Path: /root/amiganet/mods/wmr

gg_solid.lha 342.9KB 1999-04-23 IMM: "Solid-State" by Gronda Gronda (generic)
j2neptun.lha 2MB 1999-04-23 IMM: "Journey to Neptune" by A.Akerheden (generic)
night.lha 906KB 1999-04-20 no description
an_blue.lha 814.3KB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Blue Water Pond" / A.Akerheden (generic)
an_lost.lha 3.6MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Lost Your Belief"/A. Akerheden (generic)
bto-prof.lha 1.6MB 1999-04-18 IMM: "Profound" by BeatOmen (generic)
cryclrmx.lha 9.6MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Crystal Clear (Remix)" by Paws (generic)
glasmilk.lha 8.8MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "A Glass of Milk" by Paws (generic)
harbwhis.lha 6.1MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Exp: "Harbour Whistles" by Euji Acha (generic)
higher2.mpg 700.7KB 1999-04-18 IMM-Exp: "Higher" by Deceiver (generic)
mi-mta.lha 433.2KB 1999-04-18 IMM: "More than Adventure" by Ming/DiSC (generic)
numb.lha 713.7KB 1999-04-18 no description
somewhere.mpg 2.9MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Somewhere" by Deceiver (generic)
underneath.mpg 2.5MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Underneath" by Deceiver (generic)
unjust.lha 1.5MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "An Unjust War" by Pirate Pete (generic)
worstome.mpg 1.4MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Worst of Me" by Deceiver (generic)
writwall.lha 4.9MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Writing on the Wall"/Arclight (generic)
zamshill.lha 7.3MB 1999-04-18 IMM-Mon: "Zaman's Hill" by Euji Acha (generic)
trying.lha 352.4KB 1999-04-14 IMM: "Trying to Reach the Stars"/Snicker (generic)
w-ihe.lha 1.2MB 1999-04-14 IMM: "In Her Eyes" by Warder (generic)
oo-press.lha 394.5KB 1999-04-02 IMM: "Press Play on Tape" by Xyltburk (generic)
bas_ines.lha 1002.2KB 1999-04-01 IMM: "I've Never Seen" by BASiC (generic)
wolf_cc.lha 559.2KB 1999-04-01 IMM: "The Omega Point" by WolfSong & CC (generic)
mw_trust.lha 1.4MB 1999-03-30 IMM: "Trust" by wOOd/Acid Demons (generic)
bp_melt.lha 552.9KB 1999-03-29 IMM: "Melt" by balistic/DiSC (generic)
ds-above.lha 386.4KB 1999-03-29 IMM: "Above the Clouds" by Dawnstar (generic)
bar_last.lha 886.1KB 1999-03-27 IMM: "Last Time" by BAR (generic)
wolf_m09.lha 5.3MB 1999-03-27 IMM-Sel: "Fox" by WolfSong (generic)
awaken.lha 1.2MB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Unsensual Awakening" by Jimmy (generic)
aws_aq16.lha 1.1MB 1999-03-26 IMM: "Aquarium" (16bit) by Awesome (generic)
castston.lha 906.9KB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Cast in Stone" by Jimmy (generic)
hs-mltbn.lha 5.1MB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Multidimensional Brain" (generic)
ht-heavn.lha 8.4MB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Heaven's Garden" by Heatseeker (generic)
hypergol.lha 886.5KB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Hypergolic" by Pirate Pete (generic)
junvoco.lha 365.8KB 1999-03-26 IMM: "Junvoco" by Madnezzz/BrainFreezE (generic)
kls97308.lha 173.9KB 1999-03-26 IMM: "Defafacsh" by KLawS (generic)
lastone.lha 587KB 1999-03-26 no description
nb_astra.lha 526.4KB 1999-03-26 IMM: "Astral Dreams" by Nightbeat (generic)
nb_retrd.lha 901.2KB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Retard (Psychedelic Mix)" (generic)
newbegin.lha 155.2KB 1999-03-26 no description
nintpak1.lha 91KB 1999-03-26 IMM-Mon: "Nintendo Pak #1" by Nighthawk (generic)
parasym.lha 782.3KB 1999-03-26 IMM: "Parasympathy" by Myth (generic)
ninoleon.lha 458.9KB 1999-03-18 WMR: "True Professionals" by Nino (generic)
sandover.lha 204.6KB 1999-03-18 IMM-Ref: "Sand over Water" by Loki (generic)
sectng.lha 634.9KB 1999-03-17 IMM: "Secret Thing" by Tobe (generic)
aerotrnc.lha 1.2MB 1999-03-16 IMM: "AeroTrance" by Deviator (generic)
an_mini4.lha 87.1KB 1999-03-05 IMM-Mon: "Forca Fun Fare!" by Anders A. (generic)
k_fail.lha 1.3MB 1999-03-05 IMM-Mon: "CJV.Failure" by B00MER (generic)
tro-days.lha 584.4KB 1999-03-05 IMM: "Days of Glory" by Trobe (generic)
ifihadkn.lha 602.2KB 1999-03-02 WMR: "If I Had Known" by Seventh Sky (generic)
nb_stead.lha 659.1KB 1999-03-02 IMM-Mon: "The Steadfast" by Nightbeat (generic)
k_give2.lha 790.5KB 1999-02-18 IMM-Mon: "I Give a Little Love (Remix)" (generic)
k_suckl.lha 1.4MB 1999-02-18 IMM-Mon: "Suckl" by Zinc/Kosmic (generic)
