Path: /root/amiganet/mus/edit

GoatTrackerStereo-mos.lha 973.3KB 2019-05-05 no description
opus-tools-0.2_a68k.lha 470.9KB 2019-04-28 no description
AmySequencer.lha 636.4KB 2019-01-13 no description
harmonics.lha 71.7KB 2018-12-15 no description
SampleZ.lha 134.9KB 2018-11-18 no description
opus-tools-0.2_aros.lha 584KB 2018-10-21 no description
mod2wav.lha 24.5KB 2018-06-29 no description
U1Synth.lha 52.8KB 2018-06-16 no description
Flacochlorine.lha 74.9KB 2018-06-10 no description
Zgrzytor.lha 24.6KB 2018-06-10 no description
Zormanita.lha 184.5KB 2018-06-10 no description
SamplesCreator.lha 62.2KB 2018-06-03 no description
milkytracker-morphos.lha 2.9MB 2018-05-11 no description
vorbistools140_68k.lha 821.1KB 2018-03-19 no description
vorbistools140_wos.lha 877.6KB 2018-03-19 no description
MMV8_Complete.lha 1.5MB 2018-03-13 no description
MMV8_2_PCM.lha 8.5KB 2018-03-03 no description
MMV8_Disk_1.lha 537.3KB 2018-02-25
MMV8_Disk_2.lha 425.7KB 2018-02-25
MMV8_Disk_3.lha 550.9KB 2018-02-25
MMV8_V2_Anleitung.pdf 8.3MB 2018-02-14 no description
mod2wav_mos.lha 20.8KB 2018-02-02 no description
opus-tools-0.1.10_a68k.lha 418.3KB 2017-07-03 Opus Audio Tools (m68k-amigaos)
opus-tools-0.1.10_aros.lha 420.5KB 2017-07-03 Opus Audio Tools (i386-aros) 20.9MB 2017-03-05 Sources for Michael Pfeiffer's software (generic) 3.2MB 2016-10-01 Music making software "ProTracker" (i386-aros)
MultiMedia_Sound.adf 880KB 2016-07-20 Musiceditor from Linel, former SoundFX (m68k-amigaos)
EarAche.adf 880KB 2016-07-18 EarAche (good Musiceditor and ADF) (m68k-amigaos)
EarAche_Preview.adf 880KB 2016-07-18 EarAche Preview (Musiceditor and ADF) (m68k-amigaos)
ProTracker-3.15-Y2K.lha 94.3KB 2016-07-18 Protracker 3.15 year 2000 Fix (m68k-amigaos)
ProTracker-3.15-AGA.lha 122.9KB 2016-07-10 Protracker 3.15 (AGA/FIX) (m68k-amigaos)
ProTracker-3.15-Source.lha 465.7KB 2016-07-10 Protracker 3.15 (Source) (generic)
MED_v3.22.adf 880KB 2016-06-29 MED 3.22 (Last Version + TOSEC/ADF/FIX) (m68k-amigaos)
GoatTracker-morphos.lha 1.2MB 2016-06-13 Official tracker-like C64 music editor (ppc-morphos)
WAVRepair.lha 87.1KB 2014-07-22 Fix damaged WAV files (m68k-amigaos)
vorbistools140_aros.lha 4MB 2014-02-21 Tools to manipulate Vorbis files (i386-aros)
ADPCM_enc.lha 22.5KB 2014-02-11 ADPCM/FDC/EDC encoder (m68k-amigaos)
aw2m.lha 19KB 2014-01-23 Converts AIF/WAV Audio to IFF-MAUD (m68k-amigaos)
Protrekkr_aros.lha 10.4MB 2014-01-13 A Tracker Program (i386-aros)
MilkyTracker_09086_aros.lha 1.6MB 2014-01-04 Multiplatform Music Tracker (i386-aros)
mp3toSV.lha 17.1KB 2013-11-08 Play & Convert MPEG Audio to IFF-SV (m68k-amigaos)
aw2sv.lha 16.1KB 2013-10-14 Converts AIF/WAV Audio to IFF-SV/FL (m68k-amigaos)
awm2m.lha 15.9KB 2013-10-14 Converts AIF/WAV/MAUD to MAESTRO format (m68k-amigaos)
opus_68k.lha 3.9MB 2013-10-09 OGG Opus tools & libs (m68k-amigaos)
afsp_68k.lha 1.2MB 2013-09-07 Audio manipulation tools & libs (m68k-amigaos)
lame_68k.lha 1.3MB 2013-09-07 MP3 Audio encoder/decoder (m68k-amigaos)
faad2.lha 1.4MB 2013-02-20 AAC/MP4 audio decoder. (m68k-amigaos)
mp3gain152_aros.lha 80.5KB 2012-12-09 analyzes and adjusts mp3 files (i386-aros)
normalize077_aros.lha 136.4KB 2012-12-09 adjusting the volume of audio files (i386-aros)
sox-morphos.lha 1.7MB 2012-11-04 Sound Effects/Player-Tool (ppc-morphos)
bonk_tag.lha 5.1KB 2012-04-11 Edit BONK tags. (m68k-amigaos)
32toFFP.lha 9.3KB 2012-04-09 Converts 32bit Audio to FFP format. (m68k-amigaos)
LLAD_com.lha 7.3KB 2012-04-09 Edit LLADPCM comments. (m68k-amigaos)
