Path: /root/amiganet/pix/3dani

snowyhills-panorama.jpg 267.6KB 2005-11-09 Snowy Hills (Computergenerated Panorama) (generic)
TeamChaosLogo1.mpg 6.1MB 2003-11-23 Team Chaos 3D animation with sound (generic)
hib_frames.lha 1.1MB 2002-06-18 Hibisch spin logo frameset (generic)
hib_spin.lha 690.7KB 2002-06-18 Hibisch spin logo in C4D + scene (generic)
TIM_0040.lha 1.3MB 2001-03-25 TIM's rendered animations (Cinema4D) (generic)
CastroD1.mpg 11.9MB 2001-02-28 The Demo Castro 1 (generic)
GriGanDer.mpg 3.5MB 2000-12-09 El GriGanDer (generic)
Inspector_de_H.mpg 1.6MB 2000-12-09 Inspector de Hacienda (generic)
Los_Mariachis.mpg 4.4MB 2000-12-09 Los Mariachis (generic)
TIM_0035.lha 251.5KB 2000-09-28 TIM's rendered animations (Cinema4D) (generic)
Granade.mpg 6.1MB 2000-09-12 Animation of a hand granade (generic)
SpiderFX_Jump.lha 3.5MB 2000-06-19 SpiderFX "JUMP" animation by EdUz (generic)
TIM_0029.lha 101.8KB 2000-05-03 TIM's rendered animation (Cinema4D) (generic)
destiny_.mpg 124.4KB 2000-04-22 MPEG done with Tornado3D V2.1b and Utraconv4 (generic)
ALEM_0001.lha 994.2KB 2000-01-18 ALEM's Rendered Animation (Cinema4D) (generic)
TIM_0009.lha 1.1MB 2000-01-13 TIM's rendered animations (Cinema4D) (generic)
TIM_0011.lha 154.9KB 2000-01-10 TIM's rendered Animations (Volumm4D) (generic)
tchoicem.lha 26.1MB 1999-12-01 3D Animation (MPEG) with sound, produced with Amiga (generic)
9erPool.lha 1.2MB 1999-11-13 Animation (FLC) of a Poolshot by MadMan (generic)
t3djaeger.mpg 851.8KB 1999-08-10 (ALN) Tornado 3D`s MotionBlur in Action! :) (generic)
figur.lha 331.3KB 1999-05-26 A kind of robot, rotating (generic)
smauer_a.lha 3.9MB 1999-05-22 Nice raytrace anim (generic)
mad-MMiracle.mpg 6.2MB 1999-04-21 MysticMiracle-animation by Madbart/Appendix (generic)
Mad_indygo.lha 7.2MB 1999-01-17 Animated INDYGO logo by Madbart/Appendix (generic)
2ufos7l.lha 2.6MB 1998-12-29 Iff-Animation of two UFOs (generic)
ufo7s.lha 2.2MB 1998-12-29 Iff-Animation of an UFO (generic)
Dolby.lha 2MB 1998-11-03 Dolby Surround anim with sound (generic)
Halloween.lha 22.9MB 1998-10-30 no description
Domino.lha 1.6MB 1998-10-28 Imagine anim of toppling dominoes (generic)
HauntedHouse.lha 35.7MB 1998-10-12 HAM anim done with Lightwave (generic)
dolbysurround.lha 1.6MB 1998-10-07 Dolby Surround Animation (generic)
shield.mpg 110.6KB 1998-09-05 (ALN) Cinema4D Shuttle activates Shields. (generic)
shuttleflight.mpg 190KB 1998-09-05 (ALN) Cinema4d Shuttle Explosion. (generic)
Metaball.mpg 228.5KB 1998-08-28 Tornado3D's Metaball animation (MAMOMO) (generic)
explocheck.mpg 417.6KB 1998-08-26 (ALN) Cinema4d Shuttle and Explodeanim. (generic)
starship.mpg 2.3MB 1998-08-26 (ALN) MEGASHIP Flying trough. (generic)
dolbypalplus.lha 4.1MB 1998-08-23 Dolby Surround and Palplus Animation (generic)
01Enterprise.mpg 2.3MB 1998-08-10 (ALN) USS Enterprise fly by Planet.... (generic)
attack.mpg 666KB 1998-08-01 Space station attak by Colinou (320*256) (generic)
STOE-A03.lha 4.2MB 1998-08-01 Rotating headphones animation (generic)
