Path: /root/amiganet/util/pack

cranker.lha 347.9KB 2017-07-21 Amiga executable and data cruncher (m68k-amigaos)
headbanger_src.lha 5.3KB 2017-07-11 Headbanger source code (generic)
xfddir_src.lha 3.7KB 2017-07-11 XfdDir 1.0 source code (generic)
clzip.lha 221.7KB 2017-06-16 Data (de)compressor like gzip or bzip2 (ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos)
lzip.lha 224.4KB 2017-06-03 Data (de)compressor like gzip or bzip2 (ppc-morphos)
Blitter.lha 2.2KB 2016-10-09 Blitter-MFM-Coder by Cruncher/ACUME (m68k-amigaos)
CopPack10.lha 3.8KB 2016-09-24 Cop-Pack Cruncher Final Release (m68k-amigaos >= 1.3)
bkp.lha 5.8KB 2016-09-11 ByteKiller Professional Cruncher (m68k-amigaos)
DataPack.lha 8.3KB 2016-09-10 PowerPacker Data De-Crunch from 1992 (m68k-amigaos)
Savage.lha 40.3KB 2016-09-10 Disk Compressor from 1992 (m68k-amigaos)
DefPack.lha 6.8KB 2016-09-08 DefJamPacker 3.5 - file compressor (m68k-amigaos)
MaxPak.lha 7.2KB 2016-09-06 file compressor (100% bugfixed) (m68k-amigaos)
OmegaPacker.lha 13.6KB 2016-09-06 fast, easy + convenient file compressor (m68k-amigaos <=1.3.3)
TryItCruncher101docs.lha 10KB 2016-06-12 TryIt Cruncher v1.01 with docs & relokit (m68k-amigaos >= 1.3)
Tetrapack22withDocs.lha 10.1KB 2016-06-06 Tetrapack v2.2 with docs (m68k-amigaos >= 1.3)
lzip-1.5.lha 1.3MB 2016-05-27 Data (de)compressor like gzip or bzip2 (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; i386-aros)
lzmaLoader.lha 67.4KB 2016-04-10 Packer and loader for executables (ppc-morphos)
xpkLZ40.lha 26.5KB 2014-10-14 XPK sublib with very fast (de)compression (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xpkL2XZ.lha 29.4KB 2014-09-29 XZ/LZMA2-based xpk packer (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xpkSQSH_OS4.lha 47KB 2014-09-14 OS4 native xpkSQSH sub-lib (unpack only) (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xfd_lzma.lha 29.3KB 2014-08-26 LZMA slave for xfdmaster.library (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4; ppc-amigaos)
InstantBz2_1.0.lha 81.7KB 2014-04-19 A bz2 packer / unpacker with MUI GUI (ppc-morphos >= 3.0)
MT_ADPCM.lha 7.6KB 2013-11-13 (De-)Cruncher for FP_ADPCM (C source) (generic)
dicpng-amigaos3.lha 109.9KB 2012-03-07 dicpng - compress data into png-images (m68k-amigaos)
dicpng-morphos.lha 58.6KB 2012-03-07 dicpng - compress data into png-images (ppc-morphos)
dicpng-source.lha 27.4KB 2012-03-07 dicpng - compress data into png-images (generic)
im-tools.lha 36.8KB 2010-12-02 open source imploder uncompress (+src) (generic; m68k-amigaos)
pp-tools.lha 64.3KB 2010-12-02 powerpacker uncompress (+source) (generic; m68k-amigaos)
xzdec.lha 74.6KB 2010-08-28 Small .xz and .lzma decompressors (ppc-amigaos)
ecm.lha 113.4KB 2010-06-24 Reduces size of CD images (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5)
decrunchmania-mos.lha 9.5KB 2009-12-25 depacks Crunchmania files (ppc-morphos)
decrunchmania_os4.lha 15KB 2009-11-26 A Crunchmania CrM2 depacker (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
fimp_os4.lha 25KB 2008-11-21 File Imploder cruncher (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
ppmd.lha 58.5KB 2008-01-25 Prediction by Partial Matching filepacker (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