ma2s.lha 12.9KB 2012-04-09 Converts 8bit MAUD to signed format. (m68k-amigaos)
mp3info85a_sdl.lha 176KB 2012-02-15 MP3 info & tag edit. (m68k-amigaos)
GoatTracker_68k.lha 1.1MB 2012-01-21 c64 music editor (m68k-amigaos)
DigiBooster3_DE.lha 2.4KB 2012-01-18 Unofficial German catalog for DB3 (generic)
dt42_68k.lha 461.6KB 2011-12-07 a nice little tracker (m68k-amigaos)
ID3TagLibGUI_SP.lha 9.4KB 2011-10-31 id3tagLibGUI 3.3 spanish catalog (generic)
resample-sndfile.lha 251.7KB 2011-10-25 a resample utility (m68k-amigaos)
sndfile_resample.lha 2.9MB 2011-10-22 a resample utility (m68k-amigaos)
vorbis-tools-140-ix48.lha 2.4MB 2011-10-11 OGG Vorbis tools (m68k-amigaos)
AudioEvolution3_src.lha 316.7KB 2011-08-14 Multitrack audio application (generic)
avi2aud.lha 18.1KB 2011-06-02 extract audio from AVI files (m68k-amigaos)
HornySP.lha 5.6KB 2011-04-18 Horny spanish catalog v1.2.0 (generic)
PhonolithSP.lha 3.5KB 2011-04-18 Phonolith spanish catalog v1.0.1 (generic)
ay2wav.lha 415KB 2011-04-11 Convert AY files to WAV (m68k-amigaos)
psg2mid_68k.lha 52KB 2011-04-03 Convert PSG Spectrum files to MIDI (m68k-amigaos)
flip16.lha 12.4KB 2010-12-05 Flips 16bit RAW audio endians (m68k-amigaos)
mp3info-0.8.5a.lha 1.3MB 2010-11-24 MP3 info & tag editor (i386-aros)
ptk_v2.5.2_aros_svn_639.tar.bz2 807.7KB 2010-11-06 no description
q2mod-morphos.lha 210.9KB 2010-10-30 Convert ST Quartet music to Protracker (ppc-morphos) 5.3MB 2010-10-24 BigBand (i386-aros)
ptk_v2.5.1_aros_svn_635.tar.bz2 807.6KB 2010-10-16 no description
asap2wav-68k.lha 99KB 2010-09-23 Play/convert Atari 8-bit music (m68k-amigaos)
bladeenc_68k.lha 245.2KB 2010-08-16 MP3 Audio encoder (m68k-amigaos)
dt42.lha 814.2KB 2010-05-25 DT-42 DrumToy (i386-aros)
playlistconverter.lha 1.9MB 2010-05-14 Convert playlists to m3u,pls,plain,asx (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos)
KorgDS8PatchRem.lha 80.7KB 2010-03-08 Banks memory for the Korg DS8 keyboard (m68k-AmigaOS)
AmiSoundEdSP.lha 3KB 2010-01-11 AmiSoundEd spanish catalog/guide v1.0.0 (generic)
protrekkr.lha 4.1MB 2009-08-18 Tracker formerly known as NoiseTrekker (ppc-amigaos)
faac_68k.lha 1.1MB 2009-07-18 AAC/MP4 audio encoder. (m68k-amigaos) 753.8KB 2009-07-12 Performs effects on WAV audio files (m68k-amigaos)
q2mod.lha 260.6KB 2009-06-06 Convert ST Quartet music to Protracker (m68k-amigaos)
ProTracker-3.15.lha 95.4KB 2009-05-25 Protracker 3.15 (tracker) (m68k-amigaos)
shorten361_a68k.lha 100.7KB 2009-03-27 fast compression for waveforms (m68k-amigaos) 60.5KB 2009-02-03 Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV (i386-aros)
amisounded.lha 121.2KB 2009-01-31 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor (ppc-amigaos)
tracksfields.lha 1.6MB 2009-01-17 Tracks&Fields Miditracker Full (+ src) (m68k-amigaos)
amisounded-wavpack.lha 199.9KB 2008-11-13 WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED (ppc-amigaos)
hvl2wav-68k.lha 36.5KB 2008-11-10 Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV (m68k-amigaos)
amisounded-mp3.lha 526.1KB 2008-10-31 MP3 plugin for AmiSoundED (ppc-amigaos)
sounded-ogg.lha 240.3KB 2008-09-17 OGG plugin for SoundED (ppc-amigaos)
sndfile-resample.lha 1.5MB 2008-08-30 a resample utility (m68k-amigaos)
sndfile_utils.lha 819.2KB 2008-08-12 libsndfile utilities (m68k-amigaos)
demac_68k.lha 52.6KB 2008-06-21 Decoder for .ape files (m68k-amigaos)
hvl2wav-i386-aros.lha 38.1KB 2008-06-05 Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV (i386-aros)
MilkyTracker.lha 1.7MB 2008-04-23 A multiplatform music tracker (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