STOE-A02.lha 5.4MB 1998-07-29 Small Team of Experts logo animation (generic)
garyS009.lha 624.5KB 1998-07-11 Animation of a Logo which is getting built by many pieces (generic)
garyS010.lha 540.2KB 1998-07-09 Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring, surrounded by stars. (generic)
garyS011.lha 526.4KB 1998-07-09 Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring. (generic)
garyS012.lha 338.5KB 1998-07-09 Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring. Black and white. (generic)
garyS013.lha 354.1KB 1998-07-09 Animation of a Logo that turns in a ring, surrounded by stars. No colours. (generic)
garyS014.lha 550.6KB 1998-07-09 Animation of a bloblike object (generic)
MovieReel-C4D.lha 78.8KB 1998-07-09 Movie reel in C4D format (generic)
MovieReel.mpg 113.9KB 1998-07-09 Rotating movie reel (generic)
SToE-A01.lha 2.9MB 1998-07-09 Animation with Small Team of Experts ant (generic)
mad-aa_a.lha 1.7MB 1998-05-17 Amisia's IRC channel animated logo by Madbart/Apx^Tls (generic)
mad-alog.lha 509.5KB 1998-05-17 Anadune's animated logo MadBart/Apx^Tls (generic)
mad-alsm.lha 227.5KB 1998-05-17 Anadune's animated logo (small ver) by MadBart/Apx^Tls (generic)
Verfolger.lha 15MB 1998-04-20 (ALN) Kewl Lensflare Anim made with Cinema4d (generic)
Abadidon.lha 2.4MB 1998-04-14 A strange artefact.(Imagine + Ppaint/256) (generic)
Nightmare.lha 4.3MB 1998-03-09 no description
AkindOfMagic.lha 4.6MB 1998-03-07 LW anim named 'A Kind Of Magic', HAM8 (CHUCKY) (generic)
Hunt.mpg 4.1MB 1998-02-25 A 3D animation. An under water hunt. Made with imagine 4.0 (generic)
Refraction.lha 2.6MB 1998-02-08 3D Refracting underwater logo. NICE! (generic)
3dSpideR.lha 2.7MB 1998-02-01 DaRKSuN Impressive Spider Anim (generic)
kugel2.lha 431.3KB 1998-01-30 (ALN) Older Ball Anim. (Reflections 1.6) (generic)
lhouse.lzh 133.2KB 1998-01-30 A lighthouse .avi done in LW&Premiere (generic)
dr97-old.lha 430KB 1998-01-29 (ALN) One of my "TestVersions" from my DemoReel97 Anim. (generic)
dsa-anim.mpg 181.5KB 1998-01-29 (ALN) "Das Schwarze Auge" Anim (Cinema 4D) (generic)
Amiga-va.lha 132.2KB 1998-01-23 Animation twirling Amiga logo. (generic)
AMIGAzette_Ani.lha 1MB 1997-12-25 Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette (generic)
AmiGlobe.lha 3.1MB 1997-12-25 Raytraced AmiNET Logo Animation (Imagine 4.0) (generic)
Ballenave.mpg 816.8KB 1997-12-25 War Whale 3D (MAMOMO) (generic)
Big_Eyes.lha 1.1MB 1997-12-25 Cartoon like traced anim. (generic)
disk.lha 1.2MB 1997-12-25 Traced HAM8 anim of flying floppy disk. (generic)
dm-space.lha 12.2MB 1997-12-25 Space animation done with LW v3.5 (generic)
flig1_2.lha 379.2KB 1997-12-25 PART 1/2 "Fight with an Walker" from Alirion (generic)
flig2_2.lha 302.2KB 1997-12-25 PART 2/2 "Fight with an Walker" from Alirion (generic)
garyS005.lha 1.3MB 1997-12-25 Animation of a bottlecap dancing in water (generic)
garyS006.lha 7.4MB 1997-12-25 Animation of a Logo in Flight (generic)
garyS007.lha 880KB 1997-12-25 Animation of several moving Logos (generic)
garyS008.lha 935.7KB 1997-12-25 Animation of an exploding Logo (generic)
