Path: /root/amiganet/util/dopus

DOpus4Catalogs.lha 118.8KB 2015-10-04 All catalogs for Directory Opus 4 (generic)
Dopus5_91_os3.lha 2.7MB 2015-09-03 legendary file manager Directory Opus 5 (m68k-amigaos)
Dopus5_91_os4.lha 3.1MB 2015-09-03 legendary file manager Directory Opus 5 (ppc-amigaos)
Dopus5_91_arm-aros.lha 3.2MB 2015-09-02 legendary file manager Directory Opus 5 (arm-aros)
Dopus5_91_i386-aros.lha 2.9MB 2015-09-02 legendary file manager Directory Opus 5 (i386-aros)
DOpus4-SeqRename10.lha 4.7KB 2015-07-08 ARexx script: sequence-rename files (generic)
DOpus4-AddDir10.lha 3.7KB 2015-07-07 ARexx: add a directory for an .info file (generic)
DOpus4-AddInfoDummy10.lha 3.8KB 2015-07-07 ARexx: add dummy file for an .info file (generic)
DOpus4-Intersect14.lha 5.3KB 2015-07-05 ARexx: intersect contents of two panes (generic)
DOpus4-Subtract10.lha 4.9KB 2015-07-05 ARexx: subtract contents of two panes (generic)
DOpus4-Base6410.lha 8.1KB 2015-07-01 ARexx: encode + decode files with Base64 (generic)
DOpus4-Version12.lha 4.4KB 2015-06-28 ARexx script: get file version in DOpus4 (m68k-amigaos)
dopus_5_pdf_manual.lha 1.3MB 2014-03-24 DOpus5 PDF English Manual (generic) 5.4MB 2013-11-24 Directory Opus 5.82 source code (generic)
DOpus4SP.lha 37.5KB 2012-06-25 Directory Opus 4 spanish catalogs (generic)
SMRMag2Theme.lha 821.4KB 2009-06-19 Icons, patterns, sounds and more (generic)
DirectoryOpus-4.18.22.lha 774.1KB 2009-02-27 The legendary filemanager (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
adfbar101.lha 33.3KB 2009-02-26 Makes Compressed ADFs (G/PKZip) with Opus 5 (m68k-amigaos >=3.0)
DOpusFix.lha 13.6KB 2008-12-03 New Diskinfo Module for Opus Magellan II (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus_CAT.lha 16KB 2008-09-15 Catalan catalog for DOpus 4 (generic)
dopus4-morphos.lha 550.1KB 2008-07-25 Directory Opus 4 (ppc-morphos)
DOpusPatch6566.lha 141.1KB 2008-05-23 Opus Magellan Update 5.65 to 5.66 (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
DOpusPatch8081C.lha 162KB 2008-05-18 Opus Magellan 2 Upgrade 5.80 to 5.81 (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
DOpusPatch8182C.lha 116.6KB 2008-05-18 Opus Magellan 2 Upgrade 5.81 to 5.82 (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
CutNPaste_FR.lha 2.6KB 2006-12-29 French catalog for Cut'N'Paste (generic)
adfbar.lha 27KB 2006-07-15 Makes Compressed ADFs (G/PKZip) with Opus 5 (m68k-amigaos >=3.0)
DirectoryOpus.CLA.lha 2KB 2005-09-03 *Important* config file for DirectoryOpus 4 (generic)
DirectoryFiletype.lha 2.2KB 2005-08-28 Magellan II's expanded directory filetype (generic)
ExecuteInShell.lha 18.9KB 2005-08-28 ExecuteInShell script for Dopus Magellan (generic)
DOpus5661_Port.lha 32.6KB 2005-03-22 Port. Catalogs + buttons for DOpus 5.5 - 5.661 (generic)
OpusMPEGAPort.lha 4.7KB 2005-03-22 Portuguese locale Catalog for OpusMPEGA v3.12 (generic)
XADOpus_Ger.lha 735b 2003-08-03 German catalog for XADOpus 1.2 (generic)
Opus6img.lha 1.1MB 2003-03-07 Toolbar Images For DOpus Magellan (generic)
DOpus58_SP.lha 29.4KB 2002-11-09 DOpus v5.8x spanish catalogs. Update 2.3 (generic)
