 1998-05-08 Rtr Stop MMD3 module (generic)
rTr_TANK.lha 233.2KB 1998-05-08 RTR TaNKiN MMD2 module (generic)
crs_corw.lha 473.8KB 1998-05-05 CRS00038: "CoreWar" EP by juice/phd (generic)
RBY-E4W.lha 168KB 1998-05-04 EVOLUTiON 4-wARD by Ramboy (generic)
ambclaps.lha 19.8KB 1998-05-03 Dr.Avalanche`s "Ambitious claps" (PT) (generic)
bbdildo.lha 92.3KB 1998-05-03 Dr.Avalanche`s "Bonzai Dildo Bros" (PT) (generic)
compulsory.lha 76.8KB 1998-05-03 Dr.Avalanche`s "Compulsory" (PT) (generic)
kicklick.lha 128.4KB 1998-05-03 Dr.Avalanche`s "Kicking & Licking" (PT) (generic)
phd_flng.lha 199.1KB 1998-05-03 [ PHD ] - feeling by heekend/penline (generic)
The_Harsh_Wave.lha 96KB 1998-05-03 Acid music by Ph0ton; 8 channels XM (generic)
gen-luminary.lha 415KB 1998-04-29 130 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 10ch) (generic)
HHR_BWD.lha 65.3KB 1998-04-28 .bO.WA.Di. by RAMBOY & MM-PRD (generic)
rby_cvn.lha 144.1KB 1998-04-26 Cosmic Vision - by Ramboy (generic)
RBY_Lf2.lha 139.4KB 1998-04-26 LIFE 2 - by Ramboy (generic)
af-life_power.lha 486.9KB 1998-04-23 140BPM goatrance by Acid Frog (generic)
crs_t2r.lha 235.2KB 1998-04-23 CRS00037: "time 2 rebel" by phuzzy logik (generic)
gen-dafjuk.lha 408.3KB 1998-04-23 140 BPM Acid by Genacid (PT 3.61) (generic)
gen-kontulary.lha 657KB 1998-04-23 135 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 10ch) (generic)
rby-fbs.lha 91KB 1998-04-23 Funny Bits by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-LfE.lha 119.7KB 1998-04-23 Life by Ramboy (generic)
Roeven.lha 378.7KB 1998-04-22 A totally wacko techno-module by Zap (generic)
gen-monovo.lha 210.7KB 1998-04-20 140 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 10ch) (generic)
gen-normal.lha 509.1KB 1998-04-20 138 BPM Acid by Genacid (DBM 8ch) (generic)
phd_cons.lha 380.6KB 1998-04-18 [ PHD ] - conspiracy (paranoia) by raze (generic)
nwp_gw.lha 71.5KB 1998-04-17 (NWP 018) - GateWay (generic)
gBa_BIdr.lha 497.4KB 1998-04-11 PT-MODule gABBa - Mod.BrainIntruder - sTRANGe Acid! (generic)
gBa_SWVe.lha 248.4KB 1998-04-11 PT-MODule gABBa - Mod.aCiDsHOCkwAVe - dYNaMic Acid! (generic)
phd_trem.lha 99.2KB 1998-04-11 [ PHD ] - trembling james by psycho (generic)
RBY_UCL.lha 127.4KB 1998-04-05 Uracil - Acid by Ramboy (generic)
mellowf.lha 61KB 1998-04-03 Techno module by Neven Cosic (generic)
tdrum.lha 84.5KB 1998-04-03 Techno module by Neven Cosic (generic)
rtr_ruma.lha 165.1KB 1998-04-01 RTR Rumatix MMD2 module (generic)
LuvMe.lha 218.3KB 1998-03-29 Soft techno from Dj Pie and Lunatic (generic)
af-smoke_it.lha 419.2KB 1998-03-25 140BPM hardtrance by Acid Frog (Pt3.15,4ch) (generic)
eyalosrav.lha 137.3KB 1998-03-24 Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
XIt-DJNick.lha 395.6KB 1998-03-20 14-ch GOA-TRANCE.DBM by D.J.Nick (generic)
phd_lard.lha 275.5KB 1998-03-18 [ PHD ] - lard conquers all by juice (generic)
phd_nigh.lha 1.1MB 1998-03-17 [ PHD ] - nightmare by dane (generic)
nwp_fd.lha 159.5KB 1998-03-15 (NWP 017) - Forgotten Dreams (generic)
CP-DJNick.lha 319.2KB 1998-03-13 16-chan.OSS CP-intro music by D.J.Nick (generic)
brm_high.lha 513.4KB 1998-03-12 Hig'her Limit by Broom. (generic)
brm_mc.lha 434.5KB 1998-03-12 Monotonic Coctail by Broom. (generic)
brm_regu.lha 975.2KB 1998-03-12 Regular visit by Broom. (generic)
phd_indu.lha 314.9KB 1998-03-12 [ PHD ] - industrial life by rhino (generic)
Bassbeats.lha 331.1KB 1998-03-09 no description
HeavensFist.lha 174.5KB 1998-03-09 Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
phd_hidd.lha 577KB 1998-03-09 [ PHD ] - hidden treasures ep by ronny,hairball&zyad (generic)
WhenIWokeUp.lha 229.8KB 1998-03-09 .NRp. Trance by FaRMoR (generic)
CatchTheBall.lha 119.5KB 1998-03-07 Cool techno/dance module (generic)
nwp_bbf.lha 307.3KB 1998-03-07 (NWP 015) - Brainbug - Fight! (generic)
nwp_cwtd.lha 100.2KB 1998-03-07 (NWP 016) - Caught Within Their Dreams (generic)
af-hyper.lha 378KB 1998-03-04 140BPM acidhouse by Acid Frog (Pt3.15,4ch) (generic)
phd_vpr1.lha 176.9KB 1998-03-03 [ PHD ] - v-project #1 by dexter (generic)
gen-miniw.lha 325.6KB 1998-03-02 140BPM acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
DeadHope.lha 153.3KB 1998-03-01 Techno by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
energize.lha 198.8KB 1998-03-01 Techno / trance by Dj Pie of Lunatic (generic)
phd_cfmt.lha 589.4KB 1998-03-01 [ PHD ] - conformation by rhino (generic)
SwG-Sfmt.lha 152.5KB 1998-03-01 Surface Mounting Mod using 4ch PT! (generic)
SwG-Vort.lha 328.8KB 1998-03-01 Funky Singin' and Techno in 4ch P.T! (generic)
gen-a_blood.lha 361.9KB 1998-02-28 135BPM acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
gen-darko.lha 488.8KB 1998-02-26 135BPM acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
gen-happy.lha 371.2KB 1998-02-26 150BPM hard acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
gen-jado.lha 428.4KB 1998-02-26 94BPM acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
techno_1.lha 119KB 1998-02-26 TechnoTrax... Fast, Ravy module by Nobbie / Indep. (generic)
bim_pha1.lha 120.3KB 1998-02-25 Phanta1 by jimbim. 1st version. (generic)
SAcid-DJNick.lha 151KB 1998-02-25 16-chan. OSS ACID by D.J.Nick/D-Tronic (generic)
bim_P4aN.lha 220.8KB 1998-02-24 Junkfood by jimbim. (generic)
gen-panje.lha 374.6KB 1998-02-24 149BPM acid by Genacid (Protracker 3.16) (generic)
nwp_char.lha 71.8KB 1998-02-17 (NWP 013) - Charan (generic)
nwp_dsom.lha 237.9KB 1998-02-17 (NWP 014) - Differnt States Of Mind (generic)
phd_moto.lha 140.7KB 1998-02-17 [ PHD ] - motor city by ronny (generic)
Hallucinogen.lha 481.7KB 1998-02-16 32ch Symphonie "Hallucinogen" by jOHNNYz (generic)
ROAW.lha 140.8KB 1998-02-13 Raving On A Wave - By Lento (generic)
BDE-Crypt.lha 116.5KB 1998-02-10 "Crypt" by Black Dragon/Honoo+LED+AP & Erk/Intense.Techno mod. (generic)
phd_minr.lha 327.9KB 1998-02-10 [ PHD ] - minimal musik #1 remixes (generic)
One_Step.lha 168.8KB 1998-02-07 no description
phd_face.lha 297.4KB 1998-02-07 [ PHD ] - in your face by raze (generic)
dNT-bRNG.lha 754.3KB 1998-02-05 "bRiNG eM uP" bY dNT - Eurodance underground rap mix! (generic)
nwp_cone.lha 102.8KB 1998-02-04 (NWP 012) - Cats on E (generic)
nwp_unca.lha 167.7KB 1998-02-04 (NWP 011) - Unknown Cargo (generic)
mg_chaos.lha 707.4KB 1998-02-02 Mod godZ first release. Dubtechno stylee (generic)
TheSkyLike.lha 271.5KB 1998-02-02 New techno From Dj Pie of Lunatic Productions (generic)
Fg98-Dub.lha 183.6KB 1998-02-01 New techno From Dj Pie of Lunatic Productions (generic)
frac-ss.lha 572.1KB 1998-01-30 Trance/Techno Octamed SS Module (generic)
phd_eise.lha 993.9KB 1998-01-30 [ PHD ] - eisenbahn by lone wolf (generic)
TechOverride.lha 182.5KB 1998-01-30 Nice rythmic techno tune made by Xenon/XTC DK (generic)
Flowing_Sky.lha 217.6KB 1998-01-26 Dream music by Ph0ton (generic)
dNT-wOA.lha 342.1KB 1998-01-25 "World Of Ascii Remix" bY dNT - Remix Cover of this class tune! (generic)
phd_bizz.lha 316.4KB 1998-01-25 [ PHD ] - bizzare ep by various artists (generic)
oorpivii.lha 271.8KB 1998-01-24 Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP (generic)
oorpiviii.lha 68.5KB 1998-01-24 Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP (generic)
oorpiviiii.lha 88.4KB 1998-01-24 Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP (generic)
oorpix.lha 130.9KB 1998-01-24 Funky tribally techno track by DJ TRAMP (generic)
oorpixi.lha 272.1KB 1998-01-24 Harcoretechno track by DJ TRAMP (generic)
nwp_nemi.lha 329.7KB 1998-01-23 (NWP 009) - Nevermind (generic)
nwp_sync.lha 83KB 1998-01-23 (NWP 010) - Synchron (generic)
crs_dybi.lha 108.8KB 1998-01-04 CRS00025: "dybijo" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_jzec.lha 185.6KB 1998-01-04 CRS00024: "jebotezec" by paranoid & dominator (generic)
crs_lthz.lha 87.8KB 1998-01-04 CRS00026: "lethal zone" by domin8r (generic)
crs_shis.lha 147.1KB 1998-01-04 CRS00023: "shishtarsh" by dominator & paranoid (generic)
nwp_slow.lha 100.3KB 1998-01-04 (NWP 008) - Slipping on W.A.X. (generic)
nwp_sost.lha 55.8KB 1998-01-04 (NWP 007) - Sound Structures (generic)
djh_oa98.lha 176.8KB 1998-01-02 THE LAST TUNE RELEASE OF 1997! (MMD1-3) (generic)
SwG-Papr.lha 189.9KB 1998-01-02 .o.Pho-Goa Music for the masses in PT.o. (generic)
Wonder.lha 155.2KB 1998-01-02 Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
Bazuona.lha 95.1KB 1998-01-01 Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
phd_wond.lha 393.6KB 1998-01-01 [ PHD ] - wonderful christmas by pirat (generic)
crs_brnf.lha 309.6KB 1997-12-29 CRS00022: "burning out fix!" by dominator (generic)
hhr-soce.lha 98.5KB 1997-12-29 Solar Eclipse by HappyHourRecords (generic)
LHAB.lha 153.1KB 1997-12-29 Breakbeat Music - By Lento (generic)
Lotec.lha 92.9KB 1997-12-29 Lotec (techno, MED-MMD3) by Mixa (generic)
rby-ucl.lha 127.4KB 1997-12-29 Uracil - Acid by Ramboy (generic)
crs_burn.lha 309.2KB 1997-12-27 CRS00018: "burning out" by dominator (generic)
crs_pmtv.lha 60.1KB 1997-12-27 CRS00019: "Primitive" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_spls.lha 201.2KB 1997-12-27 CRS00020: "splash" by dominator (generic)
crs_tgs.lha 503.4KB 1997-12-27 CRS00017: "The Great Spirit EP" by Phuzzy Logik (generic)
crs_wotg.lha 206.5KB 1997-12-27 CRS00021: "Wrath of the Guild" by phuzzy logik (generic)
sy_whiterose.lha 150.2KB 1997-12-27 Melodic techno song by Sync (generic)
nwp_bott.lha 78.7KB 1997-12-26 (NWP 005) - Back Of The Track (generic)
nwp_dost.lha 108.1KB 1997-12-26 (NWP 004) - Don't Stop (generic)
nwp_htof.lha 176.5KB 1997-12-26 (NWP 003) - Heart Of Fire (generic)
phd_klub.lha 969.1KB 1997-12-26 [ PHD ] - klub 28 by neemo (generic)
fictionaldream.lha 102.5KB 1997-12-23 Rave by Maze (generic)
SynapticII.lha 321.2KB 1997-12-20 A module by Cobolt/Triumph. Dance/Techno (generic)
Fabiness.lha 78.1KB 1997-12-18 13ch tEKNo mod by Johnny Z (generic)
ms-phone.lha 137.9KB 1997-12-17 Techno Song by Markus Schnell (generic)
crs_blbr.lha 95.5KB 1997-12-15 CRS00011: "black break" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_veka.lha 100KB 1997-12-15 CRS00012: "vekaritihualtanaja" by .A. (generic)
Transfiguratio.lha 206.1KB 1997-12-15 .NRp. TranceRemix by FaRMoR (generic)
SlainteMhorMix.lha 274.8KB 1997-12-14 16bit trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
crs_deab.lha 138.5KB 1997-12-13 CRS00006: "DEADBEAT" by dominator (generic)
crs_imat.lha 114.2KB 1997-12-13 CRS00007: "imagine a tree" by .A. (generic)
crs_pnb.lha 239.3KB 1997-12-13 CRS00005: "perfectly normaL beast" by Alex (generic)
crs_ranc.lha 63.7KB 1997-12-13 CRS00009: "rancid raven" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_stpe.lha 123.4KB 1997-12-13 CRS00010: "stolen petardo" by dominator (generic)
crs_xtet.lha 143.5KB 1997-12-13 CRS00008: "xternal eternal" by dominator (generic)
DJH_SHpE.lha 201.8KB 1997-12-13 (Executable archive) The `sequal' to Be Happy (generic)
DJH_SHpF.lha 172.8KB 1997-12-13 (FastTracker 2 archive) The `sequal' to Be Happy (generic)
DJH_SHpO.lha 187KB 1997-12-13 (OctaMED SoundStudio archive) The `sequal' to Be Happy (generic)
ia-key.lha 83.1KB 1997-12-13 Turn The Key-=Club/Mellow=-Cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-mompa.lha 243.3KB 1997-12-13 Moments of Passion By cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-solid.lha 76KB 1997-12-13 Solid Sound -=CLUB=- By cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-thing.lha 57.4KB 1997-12-13 The Things We Do - By cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-time.lha 123KB 1997-12-13 Gangsta Time -cydrone/interactive- Remix (generic)
ia-weird.lha 112.5KB 1997-12-13 !WEiRD POWERS! -Jungle- By cydrone/interactive (generic)
nwp_evbe.lha 266.9KB 1997-12-11 (NWP 002) - Evolution Begins (generic)
nwp_nivi.lha 125.5KB 1997-12-11 (NWP 001) - Nightvisions (generic)
crs_lime.lha 64.1KB 1997-12-10 CRS00004: "LINEA METRICA" by phuzzy logik (generic)
crs_601r.lha 187.3KB 1997-12-08 CRS00003: "6-0-1 REMIX" mod by dominator (generic)
crs_dimu.lha 52.2KB 1997-12-08 CRS00002: "DIABLOS MUNDOS" mod by .A. (generic)
OpenYourBrain.lha 306.5KB 1997-12-08 16 bit module by Doktor (DigiBoosterPro) (generic)
phd_clay.lha 458.6KB 1997-12-08 [ PHD ] - ground of clay by psycho (generic)
PowerOfDoktori.lha 280.3KB 1997-12-08 Jungle by Doktor (DigiBooster pro module) (generic)
crs_dbyo.lha 143.2KB 1997-12-06 CRS00001: "DOWN BY ONE" mod by phuzzy logik & domin8r (generic)
CytrynowaAltan.lha 599.2KB 1997-12-06 Trance mod by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
JustTrance.lha 365.6KB 1997-12-06 16bit trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
MaxTrance.lha 185.1KB 1997-12-06 no description
MothaFucka.lha 2.2MB 1997-12-06 Trance by Drawer (DigiBooster Pro 16bit/22chn) (generic)
QlaMocyII.lha 189.1KB 1997-12-06 Trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
QlaMocyIII.lha 337.3KB 1997-12-06 Trance by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
blindlov.lha 64.2KB 1997-12-03 Techno module by MIM (generic)
captured.lha 105.3KB 1997-12-03 Techno module by MIM (generic)
FreshAir.lha 391.1KB 1997-12-03 Jungle by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
Incursion.lha 271.5KB 1997-12-03 Trance mod by Doktor (DigiBooster pro) (generic)
unreal.lha 86KB 1997-12-03 no description
Boom.lha 223KB 1997-12-02 no description
phd_nite.lha 216.2KB 1997-12-02 [ PHD ] - nighthunt by linus (generic)
Sheim.lha 178.9KB 1997-12-01 Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
slx-newmodel.lha 159.9KB 1997-12-01 DigiBoosterPro Techno Music (generic)
XMas1995.lha 52.4KB 1997-11-29 XMas-Song-Medley by MrOLI / DATiSTiCS (generic)