hvl2wav-mos.lha 34.1KB 2008-04-06 Converts AHX and HVL mods to WAV (ppc-morphos)
aahr-68k.lha 7.7KB 2008-04-05 AHX and HVL file ripper (m68k-amigaos) 752.6KB 2008-03-28 Symphonie Pro (incl. full Sourcecode) (m68k-amigaos)
scm2wav_os4.lha 24.2KB 2008-02-07 Rip sound files from official ICQ client (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
ttaenc-os4.lha 44.4KB 2008-02-06 encode your own lossless TTA audio files (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
zvocoder-os4.lha 614.7KB 2008-02-06 Zirius Vocoder: create cool robot voices (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
ht14.lha 926.3KB 2008-02-01 Hively Tracker,AHX based chiptune tracker (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
aifc2wav-os4.lha 12.1KB 2008-01-31 Convert IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
asap2wav-os4.lha 76.3KB 2008-01-31 Converts Atari 8-bit SAP music to WAV (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
amrenc-mos.lha 235.4KB 2008-01-19 3GPP AMR encoder for Nokia phones (ppc-morphos)
nokiatagger-mos.lha 14.8KB 2008-01-19 Tags mp4 files for Nokia phones (ppc-morphos)
MMS_Tracker.lha 86.5KB 2008-01-04 4 channel Soundtracker, OS3.1 compatible (m68k-amigaos >= 1.3.0)
ttaenc_68k.lha 41.5KB 2007-12-27 Lossless Audio (de)compressor (m68k-amigaos)
ht14_m68k.lha 1.1MB 2007-09-11 Hively Tracker,AHX based chiptune tracker (m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0)
ht14_aros1.lha 897.7KB 2007-08-25 Hively Tracker (i386-aros)
aifc2wav-mos.lha 13KB 2007-07-22 Convert IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV (ppc-morphos)
aifc2wav_5.lha 16.5KB 2007-07-03 Convert IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV (m68k-amigaos)
RockBEAT2_1.lha 1.6MB 2007-03-07 Create drumming tracks and export as WAV (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
shntool-0.97.lha 35.1KB 2007-02-19 WAVE data processing and reporting utility (m68k-amigaos >= 3.9.0)
shorten-3.6.0-68k.lha 129.9KB 2007-02-18 shorten-3.6.0 (m68k-amigaos >= 3.9.0)
shorten-3.6.0-src-68k.lha 528KB 2007-02-18 shorten-3.6.0 source code (generic)
normalize_0.7.6_mos.lha 802.6KB 2006-12-13 Adjust volume of Sound Files (ppc-morphos)
SchismTracker_018a_mos.lha 329.9KB 2006-12-13 Schism Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker (ppc-morphos)
shorten_3.6.0_mos.lha 77.3KB 2006-12-13 Fast audio compressor (ppc-morphos) 24.2KB 2006-11-08 ProTracker clone with system GUI (m68k-amigaos)
DT-42_AOS4.lha 373.8KB 2006-09-24 A drum machine with Roland TR-808 sounds. (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
id3editor.tar.bz2 106.2KB 2006-02-01 No Readme available
sox-12.17.4-morphos.lha 822.5KB 2006-02-01 Sound Format Converter, v12.17.2 -MorphOS- (ppc-morphos)
protracker23.lha 423.3KB 2005-12-06 Protracker 2.3d rewritten (beta 2) (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
KaraokeSP2.lha 42.9KB 2005-12-01 karaoke and lyrics of famous songs for SongPlayer (generic)
Samplemanager.lha 540KB 2005-10-10 AHI sample-editor, realtime effects (m68k-amigaos)
DBPro221.lha 519.3KB 2005-08-06 DigiBoosterPro Demo (m68k-amigaos)
goattracker.lha 608.2KB 2005-07-30 A crossplatform C64 music editor (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
schism-src.lha 1.1MB 2005-06-28 Source codes + makefiles for Schism tracker (generic)
schism.lha 502KB 2005-06-28 Schism Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker (ppc-amigaos)