clipboard.lha 10.3KB 2002-11-06 no description
parent.lha 9.6KB 2002-11-06 Parent/Root/DeviceList module for DOpus5 (m68k-amigaos)
version.lha 12.7KB 2002-11-05 no description
RecoverDel1.2P.lha 9.3KB 2002-08-04 Polish Locale for RecoverDelDir 1.2 (generic)
PJDOpus102.lha 8.7KB 2002-06-18 Some DOpus 4.xx Rexx scripts by PeeJay (generic)
Aos39-2Theme.lha 23MB 2002-06-16 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2 (generic)
cut_copy.lha 799b 2002-06-05 RUSSIAN Cut&Copy Script for DOpus5 (generic)
CutNPasteMI.lha 10.9KB 2002-04-14 GlowIcons Images for CutNPaste (generic)
DOpusCFG.lha 94.8KB 2001-12-29 DOpus4.x configuration V2.60 (generic)
KillOpus.lha 832b 2001-12-06 Kills all DOpus 4.x resources in mem (m68k-amigaos)
MGSTheme.lha 572.1KB 2001-11-11 Metal Gear Solid theme for Magellan II (generic)
WorkingPlace.lha 4.7MB 2001-10-07 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2 (generic)
XADOpus1.2ISO.lha 17KB 2001-09-14 Polish Locale for XADOpus 1.2 (ISO version) (generic)
XADOpus1.2PL.lha 17KB 2001-09-14 Polish Locale for XADOpus1.2 (generic)
DOpusSpawn.lha 12.8MB 2001-07-29 Opus Mangellan 2 - SPAWN - Themes (generic)
DOpus416JRsrc.lha 981.2KB 2001-07-05 Great filemanager from GP Software (generic)
DOpus416JRbin.lha 873.2KB 2001-07-02 Great filemanager from GP Software (m68k-amigaos)
MagellanIIPL.lha 38.1KB 2001-05-15 Polish Locale for MagellanII (generic)
3DaDiCtTheme.lha 8.7MB 2001-04-16 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2 (generic)
SKF13Theme.lha 7.1MB 2001-04-08 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2 (generic)
DopJoin.lha 5.1KB 2001-04-04 Join files with DirectoryOpus 4.xx. V1.03a (m68k-amigaos)
DopJoin5.lha 5KB 2001-04-04 Join files with DirectoryOpus 5.xx. V1.00 (m68k-amigaos)
Indy5Theme.lha 5.4MB 2001-04-01 Theme for DirectoryOpus5 Magellan 2 (generic)
OpusMI.lha 1.3MB 2001-01-07 GlowIcon DOpus Images (7th Release) (generic)
OpusMIupd.lha 235.9KB 2001-01-07 OpusMI Update (6th to 7th Release) (generic)
ArcDir_xad.lha 16KB 2000-12-21 ArcDir_xad for Opus5 (generic)
F1GP-Theme.lha 1.7MB 2000-11-27 F1GP theme for Magellan II (generic)
Ts2-800x600.lha 576.5KB 2000-11-24 Ts2-Backdrops for Magellan II theme (generic)
Ts2-out-theme.lha 3.4MB 2000-11-24 Toy Story2Outtakes theme for Magellan II (generic)
Ts2-out-Xtras.lha 936.3KB 2000-11-24 Ts2-Backdrops for Magellan II theme (generic)
DBS-800x600.lha 1.8MB 2000-11-22 Extras for DBS-theme for Magellan II (generic)
Lara-800x600.lha 884.4KB 2000-11-22 Lara theme Extras for Magellan II (generic)
Lara-theme.lha 1.2MB 2000-11-22 LaraCroft theme for Magellan II (generic)
nufc-800x600.lha 1008KB 2000-11-22 NUFC theme Xtras for Magellan II (generic)
simplemp3gui.lha 8.7KB 2000-11-01 Simple MP3 gui for Magellan 5.8 (m68k-amigaos)
XADopus_NO.lha 1.2KB 2000-10-16 Norwegian catalog for XADopus Module 1.2 (generic)
OpusGIFlags.lha 171.2KB 2000-10-06 +200 Flags NewIcons in OpusGIBar's format !. (generic)
DOpus4Plus.lha 41.8KB 2000-09-27 The ultimate AddOn collection for DOpus4! (generic)
XADopus.lha 22.5KB 2000-09-26 browse XAD archives with DOpus Magellan (m68k-amigaos)
