Path: /root/amiganet/pix/picon

s0y_gameicons_2017.lha 8.8MB 2017-05-12 Game icons in OS4.1 Update 1 format (generic)
k8o_IconPack-3.lha 191.1KB 2015-05-21 v0.3 Extended Icon Set for MorphOS. (generic)
AOS-GamesIcons.lha 2.3MB 2015-04-11 GamesIcons, AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons ... (generic)
Icons-for-AmigaOS.lha 6.4MB 2015-03-30 AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons ... (generic)
Icons-4-AmigaOS_2.lha 1MB 2014-05-23 AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons... (DualPNG) (generic)
Icons-4-AmigaOS.lha 1.9MB 2013-12-11 AmigaOS 4.1 Style Icons... (DualPNG) (generic)
k8o_IconPack-1.lha 1MB 2013-08-11 v0.1 Extended Icon Set for MorphOS. (generic)
Cl_WB_Drawer_V2.0.lha 34.2MB 2012-05-30 PNG Icons for Amiga OS (generic) 648.3KB 2012-04-28 "fAROSenza" Faenza Icon Pack for AROS (generic)
Classic_WB_Icons_UP1.15.lha 23.1MB 2012-02-10 Classic WB PNG icon set (generic)
AlpyreIcons2.lha 3.1MB 2009-11-06 Ken's Icons v4 Style 32bit PNG Icons (2) (generic)
AlpyreIcons1.lha 952.5KB 2009-09-07 Ken's Icons v4 Style 32bit PNG Icons (generic)
kens_icons_v4.lha 4.9MB 2008-04-10 Ken's DualPNG Icons (generic)
AMF-MixPNGIcons.lha 477.1KB 2008-03-23 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic)
AMF-ModelPNGIcons.lha 527.1KB 2008-03-23 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic)
Drawer-Icons-Otti.lha 2.7MB 2008-01-02 Drawer/Disk Icons, PNG MOS Format (Otti) (generic)
AB_X-Mas_2007.lha 1.1MB 2007-12-25 Icons PowerIcons (generic)
Polyorga-buttons.lha 622.7KB 2007-11-01 Buttons for PolyOrga (generic)
AB-PowerIcons_2.lha 984KB 2007-10-11 PNG Icons (generic)
wet_stardock.lha 220.9KB 2007-08-12 Stardock PNG weather icons for Wet 5 (generic)
AMF-EfikaIcons.lha 67.4KB 2007-07-25 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic)
AB-PowerIcons_Return.lha 230.5KB 2007-07-15 Icons. powericons support (generic)
GlowRevolution3.lha 3.4MB 2007-07-13 DualPNG icon pack (generic)
PNG_Icons.lha 303.7KB 2007-04-04 PNG Icon Collection (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No5.lha 4.4MB 2007-02-23 415 nice PNG Icons, Vol.5 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No5_64x64.lha 2.1MB 2007-02-23 89 nice PNG Icons, Vol.5, sizes +64 (generic)
AMF-FairiesIcons.lha 91.9KB 2006-12-17 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic)
KukoIcons.lha 369.1KB 2006-10-30 KUKOIcons, a pack of PNG icons. (generic)
MorphoPack.lha 117.9KB 2006-10-30 MorphoPack, a pack with butterflies. (generic)
AMF-MixIcons.lha 319.5KB 2006-10-29 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic) 139.7KB 2006-09-12 Set of various png icons (generic) 191.1KB 2006-09-12 A new set of png icons (generic)
aros-demos-icons.lha 157.8KB 2006-08-27 Aros-Demos Icons (generic)
metalslugicon.lha 19.5KB 2006-08-27 A cool Metal Slug icon for MAME (MorphOS) (generic)
mixed.lha 243.8KB 2006-08-27 Some Ambient icons (generic) 18.4KB 2006-08-23 Warsow Icon for MorphOS (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No4.lha 5.7MB 2006-08-16 1111 nice PNG Icons, Vol.4 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No4_64x64.lha 3.9MB 2006-08-16 261 nice PNG Icons, Vol.4, sizes +64 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No1.lha 1.3MB 2006-07-27 +200 nice PNG Icons, Vol.1 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No2.lha 1.8MB 2006-07-27 300 nice PNG Icons, Vol.2 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No3.lha 2MB 2006-07-27 +300 nice PNG Icons, Vol.3 (generic)
PvD_PNGs_No3_64x64.lha 2.9MB 2006-07-27 +300 nice PNG Icons, Vol.3, size 64 (generic)
def_r0ms.lha 15.6KB 2006-06-20 PNG def_icons for Vice and several roms (generic)
KukoIcons_Game.lha 161.3KB 2006-05-31 KUKOIcons_Game, a pack of PNG Gameicons. (generic)
AMF-AnimalPNGIcons.lha 28.5KB 2006-04-25 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic)
AMF-Enemies.lha 34.9KB 2006-04-25 PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch (generic) 968.1KB 2006-03-16 HunoPNG's Device icons (generic)
aluminium.lha 996.6KB 2006-03-12 no description
pure.lha 2.6MB 2006-03-12 no description
thhgttg.lha 131.8KB 2006-03-12 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' a PNG iconset. (generic)
kids.lha 6.9MB 2006-03-10 no description
sanrio.lha 304.3KB 2006-03-10 'Sanrio' a PNG iconset. (128, 64) (generic)
star_wars.lha 724.3KB 2006-03-10 'Star Wars' a PNG iconset. (128, 64, 48, 32, 16) (generic)
transformersx2.lha 326.2KB 2006-03-08 'Transformers X Vol 2' a PNG iconset. (128, 64) (generic)
crystal_clear2.lha 3.3MB 2006-03-07 'Crystal Clear' Sys Icons with Installer (46x46) (generic)
crystal_clear.lha 4.7MB 2006-03-05 'Crystal Clear' a Sys Rep. Icon Set with Installer (generic)