GoatTracker_MOS.lha 418.9KB 2005-04-20 Crossplatform C64 music composing program (ppc-morphos)
showtip.lha 6.5KB 2005-03-21 OS4 ShowTip for SoundFX (SFX) (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
TheX0XPackage.lha 43.9KB 2005-03-14 A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303 (m68k-amigaos)
my_sfx_toolbar.lha 26.7KB 2005-03-13 An arexx-toolbar for SoundFX. Needs AWN-Pipe. (generic)
scm2wav_0.1_mos.lha 17.2KB 2005-02-16 Scm2wav 0.1 (ppc-morphos)
mp3ai_mos.lha 36.1KB 2005-02-13 mp3ai (ppc-morphos)
Aseq.lha 409.2KB 2004-06-13 X0x style midi and audio sequencer (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_20.lha 1.7MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68020 Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_20m.lha 1.6MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68020+FPU Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_30.lha 1.7MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68030 Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_30m.lha 1.6MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68030+FPU Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_40m.lha 1.6MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68040+FPU Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-bin_60m.lha 1.6MB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Bin 68060+FPU Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-data.lha 182KB 2004-04-04 Data Soundprocessingsoftware (generic)
sfx-dev.lha 7.4KB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Developer Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
sfx-doc_eng.lha 2.8MB 2004-04-04 Doc english Soundprocessingsoftware (generic)
sfx-doc_ger.lha 2.8MB 2004-04-04 Doc german Soundprocessingsoftware (generic)
sfx-goodies.lha 57KB 2004-04-04 V4.3 Goodies Soundprocessingsoftware (m68k-amigaos)
tracks.lha 115.9KB 2004-02-19 Tracks & Fields Miditracker 1.05 Fullversion (m68k-amigaos)
KaraokeSP.lha 21.8KB 2002-12-01 Karaoke of famous songs for SongPlayer (generic)
KarakSongs1.lha 12.1KB 2002-10-18 Karakoe of famous songs for SongPlayer (generic)
id3tagLibGUI.lha 110.5KB 2002-09-22 MPEG Audio ID3Tag (ID3v1, ID3v2) Editor (m68k-amigaos)
mp3cutter.lha 1KB 2002-05-23 Cut a huge mp3 file into smaller ones (generic)
MP3TagEditor.lha 39KB 2002-03-17 Editor of MP3's ID3v1 & ID3v2 tags (m68k-amigaos)
CrapTrack.lha 302.7KB 2002-03-12 Ultimate back-to-basics tracker (m68k-amigaos)
amplify.lha 168.5KB 2002-01-21 Amplify (m68k-amigaos)
tracks2.lha 171.4KB 2001-12-06 Tracks & Fields Miditracker 1.04 Full (m68k-amigaos)
prostation.lha 1.3MB 2001-12-01 Realtime non-linear-editor/DSP (demo) (m68k-amigaos)
sox-mos.lha 322.5KB 2001-10-20 Sound Format Converter, v12.17.2 -MorphOS- (ppc-morphos)
bls_saw.lha 4.2KB 2001-08-17 Little tool to create 303 saw bass (m68k-amigaos)
ID3TaglibGUI_F.lha 3.3KB 2001-06-23 French translation for ID3TaglibGUI (m68k-amigaos)
PT4_Beta2_src.lha 508.9KB 2001-05-15 Protracker V4.0 Beta 2 full source code (m68k-amigaos)
TheX0XPackage1.lha 44KB 2001-04-10 A set of editors for the TR-X0X & TB303 (m68k-amigaos)
stonefree1.lha 302.9KB 2001-02-18 Full, free edition of StoneTracker; disk 1/3 (m68k-amigaos)
stonefree2.lha 707.2KB 2001-02-18 Full, free edition of StoneTracker; disk 2/3 (m68k-amigaos)
stonefree3.lha 576.8KB 2001-02-18 Full, free edition of StoneTracker; disk 3/3 (m68k-amigaos)
MTRS_V2.16.lha 194.5KB 2000-12-11 8 track HD-recorder + AHI (m68k-amigaos)
bblox10.lha 42.9KB 2000-11-17 Beatblox 1.0, graphical drum machine program (m68k-amigaos)