Dopus4Manual.lha 97.6KB 2000-09-18 Official Directory Opus 4 manual (generic)
OpusMIAll.lha 1.3MB 2000-09-18 OpusMI and OpusMIupd in one Archive (generic)
HunOpus.lha 422.6KB 2000-08-26 Filetypes predefined for icon management (generic)
LameOpus585.lha 1.3KB 2000-08-08 Opus5 buttons for Lame V3.85 mp3 encoder (generic)
QuadraMI.lha 45.3KB 2000-05-30 no description
OpusSMBHandler.lha 6KB 2000-05-28 Samba-Handler for DirectoryOpus Magellan (generic)
OpusGIGames.lha 30.3KB 2000-05-20 47 Games "GlowIcons" for Toolbar/StartMenu (generic)
dalfa.lha 10.8KB 2000-04-15 Arexx scripts for filename conversion. (generic)
GDTrash.lha 125.7KB 2000-04-09 Win95 recycle bin for Dopus5 MagII V1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus414JRbin.lha 326.4KB 2000-04-02 Great filemanager from GP Software (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus414JRsrc.lha 609.3KB 2000-04-02 Great filemanager from GP Software (generic)
OpusGIbar.lha 214.1KB 2000-03-08 +300 "GlowIcons" for your DOpus Toolbar (generic)
DOpus412JRbin.lha 320.7KB 2000-03-07 Great filemanager from GP Software (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus412JRsrc.lha 671.8KB 2000-03-07 Great filemanager from GP Software (generic)
matrix_theme.lha 1.4MB 2000-03-03 Matrix theme for DirOpus Magellan 2 (generic)
OpusGIbar3.lha 166.7KB 2000-02-16 250 "GlowIcons" for your DOpus Toolbar (generic)
dopus412-gpl.lha 656.6KB 2000-02-01 Directory Opus 4 source code (generic)
SVConvert15.lha 63.7KB 2000-01-28 Convert pictures using SViewIV and Dopus (m68k-amigaos)
2b_diskarc.lha 5.2KB 2000-01-24 A small disk unarchiving utility for DOpus 5+ (m68k-amigaos)
MPEGA-Play_fix.lha 2.2KB 2000-01-10 DOpus5.5+/MPEGA3.5, fix:MPEGA-Play.dopus5 (m68k-amigaos)
FileTypeUtils.lha 289.4KB 2000-01-08 Utilities for DOpus5 filetypes (German only) (generic)
RCDPlay.lha 5.6KB 1999-11-30 Remote CD-player for DOpus5 (generic)
WinOnWB.lha 2.5KB 1999-11-13 Open WB windows from Dopus (m68k-amigaos)
OpusGIbar2.lha 200.2KB 1999-11-08 +180 "GlowIcons" for your DOpus Toolbar (generic)
Super_DO58upd.lha 2.4KB 1999-10-30 Update to ppaint.dopus5 in Super_Dopus58TRG (generic)
VideoCodec_FTs.lha 24.3KB 1999-10-30 Update to AVI and QT filetypes (generic)
Super_DOpus58u.lha 2.4KB 1999-10-27 Update to ppaint.dopus5 in Super_Dopus58TRG (generic)
Super_Dopus58.lha 518.9KB 1999-10-21 The Best DOpus Filetypes, etc. (m68k-amigaos)
CutNPaste34.lha 37.5KB 1999-09-11 Adds Cut'n'Paste to DOpus5.5+ (m68k-amigaos)
RandomDOBackgr.lha 1.9KB 1999-08-30 Random background pattern in DOpus Magellan (generic)
OpusNIbar.lha 111.3KB 1999-08-17 no description
giger.lha 68.5KB 1999-08-16 Latest giger theme from Amimaniacs (generic)
wIndOzE.lha 602.3KB 1999-07-13 Dopus 5.8 Mag II Theme (generic)
SithTheme.lha 1MB 1999-07-10 StarWars theme for Magellan II (generic)
Moovid_Buttons.lha 797b 1999-07-05 Dopus5-buttons for Moovid (generic)
darkness.lha 55.7KB 1999-06-29 no description
XmenTheme.lha 2.2MB 1999-06-12 X-Men Theme for Opus Magellan II (generic)
HubbleTheme.lha 2.1MB 1999-06-10 Theme with images from Hubble Space Telescope (generic)