phd_sub.lha 490.9KB 1997-11-26 [ PHD ] - submarket by neemo (generic)
cyberpun.lha 106.9KB 1997-11-25 Mixture between punk and techno. (generic)
fighter1.lha 32.2KB 1997-11-25 The last Fighter - Part 1 (Aminet-Remix) (generic)
fighter2.lha 75.9KB 1997-11-25 The last Fighter - Part 2 (Aminet-Remix) (generic)
02_Hypnotised.lha 85.9KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Delight! (generic)
04_IndianDream.lha 118.6KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Delight! (generic)
06_Psychodelic.lha 60.6KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Delight! (generic)
07_MovingMachi.lha 72.8KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Delight! (generic)
08_DelightMake.lha 120.8KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Delight! (generic)
Albumin.lha 146.7KB 1997-11-23 Techno by Chromacyta! (generic)
Dream1.lha 1.2MB 1997-11-23 RunMOD!mind.2MB-ChipRAM required! (generic)
HappyVibe.lha 36.7KB 1997-11-23 Techno by NoName! (generic)
Pjux.lha 68.1KB 1997-11-23 Very soft techno by Mopz (generic)
PrepareToDie.lha 56.4KB 1997-11-23 Techno by NoName! (generic)
QuietBoom.lha 95.7KB 1997-11-23 Some rave by Mopz (generic)
phd_deto.lha 928.7KB 1997-11-20 [ PHD ] - detonate by pirat (generic)
SL_733.lha 180.4KB 1997-11-18 7.33 AM by Raptor & Midnight Flip of Speed Limit (generic)
pls-firesight.lha 201.6KB 1997-11-17 Mod by pulse^lgp. From demo "Elements". (generic)
pls-resist.lha 188.2KB 1997-11-17 Mod by pulse^lgp. 2nd at Berzan'97. (generic)
phd_join.lha 259.1KB 1997-11-15 [ PHD ] - join the dream by dane (generic)
phd_magn.lha 154.1KB 1997-11-15 [ PHD ] - magnetic layers by ganja/nerve axis (generic)
phd_mini.lha 190KB 1997-11-15 [ PHD ] - minimal musik part 1 by ronny (generic)
bass.lha 13.6KB 1997-11-14 no description
RootsRave.lha 167.7KB 1997-11-14 Roots` Rave ... Techno Mod by fLAW/sCum (generic)
Acid200.lha 125.6KB 1997-11-10 Nice rave module (generic)
Lopez_RAPE.lha 479.9KB 1997-11-10 R A P E ! by Lopez. Comercial-styled House-Track! (generic)
NewDream.lha 169.1KB 1997-11-10 Rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
chran.lha 112.3KB 1997-10-30 Awsome rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
FinalFortune.lha 49.7KB 1997-10-30 Trance-Dance-Techno by MrOLI ! (generic)
OctRave97.lha 178KB 1997-10-30 RAVE tune by MrOLI of DATISTICS (generic)
PianoPower_94.lha 85.7KB 1997-10-30 Older (1994) Piano Techno by MrOLI (generic)
slx-brave.lha 160.6KB 1997-10-30 4Chn 8Bit PROTRACKER Music (generic)
mASh_GoaTrip.lha 219.2KB 1997-10-28 Str8 Techno by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Trmatixx.lha 68.8KB 1997-10-28 [mASh] Distortionmod.ElectroNoiseTrip (generic)
The_Lonely.lha 101.9KB 1997-10-28 Deeeeep rave by Mopz of NC.Gamez (generic)
phd_calx.lha 306.4KB 1997-10-27 [ PHD ] - transparent calx by juice (generic)
SwG-Atrx.lha 189KB 1997-10-27 Ataraxia of techno splotches PT! (generic)
SwG-Nose.lha 135.6KB 1997-10-27 Moody techno mod in noseglasses (generic)
SwG-Pilf.lha 169.8KB 1997-10-27 Headbashin' pillowfightin music PT (generic)
SwG-Rave.lha 124.3KB 1997-10-27 303 bashin' rave/Techno/trance mod (generic)
SwG-WaxP.lha 108.6KB 1997-10-27 Ambient/techno mod 4 channels PT (generic)
ia-aska.lha 85.1KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-flesh.lha 130.6KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-fxw.lha 100.3KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-jakom.lha 237.5KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-mars.lha 170.1KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-storm.lha 71.7KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-storr.lha 69.6KB 1997-10-23 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
AcidDrop.lzh 104.6KB 1997-10-21 Weird Acid Mod By TSt (generic)
Hurghada.lha 227KB 1997-10-21 Breakbeat Mod by fLAW (generic)
infullfx.lha 325.5KB 1997-10-21 Remix of The Ravebusters' "In Full Effect" (generic)
InMyHouse.lzh 140.9KB 1997-10-21 Rave mod by TSt (generic)
phd_outo.lha 539.3KB 1997-10-21 [ PHD ] - outo lintu by neemo (generic)
ia-shake.lha 76.4KB 1997-10-18 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
AttenDance.lha 76.1KB 1997-10-15 Techno/Rave module by Lento/EBS (generic)
slx-nday.lha 270.7KB 1997-10-15 DigiBoosterPro Mod done by SLAXX (generic)
slx-pattack.lha 811.6KB 1997-10-15 DigiBoosterPro Mod done by SLAXX (generic)
blwater.lha 241.3KB 1997-10-13 Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell (generic)
histfut.lha 115.7KB 1997-10-13 Ambient by Patrick Henz (generic)
msesum.lha 61.4KB 1997-10-13 Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell and the Emperor (generic)
mssec.lha 158.2KB 1997-10-13 Dreamhouse by Markus Schnell (generic)
phmchr.lha 86.7KB 1997-10-13 Electric Body Music by Patrick Henz (generic)
SwG-Grey.lha 239.2KB 1997-10-09 .o.Piano kissin' techno mod vox stuff.o. (generic)
NoinimaUist.lha 84.8KB 1997-10-06 Pyratronik: NoinimaUist 4:18 (generic)
bonzaithun.lha 230.1KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "BonzaiThunders" (4ch-PT) (generic)
brokenpiano.lha 61.2KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "Broken piano" (4ch-PT) (generic)
demiseco.lha 63.2KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "Demi seco" (4ch-PT) (generic)
dontlookat.lha 45.3KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "Dont`t look at me" (4ch-PT) (generic)
gradient.lha 47.2KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "Gradient" (4ch-PT) (generic)
noisemessage.lha 113.1KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "Noise message" (4ch-PT) (generic)
space_fl.lha 208.6KB 1997-10-02 Space techno module by Mafiu/VLB (generic)
the_origin.lha 39.2KB 1997-10-02 Dr.Avalanche`s "The origin" (4ch-PT) (generic)
undertak.lha 262.3KB 1997-10-02 Slow powerful techno module by Mafiu/VLB (generic)
sstechno.lha 88.4KB 1997-09-26 Techno module by: Stian Str m. (generic)
Warning.lha 237.9KB 1997-09-26 Hard drums hardcore by Vox (generic)
fluffyii.lha 189.2KB 1997-09-24 Mtut > housepowered track, some electro (generic)
RBY-PDM.lha 144KB 1997-09-23 Palladium - mod by Ramboy (generic)
phd_spac.lha 177.7KB 1997-09-20 [ PHD ] - space age ep by ronny (generic)
LoT_GR.lha 263.7KB 1997-09-17 MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.GonRulzt (generic)
P_motion.lha 176.2KB 1997-09-17 From Rush Hours Party '97 (generic)
rTr_BRAN.lha 121.1KB 1997-09-15 RTR Brainsqualid MMD2 module (generic)
DJH_Mixes.lha 308.7KB 1997-09-14 2 mods by DJ Hotcakes (generic)
HHR-A4A.lha 112.8KB 1997-09-09 Acid4All-Remix by HappyHourRecords (generic)
HHR-PoEn.lha 735.8KB 1997-09-09 Positive Energy by HappyHourRecords (generic)
Opium.lha 130.1KB 1997-09-05 DSS-MOD by Tipsy --> Techno, Hurry GO !! (generic)
sndstech.lha 221.1KB 1997-09-05 Protracker v3.61 mod... (generic)
poltatai.lha 26.1KB 1997-09-03 Intro Tune By Azazel+Skyfusion (generic)
hetup.lha 107.7KB 1997-09-02 ProTrackerMod by Tipsy (generic)
rtrhythm.lha 194.8KB 1997-09-02 Hard house style med (generic)
phd_germ.lha 143.7KB 1997-08-26 [ PHD ] - german brigade ep by ronny und pirat (generic)
TechnoParty.lha 186.7KB 1997-08-24 An experimental Techno Module by Captain HIT (generic)
Humanoid.lha 87.2KB 1997-08-21 Mod.Humanoid by Woober/dAT^sLT (generic)
ia-subs.lha 111KB 1997-08-18 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
phd_lumi.lha 342.6KB 1997-08-18 [ PHD ] - luminous by skyfusion (generic)
phd_ambi.lha 444.7KB 1997-08-13 [ PHD ] - ambitious by basscadet (generic)
phd_soph.lha 305.2KB 1997-08-13 [ PHD ] - sophia d. ortstein by hillie (generic)
KBD_WOR.lha 262.6KB 1997-08-11 MODule # KengiBenDavid - Mod.WipeOutRMX (generic)
Joint.lha 88.7KB 1997-08-09 no description
LesneUrodziny.lzh 76KB 1997-08-09 Siuper Tecccno miuzik by Aruan (generic)
RBY-PeMa.lha 222.9KB 1997-08-09 Persecution Mania - mod by Ramboy (generic)
ia-trut.lha 74.3KB 1997-07-24 A New Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
phd_haus.lha 73.7KB 1997-07-23 [ PHD ] - hausmusik by ronny (generic)
vadera.lha 105.4KB 1997-07-23 "The Vader Anthem" by Markus Schnell (generic)
BatteryAcid.lha 381.9KB 1997-07-20 Wicked acid techno! (generic)
Beatz.lha 293.8KB 1997-07-20 Medium/slow funky choon (generic)
ia-all.lha 139.6KB 1997-07-20 A New Hardcore Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ia-oldne.lha 80.5KB 1997-07-20 A New Hardcore Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
mta-sell.lha 208.9KB 1997-07-20 Sell Your Soul (generic)
Organ.lha 186KB 1997-07-20 no description
RBY-CND.lha 85KB 1997-07-20 Cyanid - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-DexD.lha 177KB 1997-07-20 Dexothen-8ch - DBM by Ramboy (generic)
Robotix.lha 403.7KB 1997-07-20 More acid techno! (generic)
Fraan.lha 238.4KB 1997-07-17 A funky Tune. (generic)
Chaosland.lha 260.5KB 1997-07-15 no description
MemorialSong.lha 161.6KB 1997-07-15 Tune by Angeldust/R.N.O. (generic)
fflukt.lha 89.2KB 1997-07-12 Module by Espen Olsen (generic)
Highpower.lha 33.3KB 1997-07-12 Module by Stian Str m (generic)
HipHop1.lha 106.4KB 1997-07-12 Module by Stian Str m (generic)
HipJump.lha 10.8KB 1997-07-12 Module by Stian Str m (generic)
Huff.lha 86.6KB 1997-07-12 Module by Stian Str m (generic)
ia-last.lha 72.1KB 1997-07-09 A New Hardcore Module from cydrone/interactive (generic)
ZwK_daVe.lha 33.4KB 1997-07-09 ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks (generic)
ZwK_Genetic.lha 38.6KB 1997-07-09 ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks (generic)
ZwK_mONO.lha 20.8KB 1997-07-09 ZwK # monoton House Mod from Zwoerks (generic)
ZwK_olD.lha 108.9KB 1997-07-09 ZwK # great, old House Mod from Zwoerks (generic)
ZwK_SpaWn.lha 51.6KB 1997-07-09 ZwK # great House Mod from Zwoerks (generic)
Syrebad.lha 23.1KB 1997-07-08 Trancey tune by Rolex (generic)
phd_chuc.lha 293.4KB 1997-07-05 [ PHD ] - chuck-boom! by pirat (generic)
Virtual_SE.lha 358.1KB 1997-07-05 Techno/Dance module by Mar2 M. (generic)
RBY-Bull11.lha 515.1KB 1997-07-02 Bulldozer1.1 - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Decalin.lha 106KB 1997-07-02 Decalin - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Dexo.lha 176.7KB 1997-07-02 Dexothen - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Epoxid.lha 102.1KB 1997-07-02 Epoxid - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Galli.lha 96.8KB 1997-07-02 Gallium - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Glyko.lha 149.2KB 1997-07-02 Glykogen - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Hydra.lha 70.4KB 1997-07-02 Hydrazin - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Intro.lha 63.8KB 1997-07-02 WarpTraXX-Intro - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Mesca.lha 145.7KB 1997-07-02 Mescalin - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Mona.lha 91.7KB 1997-07-02 Monazit - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Oxo.lha 227.2KB 1997-07-02 Oxonium - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Praseo.lha 99.4KB 1997-07-02 Praseodym - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Prola.lha 49.6KB 1997-07-02 Prolamin - mod by Ramboy (generic)
RBY-Thaum.lha 116.7KB 1997-07-02 Thallium - mod by Ramboy (generic)
Asshole.lha 77.4KB 1997-06-29 Module by Espen Olsen (generic)
HipOmHap.lha 128.2KB 1997-06-29 Module by Roger Hauam (generic)
Hippahooligon.lha 104.7KB 1997-06-29 Module by Stian Str m (generic)
phd_choc.lha 453KB 1997-06-29 [ PHD ] - chocolate chips by basscadet (generic)
The_Dream.lha 62.3KB 1997-06-29 no description
phd_bali.lha 390.7KB 1997-06-26 [ PHD ] - balistic by heekend/penline (generic)
Beat-Phobia.lha 177.4KB 1997-06-23 4 channel pt-mod by pOW/sSP (Mod.Beat-Phobia) (generic)
lastnigt.lha 75.4KB 1997-06-19 Fifi > hardhouse.track, minimalistic (generic)
phd_psmt.lha 132.6KB 1997-06-19 [ PHD ] - psmtr by juice (generic)
Lollypop.lha 99.1KB 1997-06-17 no description
Moonwalker.lha 117.8KB 1997-06-17 Atmospheric Techno tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv (generic)
Pipe.lha 53.7KB 1997-06-17 Monotonous tune by Rolex/Apt^Msv (generic)
t_q-sqir.lha 303.8KB 1997-06-17 Techno-Module by Technox & Quasar (generic)
pt-fly.lha 479.5KB 1997-06-15 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Let_your_mind_fly" [HardHouse] (generic)
pt-happy.lha 314.6KB 1997-06-15 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "HouseHappiness" [House] (generic)
pt-parad.lha 947.5KB 1997-06-15 [ PT ] - ProTracker 4-Channel Mod [tEChNO] (generic)
pt-spiri.lzh 685.6KB 1997-06-15 [ PT ] - "SPIRITUALITY" by >DEAF AID< (trance) (generic)
pt-stile.lha 623.4KB 1997-06-15 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Stilet" [RAVE] (generic)
blk-alon.lha 252.8KB 1997-06-11 ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! (generic)
blk-bmko.lha 345.3KB 1997-06-11 ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! (generic)
blk-cele.lha 179.9KB 1997-06-11 ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! (generic)
blk-ni09.lha 209.4KB 1997-06-11 ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! (generic)
acidsymp.lha 142.6KB 1997-06-08 Acid Techno mod by Corrosion Of Darkage (generic)
adultrmx.lha 142.8KB 1997-06-08 Progressive-Ambient mod by Corrosion Of Darkage (generic)
Fly2Party.lha 327.6KB 1997-06-08 Progressive-Ambient mod by Corrosion Of Darkage (generic)
phd_fly.lha 134.9KB 1997-06-08 [ PHD ] - flying house by pirat (generic)
ji-Cryptus.lha 200.1KB 1997-06-06 Cryptus - A med module by JaBi (generic)
phd_dest.lha 320.1KB 1997-06-06 [ PHD ] - destiny by relief/mono^puzzle (generic)
Houseset.lha 84.1KB 1997-06-04 Set of two Housemodules from Zw rks (generic)
