Path: /root/amiganet/pix/wb

Hexaae_WB_shots_2018-07.lha 4.2MB 2019-04-29
Robs-AmigaOS39.png 443.5KB 2017-11-13 Rob's Amiga OS 3.9 Setup! (generic)
Robs-MorphOS39.png 382.2KB 2017-09-18 Rob's MorphOS 3.9 Setup! (generic)
Pavlor-OS41FE.jpg 362.5KB 2015-12-16 AmigaOS 4.1FE running in WinUAE (generic)
Dan-WB.png 87.6KB 2013-09-16 AmigaOS 3.9 screenshot (generic)
Alecos-WB-15.png 657.4KB 2011-10-02 Cool Workbench Screenshot 1280x1024 32 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Thellier-Kitty.lha 470.1KB 2011-07-09 Aros Kitty mascots from Alain Thellier (generic)
debian_sarge_2.jpg 119.2KB 2009-03-17 Debian Sarge on Amiga PowerUP (generic)
debian_sarge.png 292KB 2009-03-14 Debian Sarge on Amiga PowerUP (generic)
AmigaSYS4AGA_1.gif 23.3KB 2008-09-28 AmigaSYS 4 AGA - for real AGA Amiga (generic)
AmigaSYS4AGA_2.gif 52.4KB 2008-09-28 AmigaSYS 4 AGA - for real AGA Amiga (generic)
AmigaSYS4AGA_3.gif 23.4KB 2008-09-28 AmigaSYS 4 AGA - for real AGA Amiga (generic)
AmigaSYS4AGA_4.gif 40KB 2008-09-28 AmigaSYS 4 AGA - for real AGA Amiga (generic)
AmigaSYSAGABoot1200.jpg 61.8KB 2008-09-28 AmigaSYS 4 AGA - for real AGA Amiga (generic)
AmiKit_150.jpg 150.1KB 2008-09-22 AmiKit 1.5.0 (generic)
win.png 447.2KB 2008-07-04 Windows 3.1 on A1200 w/ DosBox and OS4 (generic)
cebograbs2.lha 2.7MB 2007-11-27 CebollinoWB screenshots part 2: cebopower (generic)
cebograbs.lha 4.9MB 2007-10-11 Some CebollinoWB screenshots (generic)
AmiKit_140.jpg 107.6KB 2007-09-22 AmiKit 1.4.0 (generic)
miwb7.png 860.6KB 2007-03-23 nice wb snapshot in my A1200 (generic)
PavlorsWB-A1200.jpg 81.6KB 2007-02-24 Workbench Screenshot 640x400, 32 colours (generic)
AmiKit-PNG.jpg 143.3KB 2007-02-23 AmiKit 1.3.0 with dual PNG icons (generic)
AmiKit.jpg 263.1KB 2007-02-08 Screenshot of AmiKit 1.2.9 environment (generic)
PavlorsWB.jpg 177KB 2006-12-28 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Pavlor (generic)
dt.jpg 620KB 2006-02-26 Amikit screen shot (generic)
iconlauncher.jpg 262.3KB 2006-02-09 Snapshot of icon launcher in action (generic)
Amigaz_OS3.9.png 548.8KB 2006-01-29 My A4000 OS3.9 desktop (generic)
Alecos-WB-14.png 892.6KB 2006-01-11 Workbench Screenshot 1280x1024 32 Bit by Alecos (generic)
wb13screen.gif 10.1KB 2005-12-11 workbench 1.3 cli window (generic)
ibrowse.jpg 186.7KB 2005-11-22 IBrowse 2.3 (generic)
mui.jpg 45.4KB 2005-11-21 Zami-based MUI? (generic)
wb2.jpg 178.7KB 2005-11-21 Helgis Zami MUI Network Shot! (generic)
wb.jpg 5.1KB 2005-11-02 Helgis' WB! (generic)
morphos.png 622.1KB 2005-09-19 MorphOS 1.4.5 for PowerUP (generic)
amigasys.jpg 268.9KB 2005-06-02 AmigaSYS on E-UAE (generic)
AmigaOSGrabs.lha 2MB 2005-05-13 AmigaOS grabs 2000-2005 (generic)
MorphOSGrabs.lha 2.5MB 2005-05-11 MorphOS grabs 2003-2005 (generic)
Euae_G5.jpg 550.1KB 2005-05-08 E-uae running on a PowerMac G5 (generic)
nass-5.jpg 34KB 2005-04-23 NASS 5 picture by Pixel-Art (generic)
SkolmanMorphOS.lha 67.4KB 2004-08-30 A1200 AGA PPC Amiga(Morph)OS Workbench Snap-Shot (generic)
Haymigga_3.png 758.9KB 2004-05-09 Haymigga`s Pink Plastic WB Screenshot (generic)
Haymigga_4.png 804.9KB 2004-05-09 Haymigga`s blue skies WB Screenshot (generic)
Haymigga_5.png 449.9KB 2004-05-09 Haymigga`s Amiga Spirit WB Screenshot (generic)
Workbench3.9.jpg 396.1KB 2004-02-29 Screenshot of emulated Amiga on PowerBook G4 (generic)
WinUAEcustWB1.jpg 352.4KB 2004-02-19 OS4 inspired customization for OS 3.9 under WinUAE by Virgola (generic)
WinUAEcustWB2.jpg 350.3KB 2004-02-19 OS4 inspired customization for OS 3.9 under WinUAE by Virgola (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-06.jpg 313.9KB 2003-12-07 no description
oscara.jpg 675.6KB 2003-11-16 Amiga Workbench Screenshot 1024x768x24 (generic)
mv_gfx.lha 254KB 2003-11-01 NewGfX for Mysticview (generic)
SinisrusOS3.9.jpg 531KB 2003-11-01 Screen Grab of OS 3.9 Workbench (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-05.jpg 261.6KB 2003-10-18 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-04.jpg 218.9KB 2003-09-07 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-03.jpg 178.4KB 2003-08-31 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-02.jpg 232.8KB 2003-08-24 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
PetersDarkWB.jpg 745.6KB 2003-08-24 Another screenshot of my workbench (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-01.jpg 222.1KB 2003-08-16 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
MrCarlitoWb-00.jpg 579.1KB 2003-08-05 Screenshot of my Workbench 3.9 (generic)
jpv_wb.lha 293.1KB 2003-06-28 1024x768x16bit WB snapshot (generic)
Raouls-WB.lha 1.5MB 2003-06-22 3 Snapshots of Raoul Boger's WB feat. NewAge-Icons (generic)
ssnake_WB_01.lha 352KB 2003-06-15 Screen grab of my BVPPC WB (generic)
Haymigga_2.jpg 272.1KB 2003-06-05 Haymigga`s Light Armour WB Screenshot (generic)
Haymigga_I.jpg 257.2KB 2003-05-09 Haymigga`s Red & Blue Mania WB Screenshot (generic)
japanese-wb2.jpg 119.4KB 2003-05-09 Japanese support on amiga (generic)
_Dani_-WB-10.jpg 202.2KB 2003-05-09 Amiga Workbench Screenshot 1024x768x24 (generic)
Alecos-WB-12.jpg 142KB 2003-05-02 Workbench Screenshot 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Alecos-WB-13.jpg 180KB 2003-05-02 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
MyAthlonWinUAE.jpg 418KB 2003-04-05 A screengrab of Leshaun Fossett's WinUAE set (generic)
Milk-screenshot.jpg 211.9KB 2003-01-25 Creamy white 1024x768 desktop snapshot by Miki (generic)
Milk.lha 139.3KB 2003-01-24 Creamy white appearance for Workbench and Directory Opus 5 (generic)
XenoMorph_Icon.jpg 228.5KB 2003-01-24 XenoMorph's MMX Icons conversion PREVIEW (generic)
XenoMorph_WB09.jpg 67.8KB 2003-01-18 XenoMorph's WB Extreme Personalization (generic)
XenoMorph_WB10.jpg 114.1KB 2003-01-18 XenoMorph's WB Extreme Personalization (generic)
XenoMorph_WB08.jpg 141.9KB 2002-12-10 XenoMorph's AMITHLON WB 1280x1024 32 Bits (generic)
Jupiter_24bit.lha 89.7KB 2002-12-07 Jupiter as it should be seen! (generic)
TrodasWB.jpg 168.5KB 2002-10-13 Yet another WB grab by trodas (generic)
DiamondWBsnap.jpg 162.5KB 2002-09-08 Diamond green 1024x768 desktop snapshot by Miki (generic)
LavaWBsnap.jpg 161.7KB 2002-09-08 Lava red 1024x768 desktop snapshot by Miki (generic)
GoldWBsnap.jpg 151.5KB 2002-08-18 Gold 1024x768 desktop snapshot by Miki (generic)
LombiWB.lha 733.2KB 2002-08-03 Two grabs of my WB, one with RTG & one without RTG, runing OS3.5 (generic)
lorys_SS.lha 358.9KB 2002-08-03 My grab of shapeshifter on my A1200t Blizz 68060 Pixel64 gfx card 50meg ram (generic)
AnotherPetersB.jpg 242.3KB 2002-07-25 Another screenshot of my workbench (generic)
