Path: /root/amiganet/mods/voice

Old_Computers.lzh 2.7MB 2002-09-14 HappyHC/CyberPunk module with voices by Pero-Fotar (generic)
LTS1_dhjk.lha 246.9KB 2000-01-16 On the Loop - pot-ash x-mas mix (generic)
Mika_Niko.lha 374.7KB 1999-06-12 An old joke PT mod by Tripper (generic)
Mindwaves.lha 454.2KB 1999-06-12 Strange UFO PT mod by Tripper (generic)
Jordan.lha 182.4KB 1998-08-28 Jordan, MED Module [Whee_Cool] (generic)
Adran.lha 120.2KB 1998-08-26 The Adran Song, a voice MOD [Whee_Cool] (generic)
MVP.lha 116.8KB 1998-08-20 A tribute to the MVP-Man! (generic)
GLovesDisco.lha 335.3KB 1998-07-19 Grzesiek Loves Disco - voiced by Gorzyga (in Polish) (generic)
S_Sugar.lha 608.7KB 1998-07-19 "I Got 5 On It" by dEF bASE (sTEREo module release!) (generic)
Tryb95.lha 122KB 1998-07-19 TrybAwaryjny95 - Tribute to Win95 (in Polish) (generic)
tbbk1.lha 388.4KB 1998-06-01 The Beatbox Kings goes HipHop (generic)
ATFuture.lha 147.9KB 1998-04-14 Amiga - The Future Lento/TCD (generic)
PC_Hurts.lha 1.7MB 1998-02-05 The follow up to "The Intel Outside" - OctaMED MMD1 Module (generic)
gs_Free.lha 1.5MB 1998-02-02 Selfsung Chemicalbeat like ! MUSTBE! (generic)
ortouch.lha 560.5KB 1997-12-21 The Orion Touch ! (generic)
winill.lha 566KB 1997-12-21 Windows illusion (generic)
Esykdag.lha 53.4KB 1997-07-12 Module by Espen Olsen (generic)
FyFaenPsycho.lha 39.7KB 1997-07-12 Module by Espen Olsen (generic)
DJsEcstacy.lha 284.6KB 1997-07-03 Cool Mod By Arash Tavakoli aka HyperionT (generic)
Greatfitzn.lha 204.1KB 1997-06-29 Module by Roger Hauam (generic)
Anti-PC.lha 186.4KB 1997-05-19 Anti PC Tune (generic)
LoveLand.lha 517KB 1997-05-05 Exellent Dance-Techno by MrOLI (generic)
CrazyMods1.lha 1MB 1997-02-03 A bunch of crazy french mods (generic)
CrazyMods2.lha 859.9KB 1997-02-03 More crazy french mods (generic)
LoveHell.lha 627.5KB 1997-01-07 4 chan 8bit ProTracker module, 2:41 min. (generic)
Bommerlunder.lha 183.1KB 1996-08-17 NEW Protracker-MOD by CeNtRoNiX (GAG) (generic)
IntelOut.lha 1.3MB 1996-08-07 no description
fifa-dance.lha 149.4KB 1996-06-15 Awesome SINGED dance mod (generic)
fifa-rap.lha 150.3KB 1996-06-15 Awesome SINGED hip hop mod (generic)
AntiPC_Rap.lha 260.6KB 1996-04-24 PC mod with german voice (generic)
sad-trod.lha 135.8KB 1996-04-10 Troddlers in the form of SAD-Troddlers (generic)
sad-frog.lha 92.5KB 1996-03-08 Superfrog in the form of SAD-Frog (generic)
sad-song.lha 145.7KB 1996-03-08 A strange saddistic (Hem! Hem!) song (generic)
sad-tech.lha 103.7KB 1996-03-08 The strange saddistic (Hem! Hem!) song part 2 (generic)
Kantri.lha 288.2KB 1995-05-29 Funny module by tjm (generic)
maehsir.lha 174.6KB 1995-05-29 Funny module by tjm (generic)
Maentsalae.lha 249.1KB 1995-05-29 Funny module by tjm (generic)
MatinMakka.lha 126.6KB 1995-05-29 Funny module by tjm (generic)
PikkuKa.lha 70.5KB 1995-05-29 Funny module by tjm (generic)
MaxDream-xtc.lha 118.3KB 1994-10-23 Hardcore by PsynoMix 3:05 ****+ (generic)
Junglizm.lha 165.5KB 1994-10-22 Techno by DJ.Maxx 4:00 ***+ (generic)
WindItUpChaos.lha 256.2KB 1994-10-22 Voices by Andemar 6:45 *** (generic)
Stevespam.lha 217.5KB 1994-03-31 Singing by Maruku 3:20 =:^) (generic)
creamlem.lha 143.9KB 1994-03-05 PT/ST MOD 2:20 ***+ (generic)
GuruDreams.lha 479.3KB 1994-02-25 Brilliant high quality Jungle Techno ProTracker Mods (generic)
giveitup.lha 74.1KB 1993-10-18 PT module by Optimizer 2:45 **** (generic)
desert.lha 215KB 1993-04-27 no description