OSS_v2_beta.lha 339.9KB 2000-11-08 Octamed Soundstudio version 2.0 BETA (m68k-amigaos)
MPEG_S_LAMEppc.lha 232.4KB 2000-10-17 The MP3 Encoder for SoundFX 4.xx (ppc-powerup)
MultiTrackRSV2.lha 94.5KB 2000-08-27 8-TRACK HardDiskRecorder MTRS V2 (m68k-amigaos)
info.lha 23.1KB 2000-07-03 no description
SampleE.lha 285.3KB 2000-04-18 16Bit Stereo HD-Edit Sample Editor AHI-support (m68k-amigaos)
cha_bassdrum.lha 26.8KB 2000-02-26 OctaMED nsm plugin - bassdrum sample generator (m68k-amigaos)
cha_echo.lha 26.4KB 2000-02-26 OctaMED nsm plugin - better echo effect (m68k-amigaos)
cha_filter.lha 61.6KB 2000-02-26 OctaMED nsm plugin - better filter effect (m68k-amigaos)
PT362-fix2.lha 120.6KB 2000-02-13 ProTracker3.62 year 2000 fix (m68k-amigaos)
cha_autotempo.lha 7.6KB 1999-12-18 Adjust sample pitch to fit tempo in OctaMED nsm (m68k-amigaos)
cha_stanley.lha 24.2KB 1999-12-18 Cut up samples easily in OctaMED (m68k-amigaos)
psademo.lha 726.3KB 1999-11-28 The reference NLE/DSP system (demo) (m68k-amigaos)
mtrs_v2_demo.lha 87.9KB 1999-11-16 8-TRACK (and more) HardDiskRecorder MTRS V2 (m68k-amigaos)
MelodyRecGUI.lha 69.5KB 1999-11-11 GUI for MelodyRecord by Medi & Ramboy (m68k-amigaos)
mpdecode.lha 15.6KB 1999-11-11 MP3 to AIFF decoder (multiple files) (m68k-amigaos)
bladeenc.lha 7.7KB 1999-10-14 BladeEnc V0.82 MP3 Encoder REMOVED! (m68k-amigaos)
CDMix11demo.lha 12.9KB 1999-10-13 Prog to mix a number of CDDA files. DEMO (m68k-amigaos)
fade_cdda.lha 12.4KB 1999-09-24 Mix several CDDA files into one (crossfade mixing) (m68k-amigaos)
sox-12.16-base.lha 266.6KB 1999-09-21 Multiformat sound converter (src) (m68k-amigaos)
sox-12.16-bin.lha 194.1KB 1999-09-21 Multiformat sound converter (bin) (m68k-amigaos)
Assampler.lha 626KB 1999-09-10 Object oriented sound processor program (m68k-amigaos)
AssamplerDebug.lha 328.9KB 1999-09-10 Debug version of Assampler (m68k-amigaos)
AssamplerExtra.lha 178.4KB 1999-09-10 Some extravagances for Assampler (m68k-amigaos)
gui4mod2smp.lha 16.4KB 1999-09-02 Little gui for mod2smp (m68k-amigaos)
IFFtoWAV.lha 21.4KB 1999-08-23 Batch Convert IFF samples to WAV (m68k-amigaos)
OctaScripts2.lha 1.1KB 1999-08-13 3 ARexx scripts for OctaMED SoundStudio (generic)
autotempo1_1.lha 8KB 1999-08-08 Adjust sample pitch to fit tempo in OctaMED (m68k-amigaos)
stanley2_0.lha 24.2KB 1999-08-08 Cut up samples easily in OctaMED (m68k-amigaos)
Speak2Sample.lha 35.7KB 1999-08-01 Save Amiga speech as a sound sample (m68k-amigaos)
WTDemo.lha 771.1KB 1999-07-18 An extensive sound-editor/ -converter/ -creator (m68k-amigaos)
WTDemoWOS.lha 897.6KB 1999-07-18 An extensive sound-editor/ -converter/ -creator (ppc-warpup)
rescale113.lha 35.6KB 1999-06-03 Anti-alias resampling v1.13 BUGFIX! (m68k-amigaos)
waveeditor171.lha 33.5KB 1999-05-17 A simple wave editor -small, but cool. (m68k-amigaos)
waveditor171.lha 33.4KB 1999-05-15 A simple wave editor -small, but cool. (m68k-amigaos)
symEDIT.lha 78.5KB 1999-05-09 Symphonie 3.2 (m68k-amigaos)
cdda2aiffi.lha 2.6KB 1999-05-03 CDDA (Intel) audio converter to AIFF (motorola) file. (m68k-amigaos)
mp3ted.lha 5.9KB 1999-04-05 MP3 TAG Editor with GUI (m68k-amigaos)
PlotCMD.lha 15.1KB 1999-03-23 Let's you plot OctaMED commands graphically (m68k-amigaos)
SamplitudeConc.lha 2.5MB 1999-02-10 HD Recording/Editing for Prelude (m68k-amigaos)
SamplitudePrel.lha 2.5MB 1999-02-10 HD Recording/Editing for Prelude (m68k-amigaos)
BeatBox2.lha 293.2KB 1999-02-08 FREEWARE Point and click music editor (m68k-amigaos)
BeatBoxUPD.lha 137KB 1999-02-08 Update to FREEWARE Point and click music editor (m68k-amigaos)
