Path: /root/amiganet/pix/boot

AmigaOS39.lha 114.9KB 2016-02-18 no description
totos-bootpics.lha 50.3KB 2011-12-30 Grayscale 640x512 bootpics for WB 3.1 (generic)
cgxbootpic39clean.lha 299.8KB 2011-10-31 cgxbootpic.library for AmigaOS 3.9 (m68k-amigaos)
ac-bootpic.lha 61.8KB 2005-03-24 Animated boot picture (generic)
NiceBoot.lha 20.6KB 2002-08-06 SysPic BootSequence w/"animated" load bar (generic)
BWBoot.lha 21.3KB 2002-07-12 BW Boot for Rainboot (generic)
DemoBoot.lha 98.3KB 2002-07-12 Demo Boot for Rainboot (generic)
MarcusBoot.lha 174.7KB 2002-07-12 Marcus Boot for Rainboot (generic)
SurvivorBoot.lha 40.2KB 2002-07-12 Survivor Boot for Rainboot (generic)
WinBoot.lha 77KB 2002-07-12 Win Boot for Rainboot (generic)
tek_aosXB.lha 2.9MB 2001-07-02 AmigaOSX - rainboot2-3 config os2-3.X (generic)
tek_aosXB_prv.jpg 87.1KB 2001-07-02 AmigaosXboot - rainboot config preview (generic)
CGXBootPic39.lha 163.5KB 2001-01-01 CGXBootPic.library for OS 3.9 (generic)
OS39-Boot.lha 87.6KB 2000-12-14 CyberGraphX-BootPic.library for OS3.9 (generic)
OS3.9Bootpic.lha 164.5KB 2000-12-12 OS3.9 boot-picure for AGA users (generic)
AladdinBoot.lha 510.1KB 2000-10-21 Aladdin Bootup for Rainboot3 (generic)
BaaackBoot.lha 455KB 2000-10-21 Baaack Bootup for Rainboot3 (generic)
BeatboxBoot.lha 227.5KB 2000-10-21 Beatbox Bootup for Rainboot3 (generic)
LionKingBoot.lha 141.9KB 2000-10-21 LionKing Bootup for Rainboot3 (generic)
WSucksBoot.lha 864.8KB 2000-10-21 WindowsSucks Bootup for Rainboot3 (generic)
BileLeague_Rai.lha 535.2KB 2000-09-23 BileLeague Rainboot config (generic)
Bile_Rainboot.lha 432.9KB 2000-09-23 Bile Rainboot config (generic)
tek_aos35.lha 516.2KB 2000-09-09 AmigaOS 35 - rainboot2 config (upd2nd) (generic)
tek_aos35_prv.jpg 32.9KB 2000-09-09 Amigaos 35 - rainboot2 pview (upd2nd) (generic)
tek_rwb85.lha 1.4MB 2000-09-09 Workbench 85 - rainboot2 config (upd2nd) (generic)
tek_rwb85_prv.jpg 89.9KB 2000-09-09 Workbench 85 - rainboot2 pview (upd2nd) (generic)
BeastBoot.lha 377.3KB 2000-07-18 Beast Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
RainConfig.lha 258KB 2000-07-18 RainConfig Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
Reboot.lha 222.6KB 2000-07-18 Reboot Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
Eclair.lha 306.5KB 2000-04-24 Eclair bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
LoonyBPs-01.lha 583.2KB 2000-04-21 Four Bootpics for CyberGraphX - More to come (generic)
rbc_matrix.lha 306.3KB 2000-03-03 Matrix config for Rainboot (generic)
ChristmasBoot.lha 388.9KB 1999-12-09 Christmas `99 bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
AFBoot.lha 606.9KB 1999-11-04 Amiga Forever Boot for Rainboot2 (generic)
AliciaBoot.lha 300.2KB 1999-09-22 Cool Alicia Silverstone Rainboot-config (generic)
AliciaBoot2.lha 304.1KB 1999-09-22 Cool Alicia Silverstone config #2 (generic)
AmigaOS_bootpi.lha 300.6KB 1999-09-19 AmigaOS - BootPicture and cgxbootpic.library for CyberGFX v3+ (generic)
AF-Eclipse1.jpg 184.2KB 1999-09-07 Colorful image of the sky w/ sun and reflections (generic)
Gfx-PicBoot2.lha 451.5KB 1999-08-21 Boot Picture for StartUp with PicBoot2. (generic)