phd_crop.lha 514.9KB 1997-05-31 [ PHD ] - crop circles by bass-cadet/phd (generic)
BackInTheDayz.lha 151.6KB 1997-05-30 80`s style techno by Merlin M (generic)
Lift_Me_Up.lha 150.9KB 1997-05-30 Cool Techno Tune By Merlin M! (generic)
s7_go-a.lha 305.2KB 1997-05-24 Go-A-Head - goa like tune (generic)
Melody1996xs.lha 183.3KB 1997-05-23 Only a little ? Dance Tune by DJ W.S. (generic)
say_no.lha 79.2KB 1997-05-23 Jam and Spoon ? No - DJ W.S. (generic)
phd_scen.lha 216.8KB 1997-05-18 [ PHD ] - scenewars by juice/phd (generic)
LoT_N-T9.lha 203KB 1997-05-17 MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.Neo-Tokyo97 (generic)
LoT_ROAT.lha 67.7KB 1997-05-17 MODule # Latte of Texxid - Mod.RabbitOnACarotinTrip (generic)
vol_Mood.lha 245.8KB 1997-05-17 What A Mood by volley (atmos/rawtec) (generic)
AnotherRaving.lha 199.4KB 1997-05-14 RAVE WASTE by Johnny Z (generic)
Soulett_96.lha 76.6KB 1997-05-12 Short but exellent techno by MrOLI ! (generic)
FuckingSpace.lha 112.6KB 1997-05-09 Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza (generic)
SolarERG.lha 143.6KB 1997-05-09 Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza (generic)
SolarERG2.lha 69.7KB 1997-05-09 Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza (generic)
TangoBeat.lha 221.5KB 1997-05-09 Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza (generic)
TimeToBack.lha 154KB 1997-05-09 Techno By: Czeslaw LMB Jursza (generic)
JOE_RainyDream.lha 235.5KB 1997-05-04 "Rainy Dream" - dreamhouse track by Joe (generic)
LoT_DDDD.lha 210.5KB 1997-05-04 MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.DimmDimmDimmDimm (generic)
LoT_SPS1.lha 112.3KB 1997-05-04 MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.SPowN-SoundTrack-01 (generic)
c-comjngl.lha 279.4KB 1997-05-01 Jungle remix by Cydrone (generic)
phd_futi.lha 181.1KB 1997-04-29 [ PHD ] - funky time by thefoxii/mono (generic)
SnapToDBeat.lha 248KB 1997-04-29 HOUSE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z (generic)
LoT_DDOM.lha 98.9KB 1997-04-28 MODule # Latte of Texxid Mod.DigDidoOmdomM (generic)
MoT_Tr2T.lha 150.8KB 1997-04-28 MODule # Mohr of Tranquilizer Mod.Trip2Trip (generic)
c-serious.lha 151.3KB 1997-04-25 Techno Song By Cydrone (generic)
groovysu.lha 348.2KB 1997-04-24 House by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_x2c.lha 272.5KB 1997-04-24 Hard Stuff by [mASh!] (generic)
ICS_RapidResum.lha 176.9KB 1997-04-23 Techno-synth module by Icaros (generic)
fzylogic.lha 288KB 1997-04-22 Aboriginal styled techno module by Fuzzy/Death Row (generic)
phd_c-l.lha 228KB 1997-04-20 [ PHD ] - chroma-luma by juice/phd (generic)
vol_MBeam.lha 705KB 1997-04-20 MoonBeam by volley (atmos/trance) (generic)
vol_StarS.lha 285KB 1997-04-20 StarSleep by volley (bass pounder) (generic)
basechec.lha 73.9KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > old techno mod (generic)
boosted.lha 90.6KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > techno.track with breaks inside (generic)
housypow.lha 41.2KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > stringed techno/house.track (generic)
rave1994.lha 37.5KB 1997-04-19 Old techno track by SD (generic)
triptops.lha 110.1KB 1997-04-19 Mtut > broken in after a brainwash (generic)
acidmach.lha 106KB 1997-04-18 Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track (generic)
drumextn.lha 35.2KB 1997-04-18 Mtut > a phat drummed one (generic)
goldears.lha 27KB 1997-04-18 Mtut > hard and monotone techno (generic)
hypnoman.lha 61KB 1997-04-18 Mtut > strict and necessary techno.track (generic)
organize.lha 68KB 1997-04-18 no description
phd_nebu.lha 310.5KB 1997-04-18 [ PHD ] - nebular by heekend/penline (generic)
workshee.lha 31.3KB 1997-04-18 Mtut > long and monotone track (generic)
Red_B_Bomb.lha 139.3KB 1997-04-16 Special techno/trance guitar by STONE (generic)
Thron.lha 99.3KB 1997-04-16 Hard wave rhythms by STONE (generic)
acidcrunch.lha 110.6KB 1997-04-13 Crunchy, chewy techno module! (MMD1) (generic)
EgyMix.lha 9.1KB 1997-04-13 Music-Module (generic)
Mind.lha 192.8KB 1997-04-13 no description
phd_norm.lha 246.4KB 1997-04-13 [ PHD ] - is that normal? by pirat/phd (generic)
bane-DarkGroov.lzh 170.6KB 1997-04-03 A really kewl, techno by Olethros/Xarn (under BANE) (generic)
mASh_SoftRMX.lha 372.5KB 1997-04-02 House by [mASh!] (generic)
ops-swe5.lha 178.3KB 1997-04-02 "Sweet Five" by Oops! (generic)
phd_fr10.lha 468.5KB 1997-04-02 [ PHD ] - frame 10 by relief/mono^puzzle (generic)
pt-ping.lha 84.9KB 1997-04-02 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod [tEChNO] (generic)
sunshine.lha 149.3KB 1997-04-02 no description
CG-Iso_rmx.lha 249KB 1997-04-01 By Cousin G/OXG - eclectic techno (generic)
rembel.lzh 206.7KB 1997-04-01 Techno mod by Olethros (Christos Dimitrakakis) (generic)
Cuique.lha 343.4KB 1997-03-31 Cuique Suum Reddit. Modules from "Eclipse" by Triumph (generic)
phd_newc.lha 258KB 1997-03-31 [ PHD ] - a new chance by pirat/phd (generic)
Synaptic.lha 144.5KB 1997-03-31 Synaptic Gap. Modules from "Eclipse" by Triumph (generic)
gabbcus.lha 268.8KB 1997-03-27 Gabber Cushion by Positive Mind (generic)
marfli.lha 255.7KB 1997-03-27 Marble Flight by Positive Mind (generic)
phd_free.lha 232.6KB 1997-03-27 [ PHD ] - freek out ep by ronny/tls^elke (generic)
Q_Beat.lha 247.1KB 1997-03-27 EXPERIMENTAL ACID/HOUSE by Johnny Z (generic)
phd_hunz.lha 104.4KB 1997-03-25 [ PHD ] - hungry zaps by pirat/phd (generic)
Watch_I_Fly.lha 263.5KB 1997-03-25 RAVE/TRANCE mod by Johnny Z (generic)
21_arti_modifi.lha 45.1KB 1997-03-16 Chavez - 21st percent (generic)
caffeine.lha 8.5KB 1997-03-16 Chavez - caffeine (generic)
LoopDaAcid.lha 165.3KB 1997-03-16 Chavez - loop da acid (generic)
rinderueberras.lha 114.5KB 1997-03-16 Chavez - Rinder berraschung (generic)
spaehmalaekka.lha 91.1KB 1997-03-16 Chavez - sp hmal kka (generic)
hR0_rAdAt_EP.lha 349.9KB 1997-03-15 [hR0]-projekti rAdAt-EP (generic)
StatRed.lha 119.2KB 1997-03-14 StatusRed by Radich&Howard (generic)
T_Q_BWheel.lha 584KB 1997-03-14 Techno-Mod composed by TECHNOX & QUASAR (generic)
phd_alt2.lha 195.2KB 1997-03-13 [ PHD ] - altered states 2 by meta/etc (generic)
phd_noun.lha 220.7KB 1997-03-13 [ PHD ] - no understanding by pirat/phd (generic)
Cosmos.lha 471.3KB 1997-03-07 no description
Rave_Eclipse.lha 205.5KB 1997-03-07 Rave Eclipse - Techno Modul (generic)
statique.lha 107.9KB 1997-03-07 Industrial Electro / By SkyFusion (generic)
hardcoch.lha 175KB 1997-03-05 Techno #13 by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
phd_plac.lha 178.2KB 1997-03-05 [ PHD ] - place to be by linus/phd (generic)
relaxord.lha 75.5KB 1997-03-05 Techno #11 by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
Acid_Phase.lha 318.4KB 1997-03-03 Acid Phase Mix (generic)
Dont_Stop.lha 327.4KB 1997-03-03 Don't Stop Remix (generic)
MegaDream5.lha 290.4KB 1997-03-03 Megadream 5 (generic)
TripToDestroy.lha 261.9KB 1997-03-03 Trip to Destroy (generic)
phd_prop.lha 193.7KB 1997-03-02 [ PHD ] - prophylaxis by vesuri/da jormas (generic)
digitice.lha 171.2KB 1997-03-01 MF's remix of Digi T Ice's HardRemix.MED (generic)
fefifofum.lha 285.5KB 1997-03-01 MF's remix of Fe Fi Fo Fum by the Candy Girls (generic)
FreakyNite.lha 323.3KB 1997-03-01 Kinda rotterdam mod by Midnight Flip (generic)
lemmings.lha 46.9KB 1997-03-01 Techno module by Midnight Flip (generic)
modularwaves.lha 105.5KB 1997-03-01 Techno kinda module by Midnight Flip (generic)
natural.lha 215.4KB 1997-03-01 no description
planet9.lha 115.5KB 1997-03-01 Techno mod by Midnight Flip (generic)
reaperrap.lha 23.8KB 1997-03-01 Midnight Flip's first techno mod!!! (generic)
HardCore.lha 35.9KB 1997-02-28 no description
mjaff968.lha 225.5KB 1997-02-28 Techno #10 by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
Nervosus.lha 51.1KB 1997-02-28 Pyratronik: Nervosus 4:14 (generic)
TheKiller.lha 58.6KB 1997-02-28 Pyratronik: TheKiller 7:17 (generic)
TimeWorld.lha 66.6KB 1997-02-28 Pyratronik: TimeWorld 2:51 (generic)
Train.lha 26.5KB 1997-02-28 no description
AcidTown.lha 99.5KB 1997-02-27 Pyratronik: AcidTown 2:17 (generic)
BabyFour.lha 65.8KB 1997-02-27 Pyratronik: BabyFour 2:17 (generic)
Beghino.lha 25.9KB 1997-02-27 Pyratronik: Beghino 4:23 (generic)
BopLula.lha 61.1KB 1997-02-27 Pyratronik: BopLula 3:31 (generic)
DoRave.lha 86.3KB 1997-02-27 Pyratronik: DoRave 2:36 (generic)
melodrama.lha 58.9KB 1997-02-27 no description
c-potivt.lha 36.2KB 1997-02-23 Happy techno song :) made by Cydrone (generic)
c-quadro.lha 228.2KB 1997-02-23 Happy techno song :) made by Cydrone (generic)
phd_ston.lha 254.4KB 1997-02-23 [ PHD ] -- techno by skyphos/artwork (generic)
MSZ-UNIV.lha 1023.9KB 1997-02-22 `Universe' - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
phd_chra.lha 184.6KB 1997-02-20 [ PHD ] - house .xm by pirat/phd (generic)
ChanelX.lha 201.6KB 1997-02-18 A 4-channel techno-style MM3-module (generic)
WastedBytes.lha 216.4KB 1997-02-17 Techno Symphonie 2.4f+ by Dr.K.Oss (generic)
neighbour-DJRa.lha 510.2KB 1997-02-16 Protracker module composed by DJ Rake (generic)
phd_dark.lha 229.2KB 1997-02-16 [ PHD ] - goa by neurodancer/1oo% (generic)
Strange-DJRake.lha 117.6KB 1997-02-16 Protracker module composed by DJ Rake (generic)
Sunshine-DJRak.lha 258.3KB 1997-02-16 Protracker module composed by DJ Rake (generic)
WhereDoUGo-DJR.lha 328.5KB 1997-02-16 Protracker module composed by DJ Rake (generic)
intro1.lha 35.1KB 1997-02-15 no description
MoreThanASigna.lha 100KB 1997-02-14 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
nano_synth.lha 88.4KB 1997-02-14 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
orb_warp.lha 57.5KB 1997-02-14 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
Delirium.lha 207.4KB 1997-02-13 no description
TheExperience.lha 246.9KB 1997-02-13 The Experience (generic)
phd_anta.lha 319.3KB 1997-02-12 [ PHD ] - ambiental breakbeat by pirat/phd (generic)
alphamoon.lha 101.5KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
antiidiotika.lha 139KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
asynchronation.lha 70.6KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
firetoy.lha 63.4KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
goa-recall.lha 131.5KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
heavengate.lha 104.8KB 1997-02-11 Nice Trance Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
HeliumHeart.lha 36.3KB 1997-02-11 Nice Tekkno Module, by Hardraver/otl (generic)
the_ncc.lha 1MB 1997-02-11 Join the journey: by tHE aNV!L (generic)
sofke.lha 103.5KB 1997-02-08 My first HOUSE modul, EDIT version. (generic)
acid_ban.lha 88KB 1997-02-07 Acid Banana by Cab (generic)
kill_the.lha 134.7KB 1997-02-07 Kill The Fly by Benster (generic)
m0rkzon2.lha 149.9KB 1997-02-07 M0RK ZONE 2 by outzider (generic)
smile.lha 208.3KB 1997-02-07 no description
trancetr.lha 187.4KB 1997-02-07 Trance Trip by The Undertaker (generic)
valium.lha 38.6KB 1997-02-07 no description
year_of.lha 118.8KB 1997-02-07 Year Of Techno by Benster (generic)
deformed.lha 53.9KB 1997-02-03 House/trance/ambient-ish mod by Rolex... (generic)
desert.lha 85.7KB 1997-02-03 no description
eerie.lha 69.6KB 1997-02-03 EeRie sUndaY (generic)
mellow.lha 123.1KB 1997-02-03 no description
rainy.lha 141.2KB 1997-02-03 no description
phd_back.lha 212.9KB 1997-02-02 [ PHD ] - acid(ish) mod featuring chromag/essence (generic)
phd_get.lha 258.3KB 1997-01-30 [ PHD ] - acid by pirat/phd (generic)
ops-atom.lha 182.3KB 1997-01-27 "Atomklomp" by Oops! (generic)
Song.lha 302.9KB 1997-01-26 no description
BumpingS.lha 179.1KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Bumping Summer" [rAVE] (generic)
Endor.lha 406.8KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod [tEChNO] (generic)
escape.lha 140.1KB 1997-01-25 no description
mASh_AcidHype.lha 176.2KB 1997-01-25 ChicagoAcid by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Bad_Boy.lha 275.7KB 1997-01-25 Breakbeatz'n'E-Guitars by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Bass_Lab.lha 136KB 1997-01-25 Dark Acid by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_DontKnow.lha 165.6KB 1997-01-25 Trance by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Drmchild.lha 217.7KB 1997-01-25 Trance-House by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Hold_Me.lha 209.3KB 1997-01-25 Straight TechnoHouse by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Let_Roll.lha 92.5KB 1997-01-25 Groovy TechnoHouse by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Maximum.lha 137.3KB 1997-01-25 Rave track by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_MControl.lha 76.9KB 1997-01-25 ChicagoAcidHouse by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_NukeRMX.lha 150.9KB 1997-01-25 Acid by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_PHellMx1.lha 201KB 1997-01-25 House by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_PHellMx2.lha 155KB 1997-01-25 Detroit/Acid by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_PHellMx3.lha 220.4KB 1997-01-25 House by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_PManRMX.lha 241.8KB 1997-01-25 AcidHouse by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_SteelAmb.lha 112.7KB 1997-01-25 Ambient Breakbeatz by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Top_Spin.lha 249.4KB 1997-01-25 Acid Breakbeatz by [mASh!] (generic)
mASh_Track_4.lha 85.5KB 1997-01-25 HardTrance by [mASh!] (generic)
TakeMeHo.lha 226.6KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Take Me Home" [aCID-tRANCE] (generic)
TDWorld.lha 110KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "tHANK dA wORLD" [hOUSE] (generic)
