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GlowIconCD2-23122010upd.lha 540.8KB 2010-12-24 GlowIcon CD2 Update (generic)
Update-GICD2.lha 2.1MB 2010-08-29 GlowIcon CD2 Update (generic)
PygmIconsGL_G3.lha 2.4MB 2008-07-28 GlowIcons Game Pack volume 3 (generic)
nICkONs-5.lha 112.4KB 2008-01-04 Game Glowicons (generic)
AB-GlowIcons_Suite.lha 1.9MB 2007-10-18 AB-GlowIcons_Suite (generic)
F1GP-Ed_Icons.lha 30.7KB 2007-04-26 F1GP-Ed replacement icons (generic)
MuLibGlow.lha 443KB 2007-04-26 MuLib replacement icons (generic)
Sinclair_Icons.lha 240.9KB 2007-04-26 Sinclair Spectrum Icons (generic) 90KB 2007-02-21 New 8bit DefIcons for AmigaOS (generic)
NewAge-Icons.lha 9MB 2006-08-27 Realistic, shaded OS3.5/3.9-Icons (generic)
amipal-music-icons.lha 2.8MB 2006-08-09 amipals music icons (generic)
ibeat_joy2.lha 14.5KB 2006-03-24 Glow Icon for TrekStor i.beat joy 2.0 (generic)
nICkONs-4.lha 83KB 2006-02-26 Game Glowicons (generic)
lost.lha 151KB 2006-01-12 no description
PygmIconsGL_D3.lha 853.6KB 2005-08-06 GlowIcons Demo pack volume 3 (generic)
ZIP100-250_GI.lha 145.4KB 2005-03-22 By Raul Silva, the Best GlowIcons for Iomega ZIP 100MB and 250MB disks in Aminet. (generic)
abandonmi.lha 390KB 2005-02-19 Abandon Icon Set for AmigaOS4 (generic)
usbdiskicon.lha 16KB 2005-02-17 USB flash-disk default glow icons (generic)
os4icons.lha 88.7KB 2005-02-16 old 3.9 icons for os4 (generic)
micollection.lha 5.1MB 2005-02-13 Masonicons collection 2000-2003 (generic)
spec_gi.lha 18.7KB 2004-08-15 GlowIcons for Spectrum emulator file formats (generic)
gi_hd_col1.lha 72.2KB 2004-08-06 30 Big HD GlowIcons: audio, cd, music, game etc. (generic)
SimEarth_GI.lha 10.9KB 2004-07-17 GlowIcons for the game SimEarth (generic)
GEDIcons.lha 9.8KB 2004-03-23 Glow icons Toolbar for GoldEd Studio6 (generic)
Icons.lha 527.4KB 2004-03-23 no description
OneStpB_GI.lha 27.5KB 2003-12-27 GlowIcons for the game One Step Beyond (generic)
CrystalIcons.lha 1MB 2003-11-08 GlowIcons Verison of the Crystal Icons (generic)
GameBoyGI-01.lha 312.5KB 2003-10-12 GameBoy Games GlowIcons Vol.1 for use with emulators (generic)
MegaDrive-02.lha 443.9KB 2003-10-12 Megadrive/Genesis Games GlowIcons Vol.2 for use with emulators (generic)
MegaDrive-03.lha 533.1KB 2003-10-12 Megadrive/Genesis Games GlowIcons Vol.3 for use with emulators (generic)
SuperNES-01.lha 574.9KB 2003-10-12 SuperNES Games GlowIcons Vol.1 for use with emulators (generic)
SuperNES-02.lha 594.2KB 2003-10-12 SuperNES Games GlowIcons Vol.2 for use with emulators (generic)
SF_icons.lha 523.3KB 2003-08-16 Icons from Super Frog [by cYbo] (generic)
MegaDrive-01.lha 421.6KB 2003-06-17 Megadrive/Genesis Games GlowIcons Vol.1 for use with emulators (generic)
kof2kxIcons.lha 106.4KB 2003-05-25 King Of Fighters 2KX glow icons (generic)
i5000.lha 1.2MB 2003-04-16 Big Misc GlowIcons Collection [by cYbo] (generic)
IceAge.lha 404.6KB 2003-04-16 Icons from Ice Age [by cYbo] (generic)
nICkONs-3.lha 114.2KB 2003-03-23 Game Glowicons (generic)
FenrixGIcons.lha 511.1KB 2003-03-09 Some glowIcons, mostly drawers (generic)
FenrixGIcons2.lha 146.5KB 2003-03-09 Some glowIcons, mostly drawers (generic)
Nelta-glow.lha 587.9KB 2003-03-07 Over the 300 misc glow icons [by cYbo] (generic)
SimsGameIcons.lha 32.1KB 2003-03-07 GlowIcons for 5 current amiga-games (generic)
trodas_icons2.lha 592.1KB 2003-03-07 Glow icons made by trodas (generic)
GameIcons6.lha 918.4KB 2003-02-23 Glow/Color Icons for Amiga games. (generic)