DarkReign.lha 278.7KB 2002-07-11 Contrasted WB Look by Nowee for Visualprefs (generic)
Proof.lha 77.9KB 2002-06-26 And it just kept on ticking! (generic)
beer.jpg 110.7KB 2002-06-05 no description
PetersBench2.jpg 201.9KB 2002-05-26 A screenshot of my workbench (generic)
GoldenWB.jpg 124.4KB 2002-05-19 Golden 1024x768 16 Bit desktop by Miki (generic)
Screen_Pa_13.jpg 128.9KB 2002-05-11 Snapshot of Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
A1200mwb.lha 81.7KB 2002-05-05 A1200 Workbench Screenshot (generic)
SoBored.jpg 323KB 2002-05-05 Boredom striked me this morning (generic)
Alecos-WB-10.jpg 214.9KB 2002-04-22 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Alecos-WB-11.jpg 182.5KB 2002-04-22 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
jzwb.lha 272.8KB 2002-04-22 The Ultimate Mind Extension (generic)
Alecos-WB-08.jpg 209.6KB 2002-04-14 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Alecos-WB-09.jpg 188KB 2002-04-14 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
beautifulamiga.jpg 61.9KB 2002-04-14 Beautiful MorphOS/Amiga Backdrop (generic)
BobbensWB3.0.jpg 125.6KB 2002-04-14 Screenshot of Bobbens WB 3.0... (generic)
BobbensWB3.5.jpg 196.2KB 2002-04-14 Screenshot of Bobbens WB 3.5... (generic)
BobbensWB3.9-1.jpg 219.6KB 2002-04-14 Screenshot of Bobbens WB 3.9-1... (generic)
BobbensWB3.9-2.jpg 147.1KB 2002-04-14 Screenshot of Bobbens WB 3.9-2... (generic)
BobbensWB3.9-3.jpg 169KB 2002-04-14 Screenshot of Bobbens WB 3.9-3... (generic)
Alecos-WB-07.jpg 180.1KB 2002-04-09 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Amithlon_AMD.jpg 133.7KB 2002-03-21 Screenhot Amithlon AMD 1,5 XP (generic)
jackdrops.lha 11.8MB 2002-03-06 Boing themed backdrops for Workbench (generic)
winuae_mail.jpg 223.6KB 2002-03-04 My WinUAE WB (generic)
winuae_media.jpg 167.4KB 2002-03-04 My WinUAE WB (generic)
winuae_sdl.jpg 158.5KB 2002-03-04 My WinUAE WB (generic)
winuae_wb.jpg 182.3KB 2002-03-04 My WinUAE WB (generic)
winuae_web.jpg 238.5KB 2002-03-04 My WinUAE WB (generic)
PetersBench.jpg 192.5KB 2002-02-26 A screenshot of my workbench (generic)
exocetwb.lha 47.9KB 2002-02-20 2 snapshots of Exocet's Workbench (generic)
MattsWB.jpg 128.1KB 2002-02-17 My 8-bit OS3.9 Workbench (generic)
XenoMorph_WB07.jpg 347.8KB 2002-02-04 XenoMorph's AMITHLON WB 1280x1024 32 Bits (generic)
XenoMorph_WB06.jpg 183KB 2002-01-31 XenoMorph's AMITHLON WB 1280x1024 32 Bits (generic)
Alecos-WB-6.jpg 211.9KB 2002-01-07 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
proWB.jpg 268.7KB 2002-01-03 Proffesional OS (generic)
Screen_Pa_7.jpg 79.7KB 2002-01-03 Amiga TVPaint's Picture (generic)
Alecos-WB-5.jpg 175KB 2001-12-29 Workbench Screenshot 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
XenoMorph_WB05.jpg 257KB 2001-12-29 XenoMorph WB on (generic)
dormosauroWB01.jpg 150.1KB 2001-12-25 Grab of my "fantasy" CGX PPC 1024*768x16bit AmigaOS 3.9 (generic)
dormosauroWB02.jpg 122.7KB 2001-12-25 Grab of my "fantasy" CGX PPC 1024*768x16bit AmigaOS 3.9 (generic)
dormosauroWB03.jpg 156.2KB 2001-12-25 Grab of my "fantasy" CGX PPC 1024*768x16bit AmigaOS 3.9 (generic)
Screen_Pa_6.jpg 79.1KB 2001-12-25 Snapshot of Voodoo3 Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
ritzuOS.jpg 252.2KB 2001-12-20 WB Snapshot in 16bit with CyberVision64/3D (generic)
VeloxWb.lha 196.9KB 2001-12-20 My nice Wb with Blizzard Vision in 16bit (generic)
Screen_Pa_5.jpg 97.5KB 2001-12-17 Snapshot of Voodoo3 Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
XenoMorph_WB03.jpg 142.8KB 2001-12-15 XenoMorph' s WB 1280 x 1024 16 Bit (generic)
Screen_Pa_4.jpg 151.5KB 2001-12-12 Snapshot of Voodoo3 Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
XenoMorph_WB04.jpg 106.1KB 2001-12-12 XenoMorph WB on AMITHLON AMD 1.3GHz (generic)
Screen_Pa_3.jpg 181.2KB 2001-12-02 Snapshot of Voodoo3 Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
FrancescoWB.jpg 144KB 2001-12-01 Screengrab of my Workbench (generic)
Screen_Pa_2.jpg 71.6KB 2001-11-25 Snapshot of Voodoo3 Amiga Workbench Screen (generic)
Alecos-WB-3.jpg 120KB 2001-10-24 A Qnx Workbench 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Alecos-WB-4.jpg 117.8KB 2001-10-24 Another Qnx WB 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
LynxxWB.jpg 478.1KB 2001-10-24 Workbenchshot 1280x1024 16 Bit by Lynxx (generic)
WinUAEs1.lha 166.5KB 2001-10-02 WinUAE screenshoot runing 4 avis at the same time (generic)
CoolOS10.jpg 327.4KB 2001-09-22 Stylish WB-pic made with PerfectPaint (generic)
AMEgrab.lha 540.6KB 2001-09-14 My AmigaME Workbench grabbs (generic)
bursegwb.jpg 286.6KB 2001-09-14 Screenshot of my wonderful WinUAE Workbench (generic)
wb010901.jpg 201.5KB 2001-09-03 Nice WB grab 1024x768x24bits with Voodoo3-3000 (generic)
Alecos-WB-2.jpg 186.3KB 2001-08-28 A very nice Workbench 1024x768 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
Breaking.jpg 252.8KB 2001-08-21 A Boing wallpaper for your WB (generic)
gfxbase_bg.jpg 183.7KB 2001-08-17 GFX-BASE wallpaper (generic)
Alecos-WB-1.jpg 140.6KB 2001-08-05 A nice desktop 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
CoolOS6.jpg 245.1KB 2001-07-28 WB pic made with DiamondBOX and PfPaint (generic)
Screen_Pa.jpg 246.7KB 2001-07-21 Snapshot of Amiga (Voodoo3) Workbench Screen (generic)
Alecos-WB.jpg 120.3KB 2001-06-26 A nice desktop 800x600 16 Bit by Alecos (generic)
carls_wb.lha 72.8KB 2001-06-26 Snapshot of Carl Svensson's Workbench (generic)
CoolOS4.jpg 43.1KB 2001-06-23 Stylish WB-pic made with PerfectPaint (generic)
CoolOS5.jpg 273KB 2001-06-23 Stylish WB-pic made with PerfectPaint (generic)
AquaWB.lha 313.7KB 2001-06-14 OS3.9 Workbench in Aqua Style (generic)
WB1600x1200.jpg 370.9KB 2001-06-01 OS3.9 + DopusMag. 5.82 (generic)
ExoticonsWB.jpg 203.8KB 2001-05-31 WB Grab showing Exoticons Game Icons (generic)
CutiSabi.lha 231.8KB 2001-05-27 Cute Workbench Look by Nowee for Visualprefs (generic)
PanosNewIconWB.lha 303.7KB 2001-04-21 Snapshots of my Workbench (generic)
voodoo_MB42.jpg 210.7KB 2001-04-21 Grab of my WB under Voodoo3 (generic)
DarkNowee12.lha 395.4KB 2001-04-18 Dark Workbench Look by Nowee for Visualprefs (generic)
wb1200_1.jpg 78.9KB 2001-03-29 How to make the best out of 2MB Chip-RAM (generic)
wb1200_2.jpg 69KB 2001-03-29 How to make the best out of 2MB Chip-RAM (generic)
CoolOS3.jpg 105.9KB 2001-03-19 Stylish WB-pic made with Perfect Paint! (generic)
CoolOS.jpg 105.3KB 2001-03-18 Stylish WB-pic made with Perfect Paint! (generic)
Voodooshot.jpg 375.1KB 2001-03-18 Screenshot of my Voodoo3-WB (generic)