terroris.lha 147KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "TERRORISMUS" [tEChNO/bREAkbEAt] (generic)
UnivRave.lha 670.8KB 1997-01-25 ProTracker 4-Channel Mod "Universal_Raver" [rAVE] (generic)
EverlasDream.lha 333.2KB 1997-01-24 Everlasting Dream (generic)
cubik_da_remix.lha 56.9KB 1997-01-19 Cubik-da remix by mADbART normal pt format! (generic)
phd_ineb.lha 127.1KB 1997-01-19 [ PHD ] - minimalistic house by juice/phd (generic)
Pop_To_It.lha 128.8KB 1997-01-19 Pop To It - DJ Reaver, Rave House Tune (generic)
MSZ-TRZO.lha 1.7MB 1997-01-18 Transit Zone - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ. (generic)
Was3.lha 78.6KB 1997-01-17 Techno Module #2 By Captain HIT (generic)
dghouse.lha 83.2KB 1997-01-16 My second module! by vEGA/rAM jAM (generic)
ChinaTec.lha 41.1KB 1997-01-11 ChinaTechno a Module By J.Thomas (generic)
kekuetuv.lha 623.7KB 1997-01-06 Techno module with Citizen Band voices of 'CAMALA' (generic)
Acidcore.lha 265.7KB 1997-01-04 Acidcores ! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
TheChipMunks.lha 440.1KB 1997-01-04 The ChipMunks ! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
UFeelIt.lha 410.7KB 1997-01-04 U Feelit ! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
UFeelItShort.lha 410.3KB 1997-01-04 U Feelit ShortRMX! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
Ginko.lha 200.5KB 1997-01-03 A new mod by Village Underground (generic)
jens.lha 206.5KB 1996-12-28 Pacha loop'n'ting mix (generic)
phd_zeus.lha 186.5KB 1996-12-19 [ PHD ] - Breakbeat/Ambient by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
hypnotic.lha 398.7KB 1996-12-18 Hypnotic trip (The Ravebusters) (generic)
ICanGoForIt.lha 382.5KB 1996-12-18 I Can Go For It ! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
my_wonderland.lha 521.2KB 1996-12-18 My Wonderland (The Ravebusters) (generic)
ops-milm.lha 624.5KB 1996-12-18 "Million Miles" by Oops! (generic)
snowgabba.lha 194.9KB 1996-12-18 SnowGabba (The Ravebusters) (generic)
waves.lha 90.1KB 1996-12-18 no description
cagain.lha 101.4KB 1996-12-17 Technomodule By Cydrone (generic)
ccosmic.lha 87.1KB 1996-12-17 Technomodule By Cydrone (generic)
cimper.lha 25.2KB 1996-12-17 Technomodule By Cydrone (generic)
ctrance.lha 100.1KB 1996-12-17 Technomodule By Cydrone (generic)
Ican_go_for_it.lha 382.5KB 1996-12-12 I Can Go For It ! (The Ravebusters) (generic)
boost.lha 336.6KB 1996-12-09 Boost (The Ravebusters) (generic)
DigressingLive.lha 257.6KB 1996-12-07 Dr.Avalanche - Digressing live (generic)
phd_dive.lha 280.6KB 1996-12-07 [ PHD ] - Ambient by Pirat/PHD (generic)
2x90.lha 72.6KB 1996-12-03 2 Times 90 - A new scorcher by DJ Hotcakes (generic)
10deadjp.lha 163.5KB 1996-12-02 By Kanyar/J Point Olive Oiled HardCore! (generic)
planetx.lzh 88.4KB 1996-11-28 no description
Tech-nol.lzh 22.8KB 1996-11-28 Small techno module by CADENCE (generic)
atlantis.lha 89.6KB 1996-11-26 no description
digital.lha 152.6KB 1996-11-26 no description
hcaos.lha 355KB 1996-11-26 Module by vEGA/rAM jAM! (generic)
phd_e115.lha 139.6KB 1996-11-20 [ PHD ] - Triphop by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
phd_infi.lha 261.8KB 1996-11-11 [ PHD ] - Ambient by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
1OtherStuff.lha 706.4KB 1996-11-09 Protracker Mod Compilation by Doctor Qe (generic)
lb.lha 416.4KB 1996-11-09 no description
other-worlds.lha 208.1KB 1996-11-09 Other-worlds by ZAP/PHOENIX (generic)
phd_term.lha 265.5KB 1996-11-09 [ PHD ] - Acidtrance by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
phd_vici.lha 579.4KB 1996-11-05 [ PHD ] - Acid EP by piRaT/PHD (generic)
heart.lha 134.5KB 1996-11-03 no description
ops-bz96.lha 274.2KB 1996-11-03 "Jungle Fever" by Oops! (generic)
phd_oak.lha 194.6KB 1996-11-03 [ PHD ] - Acidtrance by piRaT/PHD (generic)
ssssteam.lha 280.2KB 1996-11-03 -Ssssteam- protracker mod by Dave The Brave (generic)
Astral.lha 199.8KB 1996-10-31 Octamed Song by Ham. Style: maybe techno ? something like that. (generic)
rtdfreak.lha 200.5KB 1996-10-31 Weird Rotterdam Style by Crisp (generic)
msz-ftma.lha 1.1MB 1996-10-27 Fata morgana. - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
lolove.lzh 438.4KB 1996-10-26 Techno mod by Anti-Marv (generic)
Intruder.lha 75.5KB 1996-10-25 no description
Mercurial.lha 130.4KB 1996-10-25 A med by Village Underground (generic)
somethin.lha 118.7KB 1996-10-25 no description
tripxzon.lha 111.8KB 1996-10-25 Progressive Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn & X-Zone. (generic)
TwoTrees.lha 145.8KB 1996-10-22 House-Techno-Module by Rones (generic)
Subcon.lha 359.1KB 1996-10-21 Trip Hop/Trance by - Freq - (generic)
Next.lha 59.7KB 1996-10-20 no description
solicuturis.lzh 258.3KB 1996-10-15 Trance/techno/goa by BRINT (Rak & Hyg) (generic)
adult.lha 156.1KB 1996-10-13 Progressive Techno Song by Corrosion Of DeGeNeRaTiOn (generic)
cheek.lha 83.4KB 1996-10-13 Progressive Song by Corrosion / DeGeNeRaTiOn. (generic)
phd_fin2.lha 391.4KB 1996-10-13 [ PHD ] - Ambient by piRaT/PHD (generic)
NightWow.lha 111.9KB 1996-10-12 Small Short Soft HouSe TeCHnO (generic)
phd_cent.lha 176.4KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Triphop by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
phd_chry.lha 235.6KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Trance by piRaT/PHD (generic)
phd_emot.lha 291.8KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Groovy house by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
phd_esc.lha 251KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Acid/Breakbeat by piRaT/PHD (generic)
phd_parl.lha 201.7KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Acid trance by piRaT/PHD (generic)
phd_red.lha 125.5KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - Acid by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
phd_warn.lha 269.9KB 1996-10-10 [ PHD ] - _DEEP_ House by piRaT/PHD (generic)
yakked.lha 26.7KB 1996-10-10 HARDcore to a national anthem (generic)
Agoraphobia.lha 561.1KB 1996-10-04 Agoraphobia! new from Hotcakes (generic)
AivanSanatonLa.lha 198.1KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Breeze.finland ***** (generic)
AstralicForces.lha 13.7KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by 911 ***+ (generic)
BladeRunnerRav.lha 127KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Airon ****+ (generic)
BrainSucker.lha 35.3KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod *** (generic)
Caacaophoniaha.lha 12.8KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Deck ****+ (generic)
ChaseInTheMoon.lha 35.7KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Deck ***+ (generic)
CultureRed.lha 65.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Draghan **** (generic)
DDDubbler.lha 83.6KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Airwalk ***+ (generic)
DenLilleStonne.lha 97.6KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Airwalk *** (generic)
DiddliDiddli.lha 173.7KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Braintumour ****+ (generic)
DieInEgypt.lha 156.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Bass-41 ****+ (generic)
Dive179meters.lha 100.1KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Bc ****+ (generic)
DraskallKnorr2.lha 118.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Fasjer ****+ (generic)
DreamsMachine.lha 209.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Amenophis **** (generic)
drezone.lha 54.6KB 1996-10-04 Melodic techno by MR.CHEAT (generic)
fantasti.lha 145KB 1996-10-04 Very good melodic techno by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
FiddeliFisk.lha 26.1KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Braintumour **** (generic)
FlareHouze.lha 235KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod *** (generic)
GloriaVictis.lha 215.9KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Amenophis **** (generic)
JammDawn.lha 18.9KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Dune ***+ (generic)
JungleFever.lha 17.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Daddy Freddy *** (generic)
NeurolepticLif.lha 874.3KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Cosmiq ***+ (generic)
NewDestination.lha 102.3KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Bass-41 ***+ (generic)
OpenUpYourHear.lha 281.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Braintumour ***+ (generic)
OriginalTechno.lha 762.2KB 1996-10-04 *.XM The Ultimate Techno Mix Tribute by Zlayer (generic)
Overpower.lha 86.4KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Bass-41 ***+ (generic)
ravedre1.lha 89.3KB 1996-10-04 Fantastic melodic techno tune by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
ravedre2.lha 175.3KB 1996-10-04 Fantastic melodic techno tune by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
ravedre3.lha 47.9KB 1996-10-04 Fantastic melodic techno tune by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
RaveOLution.lha 662.3KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Cosmiq **** (generic)
rreality.lha 132.4KB 1996-10-04 Fantastic techno tune by ZAP of Phoenix (generic)
Sealed.lha 196.7KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Braintumour ***** (generic)
SexSamLevnad.lha 61.8KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Fasjer ***+ (generic)
Starchild.lha 97.2KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Deck ***** (generic)
Sys.lha 37.7KB 1996-10-04 no description
TechnosticCult.lha 168.9KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Eniac ***** (generic)
Tekmotronics.lha 24.4KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Draghan ****+ (generic)
traces.lha 177.6KB 1996-10-04 Med Module (generic)
UntitledXX.lha 172KB 1996-10-04 Techno S3M by MuZaK (generic)
VirtualRetalit.lha 129.7KB 1996-10-04 Techno mod by Eniac ****+ (generic)
vol_Viciss.lha 66.6KB 1996-10-04 Vicissitudes by volley (chiptranceish) (generic)
2Core4DaRavar.lha 581.5KB 1996-09-17 240 BPM hardcore by Hotcakes. Nasty stuff. (generic)
09tooljp.lha 329.4KB 1996-09-15 By Kanyar/J Point Olive Oiled HardCore! (generic)
phd_bed.lha 114.2KB 1996-09-15 [ PHD ] - Total weirdness by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
Adnauseous.lha 152.4KB 1996-09-14 Adnauseous, Adnauseum II. New hardtrance by Hotcakes. (generic)
Love.lha 189.9KB 1996-09-12 no description
phd_wash.lha 244.8KB 1996-09-12 [ PHD ] - Mental Trance by piRaT/PHD (generic)
RPV3.lzh 275.9KB 1996-09-12 4 New Mods from CyberWorld (generic)
Theme_II.lha 142.7KB 1996-09-12 The Ultimate Dance-Track - DJ W.S. (generic)
Sonic.lha 277.3KB 1996-09-11 no description
Tristezz.lha 192.6KB 1996-09-11 A trance-techno-style PT mod by Chaoz (generic)
Agn-Deep.lha 160.5KB 1996-09-08 Deep Trance (generic)
Agn-Deepmix.lha 116.4KB 1996-09-08 Deep Trance Original from AGONY Remixed by Opty (generic)
Agn-DreamWorld.lha 340KB 1996-09-08 Dream Into The World (generic)
Agn-RealLove.lha 346.7KB 1996-09-08 This Love 4 Real (generic)
Agn-TF_mix.lha 273.9KB 1996-09-08 Touch & Feel Me Agony mix (generic)
Agn-ThunderBas.lha 138.4KB 1996-09-08 Thunder Bass (generic)
liberatn.lha 132.9KB 1996-09-08 < Liberation > By Dave The Brave (generic)
sahara.lha 174.7KB 1996-09-08 no description
MagnetismGold.lha 196.2KB 1996-09-06 Magnetism 2 ^H GOLD! *Kyzer/CSG* (generic)
patparade.lha 44.8KB 1996-09-04 Techno-Music like the Loveparade (generic)
phd_fin.lha 355.3KB 1996-09-04 [ PHD ] - Ambient by piRaT/PHD (generic)
HardCoreHeaven.lha 60.1KB 1996-09-01 Hardcore heaven, a new TECHNO MOD (generic)
basis.lha 131.2KB 1996-08-31 no description
klr_gabberuh.lha 99.3KB 1996-08-31 Gabberuh! - Early Dutch gabber - by Killraven (generic)
klr_subattack.lha 50.8KB 1996-08-31 Sub attack - Psycho gabber - by Killraven (generic)
ocean_dream.lha 61.1KB 1996-08-31 Mellow synths (generic)
on_a_high.lha 138KB 1996-08-31 Techno rave (generic)
phd_lp.lha 72.3KB 1996-08-31 [ PHD ] - Minimalistic trance by piRaT/PHD (generic)
safari_moon.lha 166.2KB 1996-08-31 Mellow theme (generic)
msz-arhi.lha 649.5KB 1996-08-30 `Arizona highway.' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
MixUp.lha 255.7KB 1996-08-25 MIX-UP: A MODULE BY *FUZZY/DR^VEF* (RELEASED AT THE GATHERING 96) (generic)
phd_gang.lha 156.5KB 1996-08-25 [PHD] - Scratchy funky triphop by JuiCe (generic)
Push.lha 115.6KB 1996-08-24 no description
SSide.lha 167.9KB 1996-08-24 Techno tune by DJ Quad-C (generic)
2FlyingD.lha 165.4KB 1996-08-22 2 Flying Dicks (generic)
AcidSun01.lha 218.6KB 1996-08-22 Acid Sunday Part 1 by DJ Jake (generic)
AcidSun2.lha 425.4KB 1996-08-22 Acid Sunday Part 2 by DJ Jake (generic)
AcidSun3.lha 99.5KB 1996-08-22 Acid Sunday Part 3 by DJ Jake (generic)
Clark.lha 118.2KB 1996-08-22 Acid Clark (generic)
Gust.lha 51.4KB 1996-08-22 Future Gust (generic)
LNight.lha 128.3KB 1996-08-22 Last Night With Me (generic)
Madden.lha 97.4KB 1996-08-22 Madden (generic)
phd_clap.lha 232.8KB 1996-08-21 [PHD] - Trance EP by piRaT/PHD (generic)
ravemoon.lha 143.7KB 1996-08-21 Excellent *RAVE* 4ch mod by Ary/Espesially (generic)
msz-intr.lha 783.2KB 1996-08-20 `Intruders.' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
msz-tlrh.lha 586.1KB 1996-08-20 `The long road home.' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
msz-wand.lha 845.7KB 1996-08-20 `Wandering.' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
msz-xero.lha 284KB 1996-08-20 `Xerography.' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
phd_myst.lha 119KB 1996-08-18 [PHD] - tRiP-hOP bY piRaT/pHD (generic)
phd_sad.lha 189.5KB 1996-08-18 [PHD] - eXPeRiM. bY piRaT/pHD (generic)