MameRomGI-02.lha 1.3MB 2003-02-11 MAME ROM GlowIcons Vol.2 for use with emulators MAME (generic)
RBGlowIcons.lha 53.8KB 2003-01-28 Real Bout glow icons by Ponos (generic)
ShFGlowIcons.lha 25.2KB 2003-01-21 Shadow Fighter glow icons by Ponos (generic)
SSGlowIcons.lha 71.6KB 2003-01-21 Samurai Shodown glow icons by Ponos (generic)
nICkONs.win98.lha 109.9KB 2002-12-29 Glowicon`s from Win98 4 your AmigaOS (generic)
MameRomGI-01.lha 971.6KB 2002-11-17 MAME ROM GlowIcons Vol.1 for use with emulators MAME (generic)
PygmIconsGL_D2.lha 678.8KB 2002-11-12 GlowIcons Demo pack volume 2 (generic)
trodas_icons.lha 1.9MB 2002-11-04 Glow icons made/remade by trodas (generic)
nICkONs-2.lha 115.7KB 2002-10-26 Game glowicons (generic)
PygmIconsGL_G2.lha 568KB 2002-10-26 GlowIcons Game Pack volume 2 (generic)
AmfMI.lha 14.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for AMF (generic)
DBackupMI.lha 15.3KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for DailyBackup (generic)
FFNewsMI.lha 19.9KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for FFNews (generic)
mapPlugMI.lha 13.8KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for mapPlug (generic)
moreHTMLMI.lha 11.4KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for moreHTML (generic)
MReaderMI.lha 19.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for MagicReader (generic)
MUISearchMI.lha 12KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for MUISearch (generic)
pEditorMI.lha 12.8KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for pEditor (generic)
PintMI.lha 11.7KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for Pint (generic)
PlotterMI.lha 13.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for Plotter3D (generic)
PoWinMI.lha 22.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for PowerWindows (generic)
ProRenMI.lha 9.6KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for ProRen (generic)
ScalosMI.lha 17.4KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for Scalos (generic)
TransCatMI.lha 12.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for TransCat (generic)
UpdaterMI.lha 10.9KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for Updater (generic)
VoimariiMI.lha 11.5KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for Voimariini (generic)
WordPadMI.lha 44.1KB 2002-10-13 A GlowIconsSet for WordPad (generic)
ADocArtMI.lha 13.1KB 2002-10-11 A GlowIconsSet for AutodocArt (generic)
Berlin-Icon.lha 38KB 2002-10-05 Icons: Brandenburger Tor, Quadriga, Reichstag, Berlin-Logo, Berliner B r (generic)
PetersGlowIcon.lha 65.7KB 2002-10-05 Some glow icons made by me or alterd (generic)
TurboPrintMI.lha 16KB 2002-08-31 GlowIcons for TurboPrint (generic)
WebPlugMI.lha 34.7KB 2002-08-31 GlowIcons Toolbar for WebPlug (generic)
nickons.lha 134.1KB 2002-08-16 Game glowicons (generic)
GameIcons5.lha 1.2MB 2002-08-03 Glow/Color Icons for Amiga games. (generic)
PfPaintMI.lha 48.3KB 2002-07-31 GlowIcons for PfPaint (generic)
PPaintMI.lha 22.4KB 2002-07-31 GlowIcons for PPaint (generic)
AmiStartMI.lha 60.1KB 2002-07-27 A GlowIconsSet for AmiStart (generic)
eNoteMI.lha 14.1KB 2002-07-27 A GlowIconsSet for eNote (generic)
STFaxMI.lha 26.1KB 2002-07-27 A GlowIconsSet for STFax (generic)
NetConnect3.lha 35.4KB 2002-07-24 Icons for NetConnect (generic)
ClassMI.lha 33KB 2002-04-28 A GlowIconsSet for ClassAction (generic)
DataMI.lha 105.3KB 2002-04-28 GlowIcons Toolbar for DataM II (generic)