crmr.lha 13.6KB 2008-01-07 Patcher for CRM executables, with sources (m68k-amigaos)
xfd_os4.lha 14.8KB 2007-12-02 xfdmaster.library glue code & dev files (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xpkmaster_bin.lha 76.8KB 2007-07-20 XpkMaster library for MorphOS (ppc-morphos)
xpkmaster_src.lha 90.6KB 2007-07-20 XpkMaster library for MorphOS, source (generic)
xpkLZMA.lha 89.4KB 2007-04-09 XPK sublibrary based on LZMA SDK 4.43 (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5)
xfh-handler_os4.lha 137.7KB 2006-12-10 XPK (de)crunching file handler (ppc-amigaos)
ecm_aos4.lha 68.6KB 2006-09-20 Reduces size of CD images (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
UnCPS-AGA.lha 19.2KB 2006-09-09 Tools to UNPACK/PACK/VIEW CPS/CMP/VCN/VMP (m68k-amigaos >=3.0+AGA)
shorten_os4.lha 866.1KB 2006-09-06 Fast, low complexity waveform coder (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
hunpack-aos4.lha 38.4KB 2006-08-15 .HPA files unarchiver (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
adepack.lha 212.8KB 2006-08-09 Depacks packed Amiga files. (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
hunpack-mos.lha 19.8KB 2006-08-06 .HPA files unarchiver (m68k-amigaos; ppc-morphos)
rlepack-1.1.lha 7.5KB 2006-02-01 Compress / decompress with RLE algorithm (ppc-morphos)
xpk_user-jb.lha 126.9KB 2006-02-01 Compression package, user edition (ppc-amigaos)
zhxpk.lha 27KB 2006-01-28 zhxpk - (un)packer using xpk (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xPackBest.lha 21.5KB 2005-05-27 Pack using XPK, adaptive, recursive (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0)
qdirgzip.lha 30KB 2005-03-13 Gzips files as separate entities in given folder (ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.0)
xpkBZP2.lha 93.7KB 2005-03-05 Bzip2 xpk compression library V1.7 (68k,OS4,WOS,MOS) (m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; ppc-warpup)
PFC.lha 116.5KB 2004-05-04 PFCv2 (portacall user interface pui) (m68k-amigaos)
xpkGZIP.lha 74.4KB 2003-11-30 XpkGZIP compressor 1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
xfdmaster.lha 169.1KB 2003-10-18 Rel1.38 Decrunch packed files (exe/data) (m68k-amigaos)
xfdmaster_dev.lha 210.7KB 2003-10-18 Rel1.38 Decrunch packed files (exe/data) (m68k-amigaos)
zlibexample.lha 42.3KB 2003-07-13 Example for zlib.library w/ WOS support (m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup)
htmploder.lha 1.3KB 2002-07-11 Compress html by zeeball (m68k-amigaos)
_ReComp.lha 12.5KB 2002-05-26 ReComp(ReCompress Cli Usage) (m68k-amigaos)
PPCrack.lha 1.9KB 2001-12-06 no description
tcr.lha 92.7KB 2001-12-01 TCR compressor (WarpOS) (ppc-warpup)
BRLE.lha 802b 2001-05-03 XFD external decruncher, e0r's util (m68k-amigaos)
UntarV1_11.lha 16.5KB 2001-03-14 Tar files extract util (m68k-amigaos)
xpk_User.lha 225.5KB 2000-12-11 V5.2a Compression package, user edition (m68k-amigaos)
XPKPatch18.lha 22.4KB 2000-10-28 Unpacks XPK, PP & CrM files "on the fly" (m68k-amigaos)
xpkGZIP-WOS.lha 21.7KB 2000-07-05 XpkGZIP module for WarpOS (V2.1) (ppc-warpup)
CutPP.lha 3.3KB 2000-06-28 Stops .pp suffixes being added to files (m68k-amigaos)
XPKatana.lha 104.1KB 2000-04-13 XPK interface w/ GUI, ARexx port & more (m68k-amigaos)