OctamedSS1.03c.lha 732.8KB 1999-02-03 Octamed SoundStudio, now Freeware (m68k-amigaos)
SinED.lha 271.6KB 1998-12-16 V2.10 - 16bit sample editor/generator (m68k-amigaos)
raw2cdda.lha 2.2KB 1998-12-14 convert raw mono 8 bit audio to CDDA (m68k-amigaos)
303tracker.lha 713.6KB 1998-11-25 Renders and plays TB-303 bassline loops (m68k-amigaos)
samed.lha 299.9KB 1998-11-06 16bit stereo sample editor with plug ins (m68k-amigaos)
SonicArranger.lha 364.8KB 1998-10-28 Sonic Arranger Demo Version 1.36b (m68k-amigaos)
AmiSoxGUI.lha 24.6KB 1998-09-23 GUI for AmiSox 3.3 (m68k-amigaos)
PlayHD.lha 360KB 1998-09-16 New AHI-based harddisk-recording program (m68k-amigaos)
PT362-fix.lha 120.6KB 1998-09-07 ProTracker3.62 XPK fix (m68k-amigaos)
amigui.lha 27.6KB 1998-08-26 GUI for amisox (multiple sound file conversions) (m68k-amigaos)
AmiSOX3.3PPC.lha 136.9KB 1998-08-18 AmiSOX3.3 Compiled for PPC (PowerUp) (ppc-powerup)
SymphDEMO.lha 96.9KB 1998-06-09 Symphonie 3.3a Resonant Filters everywhere (m68k-amigaos)
CDDA2AIFF.lha 12.4KB 1998-04-21 Convert CDDA<->AIFF v1.0 Fast 3sec 50Mb (m68k-amigaos)
OctaScripts.lha 5.4KB 1998-04-17 9 ARexx scripts for OctaMED SoundStudio (generic)
SamplOpus.lha 528KB 1998-03-09 Samplitude Opus (3.5) DEMO (m68k-amigaos)
DigiBooster1_7.lha 155.6KB 1998-01-30 Digi Booster 1.7 full (8 chn tracker) (m68k-amigaos)
MusicBugs.lha 465.3KB 1998-01-05 Cool music making program..... MusicBugs V1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
Protracker-fix.lha 384.9KB 1997-10-11 ProTracker362 and 4beta2 repair (m68k-amigaos)
SymphEDIT.lha 123.8KB 1997-10-08 Symphonie III feat. NG GUI System (m68k-amigaos)
AproSYS.lha 54KB 1997-08-14 Musiceditor with realtime synthesized effects (m68k-amigaos)
pt315.lha 95.3KB 1997-07-21 Protracker 3.15 (m68k-amigaos)
camd.lha 36.3KB 1997-07-09 CAMD system (Excellent library for midi applications) (m68k-amigaos)
samrate15.lha 12.1KB 1997-06-29 Changes pitch of 8SVX samples (m68k-amigaos)
SymphDoc_D.lha 27.3KB 1997-06-23 Symphonie GERMAN docs - the Original (generic)
SymphDoc_E.lha 21.4KB 1997-06-23 Symphonie ENGLISH docs by Michel Vissers (generic)
SymphDoc_PL.lha 23.8KB 1997-06-23 Symphonie POLISH docs by Adam Zalepa (generic)
SymphDoc_S.lha 22.1KB 1997-06-23 Symphonie SWEDISH docs by Jonas sterberg (generic)
DBP_gui_d.lha 13.7KB 1997-06-15 German amiga-guide for Digibooster professional (m68k-amigaos)
s3mrip.lha 8.1KB 1997-06-06 Rips samples from S3Ms, saves as 8SVXs (m68k-amigaos)
Xto8SVX.lha 7.4KB 1997-06-04 DataType Sound converter (m68k-amigaos)
SoundConvert_a.lha 135.4KB 1997-05-13 Updates SoundConverter V2.1 to V2.1a (m68k-amigaos)
SoundConvert.lha 552.8KB 1997-05-11 Sound Converter V2.1 (m68k-amigaos)
Maves_d2.lha 301.8KB 1997-05-07 Maves Demo update (m68k-amigaos)
MakeCDDA.lha 4.6KB 1997-05-03 Converts Samplitude projects to .cdda file V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
easyplay.lha 202.6KB 1997-04-22 Easiest way to produce music! (m68k-amigaos)
NewTracker-AHI.lha 86.5KB 1997-04-22 Music composer (3.56/AHIr2) for OS 2.1+ (AHI) (m68k-amigaos)
Join2Stereo.lha 12.1KB 1997-04-19 Joins to 8SVX-Mono-Samples to a stereo 8SVX sample (m68k-amigaos)
maves_d.lha 693.7KB 1997-03-25 8/14-bit harddisk sound system, Maves Demo v1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
omed_pt15.lha 10.9KB 1997-03-16 OctaMED SS1 PT cuts upgrade (1.5) (m68k-amigaos)
Samp30fr.lha 7.8KB 1997-02-22 French catalog for Samplitude V3.00 (generic)
PT4_Beta2.lha 147KB 1997-02-21 Protracker V4.0 Beta 2 (music composing tool) (m68k-amigaos)