batTheme.lha 840.8KB 1999-06-07 Batman - The Animated Series Theme (generic)
mdp.lha 4.2KB 1999-06-06 Make DeliPrograms from diropus v1.01 (m68k-amigaos)
IfxDopus.lha 1.2KB 1999-05-28 Loads multiple files from DirOpus5 into ImageFX3 (generic)
dopus_undms.lha 2KB 1999-05-17 Unpacks a DMS file to disk with progress indication (m68k-amigaos)
dopus_virusz.lha 1.6KB 1999-05-17 Virus checks selected files/directories (generic)
HTTPlister.lha 19.9KB 1999-05-17 View AMINET RECENT in lister +download files (generic)
RecoverDelDir.lha 92.7KB 1999-05-17 AFS/PFS2/SFS undeletetool (english,german) (m68k-amigaos)
TBar.lha 32.2KB 1999-05-17 A Simple Taskbar for Dopus (m68k-amigaos)
FTPlocal.lha 2.1KB 1999-05-14 Set up individual local paths for each FTP site (generic)
GarTheme.lha 542KB 1999-05-13 Garfield Theme (fixed version) for Opus Magellan II (generic)
teletubbies.lha 1.6MB 1999-05-13 Teletubbies Theme for Opus Magellan II (generic)
dopus5-bkgr.lha 243.9KB 1999-04-30 A selection of backgrounds for use with DOpus5 (generic)
dopus5-water.lha 235.5KB 1999-04-30 Water Theme for Opus Magellan II (generic)
Amplifier_Dopu.lha 507b 1999-03-31 Load MPEG AUDIO files into Amplifier (generic)
DeliTracker2_D.lha 569b 1999-03-31 Load Modules into DeliTracker2 with Dopus (generic)
sakkare.lha 177.1KB 1999-03-29 Awesome theme for magellanII (generic)
ViewToolRexx.lha 4.2KB 1999-02-22 ViewTool ARexx-Script for DOpus5 (generic)
RandomPattern.lha 9.2KB 1999-02-07 Random Backdrops Picture with DirOpus (m68k-amigaos)
FirstSel.lha 4.7KB 1999-02-01 ARexx: get 1st selected file in dest or source-lister (generic)
LCARS-Theme.lha 825.1KB 1999-01-22 StarTrek TNG LCARS Theme for DirOpus Mag II (generic)
SoundOpus.lha 7.7KB 1999-01-07 The ultimate Dopus soundplaying solution (generic)
DO5-iMac-Theme.lha 549.1KB 1999-01-05 IMac Theme for DirOpus Mag II (generic)
SPTheme.lha 4MB 1999-01-02 SouthPark theme for DOpus MagellanII (generic)
VortTheme.lha 78KB 1998-12-23 Vort's theme for Dopus Magellan II (generic)
D5XFilesTheme.lha 1.4MB 1998-12-07 XFiles Theme for DOpus Magellan II (generic)
Exocist.lha 556.3KB 1998-12-05 Directory Opus 5.8 Magellan Theme (generic)
Magnum_Opus31a.lha 269.6KB 1998-12-05 435 Filetypes AmigaGuide Docs & Extras (generic)
SouthPark.lha 110.5KB 1998-12-05 Directory Opus 5.8 Magellan Theme (generic)
Simpsons.lha 169.2KB 1998-12-04 no description
mp3info.lha 10.5KB 1998-11-25 no description
PlayHIP.lha 3.8KB 1998-11-25 Arexx script to play modules from DOpus 5 (generic)
DO5CleanRam.lha 1.3KB 1998-10-25 CleanRam Script for DOpus 5.6 Magellan (generic)
OpusMPEGA_Port.lha 7.6KB 1998-08-23 Portuguese locale for OpusMPEGA 3.12 (generic)
Do5BootSel.lha 10.7KB 1998-08-18 Simple BootSelector for DOpus5 and WB (m68k-amigaos)
SlctComp.lha 4.6KB 1998-08-17 Compare files in 2 listers 10 modes (update) (generic)
Remind_dopus5.lha 5.5KB 1998-08-01 Small but useful Reminder for DOPUS5+ (generic)
OpusMPEGA.lha 553.3KB 1998-07-09 Mp3,wav,aiff,PPC,WarpOS,MPEGA,Play16,AHI (m68k-amigaos)
Do5extPrefs16.lha 39.4KB 1998-06-12 Editor for the Opus5 envars (m68k-amigaos)
DO5exoArcs.lha 4.4KB 1998-05-31 Filetypes for ZIP/GZip/TAR/TGZ/RAR/ARJ (generic)