SynBrain1.lha 173.5KB 1996-08-18 The MOD to the program SynBrain (generic)
SynBrain2.lha 165.7KB 1996-08-18 The MOD to the program SynBrain (generic)
MTS_Brainshock.lha 276.4KB 1996-08-16 BRAINSHOCK by DJ Thin (generic)
MTS_Busy.lha 356.5KB 1996-08-16 Go Get Busy DJ Thin of MTS (generic)
MTS_Free.lha 343.5KB 1996-08-16 FREE-DANCE-XS by TONE_C (generic)
MTS_LockJawII.lha 134.5KB 1996-08-16 LOCK JAW II by TONE_C of MTS (generic)
MTS_Loud.lha 411.5KB 1996-08-16 Loud by DJ Thin of MTS (generic)
MTS_Louder.lha 361.1KB 1996-08-16 Louder by DJ Thin of MTS (generic)
MTS_Sinewave.lha 141.3KB 1996-08-16 Sinewave Feelinx by TONE_C (generic)
Rescue.lha 234.8KB 1996-08-15 Axel's D. protracker module "Rescue" (generic)
MTS_Lunatic.lha 204.4KB 1996-08-13 Lunatic Tribes - Techno by TONE_C (generic)
MTS_Tales.lha 67.8KB 1996-08-13 Tales o0f Truth - Techno by TONE_C (generic)
coaster.lha 100.3KB 1996-08-11 by dave The Brave (generic)
Happy.lha 111.4KB 1996-08-11 no description
hope.lha 139KB 1996-08-11 no description
Oofakind.lha 102KB 1996-08-11 Techno tune by DJ Rix (generic)
Willy.lha 76.6KB 1996-08-11 Techno tune by DJ Rix (generic)
yolanda.lha 93KB 1996-08-11 Yolanda (generic)
boh.lha 160.7KB 1996-08-10 By Village Underground (generic)
dldv.lha 158.8KB 1996-08-10 By Village Underground (generic)
Rave1.lha 124.4KB 1996-08-10 no description
attacksm.lha 125.1KB 1996-08-09 by Dave The Brave (generic)
AcHuBba.lha 226KB 1996-08-05 Progressive Module...RuNninG TiMe: 5.25 mins (generic)
TheBeamOfLife.lha 68.6KB 1996-08-05 The beam of life, techno by Vapour (generic)
phd_real.lha 87.2KB 1996-08-04 [PHD] - Experimental triphop by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
StolenPiano.lha 256.7KB 1996-08-04 StolenPiano.mod By Luke Cadwell (generic)
Warpzone.lha 174.6KB 1996-07-30 Techno Module by Radium(Atari lad). (generic)
Attack.lha 179.6KB 1996-07-29 Protracker MOD by * B.P.M. * (generic)
TMATS.lha 1.2MB 1996-07-25 `The Moon and the Sea.' - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
OnGroove.lha 478.8KB 1996-07-24 2nd One on Groove - A Symphonie Mod (generic)
heaven.lha 51.1KB 1996-07-21 no description
TWIW.lha 686.6KB 1996-07-21 `The wind is whispering...' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Gloomyness.lha 899.5KB 1996-07-20 `Gloomyness' - a Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Hey-a-wa.lha 347.4KB 1996-07-20 Hey-a-wa rmx by the *RAVEBUSTERS* (generic)
MSZ-1Pat.lha 43.3KB 1996-07-20 1 Pattern - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-ANG.lha 84.3KB 1996-07-20 A New Galaxy - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-AS.lha 223.5KB 1996-07-20 All Systems - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-AW.lha 207.9KB 1996-07-20 Another World - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Birt.lha 419.1KB 1996-07-20 Birth - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-BR.lha 163.6KB 1996-07-20 Black Rain - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-BS.lha 242.9KB 1996-07-20 Black Sun - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-CC.lha 380KB 1996-07-20 Chasing Cops - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-DF.lha 289.4KB 1996-07-20 Deep Forest - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-DUTS.lha 322.3KB 1996-07-20 Down Under The Sea - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-DZ.lha 201.4KB 1996-07-20 Deep Zone - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Fb.lha 418.3KB 1996-07-20 Futurebeats - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Fear.lha 316.4KB 1996-07-20 Fearies - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-GOT.lha 352.6KB 1996-07-20 Gate Of Thunderdome - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Hr.lha 51.5KB 1996-07-20 Handrem - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Hs.lha 254.1KB 1996-07-20 Hemisphere - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-In.lha 172.5KB 1996-07-20 Illumination - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Jive.lha 84.3KB 1996-07-20 Jive - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Late.lha 120.6KB 1996-07-20 Late - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-MR.lha 99KB 1996-07-20 Mega-Rave - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Mw.lha 57.1KB 1996-07-20 Mellow - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Orbi.lha 216.2KB 1996-07-20 Orbital - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Orio.lha 223.6KB 1996-07-20 Orion - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
msz-pe.lha 146.7KB 1996-07-20 Planet-E - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Powe.lha 94.3KB 1996-07-20 Power - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Pwoi.lha 126.5KB 1996-07-20 Pwoing - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-QB.lha 133KB 1996-07-20 Q-bic - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-REC.lha 228KB 1996-07-20 Rave Explosion City - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Req.lha 149.6KB 1996-07-20 Requiem - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-RTH.lha 183KB 1996-07-20 Rock The House - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-SC.lha 149KB 1996-07-20 Soggy Cornflakes - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-SOD.lha 281.5KB 1996-07-20 Shades Of Darkness - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Spac.lha 109.7KB 1996-07-20 Spacey - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-ST.lha 162KB 1996-07-20 StarTrek - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Su.lha 139KB 1996-07-20 Superunknown - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-SV.lha 160.8KB 1996-07-20 Subsonic Vibes - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TDH.lha 337.5KB 1996-07-20 The Dark Half - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TF.lha 71.7KB 1996-07-20 The Fog - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TJ.lha 100.1KB 1996-07-20 TecnoJive - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TP.lha 105KB 1996-07-20 The Piano - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TPFR.lha 157.3KB 1996-07-20 The Piano-Fat Remix - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-TT.lha 133.8KB 1996-07-20 Tim's Tune - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Twil.lha 198.9KB 1996-07-20 Twilight - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
MSZ-Ug.lha 377.4KB 1996-07-20 Underground - A PT Mod by MoSeZ (generic)
blissed.lha 102.2KB 1996-07-19 Everything Blissed is a techno mod by Etrimon (generic)
Acid-TUR.lha 369.4KB 1996-07-16 ACID-TURBINE (generic)
Arabien.lha 188.7KB 1996-07-16 Arabien Core (generic)
DosenGa.lha 213KB 1996-07-16 Dosen Gabba (generic)
DUD-Meet.lha 135.5KB 1996-07-16 Dudweiler Meeding (generic)
JeHa-Speed.lha 137.3KB 1996-07-16 Jehaha Speed mix (generic)
JungleIn.lha 450.9KB 1996-07-16 no description
Raise-RMX.lha 332.8KB 1996-07-16 Raise Your Hand Remix (generic)
summers.lha 130.8KB 1996-07-16 Summer Exclaim (generic)
TLS-Ravers2.lha 276.1KB 1996-07-16 Turboland Ravers II (generic)
radits.lha 1.5MB 1996-07-11 "River At Dawn In The Summer", a SymMOD by MoSeZ (generic)
dintom.lha 297.3KB 1996-07-02 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
18wbohne.lha 256KB 1996-06-26 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
FlowingRivers.lha 283.1KB 1996-06-23 A symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Lets_Bass.lha 246.9KB 1996-06-21 ProTracker Tune (generic)
Let_s_Bass.lha 246.9KB 1996-06-21 ProTracker Tune (generic)
Mj.Tom.lha 369.7KB 1996-06-21 ProTracker Tune (generic)
09Percent.lha 108.9KB 1996-06-18 Black Devil`s percent (generic)
cosmic.lha 94.2KB 1996-06-18 no description
virtual.lha 169.4KB 1996-06-18 no description
Deathmatch.lha 313KB 1996-06-15 [PHD] - Acid By PiRaT/PHD (generic)
Depress.lha 146.3KB 1996-06-15 no description
in_full_effect.lha 417.8KB 1996-06-15 'in full effect' Ravebusters-Mod (generic)
IronGhost.lha 134.7KB 1996-06-15 [PHD] - Acid By PiRaT/PHD (generic)
Murder.lha 182KB 1996-06-15 [PHD] - SlowJungle By PiRaT/PHD (generic)
PhaseZone.lha 320.3KB 1996-06-15 [PHD] - Experimental By PiRaT/PHD (generic)
SoCold.lha 135KB 1996-06-15 [PHD] - Experimental By PiRaT/PHD (generic)
kiss.lha 87KB 1996-06-11 Happy Techno/House by FX from PLAYMOBIL (generic)
lostinspace.lha 82.1KB 1996-06-11 Techno song by FX from PLAYMOBIL (generic)
nuptial.lha 309.1KB 1996-06-10 Nuptial Techno song by FX from PLAYMOBIL (generic)
neuro-remix.lha 266.2KB 1996-06-08 Neuro - Remix (generic)
separation.lha 213.7KB 1996-06-03 Ambient Space Rock / By SkyFusion (generic)
vol_SunRise.lha 298.2KB 1996-05-30 SunRise by volley (4ch MED; trancetec acid style) (generic)
BeyondTechno.lha 70KB 1996-05-25 Owlz/CSG produces another slow techno tune! (generic)
i_fuxx.lha 258.5KB 1996-05-23 Techno module (generic)
LoT_Boize.lha 136.1KB 1996-05-23 . PTMod by Latte/Texxid (generic)
LoT_Vege.lha 145.3KB 1996-05-23 . PTMod by Latte/Texxid (generic)
cb_FallingPeas.lha 101.4KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Logos *****+ (generic)
Chime94.lha 177.8KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Maelcum *****+ (generic)
RushingToNowhe.lha 259.5KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Reptile *****+ (generic)
Teleport.lha 304.2KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Gizmo *****+ (generic)
Tp5V23.lha 351.1KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Jazz *****+ (generic)
VomenoesApelsi.lha 249.1KB 1996-05-22 Techno mod by Poison *****+ (generic)
ResersInc.lha 256.9KB 1996-05-21 Techno/Jungle Mod by Lamers INC (generic)
JMMG.lha 242.6KB 1996-05-17 OctamMED-Module by Andreas Kaiser (generic)
Berlin.lha 392.7KB 1996-05-16 no description
necrodance.lha 251.5KB 1996-05-16 Module from Dreamscape by Triumph (Techno) (generic)
SplitMind.lha 85.3KB 1996-05-15 Hard core tune by TSt/NvX (generic)
infinitelove.lha 536.6KB 1996-05-10 Rave Tune by Splice (generic)
lfactory.lha 68.6KB 1996-05-08 Protracker .MOD (Industrial) (generic)
WickedTime.lha 223.1KB 1996-05-03 Nice mod by HeLMeR & DtM (generic)
gc_DeeperWorld.lha 74.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by MNB **** (generic)
GlObALUnDerGrO.lha 156.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Utopia *****+ (generic)
gr_TechnoWorld.lha 480.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Gnostic Retreat **** (generic)
gti_TbDttb.lha 230.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by The Borg **** (generic)
gtk_Part1.lha 254.4KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Xtacy ***+ (generic)
gtk_Prt3.lha 284.1KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Xtacy **** (generic)
hd_DaWickedTec.lha 315.8KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Crus ***+ (generic)
hd_GoofTechno.lha 201.8KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Undertaker **** (generic)
Huismuziekje.lha 134.2KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Karl Herebout **** (generic)
it_Ftrgldtr.lha 258.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Fabio Napodano ***+ (generic)
it_Missed.lha 125.4KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Fabio Napodano **** (generic)
it_StopnGo.lha 181.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Fabio Napodano ****+ (generic)
it_Strangefeel.lha 85.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Fabio Napodano ***+ (generic)
jb_MarathonRun.lha 852.7KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by J. Bonnell *** (generic)
JukeJoint.lha 961.1KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Stein ***+ (generic)
jz_Oft2.lha 449.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Jazz **** (generic)
KoolAidOrMilk.lha 123.7KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Dj Moses *** (generic)
k_Apocalyptic.lha 440.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Khyron ****+ (generic)
k_CarrotWorld.lha 271.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Zake ****+ (generic)
k_ElectroExper.lha 340KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Vivid **** (generic)
Lightyear.lha 467.4KB 1996-05-01 no description
LoosyMotion.lha 103KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Karl Herrebout **** (generic)
MatonihoKyselk.lha 159.8KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Jimmac **+ (generic)
mr_MrPringle.lha 51.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by F. Ashraf **** (generic)
mtv_Yvs.lha 182.4KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Animal ****+ (generic)
Mukke.lha 105.2KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Krishna **** (generic)
m_ItsMyFateMYS.lha 124.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Mystical **** (generic)
ng_Eldeited.lha 173.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Demuc **** (generic)
NoTruth.lha 330.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Rage ****+ (generic)
no_Airlock6.lha 292.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Harry ***+ (generic)
no_HesASerial.lha 241.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Harry **** (generic)
no_Saw.lha 161.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Stote *+ (generic)
OnYourLatinBod.lha 135.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Domination *** (generic)
orx_Techal.lha 64KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Orthodox ****+ (generic)
pa_RadiantDark.lha 105.1KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Pyto Angel *** (generic)
ploff_uroDance.lha 331.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Loffer ****+ (generic)