GJPMrc.lha 2MB 1997-12-25 Eyecatching Imagine States anim. Ham8 (generic)
House_anim.lha 5.9MB 1997-12-25 House traced anim. (generic)
IntelOUTSIDE.lha 4.6MB 1997-12-25 Animation of an IntelOUTSIDE Logo (generic)
JumpingUp.lha 229.9KB 1997-12-25 Another (rather nice) LW-rendered IK-anim (generic)
LandJump.lha 1MB 1997-12-25 Another (rather nice) LW-rendered IK-anim (generic)
Manel.mpg 906.2KB 1997-12-25 Text "M@nel" animated (MAMOMO) (generic)
Melodjs.mpg 2.7MB 1997-12-25 Melod.j's 3D anim (MAMOMO) (generic)
MTT_Abox.mpg 1.1MB 1997-12-25 3D raytracing logo animation (generic)
MyFace_3D.mpg 1.6MB 1997-12-25 My face 3D anim (MAMOMO) (generic)
My_Face3D.mpg 1.6MB 1997-12-25 My face 3D anim (MAMOMO) (generic)
MZTV.mpg 228.5KB 1997-12-25 MZTV 3D anim (MAMOMO) (generic)
MZ_TV.mpg 228.5KB 1997-12-25 MZTV 3D anim (MAMOMO) (generic)
night_v.lha 5.1MB 1997-12-25 Nice visit from nice (green?) men. (generic)
peacewalker.lha 620KB 1997-12-25 Realistic walk-anim (generic)
Pingpong.lha 75KB 1997-12-25 no description
Piramide.mpg 2.4MB 1997-12-25 A big Piramide 3D (MAMOMO) (generic)
Planetside.lha 418.7KB 1997-12-25 Traced flight, good 320x200x5x699 (generic)
Pole.lha 170.6KB 1997-12-25 Abstract 3D anim 320x256x8x40 (generic)
Porsche.lha 671.6KB 1997-12-25 Traced anim, good HAM 352x290x6x40 (generic)
Prism.lha 190.2KB 1997-12-25 no description
Probe.lha 20.3KB 1997-12-25 3D space anim HAM 352x290x6x50 (generic)
Proj.lha 159KB 1997-12-25 Traced projector 320x256x8x64 (generic)
Pv.lha 817KB 1997-12-25 Traced logo anim HAM 384x283x8x136 (generic)
Pylon.lha 44.8KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 352x290x5x58 (generic)
Pylon_1.lha 122.1KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 352x276x5x48 (generic)
Robo_1.lha 145.1KB 1997-12-25 Videoscape 3D anim 352x276x5x120 (generic)
Robo_2.lha 81.2KB 1997-12-25 Videoscape 3D anim 352x276x5x30 (generic)
rohr1_4.lha 433.5KB 1997-12-25 Raytraced Tunnel-Animation PART 1/4 from MAKU (generic)
rohr2_4.lha 351.4KB 1997-12-25 Raytraced Tunnel-Animation PART 2/4 from MAKU (generic)
rohr3_4.lha 376.2KB 1997-12-25 Raytraced Tunnel-Animation PART 3/4 from MAKU (generic)
rohr4_4.lha 372.5KB 1997-12-25 Raytraced Tunnel-Animation PART 4/4 from MAKU (generic)
Scene10.lha 317.7KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 352x290x5x100 (generic)
Scenery.lha 396.1KB 1997-12-25 no description
Scenery2.lha 481KB 1997-12-25 Canyon flight anim 320x256x5x100 (generic)
Sillyput.lha 695.7KB 1997-12-25 Abstract trace anim 320x400x5x150 (generic)
Snakey.lha 133.6KB 1997-12-25 Abstract trace anim 320x256x8x60 (generic)
Space_2.lha 111KB 1997-12-25 3D space anim 352x276x5x100 (generic)
Spawnbal.lha 269.9KB 1997-12-25 Abstract trace anim 320x256x8x82 (generic)
Sq1.lha 101.6KB 1997-12-25 Abstract 3D morph 320x256x8x200 (generic)
starflight-g.lha 331.7KB 1997-12-25 Flight through 3D-Starfield (Lightwave) (generic)
String.lha 930.8KB 1997-12-25 Rope trace anim 320x256x8x77 (generic)
Survm.mpg 392.2KB 1997-12-25 Amiga's danger (MAMOMO) (generic)