CoolOS2.jpg 175.3KB 2001-03-17 Stylish WB-pic made with Perfect Paint! (generic)
gazswb.jpg 568.5KB 2001-03-17 My Hot WB :) (generic)
CoolWb.lha 806.3KB 2001-03-14 Patterns, audio and docks for a very nice looking WB (generic)
ThrymWB.jpg 227KB 2001-03-14 Thrym's 1024*768*24 bit WB screen (generic)
YureWB2.jpg 141.4KB 2001-03-14 A beautiful WB screen (generic)
recoilwb02.jpg 205.9KB 2001-03-11 *recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picasso96 (generic)
recoilwb03.jpg 279.6KB 2001-03-11 *recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picasso96 (generic)
recoilwb04.jpg 178.9KB 2001-03-11 *recoilBENCH 2001* 1024x768x16bit Picasso96 (generic)
PetterssonsWB.jpg 164.3KB 2001-03-08 Pettersson's CGX workbench in 800x600 (generic)
MyBVisionWB2.jpg 252.4KB 2001-02-25 A screenshot of my WB...please check it out=) (generic)
IkeWB4.jpg 115.9KB 2001-02-15 Screen Grab of OS 3.9 Workbench (generic)
PanosWB.lha 162.8KB 2001-01-15 Snapshots of my Workbench (generic)
Yod-WB1.jpg 286KB 2001-01-13 (1280x960) OS3.9, CV PPC, Heretic II & more... (generic)
Yod-WB2.jpg 244.6KB 2001-01-13 (1280x960) OS3.9, CV PPC, WipeOut2097 & more... (generic)
OS3.9Grab.jpg 137.2KB 2000-12-17 OS3.9 Screengrab running on Voodoo3 (Mediator) (generic)
a500_wb2000.png 203.3KB 2000-12-05 Amiga500-WB w/WB2000 in 724x566x4 (generic)
myvoodoo.jpg 203.2KB 2000-11-27 Voodoo3 Grab -- Not OS3.9 (generic)
IkeWB3.jpg 173.9KB 2000-11-22 Screen Grab of MI: Opus, Photo, AWeb, V , MD-II, IBrowse! (generic)
Screenshot.jpg 426.7KB 2000-11-19 Funky OS3.1 with MagellanII screenshot! (generic)
Radcliff-WB.png 575.6KB 2000-11-10 Radcliff BVision Opus Magellan! WOOOW!!!! (generic)
familywb.png 296.4KB 2000-11-08 Family photos as program icons (generic)
IkeWB2.jpg 144KB 2000-11-04 OS3.5 Screen Grab of OpusMI, PhotoMI, AWebMI (generic)
AWebMIPre.jpg 144.7KB 2000-10-31 Preview of AWebMI (generic)
AKNewWB.lha 496.7KB 2000-10-28 Screenshots of AK's *32-col.* MagicWB (generic)
recoilwb01.jpg 217.8KB 2000-09-28 *recoilBENCH 2000* 1024x768x16bit Picasso96 (generic)
WB2000-screens.jpg 20.5KB 2000-09-06 Workbench2000-Screenshot (taskbar only) (generic)
SIL51GlowOpus5.jpg 162.6KB 2000-08-17 Opus5 Screen grab with the famous OpusGI Icons ! (generic)
anarkawb.jpg 367.7KB 2000-08-16 Another workbench snapshot (generic)
anarkawb2.jpg 224.3KB 2000-08-16 Another workbench snapshot (generic)
SIL51_WB_MacOS.jpg 171.8KB 2000-08-13 Workbench Screen grab of MacOS 7.5.5 on Workbench ! (generic)
SIL51_Wb2000-2.jpg 172.9KB 2000-07-17 Workbench Screen grab 4 on my PicassoIV. (generic)
SIL51_Wb2000-1.jpg 268.6KB 2000-07-14 Workbench Screen grab 3 on my PicassoIV. (generic)
OS35InputImg.lha 64.7KB 2000-06-26 no description
OS35LocaleImg.lha 83.8KB 2000-06-26 no description
fishrking-wb.jpg 236.5KB 2000-06-08 Fishrking's BVisionPPC desktop (Gray IS boring) (generic)
ImprimerieWB.lha 223.7KB 2000-06-04 A4K-Cyberstorm Mk III- CV PPC-WB By Achim Witte. (generic)
Mononoke_Deskt.lha 944.7KB 2000-05-31 Mononoke Hime Desktop (generic)
DarekOpusGrabs.lha 3.4MB 2000-05-24 My 24 bits desktop grabs (generic)
DarekPreview.lha 83KB 2000-05-24 Preview of my 24 bits desktop grabs (generic)
MyBvisionWB.lha 854KB 2000-05-16 Shots from my cool BVision WB3.5 (generic)
O3A_GoldenEye.lha 30.2KB 2000-05-02 VisualPrefs gagdets scheme (GoldenEye) 4/10 (generic)
O3A_Opl3xa.lha 27.3KB 2000-05-02 VisualPrefs gagdets scheme (Opl3xa) 1/10 (generic)
O3A_oXyon.lha 28.1KB 2000-05-02 VisualPrefs gagdets scheme (oXyon) 2/10 (generic)
ALEM_0013.lha 112.4KB 2000-04-23 ALEM's Workbench 8 colors & MagicCopper (generic)
hcinema.lha 62.7KB 2000-04-13 Grab of the coolest Video Database (generic)
StanWB.lha 462.7KB 2000-04-10 New pics from my WB (generic)
BoingTheMetal.jpg 182.7KB 2000-04-09 A bit more energetic screen grab (generic)
StuBench2000.jpg 20.1KB 2000-04-08 16bit BVision StuBench (generic)
SIL51_WBGrab2.jpg 203.8KB 2000-04-06 Workbench Screen grab 2 on my PicassoIV. (generic)
WBPerplexity01.jpg 85.1KB 2000-04-01 Workbench snapshot of WBPerplexity running (generic)
IkeWB1.jpg 124.7KB 2000-03-27 800x600-16 OS3.5 WB featuring OpusMI (generic)
amiolli_shots.lha 1.1MB 2000-03-04 AmiOlli's Screenshots in 1024x768 (generic)
linux.jpg 194KB 2000-03-03 LinuxPPC desktop showing Myth2, AbiWord etc... (generic)
SIL51_WBGrab.jpg 194.6KB 2000-02-26 Workbench Screen grab on my PicassoIV. (generic)
Edelweiss.lha 225.6KB 2000-02-22 no description
ChamanWB2.jpg 194.8KB 2000-02-09 Another Snapshot of Chaman`s WB (generic)
ChamanWB.jpg 202.5KB 2000-02-05 Snapshot von Chaman`s WB (generic)
StuBench.jpg 62.5KB 2000-02-05 My (now) 16bit BVision WB (generic)
aqua.jpg 352.7KB 2000-02-01 AQUA WB-MacOS X like:-) 800x600x15bit read more! (generic)
pointers_five.lha 1.6KB 2000-01-27 Black&White pointers (files *.pre) for WB (generic)
wbgrab07.jpg 170.7KB 2000-01-16 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CV64/3D WB (generic)
AIAB-Grab.jpg 243KB 2000-01-13 Latest 'AmigaInABox' grab [WinUAE] - What OS3.5 should have been? (generic)
drHWBGrab99.lha 56.4KB 2000-01-01 MY last WBGRAB for 1999 ;-) (generic)
SertyWB.lha 212.4KB 2000-01-01 My beautiful Wb 3.5 in 16bit running Wipeout 2097 in window!!! (generic)
mr_WBench.lha 861.9KB 1999-12-29 Workbench For Every Day (generic)
db-socwb.lha 274.5KB 1999-12-21 Screenshots of sOCIETY/rSE wB3.5 (generic)
CamoBG.lha 48.7KB 1999-12-12 Camoflage Backgrounds for you WB. (generic)
Murphy3.jpg 144.5KB 1999-12-07 OS3.5 WB 800x600x15bit+Mitsubishi3000GT (generic)
wbgrab06.jpg 111.3KB 1999-12-05 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CV64/3D DOpus WB (generic)
ElectraWBOpus.lha 58.6KB 1999-11-29 Snapshot of my Workbench + DirOpus 5.56 Magellan AmigaOS, Nov-1999 (generic)
XenoMorph_WB01.jpg 134.3KB 1999-11-22 XenoMorph' s WB 1280 x 1024 16 Bit (generic)
XenoMorph_WB02.jpg 264.2KB 1999-11-22 XenoMorph' s WB 1280 x 1024 16 Bit (generic)
bondshot.lha 98.7KB 1999-10-27 WB snapshot (1024x768x16) (generic)
OS3.5Snaps.lha 282.4KB 1999-10-24 Some snaps of my OS 3.5 setup. (generic)
wbgrab05.jpg 187.3KB 1999-10-23 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CV64/3D DOpus WB (generic)
MurphyWB.lha 158KB 1999-10-16 My WB: A1260 CV3D 800x600x16b (generic)
MyWorkbench.jpg 103.7KB 1999-10-16 Old School Amiga Workbench (generic)
Velox.lha 154.3KB 1999-10-14 My nice Wb with Blizzard Vision in 16bit (generic)
wbgrab.jpg 152.8KB 1999-10-14 [Skyman] s Workbench - 1024x768x16BIT WB with BVisionPPC - njoy it! (generic)
BeatleWB.jpg 561.6KB 1999-09-22 WB grab 16bit 1600x1200 (generic)