PlayMI.lha 38.1KB 2002-04-28 A GlowIconsSet for PlayGUI (generic)
VideoMI.lha 11.2KB 2002-04-28 GlowIcons Toolbar for MUIVideo (generic)
WB2000MI.lha 61.2KB 2002-04-28 GlowIcons Toolbar for Workbench 2000 (generic)
WorkOnMI.lha 25.8KB 2002-04-28 A GlowIconsSet for WorkOn (generic)
AmiSDMI.lha 13.9KB 2002-04-15 Images for AmiShutdown (German only) (generic)
muiMI.lha 13.3KB 2002-04-15 Images for MUI (generic)
strICQMI.lha 11KB 2002-04-15 GlowIcons for strICQ (ReAction GUI) (generic)
AmigAIM_Icon.lha 2.8KB 2002-01-31 Replacement icon for AmigAIM (generic)
ab-glowicons.lha 378.6KB 2002-01-04 GlowIcons for AmigaOS 3.5/39 (generic)
PygmIconsGL_G1.lha 2.4MB 2001-12-20 GlowIcons Game Pack volume 1 (generic)
Arthropodicons.lha 159.6KB 2001-12-15 Insects, spiders, & more glowicons (generic)
GameIcons4.lha 1.6MB 2001-11-30 Great GlowIcons for 100 Amiga games. (generic)
PygmIconsGL_D1.lha 671.6KB 2001-11-11 GlowIcons Demo pack volume 1 (generic)
HunoGlowsArmy.lha 13.5KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsBizar.lha 93.1KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsBouff.lha 14.4KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsDossi.lha 19KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsDRWS.lha 69.2KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsOutil.lha 54.5KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsRecip.lha 23.4KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsSmile.lha 23.8KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
HunoGlowsVeget.lha 22.3KB 2001-11-05 MAC glowIcons (generic)
CfouGameGlowIc.lha 1.4MB 2001-10-24 468 GlowIcons for games made By CFou! (generic)
BrowserIcon.lha 7.8KB 2001-10-13 IE look-a-like icon. A 'b' instead of an 'e' (generic)
GameIcons3.lha 3.5MB 2001-06-29 Great GlowIcons for 232 Amiga games. (generic)
QuadraMI.lha 301.5KB 2001-06-23 Images and Icons for Toolbars and Menues (generic)
lch-JapIcons6.lha 36.5KB 2001-06-07 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 6 (generic)
g-icons.lha 109KB 2001-06-04 Icon collection in Glow Icons style (generic)
lch-JapIcons5.lha 98.9KB 2001-04-27 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 5 (generic)
lch-JapIcons4.lha 77.8KB 2001-04-17 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 4 (generic)
GameIcons2.lha 548.4KB 2001-04-16 Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games. (generic)
OS3.9GlowIcons.lha 34.2KB 2001-04-16 12 GlowIcons you REALLY need (generic)
GameIcons1.lha 551.3KB 2001-03-30 Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games. (generic)
NetGlowIcons.lha 4.7KB 2001-03-30 A few GlowIcons for AmigaOS 3.5+ (generic)
lch-JapIcons3.lha 100.9KB 2001-03-29 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 3 (generic)
GameIcons.lha 490.3KB 2001-03-26 Great GlowIcons for MANY Amiga games. (generic)
BAM_GIcons.lha 96.5KB 2001-03-23 Some OS 3.5/3.9 GlowIcons (generic)
TinyGICollectn.lha 49.4KB 2001-03-19 GlowIcons - size doesn't matter ;-) (generic)
PowerTowerIcon.lha 4.3KB 2000-10-13 An OS 3.5 GlowIcon for the PowerTower 4000/1200 (generic)
HSGlowIcons.lha 17.6KB 2000-09-04 OS3.5 GlowIcon Set for HSPascal (generic)
synotec_icon12.lha 473.7KB 2000-09-01 More than 400 small icons in glow icons style (generic)
NI_box10.lha 193.3KB 2000-07-30 AlotOfOS35Icons for GAMES BOXES !!!! (generic)
lch-JapIcons2.lha 43.3KB 2000-07-26 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 pack 2 (generic)