pn_BeyondTheGl.lha 250.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Pinion ****+ (generic)
pn_HyperSpace.lha 94.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Pinion ****+ (generic)
pn_MetropoliS.lha 175.8KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Pinion **** (generic)
pr_Awareness.lha 142.2KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Darkwolf **+ (generic)
pr_RythmicTech.lha 134.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Hades ***** (generic)
raf_PartyFever.lha 299.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Zovirax ****+ (generic)
rd_Synthetic.lha 184.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Frederik Nystrom***** (generic)
rl_MeltAway.lha 92.1KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Ringlord **** (generic)
rr_Dreams.lha 212.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by The Fury ****+ (generic)
r_HaremSunrise.lha 140.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Ryan Sprott *** (generic)
SiliconWraiths.lha 318.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Atac ***** (generic)
sky_HeartJungl.lha 518.2KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by DJ Skyjump ***** (generic)
smeg_Brotherso.lha 192.6KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Smeg ***** (generic)
smeg_Korsakoff.lha 310.8KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Smeg ***** (generic)
sol_Ufoflow.lha 245.1KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Solaris **** (generic)
tan_WingsOfThe.lha 197.5KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Tangerine **** (generic)
tb_IntoTheHydr.lha 115.7KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Maelstrom ****+ (generic)
tb_IterationV4.lha 163.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Maelstrom **** (generic)
TheFreaksAreHe.lha 128.3KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by The REW **+ (generic)
TighterMotion.lha 103.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Karl Herrebout ***+ (generic)
TriliumHigh.lha 114.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Masato Takagi ****+ (generic)
v_TheUndergrou.lha 366.9KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Hypnotic Melody **** (generic)
WakeTheBaby.lha 346KB 1996-05-01 Techno mod by Mick Rippon *** (generic)
Antarctica.lha 183KB 1996-04-29 no description
Cataract.lha 242.2KB 1996-04-29 Cataract - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Corona.lha 236.2KB 1996-04-29 Corona - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Dreams.lha 421.1KB 1996-04-29 no description
Eclipse.lha 679.1KB 1996-04-29 no description
Flying.lha 152KB 1996-04-29 no description
Heartbeat.lha 186.3KB 1996-04-29 no description
kontrol.lha 345.1KB 1996-04-29 ProTrackerMod by bLACK sHADOW! (generic)
MystiqueMelody.lha 257.7KB 1996-04-29 MystiqueMelody - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Rollercoaster.lha 312.1KB 1996-04-29 Rollercoaster - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Stratosphere.lha 151.2KB 1996-04-29 no description
WeCanFly.lha 212.6KB 1996-04-29 WeCanFly - A Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
Ambient.lha 235.7KB 1996-04-27 no description
Canyoufeelit.lha 762.3KB 1996-04-27 Technopop Modul (generic)
CloseYourEyes.lha 210.8KB 1996-04-27 no description
ThirdDay.lha 190.4KB 1996-04-27 Third Day - Symphonie module by MoSeZ (generic)
happyhcore.lha 179.8KB 1996-04-26 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
1love.lha 277.8KB 1996-04-23 Techno by Cosmic (generic)
radius_phlow3.lha 69.3KB 1996-04-23 Hip-hop/trance mod (fixed version) (generic)
Voodoo.lha 181.1KB 1996-04-23 no description
LoT_MoRe.lha 102.4KB 1996-04-16 . PTMod by Latte/Texxid (generic)
bruth.lha 10.6KB 1996-04-14 PT Mod: Bruthanol by Blast! Style: Techno (generic)
suenolat.lha 107.4KB 1996-04-14 PT Mod: Sueno Latino by Blast! Style: Rave (generic)
sunstrke.lha 96.6KB 1996-04-14 PT Mod: Sunstroke by Blast! Style: Trance/Rave (generic)
Fathom.lha 457.7KB 1996-04-09 no description
HardTraks.lha 324.5KB 1996-04-08 A Techno/Gabba/Folxmuzik/Fischbroetchen Track by Harry Bo (generic)
radius_et2.lzh 51KB 1996-04-08 A rave/techno protracker mod (generic)
radius_phlow.lzh 69.7KB 1996-04-08 A trance/hiphop protracker MOD (generic)
radius_tss.lzh 143.7KB 1996-04-08 An Octamed Multi-module techno 'album' (generic)
08marcoc.lha 351.3KB 1996-04-02 By Kanyar/Hutch Olive Oiled HardCore! (generic)
06flutsg.lha 579.1KB 1996-04-01 By Kanyar/D Point Olive Oiled TeKnO !! (generic)
welcometote.lha 265.3KB 1996-04-01 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
corehard.lha 428.9KB 1996-03-29 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
96GonnaGetThis.lha 256KB 1996-03-26 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters (generic)
RaiseYourHands.lha 323.7KB 1996-03-26 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters (generic)
SlaminHardcore.lha 272KB 1996-03-26 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters (generic)
Turbo-House.lha 178.5KB 1996-03-26 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters (generic)
YouMakeMeFeel.lha 396.9KB 1996-03-26 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters (generic)
03suckyo.lha 272.2KB 1996-03-24 By Kanyar/Dj Tieum Gabber/Hardcore Tek (generic)
atargatis.lzh 95.2KB 1996-03-23 Another rave tune by TSt/NvX (generic)
kanmod01.lha 129.1KB 1996-03-23 Russian Song Core. Experimental techno (generic)
CortexChild.lha 50.8KB 1996-03-16 Rave mod by TSt/NvX (generic)
LoT_Limose.lha 40.3KB 1996-03-16 Limose . PTMod by Latte/Texxid (generic)
LoT_Quadrat.lha 118.3KB 1996-03-16 Quadrat . PTMod by Latte/Texxid (generic)
S_DontPanic.lha 59.4KB 1996-03-16 Don't Panic . PTMod by Spike (generic)
poisonfc.lha 78.6KB 1996-03-15 By Scorpik/Absolute! (generic)
mikado.lha 381KB 1996-03-14 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
DieInsel.lha 66.5KB 1996-03-12 A Technique track by OCTAGON.device (generic)
RedAlertRMX.lha 165.4KB 1996-03-12 A Technique track by OCTAGON.device (generic)
Touched.lha 105.6KB 1996-03-11 ETouched Breakbeat-trance song by \/oid /\/\asters hands (generic)
motlov.lha 88.4KB 1996-03-10 Protracker module (generic)
earthwerm.lha 216.9KB 1996-03-09 Progressive Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
Absolud.lha 559.4KB 1996-03-08 Seven MOD-music files (generic)
Disturber.lha 60.6KB 1996-03-08 Disturber by CHRISTIAN HERTEL (generic)
DivineFruits.lha 65.5KB 1996-03-08 Techno rewrite of Sanity Roots 2.0 mod#1 (generic)
plasmatix.lha 248.4KB 1996-03-08 Groove Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
purple.lha 303.6KB 1996-03-08 Trip-Hop Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
skylantern.lha 255.8KB 1996-03-08 Progressive Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
unrealun.lha 196.3KB 1996-03-08 By Scorpik/Absolute! Techno tune... (generic)
vermush.lha 328.1KB 1996-03-08 Psychedelic Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
radius_rude.lha 122KB 1996-03-07 4 channel protracker mod (demo/rave style) (generic)
RedAlert.lha 104KB 1996-03-04 no description
ibia.lha 166.5KB 1996-03-03 A Housetune made by OCTAGON.device (generic)
MerryMen.lha 251.5KB 1996-03-03 A Technique track by OCTAGON.device (generic)
2_FuckMeImBrea.lha 87.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Larva ****+ (generic)
2_PRaiSeBoB.lha 123.2KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Prance ***+ (generic)
Accelerate.lha 361.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Deus.ex **** (generic)
AstroidBeltZb6.lha 209.2KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by M-G ****+ (generic)
a_AtomicPlague.lha 141.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Matt Friedly ****+ (generic)
Bassanova.lha 69.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Unknown ****+ (generic)
Belgio.lha 153.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Abt Bettega ***** (generic)
BreakingTheSky.lha 389.6KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Beathawk ***** (generic)
cb_BrainsWings.lha 312.5KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Caligola ***** (generic)
cb_Charlylive.lha 207.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Pedro **** (generic)
cb_EmeraldEel.lha 148.1KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Logos ***** (generic)
cb_Frogs.lha 306.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Pedro ***** (generic)
cb_TribalNoise.lha 118.6KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Truxx **** (generic)
CrayfishParty.lha 328.6KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Lizardking ***** (generic)
Croaps.lha 180.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Demuc ***** (generic)
CybernetInRott.lha 123.1KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Jester ****+ (generic)
dem_Eyeonyoura.lha 106.5KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Demuc ****+ (generic)
dem_Harbitflor.lha 181.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Demuc ****+ (generic)
dem_Thedeserts.lha 99.1KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Demuc ***** (generic)
dmk_ControlEmp.lha 198.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Hector ****+ (generic)
dmk_EevylHecDM.lha 184.8KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Hector ****+ (generic)
DoItForMe.lha 322.2KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Dk Stefano Setti***** (generic)
dsa_Mysterious.lha 461.6KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Rascal **** (generic)
dy_NRGRave.lha 300.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Dyma ***** (generic)
epi_Drizel.lha 268.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Swill **** (generic)
FactsOfLife.lha 191KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Unknown ****+ (generic)
Filter.lha 121.5KB 1996-03-02 no description
FlyFree.lha 83.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Smil ****+ (generic)
GoOnAt.lha 95.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Daniel Dietrich ***** (generic)
HouseCow.lha 114.8KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Dr Snow ****+ (generic)
Infected.lha 358.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Dr. Lard ****+ (generic)
Jehoshaphat.lha 159.8KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Bolleke ****+ (generic)
KungensMantheK.lha 251.1KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Dick Tracer ****+ (generic)
LkkrHoor.lha 260KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by The Freeze ***** (generic)
MicPhobia.lha 85.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Lord Jon Ray **** (generic)
MusicalFreedom.lha 173.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Jilted Generatio****+ (generic)
MyPlaceInMySpa.lha 284.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Mental Floss ***** (generic)
NearDark.lha 96.2KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Purple Motion ***** (generic)
OmgAngl.lha 234.8KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Omega ****+ (generic)
OpticalScooby.lha 55.6KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Scooby ****+ (generic)
Revampness.lha 193.2KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Inspekdah Deck ***** (generic)
Screem4Thirst.lha 163KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Psycho ***** (generic)
SpAsm95.lha 282.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Phoen-x ***** (generic)
TheFeelingBegi.lha 205.3KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by MHz ****+ (generic)
Trennc2.lha 49.4KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Jester **** (generic)
Twisted.lha 241.2KB 1996-03-02 no description
VectorlikeBore.lha 237.5KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Kenny ****+ (generic)
WallsOfBeginin.lha 81KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Jazze **+ (generic)
Wintersweet.lha 231.9KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Trash + Oxygen ****+ (generic)
WisdomEuphoria.lha 411.7KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Keith303 ****+ (generic)
YourMusic.lha 218.1KB 1996-03-02 Techno mod by Kefir ***** (generic)
identity.lha 156.7KB 1996-02-27 Trance Goth Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
jaded.lha 309.2KB 1996-02-27 Trance Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
scarab.lha 445.8KB 1996-02-27 Surreal Electro / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
fluid.lha 101.4KB 1996-02-26 no description
matrix.lha 129.2KB 1996-02-26 no description
WhiteEnergy.lha 61KB 1996-02-11 A raw analouge techno MED module by voidM (generic)
ani_infr.lha 131.5KB 1996-02-04 Invisible Frontier . PTMod by Animal/Defect (generic)
ani_temp.lha 208KB 1996-02-04 Temptation . PTMod by Animal/Defect (generic)
Spike_DontPani.lha 62KB 1996-02-04 PTMod by SPIKE (generic)
bleep423.lha 266.1KB 1996-02-03 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
flunitrazepam.lha 32.6KB 1996-01-29 Technostyle Nightmare MOD (generic)
LoT_InYaFaceRM.lha 101.6KB 1996-01-28 PTMod by Latte of Texxid (generic)
LoT_TheLoganEP.lha 140.8KB 1996-01-28 PTMod by Latte of Texxid (generic)
ti-mellow1.lha 175KB 1996-01-24 House module by The Big Brother (MED) (generic)
beatstreet.lha 108.4KB 1996-01-21 8Min of techno (generic)
135TPI.lha 96.9KB 1996-01-20 House Module By THe BiG Brother (MED) (generic)
e-force.lha 74.3KB 1996-01-20 House Module By THe BiG Brother (MED) (generic)
emphasis.lha 70.4KB 1996-01-20 House Module By THe BiG Brother (MED) (generic)
mr-flex.lha 64.4KB 1996-01-20 House Module By THe BiG Brother (MED) (generic)
r_parade.lha 105.9KB 1996-01-20 House Module By THe BiG Brother (MED) (generic)