A4000T_Kosh.jpg 208.1KB 1999-09-19 K.O.S.H. Workbench in 16bit (generic)
eraserwb.lha 69.8KB 1999-09-13 Eraser's 16col "Trekkie-Workbench" (generic)
ATWB.lha 159.7KB 1999-09-08 Pics from my nice WB (generic)
string_wb2.lha 46.8KB 1999-07-25 My WB gRAB... sTRinG wB in 16 colors! (generic)
AF_Workbench.lha 142KB 1999-07-16 Workbench of Andreas Falkenhahn (generic)
JulcioWB.lha 853.5KB 1999-07-16 Julcio WB with Scalos :) (generic)
Thrym_MosherWB.lha 221.8KB 1999-07-16 Thrym&Mosher's 1024*768*24 bit WB screen (generic)
LETO-myWB.gif 64.3KB 1999-07-12 Leto's Workbench 7.99 (generic)
WB-GrabAW.jpg 97.8KB 1999-07-05 Screen grab of my BVision-WB (generic)
RMPreview.jpg 108.8KB 1999-06-28 Screenshot demoing my various graphic sets (generic)
Beatrice990611.jpg 320.2KB 1999-06-12 Another Beautiful (?) Beatrice Workbench screen shot!!! (generic)
Beatrice981215.jpg 105.5KB 1999-06-02 My Beautiful Beatrice Workbench, just see this! (generic)
ShivaWB.lha 663.9KB 1999-06-01 I think this is very cool :) (generic)
wbgrab04.jpg 158.6KB 1999-05-26 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CyberVision 64/3D DOpus WB (generic)
DJWB.lha 77.8KB 1999-05-24 3 Snapshots of my 16 Color WB (generic)
ALS_WB.jpg 338KB 1999-05-19 Pic of my 24bit BVision WB using Glowicons (generic)
jaks_wb_2.jpg 262.5KB 1999-05-17 This is a grab of my 1024x768x24 Bit Workbench (BVision rocks) (generic)
JaysWB.jpg 670KB 1999-05-15 Pic of my CGX 1600*1200*16 workbench, just to show the power of bvision! (generic)
YureWB.jpg 104.3KB 1999-05-14 One of the best 800x600 WB. Yure's BVisionPPC WB (generic)
AKDiddlWB.lha 60.4KB 1999-05-11 A screenshot of my 8-col. MagicWB (generic)
GGWB_by_Bubel.jpg 218.9KB 1999-05-09 Screenshot of my BVision WB (generic)
slishbench.jpg 88.9KB 1999-05-06 Grab of a very stylish 800x600x16 WB B) (generic)
CUFGrab1.jpg 465.2KB 1999-05-05 Grab from a Masses Workbench (generic)
wbgrab03.jpg 190.9KB 1999-05-05 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CyberVision 64/3D WB (generic)
wbgrab02.jpg 171KB 1999-05-02 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CyberVision 64/3D WB (generic)
windows98-grab.jpg 125.6KB 1999-05-02 A screenshot of a windows-system (generic)
DND.lha 8.4KB 1999-04-21 Picture of drag`n`drop.library in use. (generic)
bliZzard_grab.jpg 149.3KB 1999-04-20 Preview of My new DOpus theme: (generic)
StuBench-iff.lha 55.8KB 1999-04-14 My 16 colour WorkBench 3.1 screen (generic)
QuesWB.lha 73.2KB 1999-04-04 My new style workbench grab :) (generic)
AmigaIDE.lha 12.6KB 1999-03-23 My AmigaIDE vs BeOS BeIDE (generic)
davebench2.jpg 117.1KB 1999-03-18 CyberGrab of my Workbench (generic)
IkeWB.lha 75.9KB 1999-03-18 Grab of 800x600-16 CV3D/CGFX Workbench (generic)
Wartburg.lha 382.3KB 1999-03-18 Wartburg pictures (generic)
Whiskas-Opus3.jpg 243.4KB 1999-03-05 Great grab using the new MagicMenu and VisualPrefs (generic)
a500ocs.jpg 149.8KB 1999-02-16 Amiga500-WB-Shot in 724x566x4 by TMU (generic)
ABY_WBench.lha 27.3KB 1999-02-10 ABY_WBench: IconoGraphix style Workbench. (generic)
davesbench.jpg 102.2KB 1999-02-09 Screengrab of my Workbench (generic)
hossabench.jpg 416.7KB 1999-02-04 Grab of my Really-Big-Hossa-Workbench (generic)
remywb01.jpg 217.4KB 1999-01-31 CybergraphX WB screen grab (generic)
BeJagWb2.lha 98.3KB 1999-01-30 My new Workbench, only Jag make it possible) (generic)
LuckysWB2.lha 291.9KB 1999-01-22 This is my daily Workbench! (generic)
WinUAE-grab.jpg 164.1KB 1999-01-19 A pic of an 800x600 WinUAE Workbench (generic)
MacronWB.lha 819.2KB 1999-01-16 Macron's BVision Workbench !! (generic)
RikyWB1.jpg 125.5KB 1999-01-09 WB Snapshot in 24bit with new BVision Permedia2 (generic)
TheBrainsWB.lha 85.6KB 1999-01-06 This is my PERVERSE Workbench! (generic)
OCoWBs.lha 246.7KB 1998-12-29 Screenshots of my NewIcons Workbench (generic)
wb_wax2.lha 404.6KB 1998-12-24 So schut a WB be!!! Exelent :) (generic)
wbench.jpg 163.4KB 1998-12-20 no description
Whiskas-Opus2.jpg 300.7KB 1998-12-08 It has never been hip to be square. (generic)
HawkWBPics.lha 410.7KB 1998-11-26 Grabs of my MANGA Workbench! (generic)
Ours_WB.lha 167KB 1998-11-25 Scalos WB from l'Ours. (generic)
TrodaWB.lha 99.6KB 1998-11-19 Another WB grab, PNG. Troda of PEGAS (generic)
OpusM2Preview.lha 258.5KB 1998-11-17 Shows off power of new DOpus Magellan2 (generic)
LittlePics.lha 20.1KB 1998-10-21 Mortal Kombat and one Amiga Logo PPaint (generic)
SuperMario64pi.lha 10.5KB 1998-10-21 Picture from Super Mario (generic)
wb_wax.lha 319KB 1998-10-21 So schut a WB be!!! Exelent :) (generic)
PabloBench.lha 433.1KB 1998-10-19 PabloBench in past and now (generic)
rzwbench2.lha 70.9KB 1998-10-19 My Workbench Screenshot Nr. 2 (generic)
bondshot_3.lha 77.3KB 1998-10-16 Bond's new, clean WB (856x638x16) (generic)
bubelwbppc.lha 82.6KB 1998-10-07 PPC in Action! (generic)
wbgrab01.jpg 145.5KB 1998-10-07 JPG Grab of my 16Bit CyberVision 64/3D WB (generic)
AgimasWB.lha 39.3KB 1998-10-05 Agimas WorkBench (generic)
RoM_WB.lha 391.9KB 1998-09-25 Old and recent WBs (generic)
Kaaria.lha 202.2KB 1998-09-12 Kaaria's CyberSystem Collection (generic)
MrPampfsWB.lha 209.2KB 1998-09-10 The amazing (? !) Workbench of Mr.Pampf (generic)
screencol.lha 329.9KB 1998-08-24 Chavez` nice *screencolli* 1024x768 (4 in 1) (generic)
wb4vision.jpg 114.6KB 1998-08-10 A vision of a possible Workbench 4 (generic)
Ved_SHE_WB.lha 155.6KB 1998-08-07 Grab of my 640x256 128 color Workbench (generic)
Whiskas-Opus.jpg 242.9KB 1998-08-07 Beautiful artistic DOpus screengrab (generic)
MIPS.jpg 340.1KB 1998-08-04 My WB with the Project "Reflet" made with CanDo (generic)
Madjid_WB.lha 215KB 1998-07-27 My WB Snapshot (generic)
WB3NickTNF.jpg 112.5KB 1998-07-17 Screenshot of my 800x600 16bit *great* looking Workbench (generic)
SniperWB.lha 684.9KB 1998-07-11 WB Snapshot (1024x768x16) of Sniper's WorkBench (generic)
chz_fusion.lha 1MB 1998-07-09 Chavez` FUSION between Amiga and Mac! 4screens (generic)
SlAcHWB.jpg 168.2KB 1998-07-09 Wonderfull picture for your WB (generic)
Thosbench.lha 89.6KB 1998-07-09 Thosbench (Workbench snap) (generic)
workplace2.jpg 574.2KB 1998-06-21 New AmigaOS 4/5 mock-up screenshot (generic)
BondShot_II.lha 242.7KB 1998-06-19 2nd WB Snapshot (856x638x16) of Bond's WB (generic)
SonicShot.lha 73.4KB 1998-06-16 Daily screenshot of AmigaDeskTop by Pavel Fedin aka Sonic (generic)
flegwb.lha 334.8KB 1998-06-15 Fleg's 8 colour Workbench! (generic)
mygrab.lha 796.7KB 1998-06-15 WB in 992*744 + backgr 64coul. (generic)
networkWB.lha 189.1KB 1998-06-15 Screenshots of my Workbench while running several inet-servers (generic)