LHAY2KPatch.lha 10.5KB 2000-01-08 Y2K-Bugfix Patches for LHA 1.38e, 1.50r, 150r (+030) (m68k-amigaos)
xpk_Develop.lha 106.3KB 1999-09-08 V5.2 Compression package, developer cut (m68k-amigaos)
xpk_Source.lha 175.6KB 1999-09-08 V5.2 Compression package, source files (m68k-amigaos)
agf.lha 19.9KB 1999-09-07 AGF V0.9 - n*8-bit Sample Pre-Packing Processor (m68k-amigaos)
agf_030fpu.lha 11.2KB 1999-09-06 AGF - n*8-bit Sample Pre-Packing Processor w/src (m68k-amigaos)
RNC_ProPack.lha 97.4KB 1999-08-18 RNC ProPack - multi-format file packer (m68k-amigaos)
gzipPPC.lha 180.4KB 1999-08-13 PPC version of gzip (src included). (ppc-powerup)
xha.lha 61.6KB 1999-07-25 XPK libs, smart delta with HA (ASC/HSC) (m68k-amigaos)
BImageQuantize.lha 57.8KB 1999-06-08 Very fast Blockbased Image quantizer/compressor (m68k-amigaos)
headbanger.lha 8.8KB 1999-05-19 no description
brlecomp.lha 26.8KB 1999-04-19 Compresses greyscale images very quickly (m68k-amigaos)
codecs_library.lha 255.7KB 1999-04-14 Codecs.library, second beta version (m68k-amigaos)
BlitzDMS_key.lha 338b 1999-02-26 Free Keyfile for BlitzDMS (m68k-amigaos)
PPatcher.lha 37.7KB 1998-10-28 Powerpacker Patcher v1.4 by Michael (Kevin Eckenrode) (m68k-amigaos)
bzip2-0.9.0b.lha 101.3KB 1998-10-21 Very good block-sorting file compressor (m68k-amigaos)
xpkBLFH_lib21.lha 21.6KB 1998-08-28 New encryption sublibrary for Xpk (m68k-amigaos)
UnSquish.lha 96.6KB 1998-08-19 Shell/Workbench decompressor (m68k-amigaos)
xpk_CryptRdm.txt 1.6KB 1998-07-09 How to obtain the XPK encryption libs (generic)
DeepX_no.lha 3.8KB 1998-06-25 Norwegian translation to DeepX 1.3 (m68k-amigaos)
cru14b.lha 17.3KB 1998-06-24 Crunch 1.4b (CRUa) exe and data packer (m68k-amigaos)
DeepX13.lha 40.9KB 1998-06-15 XPK on-the-fly disk expander (m68k-amigaos)
xPackMH.lha 14.1KB 1998-06-15 OS 2.x Shell Interface for XPK. V2.0 (m68k-amigaos)
XSA.lha 20.3KB 1998-06-11 XSA compressor/decompressor. (m68k-amigaos)
Stc4103.lha 120.1KB 1998-06-03 StoneCracker 4.10.3 - bugfix release (m68k-amigaos)
gsmPPC.lha 173.4KB 1998-04-27 GSM speech compression (PPC), incl. source (ppc-powerup)
RealSize.lha 14.9KB 1998-04-24 Prints size of a (crunched) file (m68k-amigaos)
unlzx.lha 27.4KB 1998-04-22 PPC-version of UnLZX (for PowerUP) (ppc-powerup)
xpkSDHC.lha 16KB 1998-04-06 Sublibrary for the XPK system (m68k-amigaos) 19.2KB 1998-03-27 TurboImploder4.0 Amigaguide(!) document (generic)
clickup.lha 17.1KB 1998-03-12 Unpacks lha/lzx/zip-files with a doubleclick (m68k-amigaos)
lhajoin.lha 6.6KB 1998-01-23 Joins splited LHAs (m68k-amigaos)
xpkACCA.lha 4.4KB 1997-11-19 ACCA (Andr Code Compression Algorithm) (m68k-amigaos)
XpkCybPrefs.lha 136.9KB 1997-10-18 V1.3: "The" xpkUSER ultimate implementation !!! (m68k-amigaos)
CheckArc.lha 13KB 1997-10-06 Checks recursively all archives (lha,lzx,dms) on your harddisk. (m68k-amigaos)
tgz12c.lha 72KB 1997-09-26 TGZ - Tar Archiver and GZIP in one Script (m68k-amigaos)
modCRUSH.lha 12.2KB 1997-09-23 The best 31 inst. module packer ever. (m68k-amigaos)
xpkdir.lha 3.6KB 1997-08-24 Replaces xdir - with #? support (m68k-amigaos)
ADPCM_Package.lha 106.9KB 1997-08-08 Highly effective sample compression utils (m68k-amigaos)
PKprotector.lha 18.6KB 1997-07-28 PKprotector by NUANCE (m68k-amigaos)