bc-goann.lha 111.9KB 1999-02-17 no description
exspearm.lha 674.1KB 1999-02-17 IMM: "Ex-Spearmint" by Solo of EiA (generic)
hypnvamp.lha 7.4MB 1999-02-17 IMM: "Hypnotic Vampire" by Heatseeker (generic)
ct_etts.lha 877.4KB 1999-02-15 IMM: "Escape to the Stars" by Cap. Trip (generic)
k_dreamp.lha 634.4KB 1999-02-15 IMM-Mon: "Dreamplay" by Norfair/Kosmic (generic)
k_gravit.lha 4.4MB 1999-02-15 IMM-Mon: "Gravity" by Probe (generic)
lostsoul.lha 529.3KB 1999-02-15 IMM: "Lost Souls" by DipA (generic)
shapes.mpg 4.6MB 1999-02-15 IMM-Mon: "Shapes" by Nightbeat & Nevill (generic)
bridge2.lha 89.9KB 1999-02-08 IMM-Ref: "Bridge to the Universe Pt. II" (generic)
megashit2.lha 7.1KB 1999-02-08 IMM-Ref: "Megashit 2" by Libertine (generic)
zulurev.lha 13.4KB 1999-02-08 IMM-Ref: "Zulu's Revenge" by Rage (generic)
amateur.lha 1006.3KB 1999-02-07 no description
viper.lha 908.7KB 1999-02-07 no description
mss-sock.lha 969.3KB 1999-02-06 IMM-Mon: "Socks Don't Have Feelings" (generic)
k_device.lha 2.3MB 1999-02-05 IMM-Mon: "My Device" by B00MER (generic)
cr3spent.lha 1.3MB 1999-02-04 IMM: "Time Spent (On You)" by Chromix (generic)
dawnrnwy.lha 456KB 1999-02-02 IMM: "Dawn Runaway" by MindWalker (generic)
khazizian.lha 576.5KB 1999-01-31 IMM: "Khazizian" by Shaft/DDR Rhythm (generic)
k_dsil.lha 859.8KB 1999-01-31 IMM-Mon: "'Dream Silicon" by Genosha (generic)
k_return.lha 2.4MB 1999-01-31 IMM-Mon: "Return to Plent Necros" (generic)
imp-rm02.lha 1.1MB 1999-01-28 IMM-Mon: "To Space and Beyond" (generic)
ovf_deta.lha 713.6KB 1999-01-28 IMM: "Details" (generic)
eoftech.lha 370.5KB 1999-01-18 IMM: "The World to Come" (generic)
er-cari.lha 113.5KB 1999-01-18 IMM: "Carioca Wannabe" (generic)
gm-twtc.lha 404.7KB 1999-01-18 IMM: "The World to Come" (generic)
anotherw.lha 232.4KB 1999-01-13 IMM: "Another World Now Falls Apart" (generic)
k_porno.lha 648KB 1999-01-13 IMM-Mon: "Porno v1.10" (generic)
k_acadmc.lha 971.8KB 1999-01-11 IMM-Mon: "Academic" (generic)
k_exceed.lha 3.3MB 1999-01-11 IMM-Mon: "Exceed" (generic)
congrgat.lha 350.7KB 1999-01-10 IMM: "Congregate" (generic)
mchanges.lha 498.8KB 1999-01-09 IMM: "A Time of Changes" (generic)
realone.lha 727.9KB 1999-01-05 IMM: "Real One" (generic)
revealing.lha 146.7KB 1999-01-05 IMM: "Revealing" (generic)
funken.lha 330.3KB 1998-12-31 IMM: "Funkenstein" (generic)
jazz1.lha 63.7KB 1998-12-31 IMM-Ref: "Bombastic Jazz" (generic)
border.lha 685.2KB 1998-12-27 IMM: "The Border" (generic)
k_bomb.lha 1.7MB 1998-12-27 IMM-Mon: "Bomb on the City" (generic)
k_death.lha 824.8KB 1998-12-27 IMM-Mon: "I Inherit Death" (generic)
k_lead.lha 1.5MB 1998-12-27 IMM-Mon: "Leadbelly (Remix)" (generic)
k_pearl.lha 1MB 1998-12-27 IMM-Mon: "Perlen des Pops" (generic)
magicflute.lha 725KB 1998-12-27 IMM: "Magic Flute" (generic)
nm_atom.lha 1MB 1998-12-27 IMM-Mon: "Chant Atomique" (generic)
doll.lha 118.7KB 1998-12-13 IMM: "The Doll" (generic)
nm_bblon.lha 762.8KB 1998-12-13 IMM: "Moon over Babylon" (generic)
gfx_tr8.lha 818.9KB 1998-12-08 IMM: "Untenable Peace" (generic)
lonoise.lha 292.6KB 1998-12-08 IMM: "LoNoise" (generic)
insects.lha 348.4KB 1998-12-05 IMM: "Insects" (generic)
an_2lst8.lha 723.2KB 1998-12-04 IMM: "Made to Last" (8-bit version) (generic)
advance.lha 243.4KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Advance" (generic)
chipshit.lha 5.8KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Chip's Hit" (generic)
cltcrmnc.lha 317KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Celtic Romances" (generic)
dc-tlas.lha 194.8KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "The Last Atlantis Song" (generic)
eyepick.lha 53.2KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Eye Pick" (generic)
faraway.lha 226.2KB 1998-11-30 no description
fatterthangod.lha 191.7KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Fatter Than God" (generic)
ftbclub1.lha 572.2KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "It's Wonderfull (to Feel)" (generic)
inmotion.lha 155.3KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "In Motion" (generic)
judgeme.lha 1.1MB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Judge Me" (generic)
mnkybsns.lha 391.9KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Monkey Business" (generic)
oncloud9.lha 740.3KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "On Cloud NiNe" (generic)
opiumchip.lha 226.4KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "The Opium Chip" (generic)