OpusMPEGA_comm.lha 50.4KB 1998-05-29 New GUI for OpusMPEGA,Commodore64 Design (generic)
OpusMPEGA_digi.lha 44.5KB 1998-05-29 New GUI (Buttonbank) for OpusMPEGA (generic)
OpusMPEGA_ferr.lha 50.5KB 1998-05-29 New GUI for OpusMPEGA, Ferrari Design (generic)
OpusMPEGA_sket.lha 59.9KB 1998-05-29 New GUI for OpusMPEGA, Sketch Design (generic)
OpusMPEGA_Span.lha 816b 1998-05-29 Spanish locale for OpusMPEGA (generic)
OpusMPEGA_spor.lha 60.6KB 1998-05-29 New GUI for OpusMPEGA, Sport Design (generic)
OpusMPEGA_Star.lha 61.5KB 1998-05-27 New GUI for OpusMPEGA, StarTrek Design (generic)
ambk_show.lha 73.4KB 1998-05-21 FileType for amos bank (only pictures, yet) (generic)
MPEGA-GUIplay.lha 4.6KB 1998-05-08 DOPUS5.5: play MPEG w/ progress bar (m68k-amigaos)
Play16-GUIplay.lha 3.3KB 1998-05-08 DOPUS5.5+ Script for Play16 with progressbar (m68k-amigaos)
DOcfg.lha 28.2KB 1998-05-07 no description
My_Dopus412Cfg.lha 12KB 1998-05-06 My Directory Opus 4.12 Configuration (generic)
NewIconDoTBr21.lha 81.9KB 1998-05-06 DOpus ToolBar NewIcons *V2.1* by Dr_Ash (generic)
RndPic1.3.lha 20KB 1998-05-04 Random background pattern in DOpus (m68k-amigaos)
Dopus-MidiPlay.lha 2.8KB 1998-04-13 Arrex script to play midi files V1.1 (generic)
DopusRaist.lha 14.6KB 1998-04-11 Some useful arexx scipts for dopus5 (generic)
SaveText.lha 4.2KB 1998-04-06 Speed up archiving/viewing for DOpus4.x (m68k-amigaos)
POP3-Module.lha 31.5KB 1998-03-15 POP3 Module for Opus Magellan (ClassAct GUI) (m68k-amigaos)
Cuido.lha 2.9KB 1998-02-23 Open Opus 5 listers from shell easily. (generic)
NewIconDoProV2.lha 23.3KB 1998-02-07 DOpus Program NewIcons *V2* by Dr_Ash (generic)
NewIconDoIcons.lha 308.3KB 1998-02-05 DOpus Icons NewIcons by Dr_Ash (generic)
XPKdc.lha 2.8KB 1998-02-04 Use double-click on XPK files (DOpus5) (generic)
doomwad_ft.lha 4.8KB 1998-01-28 FileType for Doom WAD's (generic)
NewIconDoImags.lha 375.7KB 1998-01-23 DOpus Images NewIcons by Dr_Ash (generic)
19FileTypes.lha 3.5KB 1997-12-27 19 new filetypes for Opus Magellan (generic)
NewIconDoImgs1.lha 44.1KB 1997-12-20 DOpus Images1 NewIcons by Dr_Ash (generic)
Laz_images.lha 33.1KB 1997-12-15 DOpus ToolBar images by Laz (NI format) (generic)
NewIconDoTBar2.lha 82.8KB 1997-12-08 DOpus ToolBar NewIcons *V2* by Dr_Ash (generic)
NI4OpusT.lha 150.3KB 1997-12-06 Toolbar NewIcons r.7! by danneS (generic)
GifToPng.lha 48.7KB 1997-11-25 Convert GIF images to PNG with DOpus5.5+ (m68k-amigaos)
DopusARexx.lha 41.6KB 1997-11-17 Guide for DirectoryOpus 5.66 ARexx commands (generic)
DOpusPatch6265.lha 68.1KB 1997-11-16 Upgrade patch files for Directory Opus 5.62 to 5.65 (m68k-amigaos)
NewIconDoTBar.lha 63.4KB 1997-10-30 DOpus ToolBar NewIcons by Dr_Ash (generic)
DOpus56Norsk.lha 31.5KB 1997-10-28 Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
NewIconDoProgs.lha 21KB 1997-10-28 DOpus Program NewIcons by Dr_Ash (generic)
WolleDOpus1.2.lha 7.8KB 1997-10-28 RexxScripts/Modules for DOpus5.62+ -german- (m68k-amigaos)