How.lha 51.8KB 1998-06-09 no description
Authmann2.lha 382KB 1998-06-03 New Grabs from my 800*600 CV64/3D DOpus-WB (generic)
Authmann.lha 250.9KB 1998-05-19 Grabs from my 800*600 CV64/3D DOpus-WB (generic)
BackVampire.lha 3.8KB 1998-05-19 Background workbench Vampire Logo (generic)
BackGRVampire.lha 3.8KB 1998-05-17 Background workbench Vampire Logo (generic)
PreBOX_OS.lha 616.9KB 1998-05-17 Snapshot of The PreBoxOS! All by "NURBS"! (generic)
BubelWB.lha 139.3KB 1998-05-16 Bubels CV64/3D Workbench (generic)
DiegoCybWB.lha 517.8KB 1998-05-16 Diego Goitre WB 1024x768 CybGFX (generic)
LuckysWB.lha 57KB 1998-05-16 Screenshot of Luckys WB (generic)
chz_waterbench.lha 395.2KB 1998-05-12 Chavez` new 800x600x16 waterbench snaps (generic)
VedSP.lha 114.9KB 1998-05-11 Grab of my good looking Songplayer (generic)
StevsWB.lha 192.6KB 1998-05-08 Screenshoooot of my WB (generic)
CGXAGA-2.lha 102.3KB 1998-04-29 Cybergfx-AGA-PPC WB with Creamed Gates :) (generic)
BShots.lha 219.2KB 1998-04-18 5 Shots of Beavis`s WB (generic)
KaminariBench2.lha 417KB 1998-04-03 CV64/3D 800*600*15 "Titanic" desktop screenshot. Worth looking ! (generic)
CGXAGA.lha 59.3KB 1998-03-28 Sinan`s Cybergfx-AGA-PPC WB (generic)
horsebench.lha 88.5KB 1998-03-25 A picture of my workbench, with a horse shown (generic)
BeJagWb.lha 98.4KB 1998-03-18 Snapshot from my Workbench 8) (generic)
RoaWB.jpg 247.3KB 1998-03-18 A nice snapshot of ARoa's WB in all it's glory (generic)
Jack.jpg 48.9KB 1998-03-17 no description
JackJulio.jpg 359.6KB 1998-03-17 Jack connector (MAMOMO) (generic)
Lluis.jpg 198.3KB 1998-03-17 Lluis3D text (MAMOMO) (generic)
DS_Work.jpg 248.1KB 1998-03-12 Delta / Sigma WB Grab (generic)
workplace.jpg 381.4KB 1998-03-12 no description
TheBossWB1.lha 19KB 1998-03-07 TheBoss Workbench. Live the Fantaisie. (generic)
jaks_wb.lha 71.7KB 1998-03-03 JAK's Workbench (generic)
YodazWB.lha 185.3KB 1998-03-03 Some grabs of Yoda's PAL (706x260x6) WB! (generic)
satanWB.lha 26.6KB 1998-03-01 Dark-looking WB-screen (generic)
BPMsWB98.jpg 203.8KB 1998-02-24 BPMs actual CyberWB Screenshot (generic)
selector7shot.lha 73.3KB 1998-02-19 ScreenShot from Selector 7 on my WB! (generic)
NickWB.lha 441.3KB 1998-01-24 Nick's 704x564 WB in 64 cols :) (generic)
SidjeWB.lha 37.6KB 1998-01-24 Sidje's WorkBench (generic)
indywb.lha 36.9KB 1998-01-23 The IndyWB-look 3.10 (generic)
Rodeo_wb.lha 1.7MB 1998-01-23 64 and 32 color backgrounds for workbench (generic)
MyDOpus.lha 180KB 1998-01-08 Some snapshots of my DOpus 640x256x64 (generic)
SonnoALL_Jpg.lha 685.7KB 1998-01-07 Win95, MacOS, Doom, Amame : (JPG Version) The Best WB Screen Around!! (generic)
SonnoALL.lha 2.2MB 1998-01-04 Win95, MacOS, Doom, Amame : The Best WB Screen Around!! (generic)
TomtenWB.lha 362.7KB 1997-12-26 Tomten Strikes Back With an Even Cleaner Look! (generic)
BloodWb.lha 121.6KB 1997-12-23 Screens of Blood's WB (generic)
LepusWB.lha 763.2KB 1997-12-18 Lepus Scalos CGFX Screenshot (generic)
SoNNo_Win95.lha 720.6KB 1997-12-17 SoNNo WB screenshots With Windows95 (generic)
Ved_WB.lha 48.3KB 1997-12-14 2 Snaps of my 640x256 WB with 32 colors (generic)
Ved_WB_old.lha 59.3KB 1997-12-14 My old 640x256 WB with 16 colors (generic)
boundless_WB2.lha 533.8KB 1997-12-11 WB Picture using the new IFF RGFX format (generic)
Burcgrab.lha 57.3KB 1997-12-08 Magellan and WB screenshots (generic)
AndyDs_WB.lha 81.3KB 1997-12-03 AndyD's 32-col ProWB Workbench. (generic)
Pave2ndWB.lha 91.8KB 1997-11-29 Dopus 5.66 WB 800x600 32 col,Highly optimized palette (generic)
OpusGrab.lha 322.2KB 1997-11-26 1160x864x24 Opus Magellan grab with very nice FX + NewIcons (generic)
chz_dobench.lha 238.3KB 1997-11-25 Chavez`DOpusbench with e.schwartz! (generic)
WB2NickTNF.lha 83.1KB 1997-11-25 My 64 colors Workbench screenshot (NewIcons, ToolManager, StartMenu2) (generic)
Rldwb1.jpg 282.3KB 1997-11-24 My 1024x768x16bit CGXv3&Delfina WB (generic)
Rldwb2.jpg 290.5KB 1997-11-24 My 1024x768x16bit CGXv3&Delfina WB (generic)
chz_DOpus565.lha 72.1KB 1997-11-17 FTP, AStart inside! chavez`DOpus565! (generic)
MWBandNI.jpg 279KB 1997-11-14 NewIcons & MagicWB, together in perfect harmony! (generic)
Volmer-WB_3.lha 436.8KB 1997-11-14 Volmer's Workbench - Part3! (generic)
RipasCVWB.lha 429.7KB 1997-11-11 Ripa's 1024*768*8 bit CyberVision64/3D WB shot (generic)
CyberSONNO.lha 80.2KB 1997-11-10 The SONNO Grab Screen on A1200T/060/cyber64 3D (generic)
HirschiWB.lha 249.4KB 1997-11-10 Grab of Hirschi Workbench (generic)
SnillesWB.lha 445.2KB 1997-10-27 Workbench grab of Snilles WB (generic)
A2K-P_IV-060WB.lha 961.3KB 1997-10-21 A2K-P_IV-060-WB By Achim Witte. (generic)
Volmer-WB_2.lha 120.5KB 1997-10-18 Volmer's Workbench - Part2! (generic)
pleXWB.gif 27KB 1997-10-15 My Simply 32-color-WB (670 532) (generic)
tlb_wb.lha 672.8KB 1997-10-15 3 shots of 800x600, 16-bit color WB (generic)
ErizoC64WB1.jpg 175.2KB 1997-10-12 WB from Spain. C64/3D (Erizo's WB). N 1 (generic)
ErizoC64WB2.jpg 242.9KB 1997-10-11 WB from Spain. C64/3D (Erizo's WB). N 2 (generic)
PhilsWB.lha 100.8KB 1997-10-11 Picture of Philip Goddards' Workbench, NewIconsV4 now installed! (generic)
danm_Dopebench.lha 929.7KB 1997-10-05 Danm 1024x768x16-bit Dopebench5.65 x5 (generic)
Volmer-WB_1.lha 138.1KB 1997-10-03 Volmer's Workbench! (generic)
ProLiteMisc.jpg 205.7KB 1997-10-02 Look at this for some really new icons. (generic)
UltimateWB.lha 368.3KB 1997-09-30 2 Snapshot pictures from my Workbench screen (generic)
Scalos-WB.lha 58.8KB 1997-09-20 Sinan`s ScalOS-WB Screenshot (generic)
ChryseWB.lha 130.3KB 1997-09-15 A cool pic from my WB in 64 colors :) (generic)
p-OSWBNickTNF.lha 95.5KB 1997-09-09 My 660x512 256colors p-OS Workbench screenshot (generic)
powerDOpusFTP.lha 56.1KB 1997-09-04 Chavez` screenshot with DOpusFTP (generic)
BurcsWB.lha 80.9KB 1997-08-31 Burc's WB screenshots (generic)
Patswb.lha 413.2KB 1997-08-31 IFF Pictures of my WorkBench (generic)
TrekkieAnnounc.lha 102.1KB 1997-08-31 TrekkieMUI screenshot - Beta testers??? (generic)
KaminariBench.lha 369.4KB 1997-08-27 CV64/3D 800*600*15 grab. Worth looking ! (generic)
p.OScreenshot.lha 209.9KB 1997-08-14 P.OScreenshot (generic)
GuRUMEd_pOS.lha 445.8KB 1997-08-13 GuRUMEd 1280x1024 pOS Workbench screen (generic)
HighRenderWB.lha 414.4KB 1997-08-09 HighRender CyberWB. By Davide Bigazzi. (generic)
pOS-WB.lha 79.2KB 1997-08-09 Sinan`s pOS-Workbench Screenshot (generic)
burn.lha 685.8KB 1997-08-08 no description
Movieshop.jpg 106.1KB 1997-08-08 Amiga Photoshop (MAMOMO) (generic)
PaveWB.lha 89.3KB 1997-08-08 Pavement OpusWB 800x600 32 col BEAUTIFUL (generic)