redbrick.lha 663.6KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Red Brick" (generic)
tele.lha 305.6KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Telemetry" (generic)
vigilante.lha 307.1KB 1998-11-30 IMM: "Vigilante" (generic)
7thheven.lha 731.5KB 1997-12-02 WMR: "7th Heaven" by DJ Joge (generic)
armed.lha 163.7KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Armed" by Raper (generic)
atmos.lha 200.9KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Trance.Atmospheric" by Balistic (generic)
beez.lha 458.2KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Beez" by SideWinder (generic)
biomnkby.lha 175.5KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Bionic Monkey Boy" by Skullsaw (generic)
blues.lha 143.4KB 1997-11-23 no description
c20-328.lha 8.2KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "March 28th" by Klaws (generic)
chains.lha 250.4KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Chains of Iron" by Ackers (generic)
closet.lha 323.9KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Monster in the Closet" by Cyber... (generic)
cosmicof.lha 481.9KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Cosmic Outflow" by Falcon (generic)
c_whendr.lha 544.1KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "When I Dream" by Chimp&Z (generic)
deepcvr.lha 268.8KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Deep Cover" by Aftab Hussein (generic)
endrmx.lha 134.4KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "End Meets End" by J. Devlin (generic)
evoluti2.lha 592KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Evolution" by Motion (generic)
extreme.lha 181KB 1997-11-23 no description
extvoid.lha 138.1KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Ex Turn Void" by CyberCerberus (generic)
ftb-find.lha 383.1KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Find Yourself" by Rowie (generic)
inverse.lha 4.7KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Inverse Science" by CyberCerberus (generic)
machina.lha 390.2KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Deus Ex Machina" by CyberCerberus (generic)
mi-nowrd.lha 216.3KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Not With Words" by Ming (generic)
midnight.lha 343.8KB 1997-11-23 no description
mixmaste.lha 264.4KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Mixmaster" by Mixmaster (generic)
n-sform.lha 273.7KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Shadowform" by Nemesis (generic)
nasty_d.lha 79KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Nasty and D (D and Nasty)" by W... (generic)
nb-oafk1.lha 178.2KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Dawn of Pendragon" by Nightbeat (generic)
nb-rangr.lha 241KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Ranger Song" by Nightbeat (generic)
pocoloco.lha 180.1KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Pocoloco" by KimiK (generic)
puredev.lha 159.9KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Pure Devotion" by CSM (generic)
rr-phony.lha 339.3KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Cacaphonium" by BizKid (generic)
si-wrft.lha 356.5KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Winter Frost" by Skull (generic)
sk_fe.lha 238KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "False Emotions" by Skull (generic)
sonata01.lha 74.5KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Sonata 01" by Chris and the Clones (generic)
steppin.lha 155.1KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Steppin'" by Alex Noble (generic)
sufvar.lha 330.9KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Suffering Variety" by Shrift (generic)
thebells.lha 195KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "The Bells" by Chris & the Clones (generic)
vrb-tuz.lha 115.3KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "Tuzie" by The Virtual Reality Band (generic)
wi-castl.lha 68KB 1997-11-23 WMR: "The Castle" by Wizo (generic)
n_rat.lha 519.1KB 1997-11-17 WMR: "Rat in a Cage" by ZackmanO (generic)
WMR_wk33.lha 52.7KB 1997-11-17 WMR: New reviews for week of 11.10.97 (wk33) (generic)
feedback.lha 3.2MB 1997-11-12 no description
aoaries.lha 349.9KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "The Age of Aries" by Crux (generic)
b-nsane.lha 364.2KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "My Insanity" by Blurry (generic)