Takeof.lha 511.4KB 1997-12-25 3D spaceship anim 320x256x8x109 (generic)
Takeoff.lha 431.4KB 1997-12-25 Traced trek anim HAM 352x290x6x140 (generic)
Tomb.lha 1MB 1997-12-25 Traced graveyard HAM 320x256x6x102 (generic)
Tomb2.lha 12MB 1997-12-25 Traced graceyard HAM 368x290x6x201 (generic)
Trekgame.lha 89.2KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 320x256x5x200 (generic)
TripInAVein.lha 4.1MB 1997-12-25 Traced flight anim 320x256x8x69 (generic)
Tron_1.lha 257KB 1997-12-25 3D tron anim 352x276x5x186 (generic)
Tron_2.lha 89KB 1997-12-25 3D tron anim 352x276x5x128 (generic)
Tsfs.lha 225.9KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 352x290x5x135 (generic)
Turbin.lha 87.3KB 1997-12-25 3D anim 320x200x8x160 (generic)
T_c.lha 477.8KB 1997-12-25 Architecture trace 320x256x8x240 (generic)
T_Rex_running.lha 718KB 1997-12-25 T-Rex traced anim. Great ! (generic)
ufo.lha 3.4MB 1997-12-25 no description
unicanim.lha 412.9KB 1997-12-25 Cute Imagine-anim of a unicycle (generic)
Vista1.lha 5.4MB 1997-12-25 Canyon flight anim HAM 352x283x6x100 (generic)
Vista2.lha 5.4MB 1997-12-25 Canyon flight anim HAM 352x283x6x100 (generic)
Vv7.lha 552.5KB 1997-12-25 3D particle anim 320x256x8x200 (generic)
Whale.lha 206.9KB 1997-12-25 3D fish anim 352x290x5x147 (generic)
Workbee.lha 43KB 1997-12-25 3D trek anim 352x276x5x36 (generic)
Yf10.lha 213.5KB 1997-12-25 3D billiards anim 320x200x8x309 (generic)
Ziggytst.lha 249.4KB 1997-12-25 3D morphing anim 320x256x8x61 (generic)
PDV-Tunnel.lha 287.8KB 1997-12-18 Look this anim with red/blue 3D glasses (generic)
ApacheANIM.lha 3.4MB 1997-11-30 Rendered animation of an APACHE AH-64 (generic)
DolbySourround.lha 97.8KB 1997-11-29 (ALN) "Dolby Sourround" Logoanim. eg. for Your Botup. ;) (generic)
Roundabout.lha 5.9MB 1997-11-10 Roundabout animation, LW v3.5 (generic)
Mosquito.lha 4.5MB 1997-10-28 Fly like a mosquito (generic)
mariuse.lha 2.7MB 1997-10-14 (ALN) Marius Eckardt Cinema Textanim with Lensflares. (generic)
RT-STFH4.lha 551.8KB 1997-10-13 (FUG) Starfightanim Part 4 (RETINA only) (generic)
RT_DR97.lha 2.8MB 1997-10-13 (ALN) Demo Reel 97 Text with Lensflares (Retina Only) (generic)
RT_LENS1.lha 176.4KB 1997-10-13 (ALN) Lensflareexplosion like Star-Trek (RETINA only) (generic)
seasz1.lha 9.2MB 1997-10-13 (ALN) Part 1 of a MEGA-PLANET FIGHT Animation. (generic)
starf4.lha 2.5MB 1997-10-13 (ALN) Part 1 of a MEGA-PLANET FIGHT Animation. (generic)
Mamain_WO.lha 1MB 1997-10-11 Excellent style Wipe Out animation (generic)
wuerfel.lha 2.1MB 1997-10-11 A new very nice Yafa-anim, look yourself (generic)
rory.lha 3MB 1997-10-05 Aurora Borealis Anim (generic)
mad-imfl.lha 3.9MB 1997-09-28 I'm flying!-vistapro anim by MadBart/Apx^And^Tls (generic)
fireLOPOLO.lha 954.6KB 1997-09-27 3D animation of fire made by IMAGINE (generic)
mad-ands.lha 2.6MB 1997-09-26 AnaduneScene-traced anim by MadBart/Apx^And^Tls (generic)
mad-rybk.lha 663.4KB 1997-09-26 Rybiki-traced anim by MadBart/Apx^And^Tls (generic)
Pharaoh.lha 2.8MB 1997-09-20 no description