VoxWB.lha 245.9KB 1997-08-07 Vox' workbench in 32 color (generic)
lswb0597.lha 118.5KB 1997-07-28 LouiSe's wonderful Workbench 05/97 (generic)
RipasWB.lha 65.4KB 1997-07-28 Ripa's 32 color WB/Directory Opus 5.11 screen. (generic)
BeuleWB.lha 26.8KB 1997-07-24 Beules Workbench (generic)
ek_wb.lha 57KB 1997-07-23 Grabbed screen: E.K. s DOpus5 CGFX Workbench (generic)
AmigaguysWB.lha 124.9KB 1997-07-12 A snapshot of My fantastic Workbench screen... 32 Colors... (generic)
Tomten_WB.lha 228.4KB 1997-07-09 Unbeaten NonGfxcard WB-Screenshot?! (generic)
HyRaxWB.jpg 311KB 1997-07-05 HyRax WB. Winner Wildbench Compo AAG'97. (generic)
mopwb.lha 44KB 1997-07-04 MyOwnPrivateWorkbench (generic)
RBY-WB.lha 41.5KB 1997-07-02 Ramboy's Workbench! (generic)
MyopusOS.jpg 53.8KB 1997-07-01 My great opus OS (MAMOMO) (generic)
MyWB.lha 59.8KB 1997-06-30 This is my wb ! (generic)
MikDomsWB2.lha 18.6KB 1997-06-27 WBGrab of Mick Domoney (generic)
wbnicktnf.lha 116.5KB 1997-06-27 My 660x512 64colors Workbench screenshot (generic)
AristWB.jpg 412.2KB 1997-06-26 Aristotelis` second Workbench snapshot (generic)
mbenchpic.jpg 82.8KB 1997-06-26 Screenshot of my Workbench running MBench V1.0 (generic)
wbpics.lha 1.1MB 1997-06-24 JPG shots of Gandalf the White's kewl workbench. (generic)
rock_s_wb.lha 264.6KB 1997-06-21 My 16bit cyberwb deluxe (generic)
SuicideWB.lha 89.3KB 1997-06-21 Suicide's WB (generic)
alixwb.lha 439KB 1997-06-15 ALI`S SUPERB CGX WB X-Files Style 1280x957 16bit (generic)
JZ_WB.lha 207.6KB 1997-06-13 32 colour WB snapshot by Johnny Z (generic)
HAMBrowse.lha 221.9KB 1997-06-09 Browse the 'Net in HAM-8! (or HAM-6) (generic)
APhotos.jpg 103.1KB 1997-06-08 Amiga Photoshop (MAMOMO) (generic)
AtletWB.lha 73KB 1997-06-08 AtletWB 800x600 16 colors (generic)
MixaWB.lha 24.9KB 1997-06-04 Neat NewIcons WB, 32 colors (generic)
Opus56Preview.lha 122.4KB 1997-05-28 Showing off power of new DOpus Magellan. (generic)
KennysWB.lha 248.4KB 1997-05-19 Kenny's Workbench 800x600 (generic)
FedeWB.lha 214.8KB 1997-05-12 My Workbench (1024x768)... lot of cool things! (generic)
trigger.lha 392.8KB 1997-05-06 no description
PrenzerWb.lha 1.9MB 1997-04-28 Four screenshoot in one at 1280x1024 24bit. Very nice! (generic)
GuRUMEd_WB2.lha 308.7KB 1997-04-27 GuRUMEd 1280x1024 NewIcons/TManager WB/GM_DockIcons (generic)
MyCyb3DWB.jpg 146.9KB 1997-04-26 Snap of my 800x600 Cybervison64/3d Workbench (generic)
hidinrom.lha 21KB 1997-04-22 no description
cjbench3.lha 202.2KB 1997-04-21 Screengrab of 912x612x64colour workbench super72 screenmode (generic)
AristotelisWB.jpg 263.7KB 1997-04-19 Aristotelis "Grypas"` Workbench (generic)
OlafsWB.lha 335.3KB 1997-04-19 2 WBPics without MagicWB Colors, 256Color, PNG (generic)
picasso-hf.jpg 435.1KB 1997-04-19 Screen Grab Of Multiple Ibrowse Sessions In 24 Bit (generic)
3D_OS.lha 303.3KB 1997-04-16 ABOX 3DOS v1 grab :-)...All by "NURBS" (generic)
gma_mac.jpg 129.8KB 1997-04-16 Cool Snapshot of my Amiga running ShapeShifter (generic)
gma_wb.jpg 263.5KB 1997-04-16 Cool Snapshot of my WB (generic)
Angelwb.lha 109.2KB 1997-04-08 Snap of Angel's WB (generic)
TheFalconsWB3.lha 172.4KB 1997-04-08 Another Falcon Workbench - the best WB in town. (generic)
BerzScreenshot.lha 222.5KB 1997-04-05 Some examples of my WB (generic)
RikersWB.lha 12KB 1997-04-05 Screenshot of Rikers WB (generic)
BPMs_WB.jpg 131.9KB 1997-04-04 Cool Snapshot of BPMs WB3.0 (generic)
rjkwb.lha 128.9KB 1997-04-02 Grab of Workbench screen (generic)
eser_s_w.lha 201.8KB 1997-04-01 Eser's 256color WBs (generic)
newbidea.lha 496.7KB 1997-04-01 An idea how new WB could look (generic)
esers_w.lha 201.8KB 1997-03-31 Eser's 256color WBs (generic)
SSdesktop.jpg 466.5KB 1997-03-31 1280x1024 MacOS/SS - AgrFX Desktop Kewl (generic)
GuRUMED_WB.lha 249.7KB 1997-03-23 GuRUMEd 1280x1024 NewIcons/TManager WB (generic)
WorkBench_4.lha 419KB 1997-03-22 Workbench IV grab...All by "NURBS" (generic)
AMWB.lha 99.9KB 1997-03-21 2 Snapshots of my 8 Color WB (generic)
FabiusBench.lha 38.3KB 1997-03-09 A "green" workbench :-) (generic)
EdeWB.jpg 272.1KB 1997-03-08 An incredable snapshot !!! (generic)
NewWB.lha 157.1KB 1997-03-06 Snapshot of my WB. newicons, nice tinymeter... (generic)
WB128-CI.lha 152.2KB 1997-03-04 A cool Spanish WB (128 col) (generic)
martinswb.lha 25.3KB 1997-02-28 Just two pictures of my Workbench (generic)
MikDomsWB.lha 30.9KB 1997-02-28 WBGrab of Mick Domoney (generic)
wbgrabs.lha 105.1KB 1997-02-25 Wbgrabs of my Workbench. HIGHGFX 1088x384x16 (generic)
DunxWB2.lha 80.8KB 1997-02-22 ScreenShot of My Workbench Update (generic)
RH_Online.jpg 288.4KB 1997-02-22 WB Screen Grab 1024x768x16bit (generic)
cHRISPiWB.lha 76.5KB 1997-02-20 #Amiga/cHRISPi's WB 800x600*64 (generic)
NemoWb.lha 160.6KB 1997-02-20 A pic from my WB in 704x512x256 (generic)
DunxWB.lha 27KB 1997-02-14 ScreenShot of My Workbench (generic)
ChryseWB2.lha 59.9KB 1997-02-04 A pic from my actual 3.1 :) (generic)
jeeps_wb.lha 113.7KB 1997-02-03 A Snapshot of my pseudo-wb at the IUT (generic)
GoodLookingWB.gif 143KB 1997-02-02 Workbench inspired by OS4 graphic (generic)
Kewl_WB.jpg 371.5KB 1997-02-01 A snaphot of my Workbench running Win & MacOS (generic)
yannickwb.lha 240.4KB 1997-01-31 Workbench-Grab from Yannick (generic)
Fishbench.lha 212.5KB 1997-01-30 A Screenshot of my WB4.0... :-) (generic)
ProLite2.jpg 204.5KB 1997-01-28 Snapshot showing some new ProLite icons. (generic)
afsbench.lha 20.8KB 1997-01-24 Arctic Fox's 8 colour Workbench! Fancy icons etc.. (generic)
Ix0Ye_WB.jpg 440.6KB 1997-01-24 "K" n "C"'s OS3.1 CyberGFX WB (generic)
LowWB.lha 25.6KB 1997-01-24 MWB based GUI for nonlaced WBs. (generic)
JapanWB.lha 37.5KB 1997-01-19 A Screenshot of a WB using the included Japanese font. (generic)
SoldierWB.lha 86KB 1997-01-19 Next picture of somebody Workbench screen ;-) (generic)
boundless_WB.jpg 105.5KB 1997-01-17 Grab showing the new mpeg player by phas (generic)
mplMWB.lha 68.5KB 1997-01-16 Yet another WB grab v1 (generic)
TPics.lha 8.7KB 1997-01-16 Screenshots of terminus with strange transfer windows. (generic)
BeBoxWBs.lha 191.6KB 1997-01-14 Grabs of my WB using my BeOS-style newicons! Colourful! (generic)
DonDoringosWB.lha 27.6KB 1997-01-10 Marcel Doering`s daily Workbench (generic)
Kick13.lha 1KB 1997-01-09 It's THE operating system (generic)
trekbench.lha 30.7KB 1997-01-09 2 pictures of my StarTrek oriented workbench. (generic)
TangramsWB.lha 155.8KB 1997-01-04 Screenshot of my Workbench (German only) (generic)
BenniBench.lha 31.8KB 1997-01-02 Snapshoot of Benni`s Workbench (generic)
PixiesWB.lha 174KB 1997-01-01 This is a snapshot of my New Icon WB (generic)