sspatchv1_03.lha 93.9KB 1997-02-07 OctaMED Soundstudio CD-ROM Patch upgrade (m68k-amigaos)
RealityConv.lha 281.1KB 1997-01-19 Reality music and sound converter from 5DL (m68k-amigaos)
samp2cdda.lha 21.8KB 1996-11-28 Convert Samplitude to INTEL, MOTOROLA, AIFF (m68k-amigaos)
Symph24f.lha 106.6KB 1996-11-05 Symphonie 2.4f feat. DSP PlugIn System (m68k-amigaos)
mline115.lha 486KB 1996-10-23 Powerful musiceditor with realtime effects v1.15 (m68k-amigaos)
FutureComposer.lha 209.9KB 1996-10-17 Editor for BSI Future Composer mods. (m68k-amigaos)
chrisp.lha 46.1KB 1996-10-04 Sample Editing & Real-Time Effects (early beta) (m68k-amigaos)
OMED_PT1423.lha 7.2KB 1996-10-03 OctaMED SS1 PT cuts upgrade (1.423) (m68k-amigaos)
Symph24e3.lha 162.7KB 1996-09-11 Symphonie 2.4e rel 3 feat. DSP PlugInSystem (m68k-amigaos)
pro2.lha 99.9KB 1996-08-24 Tracker deluxe, plays from fastmemory (m68k-amigaos)
Protracker3.61.lha 373.5KB 1996-08-24 Protracker 3.61, music composing programm (m68k-amigaos)
Symph24r2.lha 161.5KB 1996-08-10 Symphonie featuring: DSP PlugInSystem (m68k-amigaos)
pt23d.lha 116.4KB 1996-07-31 PT 2.3d A1200 keypad fix (m68k-amigaos)
SampEdV1_4b.lha 59.8KB 1996-07-24 A sample editing program (beta) (m68k-amigaos)
sf_alpha.lha 154.8KB 1996-07-13 Siegfried ALPHA 1.0 DEMO (m68k-amigaos)
AvSynth.lha 14.4KB 1996-05-25 Additive Synthesis (m68k-amigaos)
mod2smp.lha 41.1KB 1996-05-14 Converts PT module into sample (v0.78). (m68k-amigaos)
pt_prefs.lha 64.4KB 1996-04-30 Changes look of several Trackers v1.16 (m68k-amigaos)
smp_v132.lha 19.6KB 1996-04-29 Convert & compress big 8bit samples (m68k-amigaos)
Ocss_Beta_Demo.lha 600.1KB 1996-04-27 OctaMED Soundstudio "beta" demo (m68k-amigaos)
smped0-04.lha 19.3KB 1996-04-21 Audio Sample Editor. V0.04 (m68k-amigaos)
pt_prefs116.lha 64.4KB 1996-03-26 Changes look of several Trackers v1.16 (m68k-amigaos)
audiolr2.lha 357.3KB 1996-02-09 16bit non-linear editing/DSP system (m68k-amigaos)
ptsupp.lha 670KB 1996-02-09 Long awaited extras for ProTracker. (m68k-amigaos)
SonicUpd218.lha 66.1KB 1995-11-09 SonicArranger 2.18 Demo release - bugfix (m68k-amigaos)
ModForm.lha 150.4KB 1995-11-07 Creates a 8ch module out of a 4ch one (m68k-amigaos)
SonicDemo.lha 382.9KB 1995-11-03 SonicArranger 2.16 Demo release (m68k-amigaos)
sned1_0.lha 11.3KB 1995-09-28 Samplename editor for modules, V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
Ct0_70.lha 124.5KB 1995-09-17 New tracker. Many channels, Sysfriendly (m68k-amigaos)
XModule34.lha 226.1KB 1995-06-20 Multiformat Module Editor And Converter (m68k-amigaos)
soxgui12.lha 45.3KB 1995-05-31 GUI for AmiSox 3.3 (m68k-amigaos)
audiolab.lha 205.3KB 1995-05-07 16bit audio DSP (030,HD,OS2.1) (m68k-amigaos)
SYMINFO.lha 22KB 1995-05-07 Symphonie Information (generic)
octamedv6demo.lha 997.2KB 1995-04-13 V6 of the well known OctaMED Music Editor. (m68k-amigaos)
ArtOfNoise.lha 1.3MB 1995-03-14 New tracker,8 channels,fm-synthesis,etc. (m68k-amigaos)
OctaMEDv4_dev.lha 248.6KB 1995-02-17 Music editor programming kit (m68k-amigaos)
symd1.lha 813.3KB 1995-02-17 Fantastic new 16bit music editor! (m68k-amigaos)
symd2.lha 837.1KB 1995-02-17 Fantastic new 16bit music editor! (m68k-amigaos)
symd3.lha 837.1KB 1995-02-17 Fantastic new 16bit music editor! (m68k-amigaos)
OctaMEDv4.lha 298.7KB 1995-02-07 Music editing software, 8 voices (m68k-amigaos)
DMCS_German.lha 7.5KB 1995-01-21 German catalog file for DeluxeMusic 2.0 (generic)
AlgoRhythms.lha 139.4KB 1994-12-12 3.1 Improvs new age Music on audio/MIDI (m68k-amigaos)