FlipDaSkeleton.lha 180.7KB 1997-09-17 A LightWave ANIM with a flipping Skeleton!. (generic)
Anim_Gazette1.lha 560.2KB 1997-09-03 Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette (generic)
Anim_Gazette2.lha 309.8KB 1997-09-03 Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette (generic)
Anim_Gazette3.lha 224KB 1997-09-03 Animation of French Fanzine Logo AMIGAzette (generic)
chiottes.lha 2.6MB 1997-08-31 Traced 256 color anim of a WComputer. (generic)
WalkingToad.lha 212.6KB 1997-08-21 A cute LightWave ANIM featuring a Toad. (generic)
BlueTunnel.lha 6.2MB 1997-08-14 Breathtaking gastunnel flight anim. ham8 (generic)
planetflyby.lha 2.8MB 1997-08-08 Animation of spaceship passing planet (generic)
Space2006.lha 10MB 1997-08-08 (ALN) Spaceanim. With a SpaceStation... (generic)
Freig23.lha 6.6MB 1997-07-05 (ALN) Cool Freighter and Asteroid-Anim. (generic)
amrave.lha 433.7KB 1997-03-15 Fli-Logoanim (generic)
thanos.lha 3.2MB 1997-03-15 Anim of a god. (generic)
Fuego.mpg 115.8KB 1997-01-30 Animacion fuego 3D (MAMOMO) (generic)
XwingSpace.lha 1.8MB 1997-01-01 Imagine anim of a X-Wing spaceship (generic)
MM_Desert.lha 5.4MB 1996-12-03 LW3.5 rendered anim of Desert scene. (generic)
NotSoEasy.lha 3.1MB 1996-11-18 A little jumping horse. IMAGINE anim. (generic)
E11.mpg 325KB 1996-11-13 Lightwave traced model of a cave in germany (generic)
enteranim.lha 1.6MB 1996-11-13 GREAT Lightwave-anim of Enterprise-D (generic)
p1.lha 1.3MB 1996-10-28 Anime made with Real3D 3.3 (generic)
Antanim.lha 1.8MB 1996-10-22 LightWave Anim of an Ants walk cycle (generic)
Dens.lha 1.6MB 1996-10-04 3D Anim w/music by Abe. Name:DENS Soft:Real3d (generic)
Sdi1.lha 625KB 1996-10-04 Im4.0, SDI moves into view and fires (generic)
Sdi2.lha 814.9KB 1996-10-04 Im4.0, SDI2 destroys SDI1 (generic)
Ship14b.lha 1.6MB 1996-10-04 Im4.0, Spaceships moves by (generic)
animvid.lha 3.2MB 1996-09-01 Imagine anim by the gfx dept of Videotrix (generic)
garyS003.lha 2.5MB 1996-08-18 Animation of a rotating cigarette box (generic)
garyS004.lha 1.2MB 1996-08-18 Animation of a jumping tin (generic)
SteelForce.lha 728.5KB 1996-08-15 Anim done with Real 3D by Abe. For a coinslotmachine. (generic)
Bombard.lha 2.2MB 1996-07-09 Im4.0, ship bombards planet, dome explodes (generic)
Hypnotic.lha 410.9KB 1996-07-09 no description
Shuttle-xplo.lha 1MB 1996-07-09 Im4.0, spaceshuttle explodes. (generic)
SynEnd_Part_01.lha 4.4MB 1996-07-08 Final Scrolling Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 1/3 (generic)
SynEnd_Part_02.lha 4.5MB 1996-07-08 Final Scrolling Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 2/3 (generic)
SynEnd_Part_03.lha 4.5MB 1996-07-08 Final Scrolling Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 3/3 (generic)
Syn_Info.lha 1.7KB 1996-07-08 General Information on the Syn_Part and SynEnd_Part Animation (generic)