deathweb.lha 231.6KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "Rave on the Web of Death" by Darkness (generic)
elw-fall.lha 311.4KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "Fall From Sky" by Elwood (generic)
lunarmas.lha 148KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "Lunar Mass" by Pfister (generic)
lz-image.lha 484.1KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "Images of Terror" by LioZ (generic)
mc-absen.lha 159.2KB 1997-11-10 WMR: "In Absence of Minor" by ManChild (generic)
WMR_wk32.lha 51.3KB 1997-11-10 WMR: New reviews for week of 11.03.97 (wk32) (generic)
WMR_wk31.lha 75.9KB 1997-10-30 WMR: New reviews for week of 10.27.97 (wk31) (generic)
bldstone.lha 220.7KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Bloodstone" by Loki (generic)
bn-aevea.lha 274KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Aevea" DJ Beanz/ACiD (generic)
ccs-epdm.lha 444.7KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Epidemic" by Vegas (generic)
cleared.lha 302.1KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Cleared For Take-Off" by Messiah (generic)
dd-trvlg.lha 283.6KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Travelling" by DD/Aurora+Gemini (generic)
elf-mind.lha 507.9KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Mind Machine" by Elfstone (generic)
fm-cott.lha 411.4KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Cotton Woll" by Mellow-D (generic)
gd-ato.lha 266.9KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Ato" by GD (generic)
gravitat.lha 113.4KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Gravitational Pull" by Salvorite (generic)
hate.lha 480.3KB 1997-10-26 no description
hotdog.lha 299KB 1997-10-26 no description
imprvztn.lha 499.6KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Improvization" by SoundGod (generic)
k_jmars.lha 202.5KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Jamaican Mars" by CD/KFMF (generic)
k_lodge.lha 382.3KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Lodge of the 3 Globes" by Maelcum (generic)
landward.lha 97KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Landwards" by Musaya/Newlook (generic)
lostiacl.lha 136KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Lost in a Cloud" by Cardiac (generic)
m-stomp.lha 405.2KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Stomping on Elephantus" by Mystical (generic)
m_rem1b.lha 204KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Tribute (DMF Remix)" by Dreamfish (generic)
nv-funk.lha 137.4KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Demo Funk" by Nova/ACiD (generic)
offtopic.lha 298.1KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Off Topic" by Obuk (generic)
outer-cl.lha 159.5KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Outer Cloudlands" by Eye-Oh (generic)
s_giggle.lha 194.5KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Giggle of the Fairies" by Shudder/YOE (generic)
tf-sbmrg.lha 449.4KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Submerged" by Numb Lock (generic)
tmasakre.lha 587.6KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "The Masakre" by YoSFiTS (generic)
uberfunk.lha 299.7KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "The UberFunkMeister" by Alex Noble (generic)
undpress.lha 264.5KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Under Pressure" Rage/Jade (generic)
use-pen.lha 544.4KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "When the Penguin Slides" by DustBin (generic)
w0contin.lha 235.5KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Continuum" by W0zz (generic)
zan-stup.lha 249.1KB 1997-10-26 WMR: "Stupidity" by Zanti/ELQ (generic)
holdlin.lha 222.4KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "Hold the Line" by Libertine (generic)
k_motif.lha 587KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "(Messing With) Motifs" by Mick Rippon (generic)
ned-hard.lha 347.3KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "Hard Night" by Grgy/NeDeBo (generic)
psycho.lha 178.5KB 1997-10-23 no description
sf-walls.lha 69KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "The Walls Are Crying" by Brokenheart (generic)
smi_sttr.lha 243.5KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "Street Trance" by Joker (generic)
stars.lha 115.4KB 1997-10-23 no description
vmc1infi.lha 153.2KB 1997-10-23 WMR: "Infinite Dreams" by Killer Kid (generic)
WMR.lha 1MB 1997-10-23 Initial WMR reviews & info archive (generic)