CrampsCyberWB.lha 265.1KB 1996-12-30 This is a snapshot of my 800*600 MagicWB (generic)
CUSeeMe_WB.lha 70.2KB 1996-12-28 A snapshot of my WB when IRC'ing and using ACUSeeMe (generic)
AmigaOS4-DM.lha 597.8KB 1996-12-22 AmigaOS Idea, Dave Matthews, PNG Pics (generic)
RobertWB.lha 32KB 1996-12-20 ScreenGrabs of My Workbench and Voyager (generic)
FalconWB97.lha 241.2KB 1996-12-19 Falcon's WB screenshots new for `97 (generic)
WBFatherXmas.lha 10KB 1996-12-18 2 Santa Claus WB Backdrops 8 col. HiRes (generic)
EricGerardWB.lha 317.5KB 1996-12-03 Magic workbench screengrabs (generic)
OnlyAmiga.lha 207.6KB 1996-12-02 no description
SinanWB.lha 20.2KB 1996-12-02 My 800x600 8 colours Sinan's WB! (generic)
spm-wb.lha 106KB 1996-11-28 SPACEMAn's Workbench Screen (generic)
TomsWB.lha 74KB 1996-11-28 16 Colour Workbench Grab (generic)
Mr_QWB.lha 102.8KB 1996-11-27 Look it's my Workbench grab ! (generic)
ChromeWB_NI.lha 54.1KB 1996-11-25 768x550 16 colour Newicon WB grab (generic)
BuggsWBShot.gif 361.3KB 1996-11-23 Buggs`s Workbench (generic)
IloveMUI2.lha 84KB 1996-11-23 I love MUI II...if you like this pic get WBprefs.lha (generic)
JTwb.lha 161.6KB 1996-11-18 This is a grab of my WB-screen. (generic)
MiWBjvg.lha 245.4KB 1996-11-17 A WB from SPAIN. (generic)
MUIWB-pic.lha 51.5KB 1996-11-16 I love's me wb to prove it:) (generic)
SKMwb.lha 59.3KB 1996-11-15 My nice (Magic)Workbench (generic)
CerberWB.lha 406.9KB 1996-11-14 Some snapshots of my WorkBench 640x512x256 (generic)
danne0sWB.lha 51.4KB 1996-11-11 NeXT what's that? Opus5.5 is the choice! (generic)
mycheesywb.lha 40.7KB 1996-11-11 A pic of my cheesey workbench (generic)
APDesktop.lha 192.8KB 1996-11-08 Some pictures of my Workbench and other stuff (generic)
multi.lha 168.5KB 1996-11-08 no description
MySirenWB2.lha 121.4KB 1996-11-05 My 680x269 256 colors "Boris" WB! ;^) (generic)
Trucker_WB.lha 260.8KB 1996-11-05 Pix showing Trucker's Wb (generic)
ClutteredWB1.lha 73.3KB 1996-11-02 A REALLY cluttered WB! :^) (generic)
mid-bench.jpg 310.9KB 1996-11-02 Midnight's Workbench (961101) (generic)
FlipperWBPic.lha 107.4KB 1996-10-31 My Workbench screen without GFXcard (generic)
luboswb.lha 126.2KB 1996-10-31 My new Workbench (generic)
gwath_mywb.lha 85.8KB 1996-10-26 IFF picture of Gwath's WB! (generic)
Nicos_WB.lha 83.1KB 1996-10-25 Workbench-Grab without any GFX-Card (generic)
GuruWB.lha 463.6KB 1996-10-24 Snapshots of Guru's WB and Shapeshifter (generic)
HeitmansWB.lha 542.9KB 1996-10-23 Three screen grabs of my WorkBench. (generic)
wbshoot.lha 51.5KB 1996-10-22 Missed photo of my WorckBench Screen ! (generic)
WBShots96.lha 1.3MB 1996-10-22 6 WB-Shots in 1024x768x256 (generic)
AmistationWB.lha 391.6KB 1996-10-21 2 Screengrabs of my CyberGFX Workbench 1024x768x8bit (generic)
FermixWB.lha 40KB 1996-10-20 My WorkBench! (generic)
vEGA_NI.lha 98.3KB 1996-10-19 VEGA's Newicons Wb! (generic)
sLAShWB.lha 379.5KB 1996-10-15 SLASh WB opened on 1024x768x24bit screen (generic)
DanielWB.gif 73.6KB 1996-10-04 Daniel Tangen's Workbench screen PLEASE download :-) (generic)
GiJoesWB.lha 416.5KB 1996-10-04 My 800X600 CyberWB (generic)
MishaWB.lha 198.2KB 1996-10-04 Misha's Workbench (generic)
JIP_WB.gif 54.1KB 1996-10-03 A .gif file of my glorious WorkBench. (generic)
FalconsWB.jpg 187.2KB 1996-09-18 The best WB I've seen in months - MINE!!! (generic)
epawb.lha 216.3KB 1996-09-11 Snapshots of EPA's Greek Workbench (generic)
CharliesWB96.lha 95.6KB 1996-09-03 2 Nice Screenshots Of My Daily Workbench! (generic)
CrisWB_01.lha 263.5KB 1996-09-03 Two images of my colorfull cybergfx WB (generic)
IntelOutsideWB.lha 365KB 1996-09-03 3 grabs of the Intel Outside Workbench (generic)
Opus55Preview.lha 155.2KB 1996-08-31 Pic showing off some power of new DOpus5.5. (generic)
RavestarMWB.lha 217.9KB 1996-08-31 Snapshot of Ravestar`s MagicWB with CyberGfx (OS3.1) (generic)
cjbenches2.lha 545.9KB 1996-08-29 ProLite Icons & Mr.Men CJ workbenches (generic)
RicksWB.lha 115.4KB 1996-08-29 2 grabs of my 32 color WB (generic)
LgWb3.lha 365.2KB 1996-08-28 Another LaGuardia's 1024x768@256 CgfX WB ! (generic)
Chrome_Grabs.lha 122KB 1996-08-27 Dopus5, Workbench and Zeus BBS screengrabs (generic)
twobenchs.lha 223.3KB 1996-08-24 TwoBench Iconographics 640X256X256 (generic)
lexiwb2.lha 232.3KB 1996-08-21 Lexi's Workbench at 800*600 (generic)
ProLite.jpg 327KB 1996-08-12 Snapshot of the new ProWb Lite Icon set. (generic)
My800x600Wb.lha 93.2KB 1996-08-11 My 800x600x256 Wb 3.0 (generic)
LigurWB2.lha 117.7KB 1996-08-06 My second WB pic - a silly one :) (generic)
aeswb.lha 402.4KB 1996-08-05 Snapshots of AES's NewIcons3 WB (generic)
Hugo.lha 215.3KB 1996-08-02 Snapshot of Hugo's Workbench: WB96 (generic)
cjbenches.lha 653.8KB 1996-07-30 A collection of screengrabs of a my 256 colour Workbench. (generic)
AgrFX-WB.lha 530KB 1996-07-25 Kewl AMiGA 1152x900 65kcolor!AgrFX (generic)
OneStepAhead.gif 158KB 1996-07-14 Snapshot of dbalster's WB (NO MagicWB) (generic)
erikwb.lha 139.4KB 1996-07-05 Two pictures of my super WorkBench v3.0 (generic)
GeorgesWB_01.lha 496KB 1996-07-05 Snapshot of Georges's WB - Issue 01 (generic)
rvdv_wb.lha 140.8KB 1996-07-05 Workbench of Rob van der Veer (generic)
cybwbx.lha 566.4KB 1996-07-03 CyberGraphicsWorkbench (generic)
owiwb.gif 7.3KB 1996-07-02 Oliver Friedl's Workbench (generic)
SolarWB.lha 60.1KB 1996-07-02 Snapshot of Solar's Magic-WB (generic)
LigurWB.lha 83.5KB 1996-07-01 A grab of my Workbench screen (generic)
TDWWb.lha 295.3KB 1996-06-26 ScreenShot's 1500 x 476 x 24 (generic)
The_Voyager.lha 168KB 1996-06-24 Grab of my Wb screen, on real time! (generic)
DragnetWB.lha 201.1KB 1996-06-21 This is the AMIGA-Workbench ! (generic)
NFCyberWB.lha 218.2KB 1996-06-18 NiteFlite's 1024*768 CyberGFX Workbench (generic)
superwb.lha 421.4KB 1996-06-15 Coolest CyberGfx WB EVER! A 'Must-See'! (generic)
vG-Rj_NWB.lha 106.9KB 1996-06-12 MY *NEW* wB fEATURING 256 colors ... (generic)
SirCuit_wb.gif 96.9KB 1996-06-08 Grab of SirCuit + WB Screen (generic)
TotalBlack.lha 17.5KB 1996-06-07 Totally black Workbench (generic)
DeepsWB.lha 178.5KB 1996-06-01 Deepster's (irc) 256 color NewIcons WB. Awesome. (generic)
lxwb.lha 260.6KB 1996-06-01 Some Snapshots of my Workbench (generic)
zarawb.lha 35.3KB 1996-06-01 8 col magicworkbench screenshot (generic)
PEdWB.lha 78.2KB 1996-05-29 Picture Of PsychOEd's Workbench :-) (generic)
vEGA-rj_wB.lha 17.1KB 1996-05-25 VEGA/rAM jAM wORKBENCH (generic)
ta_wb.lha 661.6KB 1996-05-23 1024x768x8 snapshots of my WB (generic)
CharliesWB.lha 161.8KB 1996-05-18 3 nice screenshots of my wonderful WB! (generic)