WolleDopus.lha 5.3KB 1997-10-23 RexxScripts/Modules for DOpus5.62+ -german- (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus56DM.lha 22.8KB 1997-10-21 German Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56FR.lha 32.3KB 1997-10-21 French Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56GR.lha 51.5KB 1997-10-21 Greek Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56IT.lha 24.2KB 1997-10-21 Italian Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56Magyar.lha 33.2KB 1997-10-21 Hungarian Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56NL.lha 28.2KB 1997-10-21 Dutch Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56PL.lha 33.2KB 1997-10-21 Polish Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56SPA.lha 28.6KB 1997-10-21 Spanish Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpus56SV.lha 30.5KB 1997-10-21 Swedish Catalogs for Directory Opus Magellan 5.65 (generic)
DOpusPatch6x62.lha 262.1KB 1997-10-21 Upgrade patch files for Directory Opus 56x to 5.62 (m68k-amigaos)
empDopus.lha 34.7KB 1997-10-21 ARexx scripts/modules for Dopus55+ (m68k-amigaos)
NI4Opus.lha 74KB 1997-10-15 NewIcons for Opus (ReRelease) (generic)
SE.lha 230b 1997-09-22 no description
mpegau_update.lha 7.2KB 1997-09-20 Player-Setup Update for MPEGAU_PLAYER 2.2 (m68k-amigaos)
ArcDirSPA.lha 474b 1997-09-17 Spanish Catalogs for ArcDir (generic)
DOpus565SPA.lha 29KB 1997-09-17 Spanish Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.65 (generic)
ImageFXGER.lha 2.1KB 1997-09-13 (GERMAN) Send pictures to ImageFX from DOpus 5.5+ (generic)
ImageFX.lha 1.9KB 1997-09-09 Send pictures to ImageFX from DOpus 5.5+ (generic)
VisageShow.lha 1.8KB 1997-09-09 View pictures using Visage & Dopus 5.5+ (generic)
Shelley.lha 25.4KB 1997-08-25 View fonts with DirOpus 5.11+ (m68k-amigaos)
DiskRemove.lha 1.3KB 1997-08-24 Close or redirect listers of removed devices (generic)
bZ_Archive.lha 17.2KB 1997-08-23 Easy packing/unpacking of archives (generic)
mpega_update.lha 6.9KB 1997-08-23 Player-Setup Update for MPEGA_PLAYER 2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
WebUpdate.lha 2.1KB 1997-08-18 Compare web files' dates and upload updated files (generic)
DeAssign.lha 1.6KB 1997-08-13 Remove assigns to a dir, then delete it (generic)
bZ_Filetypes.lha 13.7KB 1997-08-12 Complete collection of DOpus filetypes (generic)
VCopy4xx.lha 9.6KB 1997-08-12 VersionCopy for Dopus 4.xx; v2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
hotlist_fix.lha 13.7KB 1997-08-08 Hotlist.module 1.2 (fixed for Magellan 5.62) (m68k-amigaos)
ShowHTML.lha 2.4KB 1997-08-08 Load HTML files into IBrowse or Voyager (generic)
WebCacheCopy.lha 1.5KB 1997-08-07 Copy WWW-Cache files to original name (generic)
MyAmiga.lha 6.4KB 1997-07-27 no description
IconUpdate.lha 13.9KB 1997-07-09 MagicWB IconUpdate for DOpus 5.x (m68k-amigaos)
ArcDir.lha 29.2KB 1997-06-06 Use LhA/LZX files as dirs in Opus5. V1.1 (generic)
opus55espcat.lha 21KB 1997-06-05 Spanish catalogs for DirOpus5.5 (generic)
DOpus_LogTrim.lha 14.7KB 1997-06-02 DOpus5.5: Button configuration for a logfile trimmer. (m68k-amigaos)
select.lha 1.1KB 1997-05-28 Select Files via WildCards in Dopus (generic)
version13.lha 1.8KB 1997-05-21 Version display module for DOpus5.5 (generic)