bindle_wt.lha 162.1KB 2006-03-04 'Bindle Will Travel' a PNG iconset. (128, 64). (generic)
hamtaro1.lha 242.5KB 2006-03-04 'Hamtaro Vol. 01' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
hamtaro2.lha 215.9KB 2006-03-04 'Hamtaro Vol. 02' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
jacks_cds.lha 340.4KB 2006-03-04 'Jack's CD's' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
mini_robots.lha 166.5KB 2006-03-04 'Mini Robots' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
origami.lha 302KB 2006-03-04 'Origami' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
smurf_houses.lha 267KB 2006-03-04 'Smurf Houses' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
soda_jerks.lha 883.6KB 2006-03-04 'Soda jerks' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
tiny_pets.lha 162.4KB 2006-03-04 'Tiny Pets' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64). (generic)
xywe.lha 323.6KB 2006-03-04 'Xywe In Ghostland' a PNG iconset. (128, 64). (generic)
aquastars.lha 372.2KB 2006-03-01 'AquaStars' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64, 48x48) (generic)
evilroboballs.lha 168.9KB 2006-03-01 'Evil Roboballs' a PNG iconset. (generic)
geekysweets.lha 389.8KB 2006-03-01 'Geeky Sweets' a PNG iconset. (128x128) (generic)
metal_folders.lha 127.8KB 2006-03-01 'Metal Folders' a PNG iconset. (128, 64, 32). (generic)
2001_icons.lha 389.6KB 2006-02-24 '2001 a Space Odyssey' a PNG iconset. (generic)
animauls.lha 213.3KB 2006-02-24 'Animauls' a PNG iconset. (128x128) (generic)
cheesefolders.lha 105.1KB 2006-02-24 'Cheese Folders' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
chocolatefolders.lha 154KB 2006-02-24 'Chocolate Folders' a PNG iconset (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
cowmilk.lha 102.3KB 2006-02-24 'CowMilk' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
digital_video.lha 235KB 2006-02-24 'Digital Video' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
icollection.lha 657.1KB 2006-02-24 'iCollection' a PNG icon collection. (generic)
kiwiana.lha 147KB 2006-02-24 'Kiwiana' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64) (generic)
pizzaicons.lha 961.7KB 2006-02-24 'PizzaIcons 1 and 2' a PNG iconset. (128x128) (generic)
HunoPNGsPack1Fix.lha 731.3KB 2006-02-22 HunoPNG'sPack1 Fix for Workbench (generic) 981.7KB 2006-02-22 HunoPNG'sPack2 Fix for Workbench (generic) 952.2KB 2006-02-19 PNG Icons (generic) 1.2MB 2006-02-19 HunoPNG'sPack2 (generic)
FunkyPNGIcons.lha 429.7KB 2005-11-29 Mario funky PNG icons pack 2005 (generic)
scummbubbles2.lha 348KB 2005-11-14 Scumm VM Bubbles in png format (generic)
flower_icon.lha 609.7KB 2005-10-09 Collection of Flower PNG icons (generic)
guitar_icons.lha 169.9KB 2005-10-09 Collection of Guitar PNG icons (generic)
demoicons.lha 275.5KB 2005-08-12 PNG Icons Pack For AOD + TheDemoEffectsCollection (generic)
gameiconpack2.lha 427.7KB 2005-08-10 Game icons *PNG* Collection 2 (generic)
gameiconpack3.lha 556.9KB 2005-08-10 Game icons *PNG* Collection 3 (generic)
PngIconsGamePack.lha 715.7KB 2005-08-10 Game icons *PNG* Collection 1 (generic)
bor_pngicons.lha 335.4KB 2005-07-20 Beats Of Rage Icon Pack (For All MODS) (generic)
ami-crystal.lha 402.7KB 2005-06-09 PNG-Icon replacement package for the WB! (generic)
ElenaHDIcon.lha 10.6KB 2005-04-02 Nice hard disk PNG icon (generic)
cardmipng.lha 10.1KB 2005-02-17 PNGIcons for Memory Cards (generic)
os4gnomeicons.lha 642.4KB 2005-02-17 Gnome PNG icon set for Amiga OS4 (generic)
real_iconz.lha 11MB 2005-02-17 Amiga PNG Icons for use with Power Icons (generic)
MrCarlitoWB-07.jpg 441.2KB 2004-06-06 Screenshot of a PNG icon set (generic)
scummbubbles.lha 425.8KB 2004-05-19 Scumm VM Bubbles in png format (generic)
MrCarlitoWB-06_2.jpg 313.9KB 2003-12-14 Screenshot o a PNG icon set (generic)
MrCarlitoWB-06.jpg 312.3KB 2003-11-23 Screenshot of a PNG icon set (generic)
PNGicons128x12.lha 1.4MB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons16x16.lha 741.4KB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons22x22.lha 209.2KB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons32x32.lha 1.9MB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons48x48.lha 3.4MB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons64x64.lha 4.7MB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
PNGicons96x96.lha 334.5KB 2003-11-01 Collection of PNG icons from KDE (generic)
MAMEcons_03.lha 309.9KB 2003-06-22 MAMEcon icons for MorphOS MAME (set 3) (generic)
MAMEcons_01.lha 265.1KB 2003-06-15 MAMEcon icons for MorphOS MAME (set 1) (generic)
MAMEcons_02.lha 330.5KB 2003-06-15 MAMEcon icons for MorphOS MAME (set 2) (generic)
ZT_DockBrushes.lha 1.2MB 1999-02-04 True color dock brushes for ToolManager 3 (generic)