WSBoot.lha 366.3KB 1999-08-04 Simulates a complete Windows98 bootup (generic)
AmigaNGBoot.lha 155.6KB 1999-07-31 Damn cool boot-config for Rainboot2 (generic)
LMFBoot.lha 140.7KB 1999-07-31 Light my Fire boot v1.1 for Rainboot2 (generic)
CGFXBoot.lha 87.2KB 1999-07-18 CyberGraphX boot-config for Rainboot2 (generic)
GlenBOOTpics.lha 2.5MB 1999-05-15 11 assorted boot pictures. (generic)
GlenBOOTpicsP.jpg 59.7KB 1999-05-15 11 assorted boot pictures (PREVIEW) (generic)
Blossom.lha 56.2KB 1999-03-24 Blossom Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
Chopsuey.lha 30.1KB 1999-03-24 Chopsuey Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
StartBoot.lha 125KB 1999-03-24 START Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
TheBeast.lha 10.4KB 1999-03-24 The Beast Bootup for Rainboot2 (generic)
cgxbpsx.lha 84.5KB 1999-02-24 CyberGraphics Bootpiclibrary with Playstation warning intro. (generic)
AstronomieBoot.lha 312.1KB 1998-12-29 Astronomie Boot configuration for Rainboot2 (generic)
A1200Boot.lha 319.2KB 1998-12-24 A1200 Boot configuration for Rainboot2 (generic)
MicrosoftBoot.lha 27.8KB 1998-12-24 Microsoft Boot configuration for Rainboot2 (generic)
A4000Boot.lha 209.9KB 1998-12-15 Nice Rainboot2 Boot-Configuration (generic)
PulverBoot.lha 777.3KB 1998-12-14 Rainboot2 Bootup with Techno Rhythm (generic)
Amiga1999.lha 239.1KB 1998-11-30 The bootpicture for 1999 (generic)
Saturn.lha 126KB 1998-11-03 no description
AmiGrasp.lha 188.1KB 1998-10-19 no description
Aliens.lha 597.5KB 1998-10-07 no description
Emulate.lha 348.5KB 1998-09-19 Boot pics :Emulate by Dave Seymour (generic)
PoweredBy.lha 81.5KB 1998-09-16 Rainboot2 PoweredByAmiga 800x600/640x512 (generic)
Powered.lha 256.9KB 1998-09-05 Powered by Amiga Boot for Rainboot2 (generic)
ppcUncaged.lha 154.2KB 1998-09-03 BootPic : ppcUncaged (generic)
AmiBack.lha 69.1KB 1998-08-26 AmiBack - BootPic 800x600x24 [jpg 69kb] (generic)
bootpict.lha 258.8KB 1998-08-26 A boot picture for your Cybervision 64/3D graphic card (generic)
AIBoot.lha 429.8KB 1998-08-21 Amiga International Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
AKBoot.lha 175.3KB 1998-08-21 A Klasse Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
AmigaBFTFBoot.lha 120.1KB 1998-08-21 Back 4 The future Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
AmigaBoot.lha 99.1KB 1998-08-21 Amiga Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
AntiWinBoot.lha 591.7KB 1998-08-21 AntiWin Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
ATBoot.lha 658.7KB 1998-08-21 Amiga Technolo. Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
BillBoot.lha 416.4KB 1998-08-21 Dirty Billy Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
BootupEng.lha 227.7KB 1998-08-21 English Bootup for Rainboot 2 (generic)
BootupFra.lha 237KB 1998-08-21 French Bootup for Rainboot 2 (generic)
BugsBoot.lha 128.1KB 1998-08-21 Bugs Bunny Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
CatBoot.lha 203.5KB 1998-08-21 Cat Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
DDBoot.lha 584.3KB 1998-08-21 Darkwing Duck Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