planetia.lha 303.7KB 1996-01-19 Ambient Space Rock / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
My_Truth.lha 216KB 1996-01-18 Mindmoving techno by Tiny/Loonies (generic)
Chuckies-Gone.lha 658.1KB 1996-01-17 Chuckies Gone - HardCore Remix MED/OCTAMED Module (generic)
firsteye.lha 168.2KB 1996-01-17 Techno MOD by Orc of Dz0! 8) (generic)
return2source.lha 283.8KB 1996-01-17 Return To the source - II by: ORGASMATRON! / X-TRADE ^ BoB (generic)
acidphas.lha 148.5KB 1996-01-08 Emmanuel Top/Acid Phase 2 by ALABLASTER (generic)
hanf.lha 174.7KB 1996-01-08 Trancemod by ^Jens^ (generic)
RPV2.lzh 261.7KB 1996-01-08 3 Mods from Cyberworld (generic)
ArsHoles.lha 33.9KB 1996-01-05 A TechnoPop-Musix from Mighty Eggmaster (generic)
TechnoWulff.lha 163.4KB 1996-01-05 A Techno from the Mighty Eggmaster (generic)
aprilday.lha 145.9KB 1996-01-03 Technopop module by Hotman (generic)
codbreak.lha 116.9KB 1996-01-03 Technopop module by Hotman (generic)
fulltoes.lha 133.8KB 1996-01-03 Technopop module by Hotman (generic)
runforit.lha 107.1KB 1996-01-03 Technopop module by Hotman (generic)
anti-razist.lha 80.8KB 1995-12-31 Mod.anti-razist by claAS (generic)
Wax-RMX.lha 117.9KB 1995-12-28 Trance/House module (4 voice-Protracker) (generic)
CilestMK.V.lha 402.4KB 1995-12-25 BreakBeat-Styled-Track By VirusModulator [OktalyzerFormat] (generic)
oasis.lha 23.3KB 1995-12-25 no description
BionicLife.lha 311.6KB 1995-12-20 Dark Acid-Track By VirusModulator [OktalyzerFormat] (generic)
DJLang_NoseMix.lha 240.8KB 1995-12-16 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 196 bpm! (generic)
spira.lha 201.3KB 1995-12-11 Progressive House MOD / By SkyFusion A&V (generic)
trans.lha 257.6KB 1995-12-11 no description
2ndcele.lha 178.2KB 1995-12-10 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
dreamur.lha 140.3KB 1995-12-10 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
popcrn95.lha 172.3KB 1995-12-10 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
stbzber.lha 148KB 1995-12-10 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
suckmfd.lha 172.7KB 1995-12-10 ProTrackerV3.15-Module (generic)
juice-modem.lha 136.1KB 1995-12-08 Gabba module by JuiCe/PHD (generic)
AGTechno.lha 126.8KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Time Guardian *****+ (generic)
Albinose.lha 222.6KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Optic ***** (generic)
BanginCindy.lha 538.2KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Vinnie ***** (generic)
BasicInstinct.lha 105.8KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Jester ***** (generic)
Defloration.lha 289.1KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Emax ***** (generic)
EcstasyJB92.lha 181KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Humanoid ***** (generic)
GogoTechno.lha 167.5KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Snotty ***** (generic)
HypnauticIi.lha 29.6KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Zyx ***** (generic)
LaidAndFlushed.lha 67.6KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by Laxity ***** (generic)
Netherworld.lha 277KB 1995-12-07 no description
NoCorners.lha 66.7KB 1995-12-07 Techno mod by The Master *****+ (generic)
Psi_ibt.lha 326.9KB 1995-12-06 DJ pSibEr.Happy stompy hardcore! '95 mix (generic)
Spark-E_IBT.lha 367.7KB 1995-12-05 '95 Stompers mix by Dj Spark-E. Happy hardcore! (generic)
Psi_bouncy.lha 318KB 1995-12-04 DJ pSibEr brings you happy stompy hardcore! (generic)
Catcore.lha 96.1KB 1995-12-02 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 196 bpm! (generic)
Gimme_a_Hand.lha 216.5KB 1995-12-02 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 196 bpm! (generic)
Hardcore_Power.lha 237.3KB 1995-12-02 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 202 bpm! (generic)
MF_Moon.lha 496.5KB 1995-12-02 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 212 bpm! (generic)
SuttEmUp.lha 177.3KB 1995-12-02 Hardcore song by David Gerber. 208 bpm! (generic)
extreme_trance.lha 140.4KB 1995-11-27 Rave/Techno module (4 voice-Protracker) (generic)
hello.lha 83.2KB 1995-11-27 Rave/Techno module (4 voice-Protracker) (generic)
BamRaver.lha 55.2KB 1995-11-26 Rave/Techno module (4 voice-Protracker) (generic)
acidnig.lha 73.5KB 1995-11-18 ProTracker 2.3 module (generic)
killborn.lha 81.5KB 1995-11-18 ProTracker 2.3 module (generic)
ravedie.lha 46.5KB 1995-11-18 ProTracker 2.3 module (generic)
4yourmind.lha 94.6KB 1995-11-07 Rave module (generic)
d.l.v.lha 263.6KB 1995-11-07 Techno by M & M Das DreamTeam (generic)
SweatBox.lha 194.2KB 1995-11-04 Banging tekno Octamed Song (generic)
illyana.lha 113.4KB 1995-10-29 GREAT Acid tune by LDF/Cone (generic)
Ik-Will-Danzen.lha 134.8KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Je-ha-ha.lha 127.3KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Love-Hardcore.lha 330.1KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Perplex-Chaos.lha 273KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
PinaoInTranceR.lha 385.7KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
The_Seduction.lha 436.5KB 1995-10-22 Great Tekkno Module by The Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Energy.lha 157.7KB 1995-10-13 no description
InSpice.lha 96KB 1995-10-13 no description
ItsaDream.lha 95.6KB 1995-10-13 no description
TheHymn.lha 223.7KB 1995-10-13 Another cool techno-mod by DJ Digi-T-Icer (generic)
Always.lha 169.8KB 1995-10-10 no description
BadDay.lha 158.9KB 1995-10-10 Acid-Breakbeat-Mod By Pirat/Xtc (generic)
Fatal.lha 432.1KB 1995-10-10 no description
smartdrugs-org.lha 225.7KB 1995-10-10 SMARTDRUGS - 4Ch COMPO Version - BY ORG!^XTD (generic)
tricky.lha 119.8KB 1995-09-26 no description
trustno1.lha 91.1KB 1995-09-26 Octamed V4+ Techno module, Uploaded Sept '95 (generic)
juice-cbomb.lha 419.9KB 1995-09-21 Acid/Breakbeat/Ambient mod by Juice. (generic)
juice-breaks.lha 126KB 1995-09-07 Mellow happy breakbeats by jUicE! (generic)
mayday_crypt.lha 133.6KB 1995-09-07 Mayday2 RMX (Hysteric) by Jens (generic)
GreenAcid.lha 32.4KB 1995-09-02 GreenACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool (generic)
LilaAcid.lha 30.7KB 1995-09-02 LilaACID Tekkno Module by Z-Cool (generic)
SignsOfLive.lha 252KB 1995-08-25 Nice Techno-Module by Digi-T-Icer (generic)
dartboard.lha 157.3KB 1995-08-20 Mod by KBX-128/Tesko & Mark/TGC (generic)
handbag.lha 282.2KB 1995-08-20 Pt-mod by Leather/TGC in August 1994 (generic)
nehxt-lebv.lha 89.1KB 1995-08-20 Mod by KBX-128 (generic)
EtnoMatic.lha 78KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Firebird.lha 66.4KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
FlameOfLove.lha 158.6KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Future.lha 45.6KB 1995-08-16 no description
GoAhead.lha 135.4KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Innerspace.lha 82.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
InnerspaceCMix.lha 101.2KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Its_Movement.lha 90.4KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Kira.lha 58.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Manzaro.lha 67.6KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Memberment.lha 279.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Micronos.lha 99.2KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Ninyaa_Tower.lha 92.5KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
No_Feeling.lha 194.9KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
PhaseTheMusix.lha 124.6KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Powerbase.lha 113.2KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
ROB_ReMix.lha 158.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Running.lha 63.5KB 1995-08-16 no description
Starwatchers.lha 85.1KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Syndrom_One.lha 106.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Trance_Action.lha 45.3KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Trenzneeschen.lha 92.5KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Warpfield_Two.lha 131.6KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Waveland.lha 110.7KB 1995-08-16 Trance-Rave-Fun by ARU !!! (generic)
Acidick.lzh 66.5KB 1995-08-11 MOD By JayFx/BlackOut (generic)
HardCoreHeaven-old.lzh 74.1KB 1995-08-11 Hardcore heaven, a new TECHNO MOD (generic)
PieceOfTheSky.lzh 28.2KB 1995-08-11 MOD By JayFx/BlackOut (generic)
SacrificeForLo.lzh 90.5KB 1995-08-11 MOD By JayFx/BlackOut (generic)
Tranquillizer.lzh 119.7KB 1995-08-11 MOD By JayFx/BlackOut (generic)
juice-inlove.lha 97.5KB 1995-08-08 Garage/House mod by jUicE! (generic)
dunka1an.lha 360.3KB 1995-08-07 DUNKA EN ANKA (SMASH A DUCK) - HARDCORE TECHNO (generic)
necrolog.lha 116.4KB 1995-08-07 NECROLOGIQUE - TRANCE/HARDCORE module made by ORGASMATRON! (generic)
ode2xtd.lha 120.4KB 1995-08-07 ODE TO X-TRADE - Asian inspirated trance (generic)
Babdabbel-dobb.lha 90.3KB 1995-08-06 Babdobbel-dobbelin Hardcore Tekkno (generic)
Feel_The_Bass.lha 122.1KB 1995-08-06 Feel The Bass ! Hardcore Tekkno (generic)
Hardcore_World.lha 135.9KB 1995-08-06 Hardcore World Hardcore Tekkno (generic)
Motherfuck.lha 229.7KB 1995-08-06 Motherfuck Hardcore Tekkno (generic)
Motherfucker.lha 219.1KB 1995-08-06 no description
thundermix.lha 459KB 1995-08-06 THUNDERMIX Hardcore Tekkno (generic)
cej-lor.lha 135.7KB 1995-08-02 Technopop module by Hotman **** (generic)
danceyeah.lha 118.5KB 1995-08-02 Technopop module by Hotman. Yes you can dance to this. (generic)
listentothis.lha 168.3KB 1995-08-02 Technopop module by Hotman ****+ (generic)
rastaman.lha 97.1KB 1995-08-02 no description
wahoooo.lha 91KB 1995-08-02 Technopop module by Hotman **** (generic)
juice-desolate.lha 159.9KB 1995-08-01 Slow BreakBeat MOD by jUicE - *PHAT!* (generic)
electr.lha 124.7KB 1995-07-26 Another Electronic PT module by Fc22 (generic)
juicebeat4beat.lha 241KB 1995-07-26 BReaKBeaT TuNe BY jUicE (generic)
masterb.lha 155.6KB 1995-07-26 Cool Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22 (generic)
tte.lha 220.5KB 1995-07-26 Fast Techno/Rave PT module by Fc22 (generic)
radius111.lzh 186.9KB 1995-07-25 An acid/trance soundtracker mod (4ch) (generic)
Trancedome.lha 40.6KB 1995-07-11 Trance/acid module (11+ mins!) by KiLLraVeN/MST (generic)
Trancin.lha 17.9KB 1995-07-11 Trance/Acid module (7+ mins) by KiLLraVeN/MST (generic)
agony_od.lha 99.6KB 1995-07-08 Protracker .MOD (Dark Industrial) (generic)
destruct.lha 92.9KB 1995-07-08 Protracker .MOD (Industrial) (generic)
impress1.lha 67.3KB 1995-07-08 Protracker .MOD (Industrial/New Wave) (generic)
impress2.lha 29.1KB 1995-07-08 Protracker .MOD (Industrial/New Wave) (generic)
Corruption.lha 219.8KB 1995-07-05 no description
PsycheFreq.lha 277.3KB 1995-07-05 Hardcore acidtechno by Tiny of Loonies. (generic)
juice-illblood.lha 28.1KB 1995-06-19 HaRDTRaNCe MoD BY jUicE! (generic)
juice-blow.lha 164.5KB 1995-06-13 HC by jUicE! *CHECK README!!!* (generic)
timod.lha 231.5KB 1995-06-12 Silly Amiga tekkno mod. (generic)
1-rave-t.lha 352KB 1995-06-05 RAVE-Tools The New Chapter Track 1 (generic)
2-rave-t.lha 304.1KB 1995-06-05 Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 2 (generic)
3-rave-t.lha 161.7KB 1995-06-05 Rave Tools - The New Chapter Track 3 (generic)
R-Tech1.lha 200.6KB 1995-06-03 RMX/[Death] mod: Fast Techno-Rave :) (generic)
UrgentMeltdown.lha 89KB 1995-05-29 Techno module by Prophet (generic)
VietnamOverdri.lha 143.6KB 1995-05-29 Techno module by Prophet (generic)
paradise.lha 86.6KB 1995-05-24 no description
CallingEarth.lha 95.6KB 1995-05-11 Yves Deruyter/Calling Earth by ENSONIC (generic)
95Ravers-Mix.lha 469.3KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
AtTheHouze.lha 221.8KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by TITAN -Tekkno (generic)
Flying-Phibes.lha 178.4KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Give-Peace.lha 246.9KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Primetime.lha 70.5KB 1995-05-07 HC-techno(logy) by Boogeyman/Gigatron! (generic)
SecretKindOfLo.lha 230.1KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Tangor.lha 188.3KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by Swallow -Tekkno- (generic)
ToTheBeat_y_al.lha 245.6KB 1995-05-07 Great Tekkno Modul by Swallow -Tekkno- (generic)
Slainte_Mhor.lha 145.3KB 1995-04-22 Slainte Mhor by Tonid (generic)
MixDaMix.lha 95KB 1995-04-21 Mod by Deejay Jones from Maniacs "Profound" (generic)
Psi_want.lha 265.1KB 1995-04-21 Very happy,hardcore breakbeat.Chunky beats! (generic)
Electricdrug.lha 96.4KB 1995-04-14 Mod by Heatbeat (generic)
hormi2.lha 42.4KB 1995-04-14 A Techno module by TJM/PND&KSL (generic)
Bar-B-Q.lha 59.6KB 1995-04-12 Mod by TLS from Retire "Bar-B-Q" (generic)
radiusnev.lzh 213.1KB 1995-04-12 A 4 track OctaMED techno/rave mod (generic)
CanyonDentro.lha 67KB 1995-04-11 Mod by Nightmare from Elicma "Canyon Dentro" (generic)
dataovfl.lha 94.6KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
hotrigdr.lha 201.4KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
m-exprm2.lha 52KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
radiusmg.lzh 251.5KB 1995-04-11 A 4 track OctaMEDS Techno/rave mod (generic)
spak_boxhead.lha 133KB 1995-04-11 Protracker module by Spak (generic)
spak_fishpond.lha 127.4KB 1995-04-11 Protracker module by Spak (generic)
spak_jazzhead.lha 145.8KB 1995-04-11 Protracker module by Spak (generic)
spak_mindsea2.lha 141.8KB 1995-04-11 Protracker module by Spak (generic)
wierdo.lha 89.7KB 1995-04-11 A Techno module by TjM/PND&KSL (generic)
juice-insane.lha 102.5KB 1995-04-03 HardTrance by jUicE! (generic)