BlueDopus.lha 30.1KB 1997-04-16 Config for Dopus 4.12 (generic)
gcc_error.lha 12.6KB 1997-04-02 Connect GCC C/C++, DOpus5 and GoldED 4. (generic)
TheBlackOpus.lha 8.2KB 1997-04-01 The Black Opus -a cool config for DOpus 4.12 (generic)
dirmaster.lha 2.6KB 1997-02-28 no description
simplesel.lha 1.5KB 1997-02-28 Quickly to use (de)select commands. V1.2 (generic)
DOpus55IT.lha 25.7KB 1997-02-24 Italian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.5 (generic)
DDC.lha 2.3KB 1997-02-16 DoubleClick files from the shell (Opus5) (generic)
DeliPlay1.1.lha 22.5KB 1997-02-03 A DeliPlay.Module for DOpus5.5 (and up ?) (m68k-amigaos)
DeliSource1.1.lha 22.1KB 1997-02-03 Source to DeliPlay.Module 1.1 (generic)
AttachMail.lha 3.9KB 1997-02-02 Attach file(s) to YAM (generic)
DOpus55FR.lha 29.1KB 1997-01-17 French Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.5 (generic)
DOpusPL.lha 16.1KB 1996-12-21 Polish version of Directory Opus v4.x (generic)
Version11.lha 1.4KB 1996-12-18 Display version strings with DOpus5.5 (generic)
Opus2MFax.lha 8.2KB 1996-12-04 Send a fax from DOpus 4.x to MultiFax (generic)
DOpusGrep.lha 3.9KB 1996-12-03 Show Grep output in DOpus5.5+ lister (generic)
BangerC64opus.lha 2.7KB 1996-12-02 C64-1541 can use with dopus5.5 (generic)
MailBox.lha 11.8KB 1996-10-31 V1.5 of MailBox AppIcon for Opus5.5 (generic)
DateStamp.lha 2.3KB 1996-10-28 DateStamp that won't stop for DOpus5.5+ (generic)
Head-Tail.lha 2.5KB 1996-10-28 A 'Head' and 'Tail' command for DOpus5.5+ (generic)
SortDOpus.lha 1.1KB 1996-10-28 Select sort method/direction for DOpus4 (generic)
DOpus55Norsk.lha 27.7KB 1996-10-27 Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.5 (generic)
compare_module.lha 26.5KB 1996-10-19 DOpus5.5: compare.module 1.2, 14-Oct-96 (m68k-amigaos)
compare_source.lha 21.6KB 1996-10-19 DOpus5.5: compare.module 1.2, source. (generic)
hotlist_module.lha 38.9KB 1996-10-19 DOpus5.5: hotlist.module 1.2, 18-Oct-96 (m68k-amigaos)
hotlist_source.lha 30.8KB 1996-10-19 DOpus5.5: hotlist.module 1.2, source. (generic)
DOpus55SV.lha 28.1KB 1996-10-15 Swedish Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.5 (generic)
OpusSDK.lha 249.2KB 1996-10-10 no description
Install-O55CD.lha 15KB 1996-10-04 Modified install script for Opus5.5 CD (generic)
ArcSearch.lha 1.4KB 1996-10-03 Searches thru archives for files to extract (generic)
Dopus5pic.lha 4.7KB 1996-09-13 Boot picture for Dopus5 Workbench's (generic)
DOpusXFD.lha 77.6KB 1996-09-12 XFD Decruncher for DOpus5 v1.01 (m68k-amigaos)
DLGoodies.lha 7.7KB 1996-08-30 Useful arexx scripts for DOpus5 (generic)
emacsdopus.lha 1.6KB 1996-08-30 Load files into Emacs from DirOpus5. (generic)
CDDoor10.lha 9KB 1996-08-18 CD-Door open/close with DirectoryOpus (m68k-amigaos)
show_opus5.lha 220.3KB 1996-08-17 Animplayerscript for Opus5 & CyberGrafiX (m68k-amigaos)
DOExtractDMS.lha 2.5KB 1996-08-07 Extract many DMS-Files by click one Button (generic)
DOPbt1.lha 28.7KB 1996-08-04 Various opus4 help scripts: see readme ! (generic)
DOPbt2.lha 14.2KB 1996-08-04 Various opus4 help scripts: see readme ! (generic)
dopbt3.lha 15.7KB 1996-08-04 Various opus4 help scripts: see readme ! (generic)