DigiBoot.lha 652KB 1998-08-21 DigiBoot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
DTBoot.lha 374.4KB 1998-08-21 Duck Tales Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
CloudBoot.lha 327.1KB 1998-08-20 CloudBoot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
GBBoot.lha 752.4KB 1998-08-20 Gummibears Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
GTBoot.lha 705.9KB 1998-08-20 GoofTroop Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
IntelBoot.lha 35.2KB 1998-08-20 IntelOutside Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
IslandsBoot.lha 317.2KB 1998-08-20 The 3 Islands Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
MarioBoot.lha 184.1KB 1998-08-20 Supermario Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
MTVBoot.lha 154.4KB 1998-08-20 MTV Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
NGBoot.lha 370.1KB 1998-08-20 NextGeneration Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
OceanBoot.lha 97.9KB 1998-08-20 Ocean Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
PCommBoot.lha 608.1KB 1998-08-20 PComm Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
PPCBoot.lha 51.7KB 1998-08-20 PPC Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
RRBoot.lha 724.4KB 1998-08-20 Rescue Rangers Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
STBoot.lha 367.3KB 1998-08-20 StarTrek Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
TSBoot.lha 615KB 1998-08-20 Talespin Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
Win98Boot.lha 56.3KB 1998-08-20 Win98 Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
WinterBoot.lha 802.2KB 1998-08-20 Winter Boot for Rainboot 2 (generic)
Creepingback.lha 191.4KB 1998-08-19 BootPic : Creeping_Back (generic)
superpeep.lha 913.7KB 1998-08-19 BootPic : Superpeep by adam belton (generic)
StartMeUp.lha 194.1KB 1998-08-03 2 Ultimate Raytraced Bootpics for Amiga (generic)
moment01.lha 42.7KB 1998-07-17 Bootpicture of a spacecraft. (generic)
mad-cbp3.lha 2.1MB 1998-04-30 Crazy BootPics #3 by MadBart/Appendix^Teklords (generic)
AOs31.lha 46.6KB 1998-04-05 A-Os3.1 bootpics in different sizes (generic)
OS_Boot_II.lha 595.6KB 1997-11-29 OS_Boot_II (800x600) (generic)
os_boot.lha 434.3KB 1997-11-10 OS_Boot (640x480x8) (generic)
retinav6.jpg 31.9KB 1997-08-29 (ALN) Kewl RetinaVision 64 Bootpic for all RETINA-Gfx Board Users... (generic)
BootPics2.lha 774.5KB 1997-08-10 Workbench Boot Pics (generic)
BootPics3.lha 852.4KB 1997-08-10 Workbench Boot Pics (generic)
MMonroeBoot01.lha 501.7KB 1997-08-09 10/01 (of more than 300) Monroe-BootPics (generic)
Workbench85b.lha 312.6KB 1997-08-08 Very nice bootpic by FReDiuS (800x600x8) (generic)
beware.lha 42.9KB 1997-07-05 no description
RudeSkyBench.lha 129.6KB 1997-07-01 Workbench Pic (generic)
Gateboot.lha 137.4KB 1997-06-30 Boot pics :Gateboot. by Dave Seymour (generic)
Tutback.lha 220KB 1997-06-30 Boot pics :Tutback. by Dave Seymour (generic)
Pucker.lha 130.6KB 1997-06-26 Boot pics :Pucker by Dave Seymour (generic)
TutAmi.lha 71.7KB 1997-06-26 Boot pics :TutAmi by Dave Seymour (generic)