Syn_Part_01.lha 6.1MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 1/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_02.lha 6.1MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 2/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_03.lha 5.7MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 3/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_04.lha 5.7MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 4/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_05.lha 5.8MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 5/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_06.lha 6.7MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 6/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_07.lha 6.5MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 7/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_08.lha 6.5MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 8/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_09.lha 5.6MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 9/10 (generic)
Syn_Part_10.lha 4.7MB 1996-07-08 Multipart Raytraced Mega-Animation (C4D), Part 10/10 (generic)
garyS001.lha 987.7KB 1996-07-07 An animation of an exploding tin (generic)
garyS002.lha 1MB 1996-07-07 An animation of a rotating tin. (generic)
3000man_ham8.lha 506.5KB 1996-05-01 Imagine trace anim HAM 320x256x8x79 (generic)
Aces_0.lha 118.8KB 1996-05-01 3D plane anim HAM 352x290x6x78 (generic)
Aces_1.lha 409.5KB 1996-05-01 3D plane anim HAM 352x290x6x125 (generic)
Ant.lha 212KB 1996-05-01 no description
Approaching.lha 315.6KB 1996-05-01 3D trek anim 352x276x5x138 (generic)
Asteroidfield.lha 343KB 1996-05-01 no description
Atoms1.lha 465.2KB 1996-05-01 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x103 (generic)
Atoms2.lha 688.4KB 1996-05-01 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x300 (generic)
Atoms4.lha 162KB 1996-05-01 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x151 (generic)
Atomtes7.lha 907KB 1996-05-01 3D moving atoms 320x256x8x200 (generic)
Attackmode.lha 173KB 1996-05-01 3D trek anim HAM 352x290x6x48 (generic)
Binaryflight.lha 51.7KB 1996-05-01 Wireframe flight anim 352x276x1x20 (generic)
Birdflight.lha 80.8KB 1996-05-01 Traced trek anim HAM 352x290x6x100 (generic)
Blob.lha 424.2KB 1996-05-01 no description
Boingmachine.lha 186.9KB 1996-05-01 Traced boing anim HAM 352x220x6x18 (generic)
Bond.lha 411.8KB 1996-05-01 3D car chase anim 320x256x5x130 (generic)
Bounce2.lha 44.2KB 1996-05-01 Abstract 3D anim 320x200x8x18 (generic)
Bouncy.lha 503.5KB 1996-05-01 no description
Bthrows.lha 152.4KB 1996-05-01 Traced basket anim HAM 320x200x6x43 (generic)
Bulbbash.lha 870.7KB 1996-05-01 Traced anim HAM 352x440x6x70 (generic)
Canyon.lha 6.6MB 1996-05-01 Canyon flight trace HAM 320x200x6x180 (generic)
Chemist.lha 3.3MB 1996-05-01 Traced machine anim 320x200x8x213 (generic)
CHH.lha 102.1KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim HAM 352x280x6x88 (generic)
Cityjumper.lha 170.1KB 1996-05-01 3D city anim 320x200x4x61 (generic)
Coaster.lha 572.2KB 1996-05-01 no description
Computerhead.lha 103.3KB 1996-05-01 Abstract face trace HAM 320x256x6x49 (generic)
Coriolis.lha 275.7KB 1996-05-01 3D billiards anim 320x200x8x111 (generic)