gicd_update_d.lha 914.6KB 2000-06-28 Update for GlowIcon CD-ROM Vol.1 (deu) (generic)
gicd_update_e.lha 913.2KB 2000-06-28 Update for GlowIcon CD-ROM Vol.1 (eng) (generic)
Drw-Icn_OS35.lha 1.1KB 2000-05-05 OS3.5 drawer-icon (blue) without glowing for GlowIcon-set (generic)
PasisGI-03.lha 238.3KB 2000-04-17 A Small high quality GlowIcons collection. (generic)
4DPlusIcon.lha 3.3KB 2000-04-09 Glowicon for 4D+ Inetmouse (generic)
lch-JapIcons.lha 29.9KB 2000-03-10 Japanesque GlowIcons for Os 3.5 (generic)
RIconsSMALL.lha 71.2KB 2000-03-07 SMALL Glowicon Images based on real world (generic)
BiIcons.lha 29.2KB 2000-02-28 Three "Bi" Icons in GlowIcon format (generic)
ReallyIcons.lha 131.7KB 2000-02-03 Glowicon Images based on real world (generic)
PasisGI-02.lha 263KB 2000-01-26 A Small high quality GlowIcons collection. (generic)
PasisGI-01.lha 232.6KB 2000-01-13 A Small high quality GlowIcons collection. (generic)
LS_Glow.lha 3.9KB 1999-12-28 LS-120 GlowIcon for OS3.5 (generic)
UsefulGlowIcon.lha 33.8KB 1999-11-30 10 GlowIcons you REALLY need (OS 3.5) (generic)
JMG_Icons.lha 82.6KB 1999-11-24 Icons package (GlowIcon format) (generic)
glowcd_bugfix.lha 556.2KB 1999-11-16 Bugfix for the Cologne'99 GlowIcons CD-ROM (generic)
AF-OS35-Icons1.lha 26.7KB 1999-11-15 6 Nice GlowIcons for OS3.5 (generic)
JUE-Icons.lha 284.1KB 1999-11-15 My first GlowIcon-Archiv (not complete!) (generic)
DJGlowIcons01.lha 40KB 1999-11-04 Glowicons I was missing (generic)
PSGlowIconsPre.lha 1.8MB 1999-10-14 New GlowIcons Expansion (Icons/ImageDrawers/and more (generic)
PS-GlowIcons.lha 1.1MB 1999-09-25 New GlowIcons2, Icons/ImageDrawers/... (generic)
AWBGIcons.lha 6KB 1999-08-30 GlowIcons style AWeb icons 256 (generic)
UpdateSA-Icons.lha 590.1KB 1999-08-30 New GlowIcons2 Icons/ImageDrawers/... (generic)
hpglowicons.lha 213KB 1999-08-05 GlowIcons for Haage&Partner programmes (generic)
heinz_oliver.lha 1.6MB 1999-08-04 Heinz & Oliver GlowIcons (generic)
Glow_Roketz.lha 7.8KB 1999-07-30 2 GlowIcons for Roktez.(cool duel game) V1.0 (generic)
dockglowicons.lha 237.6KB 1999-07-21 Dock icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
glowiconstuff.lha 89.5KB 1999-07-21 57 icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
heinzglowicons.lha 891KB 1999-07-21 Icons in GlowIcons' style for Heinz A. (generic)
SA-Icons.lha 512.5KB 1999-07-18 New GlowIcons2 Icons/ImageDrawers/... (generic)
NI_spc10.lha 378.4KB 1999-05-29 AlotOfNewIcons for SPACE CRUSADE +GlowIcons (generic)
glowiconsmix.lha 45.8KB 1999-05-21 Some more icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
NI_vrm11.lha 239KB 1999-05-01 AlotOfNewIcons for VROOM +GlowIcons (generic)
glowcollection.lha 166.5KB 1999-04-29 Yes, 100 more icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
glowiconsaddon.lha 93.3KB 1999-04-29 57 new icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
NI_bck10.lha 435.6KB 1999-04-18 AlotOfNewIcons for BC KID +GlowIcons (generic)
NI_tnt10.lha 440.9KB 1999-04-18 AlotOfNewIcons for TRAPS N' TREASURES +GlowIcons (generic)
NI_trc10.lha 713.5KB 1999-04-18 AlotOfNewIcons for TURRICAN 1,2&3 +GlowIcons (generic)
glowiconspack.lha 78KB 1999-04-09 48 more icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
ohnomoreglow.lha 74.3KB 1999-04-09 Even more icons in GlowIcons' style (generic)
MonGlowicon.lha 2KB 1999-03-19 GlowIcon for Monzoom (generic)
GlowIcons.lha 288KB 1998-08-10 Realistic, shaded, anti-aliased NewIcons (generic)