Tutboot.lha 141.1KB 1997-06-26 Boot pics :Tutboot by Dave Seymour (generic)
picasso.lha 56KB 1997-06-23 Ali`s SUPERB PICASSO96/IV Boot & Backpic (generic)
AF-Boot31.lha 34.1KB 1997-06-21 OS3.1 Bootpic 800x600x24 (generic)
survivor.lha 33KB 1997-06-17 no description
garfield.lha 31.9KB 1997-06-16 Boot pic comp by Dave Seymour for all (generic)
smurf.lha 4.8KB 1997-06-16 no description
beast.lha 81.5KB 1997-06-15 no description
best.lha 24.9KB 1997-06-15 Boot pic comp by Dave Seymour for all (generic)
buddy.lha 216.4KB 1997-06-15 Boot pic comp by Dave Seymour for all (generic)
eagle.lha 221.6KB 1997-06-15 no description
PCrings.lha 281.7KB 1997-06-15 Boot pic comp by Dave Seymour for all (generic)
Pished.lha 70.1KB 1997-06-15 Boot pic comp by Dave Seymour for all (generic)
MAD-BootP2.lha 1.2MB 1997-05-09 CRAZY bOOTpICS bY mADbART oF aNADUNe^aPPENDIx (generic)
Win95BootPic.lha 29.3KB 1997-04-26 Windows 95 Boot Picture (generic)
wb-nt.lha 57KB 1997-04-11 Two bootscreens for WorkBench NT :-} (generic)
AMIGAzetteBoot.lha 225KB 1997-03-27 Boot Picture From French Fanzine AMIGAzette (generic)
Boot_Majddar.lha 195.3KB 1997-03-27 WB 3.1 Boot Picture (generic)
AS_Boris_01.lha 689.4KB 1997-03-20 AmigaStart Pictures from Boris Vallejo Set-01 (generic)
samelboot.lha 207.9KB 1997-03-15 A nice HAM8 bootpic for Amiga (generic)
samelbootmac.lha 201.5KB 1997-03-15 A nice HAM8 bootpic for Amiga and shapeshifter (generic)
WB_BootPic7.lha 361.8KB 1997-03-14 Workbench Boot Pictures for Amiga OS - Volume 7 (generic)
AS_Boris_02.lha 749.4KB 1997-03-11 AmigaStart Pictures from Boris Vallejo Set-02 (generic)
060bp_1.lha 301.6KB 1997-03-09 Bootpic for 68060 CPU + AGA chipset !!! (generic)
stormpix.lha 303.2KB 1997-03-07 Cyberstorm /060 24 Bit Boot or Backdrop Pictures / M@ilware (generic)
Amiga_back.lha 294.9KB 1997-03-06 !!Amiga bootpic made with Imagine5!! (generic)
cyberxpi.lha 308.1KB 1997-03-05 Cybergraphix 24 Bit Boot or Backdrop Pictures (generic)
smurfboot.lha 5.2KB 1997-03-05 A smurfy boot picture! (generic)
AmiBootPic1-TH.lha 132.5KB 1997-02-27 Amiga-Logo bootpicture! Traced with LightWave! (generic)
PupBootpic.lha 12.4KB 1997-02-18 PowerUP Bootpicture for SYSPIC V4.00 (generic)
Workbench95.lha 158.1KB 1997-01-30 no description
WBBoot.lha 173.8KB 1997-01-17 Three boot pics for Workbench (generic)
MyOldComputer.lha 67.9KB 1997-01-09 BootPics from other computers (Mac/C64/Spectrum/etc) (generic)
AF-CGXboot.lha 346.7KB 1997-01-03 Raytraced CyberGraphX Bootlogos 1024x768 (generic)
SlickPic.lha 91.2KB 1996-12-07 Slick OS3.x 256 Colour 700x200 bootpics (generic)
bpic1.jpg 39.7KB 1996-11-23 Dan's Bootpic for Amiga (generic)
MacOsBootLike.lha 152.4KB 1996-11-22 Boot pic, MacOs style (by FReDiuS) (generic)
RedLogo.lha 245.5KB 1996-11-22 Another boot pic (by FReDiuS) (generic)
BootWB85.lha 249.4KB 1996-11-14 A nice picture to use at boot (by FReDiuS) (generic)
MarcusBPCK.lha 650.4KB 1996-11-09 Marcus' "BootPic Construction Kit" (generic)
APX-Boot.lha 2.6MB 1996-10-27 BootPics by mADbART/aPPENDIx (generic)
AmigaLogoBoot.lha 31.4KB 1996-10-15 A nice bootpic (generic)