Demo3d.lha 119.8KB 1996-05-01 Abstract 3D anim 320x256x8x50 (generic)
Desert_flight.lha 1.7MB 1996-05-01 3D canyon flight 320x256x6x328 (generic)
Disconnect.lha 257.9KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim 352x290x5x150 (generic)
Dizzy.lha 180.3KB 1996-05-01 Wireframe Red Dwarf 368x283x1x72 (generic)
Dlite.lha 19.4KB 1996-05-01 Abstract 3D anim 320x256x8x50 (generic)
Dominos.lha 147.6KB 1996-05-01 Traced anim 320x256x8x21 (generic)
Downcanyon.lha 3.8MB 1996-05-01 Canyon flight trace 320x256x5x241 (generic)
Earthhf4.lha 2MB 1996-05-01 Earth surface trace 320x200x8x399 (generic)
Encounter.lha 653.9KB 1996-05-01 no description
Energise.lha 564.2KB 1996-05-01 Traced anim, good 640x512x8x36 (generic)
Entflyby.lha 2MB 1996-05-01 Traced trek anim 320x200x8x198 (generic)
Eorbit1.lha 1.9MB 1996-05-01 Traced earth orbit 320x200x8x358 (generic)
Exec.lha 342.7KB 1996-05-01 no description
Floppy.lha 548.1KB 1996-05-01 Traced anim HAM 640x400x8x61 (generic)
Foreman.lha 19.1KB 1996-05-01 3D walking man 320x256x8x12 (generic)
Free_flight.lha 905.9KB 1996-05-01 3D canyon flight 320x256x6x193 (generic)
Fwalk2.lha 355.5KB 1996-05-01 Traced walking girl 320x256x8x24 (generic)
Hammer.lha 197.5KB 1996-05-01 Traced tools anim HAM 320x256x6x16 (generic)
Hexpand2.lha 2.7MB 1996-05-01 3D zoom anim 640x480x8x58 (generic)
Huey_1.lha 287KB 1996-05-01 3D helicopter anim 352x276x5x198 (generic)
Hyperspace.lha 138.3KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim 352x290x5x108 (generic)
Its_alive.lha 80.5KB 1996-05-01 3D trek anim 352x290x5x60 (generic)
Klingonflyby.lha 708.4KB 1996-05-01 Traced trek anim HAM 320x256x6x130 (generic)
Klingonhit.lha 465.1KB 1996-05-01 Traced trek anim HAM 352x290x6x100 (generic)
Kvort1.lha 223.3KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim 320x256x5x80 (generic)
Kvort2.lha 305.5KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim 320x256x5x80 (generic)
Land.lha 1.3MB 1996-05-01 no description
Landingfalcon.lha 150.5KB 1996-05-01 3D space anim 352x290x5x60 (generic)
Leavingoffice.lha 179.6KB 1996-05-01 Traced space anim HAM 352x290x6x50 (generic)
Lightdance.lha 151KB 1996-05-01 Traced color lights HAM 368x482x6x36 (generic)
Logo.lha 23.4KB 1996-05-01 3D logo anim 320x200x8x41 (generic)
Mandring.lha 439.9KB 1996-05-01 Abstract trace anim 320x256x8x45 (generic)
Mandrng2.lha 276KB 1996-05-01 Abstract trace anim 640x512x8x45 (generic)
McgaWalk.lha 1.8MB 1996-05-01 Traced cartoon anim 320x200x8x108 (generic)
Mobride4.lha 3.2MB 1996-05-01 3D coaster anim 640x480x8x238 (generic)
Mtv+st.lha 50.2KB 1996-05-01 3D anim 368x290x3x193 (generic)
Nefcrn.lha 351KB 1996-05-01 3D sculpture anim 640x512x8x90 (generic)
Nelson.lha 38.6KB 1996-05-01 3D trek anim 352x276x5x36 (generic)
Nightcar.lha 311.8KB 1996-05-01 Traced sci-fi anim HAM 320x200x6x60 (generic)
Phil_17.lha 39.4KB 1996-05-01 Videoscape 3D anim 352x276x5x118 (generic)
Phil_5.lha 39.9KB 1996-05-01 Videoscape 3D anim 352x276x5x118 (generic)
Pod.lha 663.6KB 1996-05-01 Traced space pod 640x512x8x72 (generic)