DOPbt41.lha 14.8KB 1996-08-04 Various opus4 help scripts: see readme ! (generic)
DOPbt5.lha 129.5KB 1996-08-04 Various opus4 help scripts: see readme ! (generic)
Delete_dopus5.lha 2.3KB 1996-07-31 AREXX script to delete Files from DirOpus5 (generic)
WinVersion.lha 18.3KB 1996-07-15 VERSION-String in a Window on DirOpus (m68k-amigaos)
LhA-Control.lha 19.1KB 1996-07-07 Extract, Execute, Edit files in LhA-Archives (m68k-amigaos)
HTML.dopus5.lha 2.7KB 1996-06-29 DOpus 4/5: Load HTML documents into AWeb (generic)
CompareDirs.lha 682b 1996-06-28 no description
Select.font.lha 1.1KB 1996-06-28 Finds #?.font files for sel. dirs (generic)
SelectSequence.lha 959b 1996-06-28 Selects file sequences easily (generic)
DeliDOpus5.lha 5.1KB 1996-06-11 DOpus5: Play mods asyncron with DeliTracker (generic)
FindVersion1_0.lha 6.5KB 1996-05-15 Views file version in the internal Opus requester (generic)
cleanerram.lha 4.5KB 1996-04-28 AREXX script to clean ram disk from DirOpus (generic)
xpkdopus.lha 8.8KB 1996-04-28 XPK support for DOpus5 (bugfixed version) (m68k-amigaos)
CD_MM_OPUS5.lha 525.6KB 1996-04-16 CD Multimedia for Opus5 (generic)
D51_NARexx.lha 19.8KB 1996-03-23 DOpus5.11 ARexx scripts: 22-Mar-1996 (generic)
D51_NUSource.lha 63.4KB 1996-03-23 DOpus5.11 Utils: Source, 22-Mar-1996 (m68k-amigaos)
D51_NUtils.lha 59.8KB 1996-03-23 DOpus5.11 Utils in Asm, 22-Mar-1996 (m68k-amigaos)
DopusJPEG11.lha 2.2KB 1996-03-09 DOPUS5 JPEG Picture Convertor (generic)
LhADir112.lha 18.5KB 1996-02-09 Use LhA archives as normal dirs in Opus4 (m68k-amigaos)
cdda_mpeg_op5.lha 451.9KB 1996-01-04 CDDA, MPEGAudio & Players 3.2 for Opus5 (generic)
ArcByName.lha 7.4KB 1995-12-15 Arc-script for Dopus5 and Lha/LZX V1.0 (generic)
LhALZXDirDOps5.lha 14KB 1995-11-26 New LhaDir.dopus5, works with lzxdir.dopus5 (m68k-amigaos)
player3_0opus5.lha 397.6KB 1995-11-13 CDDA & soundplayers/saver for DirOpus5 (m68k-amigaos)
DOpusReg.lha 2.5KB 1995-10-29 DOpusReg.lha: Opus 5.11 fix for AFS problems (m68k-amigaos)
DOpusList.lha 1.7KB 1995-10-03 DOpus5 script to get DOpus4-like listers with memory (generic)
OpusCDIP1_0.lha 3.2KB 1995-10-01 Use your own CD-Icons with DOpus 5.x (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus511Ita.lha 16.5KB 1995-09-08 Italian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11 (generic)
OpusFTP.lha 94.4KB 1995-08-16 An FTP Module for Directory Opus 5.11 (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus511NL.lha 17.9KB 1995-07-19 Dutch Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11 (generic)
DOpus511Norsk.lha 16KB 1995-07-19 Norwegian Catalogs for Directory Opus 5.11 (generic)
Dopus511D.lha 380.9KB 1995-07-10 Patch for Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 -> 5.11 GERMAN (m68k-amigaos)
Dopus511.lha 383.4KB 1995-06-25 Patch for Directory Opus 5.0 & 5.10 -> 5.11 (m68k-amigaos)
xPackGauge.lha 4.6KB 1995-04-26 XPK frontend for DirectoryOpus(TM) (m68k-amigaos)
DOpus_CleanRAM.lha 6.1KB 1994-08-23 DOpus AREXX script for cleaning ramdisk (generic)
DOpusLhARexx2.lha 59.3KB 1994-07-06 Handles LhA archives from DOpus (generic)