SoundMachine.lha 58.1KB 1994-12-01 Loads,saves, & plays various sound files. V1.5 (m68k-amigaos)
QuadraComp.lha 318.4KB 1994-11-15 An intuition-based music tracker V2.1. (m68k-amigaos)
sidconverter.lha 7.3KB 1994-09-07 Convert .SID and .MUS to SIDPlayer format (generic)
Multisample.lha 27.5KB 1994-08-23 Amiga/ST/PC sound sample convertor (m68k-amigaos)
harmonix.lha 29.6KB 1994-08-04 Creating Realistic Synthsounds in MED (m68k-amigaos)
SCL_pt18_SpEdn.lha 68.8KB 1994-07-30 NEW!ProTracker1.8*SpecialEdition*u:sho (m68k-amigaos)
RGS-Util.lha 188.3KB 1994-06-18 Utilities for RGS (RealTimeGraphikSynth) (m68k-amigaos)
SOUNDEffect220.lha 243.4KB 1994-05-19 Multi-func. sample editor - effect generator (m68k-amigaos)
TabEd.lha 13KB 1994-05-06 Creates ASCII guitar tab (m68k-amigaos)
stxpfix.lha 149.4KB 1994-04-19 Protracker 2.3 aga fixed (m68k-amigaos)
AmiSOX33.lha 316.1KB 1994-03-29 SOX, global audio file converter (m68k-amigaos)
BarsPipes-demo.lha 290.9KB 1994-02-11 Bars+Pipes, MIDI sequencer with lots of features (m68k-amigaos)
Filter2.lha 44.6KB 1994-01-25 All purpose sound filter (m68k-amigaos)
RGS2.lzh 50.3KB 1994-01-25 Paint spectrogram to hear sound (m68k-amigaos)
Sampex1_2.lha 8.7KB 1994-01-11 Extracts samples from Med MMD0/MMD1,PT/ST/NT (m68k-amigaos)
gmdmmacro.lha 10.7KB 1993-12-07 ARexx macros for Deluxe Music 2.0 + General MIDI (generic)
qc20.lha 145.3KB 1993-12-02 A soundtrack (module) editor, release 2 (m68k-amigaos)
tracker-319bin.lzh 32.8KB 1993-11-26 Music tracker, works on A4k, w/ src (m68k-amigaos)
DMusic-ARexx.lha 2.1KB 1993-10-19 An ARexx quick reference for Deluxe Music 2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
dmcs2dem.lha 273.5KB 1993-08-26 Deluxe Music 2.0 demo (m68k-amigaos)
Octa5.lha 618.2KB 1993-08-24 this is a demo of Octamed5 Duggy (m68k-amigaos)
FTM_Demo.lha 381.4KB 1993-05-06 Demo of a 8-voices music editor (m68k-amigaos)
OctaMED.lzh 353.6KB 1993-03-26 Music editor, can handle 8 voices (m68k-amigaos)
BugFix_PT2_3.lha 1.9KB 1993-01-14 Fixes bug in ProTracker v2.3a (m68k-amigaos)
NoiseCracker.lha 4.1KB 1992-11-30 Converts NoisePacked MOD -> NoiseTracker (m68k-amigaos)
med321.lha 326.6KB 1992-10-28 Version 3.21 of MED (music editor) (m68k-amigaos)
smus2mod.lha 8.2KB 1992-09-03 convert SMUS music files to MOD files (m68k-amigaos)
SoundZAPv3.0.lha 25.9KB 1992-09-03 Sampled sound converter (m68k-amigaos)
JoinSounds.lha 39.4KB 1992-08-19 Utility to join 8SVX sound files. V2 (m68k-amigaos)
DToIff11.lha 7.2KB 1992-08-15 Change raw music data to IFF-format (m68k-amigaos)
masc.lzh 734b 1992-08-15 Macintosh Amiga Sound Converter (m68k-amigaos)
NPD.lha 2.8KB 1992-08-15 Converter from NoisePacker to ProTracker (m68k-amigaos)
ProTracker.lzh 72.9KB 1992-08-15 ProTracker1.3 Works under 2.04! (m68k-amigaos)
StarTrekker.lha 134KB 1992-07-27 Version 1.2 of StarTrekker (Music ed.) (m68k-amigaos)
ULAW2IFF.lzh 27.1KB 1992-06-27 Convert Sparc ULAW to Amiga IFF 8SVX (m68k-amigaos)
Opus8.lha 91KB 1992-01-04 Converts Mac 8-bit sounds to 8SVX format (m68k-amigaos)
S220to8SVX.lha 83KB 1991-07-21 Converts sound samples to 8SVX IFF 8-bit. V1.4 (m68k-amigaos)
SoundEd.lha 82.7KB 1991-05-09 Demo version of 8SVX sound editing pkg. V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
SoundEditor.lha 115.5KB 1990-12-16 8SVX stereo sound file editor. VV.98 (m68k-amigaos)
InstIFF.lha 24.4KB 1987-11-30 Convert sampled sound files to IFF 8SVX. (m68k-amigaos)
SoundExample.lha 6.1KB 1987-03-01 A double buffered sound example. (m68k-amigaos)