hclWB.lha 59.5KB 1996-05-17 WorkBench 8 colors Grab..8 but nice (i think :-) (generic)
cjaywb.lha 18.4KB 1996-05-16 no description
DoogBench8.lha 238KB 1996-05-15 A few more snapshots and icons of my WB. (generic)
WangiWB_1.gif 93.1KB 1996-05-03 Wangi's (Lee Kindness) Workbench (generic)
PoochedWB.lha 68.7KB 1996-05-02 Yet another WB screen... (generic)
KOTOWB.lha 84KB 1996-04-23 Snapshot of Koto`s Magic-WB (generic)
ProfBench1.lha 90KB 1996-04-17 Prof.WB 1 (1280x864 CGFX) (generic)
KennethsWB2.lha 52KB 1996-04-16 Kenneth's WB 2 (AGA) (generic)
ShapesWB.jpg 292.9KB 1996-04-16 My (Shape from #AmigaCafe) latest WB grab! (generic)
Spaziale.lha 254.2KB 1996-04-16 This is my Workbench! (generic)
BigGfxWB.lha 2.7MB 1996-04-13 Big WorkBench`es (generic)
Mr_QsWB.lha 70.6KB 1996-04-08 My latest WorkBench grab. (generic)
lammy_WB.lha 343.8KB 1996-03-29 2 screenshots of my WB showing internet SW (generic)
BornhallWB.lha 25.5KB 1996-03-27 Screengrab of Peter Bornhall's Iconite WB (generic)
JMiWB.lha 312.4KB 1996-03-25 Few screen grabs of JMi's WB screen. (generic)
SnapShots.lha 175.1KB 1996-03-15 My ( Workbench snapshot. (generic)
ctx_wb.lha 502.9KB 1996-03-14 Snapshots of Ctryxx`s Workbench (800x600) (generic)
FabsWB.lha 287.7KB 1996-03-13 This is my WB Screen as it looks like now. (generic)
LjaSin.lha 16.3KB 1996-03-10 Complex & low-mem fractal WB-backdorp (generic)
TsOpusWB.lha 106.9KB 1996-03-10 A Snapshot (preview) of DOpus5.2 WB-rep. (generic)
VegaWB.lha 133KB 1996-03-09 Vega's Own Workbench (Newicons & 6 bitplanes) (generic)
maui_wb.lha 309.4KB 1996-03-08 Mr. Amiganet WorkBench (generic)
ped_os3.lha 51.3KB 1996-03-08 Picture Of PsychOEd's Workbench :-) (generic)
IsauricusWB.lha 63.4KB 1996-03-05 Daniele Franza's Workbench (generic)
psy-wb.lha 142.9KB 1996-02-29 Three nice! screenshots of PSY`s WB. (generic)
RainysWB.lha 129.5KB 1996-01-31 Picture of my 64 color WB (generic)
Generations.lha 155.6KB 1996-01-28 no description
aerowb.lha 169.5KB 1996-01-19 Aerosouls workbench screengrabs (generic)
Stone-DWB.lha 49.4KB 1995-11-26 Stone-D's Workbench.... (generic)
JBWBench.jpg 211KB 1995-11-23 This is my Workbench screen (generic)
d0screen.lha 198.8KB 1995-11-15 Two pics from my WB in 704x564x6 (generic)
MikeBench.lha 605.9KB 1995-11-14 This is a picture of my workbench (generic)
MyBenchandMe.lha 119.1KB 1995-09-26 Picture of an Amiga Sysop and His Workbenches. (generic)
WorkbenchGrab.lha 194.8KB 1995-09-07 Didn't you ever wish to see my Workbench? ;-) (generic)
press_wb.lha 3.4KB 1995-08-30 Prefs from Pressman's WB (generic)
WhizzWb.lha 51.5KB 1995-08-17 A Snapshot of Whizzkid's workbench (generic)
gregorwb.lha 69.4KB 1995-08-03 Picture of Gregors WB screen (generic)
Nudel-Pix.lha 45.7KB 1995-07-22 Definitive ECS WBench & DOpus5 Screens! (generic)
Tommy_Ebbesen.lha 171.2KB 1995-07-11 Tommy's 800x600 workbench. (generic)
jurewb.lha 58.7KB 1995-07-06 My example of a WB (generic)
S_WBPic.lha 35.8KB 1995-07-05 Picture of Stefan`s WB (generic)
emubench.lha 125.7KB 1995-06-28 Workbench Pic showing misc platforms! (generic)
LaguardiaWB.lha 291.8KB 1995-06-23 IFF of Laguardia's 1024x768 WB on EGS (generic)
DanWB.lha 5.3KB 1995-06-18 Dan's Workbench. Oh yes. (generic)
StarTrekPatter.lha 771KB 1995-05-29 StarTrek Next Generation WB-Backgrounds (generic)
AmiWin.lha 60.3KB 1995-04-17 Grabs to show the Amiga's superiority over the PeeCee. (generic)
wbscreen.jpg 109.7KB 1995-04-14 Mike's CyberGFX PIcassoII WB Screen 640x480x256 (generic)
barrywb.lha 139.9KB 1995-04-11 Barry McConnell's Picasso Workbench (generic)
JanneWB.lha 69.4KB 1995-04-01 This is Janne's Workbench screen (generic)
eleetbench.lha 118.6KB 1995-03-29 Eleet's WB. (generic)
MyBench.lha 238.4KB 1995-03-21 Now *this* is what I call a Workbench Screen! (generic)
R2_WBFeb95.lha 113.7KB 1995-02-11 Grab of Ratleto's (R2's) Workbench February '95 (generic)
DiamondDWBPIC2.jpg 8.5KB 1995-02-06 Diamond_D Workbench Snapshot Picture2 (generic)
Diamond_D-WB.lha 51KB 1995-01-30 Diamond_D Workbench Snapshot Picture (generic)
pointers.lha 3.1KB 1995-01-21 no description
SpumoniBench.lha 296KB 1994-12-18 Spumoni's WB snapshot, 11th iteration (GIF) (generic)
XmasRac94.lha 112.4KB 1994-12-12 "Santa's Helper" Rachel picture (generic)
Overlordwb.lha 160KB 1994-11-18 Overlords funky WB grab! (generic)
newicons-wb.lha 211.8KB 1994-11-15 An example of NewIcons with a cool WB backdrop. (generic)
BlottoWB.lha 43.8KB 1994-09-02 This is Blotto's Workbench screen (generic)
ElleWB.lha 102.7KB 1994-06-05 WB picture with 4 original WB colours (generic)
PoolRachel.lha 370.2KB 1994-04-20 Cartoon picture of a raccoon (generic)
RachelMascot.lha 202.1KB 1994-04-20 Cartoon picture of a raccoon (generic)
DWF_2024.lha 69KB 1994-04-06 David Ferguson's A2024 Workbench 1024x800 screen picture. (generic)
RachelValley.lha 261.8KB 1994-03-20 Cartoon picture of a raccoon (generic)
FishRachel.lha 99.1KB 1994-03-07 no description
rja-wb.lha 687b 1993-12-01 Picture of my 2.1 Workbench (662x215x3) (generic)
spectrumshot.lha 250.5KB 1993-11-21 256 color pic of Spectrum WB 1024x768. (generic)
slbBacks.lha 663.3KB 1993-11-17 WB Backgrounds for use with a 8 Color WB (generic)
BudhaWB.lha 55KB 1993-11-08 Pic of Budha's WB using MagicWB. (generic)
WB30Example.lha 210.1KB 1993-09-09 Two 128 color iff WB3.0 examples. (generic)
RachelRaccoon3.lha 268.1KB 1993-09-01 Schwartz-type cartoon pictures for WB (generic)
thecure.lha 42.9KB 1993-06-21 Hires 4 color picture of thecure's workbench (generic)
xtermWB.lha 34.1KB 1993-04-18 xterm/Blackwinter/Joseph Hillenburg's WB (1536x960) (generic)
FlyGuyDs_wb.lha 9.1KB 1993-02-10 David "FlyGuyD" Tucker's workbench (generic)
WBPictures.lzh 652.8KB 1993-02-02 This are a lot of FANTASTIC 8-Color-WB-Pics. (generic)
wbpics1.lha 597.3KB 1993-01-30 This archive contains pictures for use with WB 2.x and 3.x. (generic)
KimbleDesk1.jpg 209.4KB 1993-01-27 A picture of Kimble's desk (generic)
wb_pics.lha 120.6KB 1992-12-18 Pics of David Tiberio's workbench - 16 colors (generic)
woofwb.lha 141.8KB 1992-12-15 Yet another WB, from Singapore this time (generic)
pjotrWB.lha 26.1KB 1992-12-02 Snapshot of Peter's Workbench (generic)
WB3.lha 68.9KB 1992-12-01 Snapshot of Skip's 256 color Workbench, captured with GRABBiT. (generic)
Tar_WB.lha 31.1KB 1992-11-30 Snapshot of Tarador's workbench (generic)
3.0bench.lha 88.6KB 1992-11-02 3.0 workbench screenshot (generic)
DeepWB.lha 67.4KB 1992-10-22 Deepster's WB, Hires/Interlace 16 col. (generic)
XanaWB.lha 44.1KB 1992-08-15 Xanadude's WB. Upload yours too! (generic)