dibujos.lha 308.3KB 1996-10-10 16 BootPics in Spanish (generic)
SysPic301Pix.lha 113.3KB 1996-09-04 Bonus pics for SysPic [re-upload] (generic)
Uberpics.lha 853.2KB 1996-08-28 Boot pictures for Uberbench. (generic)
cinside.lha 2.2KB 1996-08-26 C= Inside Background for your Workbench! (generic)
AmiTribe.lha 103.2KB 1996-08-25 Amiga bootpictures / logos (generic)
md-cobra.lha 302KB 1996-08-25 Bootpic for A1230 DKB CobraTurbo Owner (generic)
Win95BURN.jpg 37.8KB 1996-08-17 An Amiga OS Pic of WinBlows 95 Burning like we all wish it would!! (generic)
WinBURN24.lha 519.4KB 1996-08-17 An Amiga OS Pic of WinBlows 95 Burning like we all wish it would!! (generic)
Win95BURN-GIF.lha 137.7KB 1996-08-04 An Amiga OS Pic of WinBlows 95 Burning like we all wish it would!! (generic)
RT-Bootpics.lha 129.1KB 1996-07-15 AmigaStart bootpics showing AmigaOS 3.1. (generic)
68040ins.lha 19.1KB 1996-07-13 68040 Inside IFF picture (generic)
amiWINDOWS96.lha 157KB 1996-07-07 Windows96 for Amiga: Bootlogo out now! (generic)
Blizzard3Pics.lha 146.3KB 1996-07-07 AmigaStart Pictures for Blizzard 1230 III Users (generic)
yaboambp.lha 58.2KB 1996-07-06 Five Anti-Microsoft Boot Pictures. (generic)
b5bootpic.lha 183.3KB 1996-07-03 Babylon 5 bootpicture (704 561 128 colours) (generic)
BlizzardIVPics.lha 237.5KB 1996-06-30 AmigaStart Pictures for Blizzard 1230 Users (generic)
SpaceBoot.lha 225.1KB 1996-06-29 A pair of beautyfull boot pictures (generic)
AEarth_256.lha 106.2KB 1996-06-24 Bootpic for AmigaStart (generic)
WB_BootPics6.lha 336.1KB 1996-06-23 Workbench Boot Pictures for Amiga OS - Volume 6 (generic)
68000inside.lha 22.3KB 1996-06-16 Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68000 inside (generic)
68010inside.lha 21.9KB 1996-06-16 Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68010 inside (generic)
68020inside.lha 22.2KB 1996-06-16 Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68020 inside (generic)
68030inside.lha 22.3KB 1996-06-16 Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68030 inside (generic)
AT-Boot.lha 8.1KB 1996-06-16 640x256x16 AT BootPic (generic)
PowerAmiga.lha 20.7KB 1996-06-15 no description
BestBootPic.lha 215.8KB 1996-06-14 A really good BootPicture (give it a try) (generic)
ABootLogo1-CH.jpg 73.7KB 1996-06-12 Picture of the Amiga Tech logo (generic)
SkyBoot3.lha 556.3KB 1996-06-10 2 256 Colour BootPix By Skyfusion (generic)
AmiBoot.lha 48.1KB 1996-05-10 Bootpic for W*n system user Amigans (generic)
68060inside.lha 37.1KB 1996-04-27 Bootpic and/or backgroundpic 68060 inside (generic)
AS_Bootpics16.lha 170.7KB 1996-04-27 Bootpics for AmigaStart 16 colors (A1200, 68060) (generic)
AS_Bootpics256.lha 449.3KB 1996-04-27 Bootpics for AmigaStart 256 colors (A1200, 68060) (generic)
NewBootPic.lha 187.2KB 1996-04-18 Two 256 col bootscreens (generic)
IO-BootPic.gif 93.7KB 1996-04-11 A Picture for use at boot (by FReDiuS) (generic)
PirlBoot.lha 3.8KB 1996-04-08 2 Amiga-Logo Cheap Boot-Pics by PirlAGA (generic)
Sensible.lha 12.6KB 1996-03-31 "Sensible" : Bootpic (generic)
BootScreen.lha 298.4KB 1996-03-29 BootScreen showing the new AmigaLogo (generic)