JulTekkno.lha 142.5KB 1995-03-31 PT-MOD in Swedish! :) by BoogeyMan/GigaTron (generic)
TrampBase.lha 175.8KB 1995-03-29 Techno-Zax by M.O.H.R. (Oktalyzer-Format) (generic)
Dream.lha 322.9KB 1995-03-28 no description
FrankfurtCon.lha 77.4KB 1995-03-28 Techno-Zax by Animal / Defect (generic)
FutRemember.lha 88.5KB 1995-03-28 Techno-Zax by Animal / Defect (generic)
Holotech.lha 118.7KB 1995-03-28 A Techno/Dance PT MOD (generic)
InjectedWP.lha 242.2KB 1995-03-28 Techno-Zax by M.O.H.R. (Oktalyzer-Format) (generic)
radiuskidsgeth.lzh 173.8KB 1995-03-22 A 4 track OctaMED hardcore techno mod (generic)
radiusneon.lzh 108.8KB 1995-03-22 A 4 track OctaMED Trance/Techno mod (generic)
AMellow.lha 565.6KB 1995-03-17 Ambient module (QuadraComposer) by jail (generic)
CommercialBrea.lha 29.5KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
DemonEnclosure.lha 122.7KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Hardcore/Trance MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
Essence.lha 67.1KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Trance MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
FairyTale.lha 24.9KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Happy House MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
FuckUpSurgery.lha 76.3KB 1995-03-17 AANSTALTEN Hardcore MED by TRANCE DENNIS (generic)
Spastik.lha 50.7KB 1995-03-17 Minimalistic Techno (QuadraComposer, play with APlayer) (generic)
TWM_33.lha 347.3KB 1995-03-17 Module from Primavera'95 party (generic)
Wearethefuture.lha 266.7KB 1995-03-17 2nd Module from Primavera'95 party (generic)
ramp6.lha 359.3KB 1995-03-04 Modules done by !RAMP! (generic)
juice-bluesky.lha 186.1KB 1995-03-03 BRKB by jUicE! (generic)
zealotry.lha 32KB 1995-02-28 Techno module by Frank Otto (generic)
Brain-Dead-DAX.lha 99.9KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Dax_isNeverDie.lha 296.8KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Ex-Dream.lha 117.1KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebuster -Tekkno- (generic)
Extremina.lha 236.5KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Haeudideldo.lha 224.5KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Lsd-User.lha 109.4KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
Vivamin-e.lha 199.5KB 1995-02-25 Great Tekkno Module by D.A.X Ravebusters -Tekkno- (generic)
ramp10.lha 177.2KB 1995-02-23 Mods by !RAMP! (generic)
radiusintro.lzh 165KB 1995-02-22 A 4 track SOUNDTRACKER Techno mod (generic)
juice-xtatik.lha 96KB 1995-02-20 Happy BRKB module by jUicE! (generic)
Fractalyzer.lha 125.5KB 1995-02-18 Module By Baroque/Freelance (generic)
CondomCorruptM.lha 169.9KB 1995-02-13 PT-MOD by Travolta/SPB Maxi version (generic)
SlaminParty.lha 382KB 1995-02-13 PT-MOD by Holger K. (generic)
WithMe.lha 349KB 1995-02-13 PT-MOD by Holger K. (generic)
Last-Dance.lha 159.9KB 1995-02-03 Techno-Mod by Holger K. (generic)
VirtualJourney.lha 133.1KB 1995-01-24 Techno-tune by Slaze / Defiance (generic)
TranceVol2.lha 1002.9KB 1995-01-23 TranceMods Vol.2 by ARU !!! (generic)
radiusat.lzh 309.4KB 1995-01-21 An ambient/techno soundtracker mod (4ch) (generic)
na_id_sip.lha 308.9KB 1995-01-16 Protracker Module by NOws (generic)
Psi_anogen.lha 166.1KB 1995-01-12 Happy hardcore, breakbeat octamed module (generic)
Psi_clone.lha 104.5KB 1995-01-12 Happy hardcore, breakbeat octamed module (generic)
stones-faces.lha 407KB 1994-11-13 Techno-Mod by Holger K. (generic)
bigfun.lha 109.1KB 1994-11-05 Detroit techno by JUICE! (generic)
hapiness.lha 52.6KB 1994-11-05 Happy BRKB techno by JUICE! (generic)
2Control.lha 12.8KB 1994-11-04 Mad tekkno tune (generic)
Adrenochrome.lha 151.1KB 1994-10-23 Techno mod 5:05 ****+ (generic)
Bladeraver.lha 93.7KB 1994-10-23 Techno by Bionic 3:30 ****+ (generic)
CheckNoBanckh.lha 96.4KB 1994-10-23 Technopop by Laxity 4:15 *****+ (generic)
DesertDreamEnd.lha 85.3KB 1994-10-23 Technopop by Laxity 4:45 ***** (generic)
DreamWorld.lha 38.4KB 1994-10-23 no description
FearOfTheExams.lha 59.3KB 1994-10-23 Techno by Leinad 2:35 **** (generic)
FindusOchKorve.lha 87.3KB 1994-10-23 Techno by DJ Jones 4:35 **** (generic)
LongingforTech.lha 43.8KB 1994-10-23 no description
VirtualReality.lha 296.7KB 1994-10-23 Techno by Organic 5:00 ****+ (generic)
VoicesFromHeav.lha 108.5KB 1994-10-23 Techno by Hallgreen, Christ 2:10 ****+ (generic)
Recall.lha 28.6KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Zyx 2:10 *** (generic)
StepOne.lha 155.1KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Vixen 2:35 ***+ (generic)
TechnologyPrdy.lha 118.5KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Maggot 3:55 ***+ (generic)
Technomania.lha 124KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Trashcan 2:25 **** (generic)
Tekknisch+.lha 63.5KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Cytron 1:50 **+ (generic)
Tekknological.lha 223.3KB 1994-10-22 Techno by Linde,M+Wilson,J 4:35 **** (generic)
AcidicLampshad.lha 110.9KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Mark Knight **** (generic)
AcidRave.lha 203.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Orpheus **** (generic)
ADomosPace2.lha 55.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Zodiac ***+ (generic)
AgressiveClean.lha 115.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Mr.Urk ***+ (generic)
AliensAteMySoc.lha 91.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Twilight ****+ (generic)
Amigafastestco.lha 59.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Mr.Root ***+ (generic)
AmigaLort.lha 89.6KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ***** (generic)
Approximity.lha 168.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
Aussie4.lha 47.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **+ (generic)
BadLands.lha 30.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **+ (generic)
BigThrong.lha 92.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Dexter **** (generic)
BornInBelgianC.lha 71.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Bernard Sumner **** (generic)
BrainForSale.lha 257.7KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Brainiac **** (generic)
BurningFire.lha 96.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by MC Matrix *** (generic)
CaloogaAt5Am.lha 74.6KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ** (generic)
Capricornmix.lha 193.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Leander ****+ (generic)
CelebrateIi.lha 91.6KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by 0-dezign **** (generic)
Chapell.lha 245.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Dirk+Yorak ****+ (generic)
Comanators.lha 77.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ****+ (generic)
Crowds1.lha 34.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **+ (generic)
CryBaby.lha 124.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
CrystalKaosJay.lha 132.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Echo ****+ (generic)
Cubik.lha 155.7KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod *** (generic)
CuebikMixSlx.lha 56.6KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
DanceOrDie.lha 58.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Tekknoid **** (generic)
DeepDeepDownIi.lha 296.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Jay-Dee ***+ (generic)
Deeptheacid.lha 161.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Burgame **** (generic)
DieIndustrie.lha 73.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Concept ****+ (generic)
DreamOffmco.lha 36.6KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by HMC ****+ (generic)
DroppingAcid.lha 131.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **+ (generic)
EndOfBeginning.lha 30.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Beathoven **** (generic)
EsOnJesus10.lha 92.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Echo ****+ (generic)
FeelTheBitBeat.lha 69.9KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Twisted ****+ (generic)
FightingForPea.lha 65.1KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by DJ Fog ****+ (generic)
FinallyIPlay.lha 71KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Carlo Demichelis****+ (generic)
Firecracker.lha 165.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ****+ (generic)
Frantic.lha 71.4KB 1994-08-07 no description
FreedomTrack.lha 77.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Tyrell ****+ (generic)
GlueL.lha 58.9KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Mahoney **** (generic)
GodWatches.lha 167.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by x-cess **** (generic)
Goirle.lha 67.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
GottaHaveYouNo.lha 142.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon **** (generic)
HalfAsleep.lha 124.7KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Tecon **** (generic)
HappyhappyJoyj.lha 59.9KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Mindless **** (generic)
Harthouse.lha 133.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Jam+Spoon ****+ (generic)
HbAutiohalko.lha 313.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Heatbeat ****+ (generic)
Hmmmmma.lha 95.5KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod **** (generic)
HumanInvasion.lha 151.2KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ****+ (generic)
HungerAfterDin.lha 76.4KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Delta X **** (generic)
Innerpeace.lha 92.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Eric G ****+ (generic)
KeepBustin.lha 119.8KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod ***** (generic)
MaydayCia.lha 61.3KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Vamp ****+ (generic)
MindMeltation.lha 110KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Zadd ****+ (generic)
Moonchild.lha 88.5KB 1994-08-07 no description
NewExperience.lha 214KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Wooper ****+ (generic)
NorthernLight.lha 102.7KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Twilight ****+ (generic)
SecretTechno.lha 27.7KB 1994-08-07 Techno mod by Black Virus ****+ (generic)
TechnoBable.lha 41.8KB 1994-07-10 MOD Music file Composed by THE MIXER (generic)
xs_PAR.lha 252.4KB 1994-06-10 Protracker mod by Blaster Xs 4:40 **** (generic)
xs_VAC.lha 280.6KB 1994-06-10 Protracker mod by Blaster Xs 4:10 **** (generic)
madness2.lha 89.1KB 1994-06-03 no description
comingtotheboi.lha 188.6KB 1994-05-27 A General Assassin Rave mod. 4:25 *** (generic)
deadears.lha 108.6KB 1994-05-27 A General Assassin Rave mod. (HQ) (generic)
pye_BassInFac1.lha 66.6KB 1994-05-25 Module From Pye/Agoa 1:45 **+ (generic)
pye_BassInFac2.lha 65.5KB 1994-05-25 Module From Pye/Agoa 3:25 *** (generic)
pye_BlasterAgy.lha 129.7KB 1994-05-25 Module From Pye/Agoa 3:40 ***+ (generic)
pye_FlikFlakT6.lha 34.3KB 1994-05-25 Module From Pye/Agoa 1:05 ** (generic)
pye_FlikFlakT9.lha 34.1KB 1994-05-25 Module From Pye/Agoa 1:40 *** (generic)
Action4U.lha 93.6KB 1994-05-24 A ProTracker module by Tracker. **** (generic)
LoveSucks.lha 214.6KB 1994-05-24 A ProTracker module by Tracker. ****+ (generic)
TerminalFuckup.lha 96KB 1994-05-24 Mod from Sanity "Terminal Fuckup" by Jester/Sanity (generic)
Introfronty.lha 10.7KB 1994-05-15 Mod by Dezecrator/Classic from Scoopex intro (generic)
Upstream6Intro.lha 92KB 1994-05-15 Mod by Travolta from Upstream #6 intro (generic)
Global_Trash.lha 116.2KB 1994-04-26 Mod from Silents demo (NOT from Hardwired) (generic)
bh_Traxonic.lha 40.9KB 1994-04-11 PT MOD BY BEE HUNTER/JAZZ (generic)
bh_DiscoveryOf.lha 60.2KB 1994-03-29 PT MOD BY BEE HUNTER/JAZZ (generic)
cyber_ride.lha 119.6KB 1994-03-22 "Cyber Ride" Pro-Tracker Module By Jester (generic)
TargetingCompl.lha 85.8KB 1994-03-22 PT MOD BY BEE HUNTER/JAZZ (generic)
Demosausje.lha 163.4KB 1994-03-20 Mod by Ramon from Team Hoi Mindwarp (generic)
KewlTewn.lha 86.1KB 1994-03-15 PT MOD BY BEE HUNTER/JAZZ "KEWL TEWN!" (generic)
ToxicFriend.lha 113.6KB 1994-03-15 PT MOD BY BEE HUNTER/JAZZ "TOXIC FRIEND" (generic)
SupremeInBlack.lha 146.7KB 1994-03-06 Mod by Clawz/Complex from Complex "Origin" (generic)
FM_Rock.lha 158.9KB 1994-02-03 Mod by Heatbeat from Full Moon ***+ (generic)
AnthemOfTechno.lha 149.5KB 1994-01-07 Protracker Module "Anthem Of Techno" (generic)
Testlast.lha 149.4KB 1994-01-07 no description
Infinity.lha 303.7KB 1993-12-07 no description
sexaphone.lha 55.1KB 1993-10-18 PT module by Optimizer -:-- (generic)
trz_beachtune.lzh 211.7KB 1993-09-21 'beachtune>trzmix', pt terrorist/nemesis (generic)
dtb_wood.lzh 65.7KB 1993-09-15 'Wood Is Music',pt mod by dtb/tgt (generic)
DrMabuseMods.lha 234.9KB 1993-08-03 ProtrackerModule 5:05 *** (generic)
Only4U.lha 77KB 1993-08-03 ProTracker module by Tomi Blinnikka. (generic)
Blueboxing.lha 89.5KB 1993-05-21 Module from Razor 19111 "Back to the ashes" demo (generic)
tstone.lha 106.9KB 1993-05-01 Protracker module 10:05 ***+ (generic)
V-EXT.lha 180.6KB 1993-04-29 Very cool Pro-Mod! Ripped from an Intro! (generic)
Suspense.lha 90.1KB 1993-03-22 no description
HumanTarget.lha 190.3KB 1993-03-18 no description
Technology.lha 94.9KB 1993-03-02 no description
DeadAndBuried.lha 80.8KB 1993-02-28 file DeadAndBuried.readme matches (generic)
dragjive.lha 132.6KB 1992-08-15 Module Dragon Jive by S.L.L. ****+ (generic)
ReachTechNoLim.lha 86.7KB 1992-08-15 ProTracker module "Reach Tech-No Limit" (generic)
TechMaru.lha 196.8KB 1992-08-15 Techmaru is a MOD from Maruku / Megawatts (generic)
Dream_State.lha 56.7KB 1992-02-18 Techno by HMC 2:15 **** (generic)