BootIntro.lha 485.8KB 1996-03-27 Cool non-aga boot anim&snd (generic)
skyboot.lha 757.4KB 1996-03-27 256 Colour BootPix By Skyfusion (generic)
skyboot2.lha 757.4KB 1996-03-26 3 256 Colour BootPix By Skyfusion (generic)
Alive.lha 25.1KB 1996-03-24 no description
Speed.lha 14.3KB 1996-03-24 no description
winshit.lha 194.3KB 1996-03-23 25 of the crappest Windoze bootpics (generic)
AGBoot.lha 227.5KB 1996-03-19 Pics for use at boot (generic)
PetersIcons.lha 689.8KB 1996-03-09 16 color MagicWB style icons & bootpics (generic)
WB_BootPics95A.lha 688.8KB 1996-03-07 WB Boot Pictures '95 for AmigaOS 2.0 - 3.1 (generic)
MarbleAmiga.lha 80KB 1996-02-26 Marble "AMIGA" Boot logo. (generic)
WINpix2.lha 146.8KB 1996-02-07 WINpix2: 15 brandnew windoze bootpics (generic)
AmiLOGOX.lha 172.3KB 1996-01-28 Amazing bootpix: the amigalogo extended (generic)
WINpix.lha 139.5KB 1995-12-25 Set of bootpictures (generic)
Crap.lha 24KB 1995-12-23 Crap : Bootpic (generic)
Natural.lha 28KB 1995-12-23 no description
NewAge.lha 106.2KB 1995-12-23 New Age : Bootpic (generic)
Nobody.lha 27.6KB 1995-12-23 Nobody : Bootpic (generic)
OurWorld2.lha 205.8KB 1995-12-23 Welcome to our world 2 : Bootpic (generic)
United.lha 20.9KB 1995-12-22 no description
OurWorld.lha 33.7KB 1995-12-20 Welcome to our world : Bootpic (generic)
JTEBPic.lha 91KB 1995-12-14 AmigaStart BootPics (generic)
AmigaMacPic.lha 54.5KB 1995-12-10 640x400x6 bootpic for AmigaStart (generic)
AW95BP_as.lha 90.9KB 1995-12-02 Another Win95 Boot Pic. (AmigaStart) (generic)
BootPic.jpg 167.7KB 1995-10-21 BootPic with three systems displayed, true colour. (generic)
BootPicAGA.lha 418.9KB 1995-10-21 BootPic with three systems displayed, AGA. (generic)
BootPicECS.lha 184.4KB 1995-10-21 BootPic with three systems displayed, ECS. (generic)
The_Boot.lha 21.1KB 1995-10-13 A picture of a boot (a bootpicture;) (generic)
TinicsBootPic1.lha 283.6KB 1995-09-26 BootPics for use with AmigaStart (generic)
WB_BootPics95.lha 454.3KB 1995-09-07 WB Boot Pictures '95 - for AmigaOS 3.1 (generic)
WinBoot256.lha 115.7KB 1995-09-06 Very good 256 col win-like bootscreen (generic)
SJWAS_Pics.lha 170.5KB 1995-08-30 Some nice bootpics (for AmigaStart 95.5). (generic)
ShapeShiftPic.lha 8.1KB 1995-08-21 Excellent Boot Picture for ShapeShifter/Workbench 3.1 (generic)
AGABootPics.lha 27.5KB 1995-08-08 2 AGA BootPics (generic)
WB_BootPics3.lha 351.1KB 1995-07-03 WB Boot Pictures Volume #3 - for AmigaOS 3.1 (generic)
EGSBootLogo.lha 111.7KB 1995-06-30 A BootLogo image for use with EGS v6.2 or v7.x. (generic)
bootpic94.lha 42.2KB 1995-06-18 Amiga Workbench Bootpic (generic)
PictureBoot.lha 298.9KB 1995-04-06 Some nice boot pictures (generic)
WB_BootPics2.lha 35.5KB 1995-04-06 WB Boot Pictures Volume #2 - for OS 3.1 (generic)
WB_BootPics1.lha 190.6KB 1995-02-03 Various HD Boot Picures for user with "BootScreen" (generic)
shrbootpix.lha 42KB 1995-01-18 Super-Hires boot pictures for your WB (generic)
bootpics.lha 73.8KB 1994-10-09 Collection of very nice pictures suitable for bootpic or backdrops (generic)
StrokesBOOTPIC.lha 13.6KB 1994-04-07 Boot screen pic (OS 3.0 related) (generic)