xStat_1_4.lha 10.8KB 1997-06-27 Build statistic about XPK-Files V1.4 (m68k-amigaos)
DeArchiveur1_0.lha 87.9KB 1997-06-26 GUI for LHA.LZH.LZX.ZIP.DMS. (V1.0) (m68k-amigaos)
XfdDir.lha 3.1KB 1997-06-11 Replaces XfdList, featured arguments (m68k-amigaos)
IntuitiveDMS.lha 188.3KB 1997-06-06 SAKU-V1.6-User interface for DMS (m68k-amigaos)
xfd_pwf.lha 55.4KB 1997-06-04 XFD PassWordFinder (m68k-amigaos)
XIT_norsk.lha 1.1KB 1997-06-04 Norwegian catalog for XIT V1.0 (m68k-amigaos)
UnArj_FID.lha 10.2KB 1997-05-07 File_id.diz-Extractor for ARJ (m68k-amigaos)
2b_UnpackU11.lha 58.3KB 1997-04-06 Program to unpacking files packed with various crunchers (m68k-amigaos)
BlitzDms.lha 168.9KB 1997-03-14 Fontsensitive DMS/DSQ App-Window (m68k-amigaos)
GSMToast.lha 87.6KB 1997-03-11 GSM 06.10 audio codec (m68k-amigaos)
XIT.lha 87.1KB 1997-02-04 Use in an intuitive way the XPK libs (m68k-amigaos)
CrunchyDat.lha 55.9KB 1997-01-11 Executable file compressor... like stonecracker BUT better!! (m68k-amigaos)
xpktest.lzh 13.6KB 1997-01-06 Test XPK libraries' speed/efficiency (m68k-amigaos)
XFH.lha 108.7KB 1996-11-28 V1.40 (de)crunching handler for XPK (m68k-amigaos)
xpkshid.lha 3.6KB 1996-11-19 Combined XPK packer for SHRI AND IDEA (m68k-amigaos)
regnum.lha 10.1KB 1996-11-05 XPK CLI unpacker for install scripts (m68k-amigaos)
smartie.lha 80.4KB 1996-11-05 Enables using XPK packed files (m68k-amigaos)
xpknuid.lha 3.5KB 1996-11-05 Combined XPK packer for NUKE AND IDEA (m68k-amigaos)
Pacshell05.lha 152.6KB 1996-11-02 Packer Shell with Intuition Interface (m68k-amigaos)
2b_LhAReq.lha 7.2KB 1996-06-19 Makes your life easier if you use LhA. (m68k-amigaos)
bwt.lzh 83.7KB 1996-06-19 Burrows-Wheeler Transform package (m68k-amigaos)
BlitzDms110.lha 80.3KB 1996-05-14 The greatest Dms tool ever written !! (m68k-amigaos)
2b_XpkCut.lha 17.8KB 1996-03-22 Cutter of XPK-packed parts of big files (m68k-amigaos)
xpkelzx.lha 13.4KB 1996-03-20 LZX xpk libraries (m68k-amigaos)
xpkSHRI_V2.2.lha 8KB 1996-02-13 Version 2.2 of the xpkSHRI.library (m68k-amigaos)
xpkDMCB.lha 7.1KB 1996-02-07 Powerful data packer. 68020+, FPU, >2MB (m68k-amigaos)
xpkILZR.lha 23.5KB 1995-12-04 Fast (Un)Packing - Low Mem Requirements (m68k-amigaos)
PackX15.lha 17.9KB 1995-11-07 XPK Shell packer (m68k-amigaos)
Historian95_2.lha 2.4KB 1995-09-17 Historian 95.2 - Tool for dating archives . (m68k-amigaos)
xpkRAKE_V1.7.lha 9.3KB 1995-09-07 A packer for the xpk-package, V1.7 (m68k-amigaos)
xpkGZIP_1.0.lha 25.7KB 1995-08-29 Xpk GZIP sublibrary v1.0 (ZLIB v0.93) (m68k-amigaos)
xPackIt17.lha 8.7KB 1995-08-27 CLI xpk file cruncher/decruncher (m68k-amigaos)
lsdxms12.lha 133KB 1995-08-25 X-Mash 1.2 - Disk Compressor Using XPK! V.Nice! (m68k-amigaos)
xpkPWPK10.lha 9.8KB 1995-08-16 PowerPacker based xpk sub library (m68k-amigaos)
OptXPK.lha 3.2KB 1995-06-26 V0.9, find the best xpk packer for any file (m68k-amigaos)
xpkbest.lha 4.3KB 1995-06-20 Checks whether files get better ratio with xpkNUKE, or xpkSMPL (for mods) (m68k-amigaos)
xpkHFMN_136.lha 5.5KB 1995-06-20 Huffman V1.35, fixed 2 bugs from 1.28. (m68k-amigaos)
xpkRLENasm.lha 2.1KB 1995-05-07 XpkRLEN.library assembler version (m68k-amigaos)
PackIt119.lha 23.2KB 1995-05-06 CLI front end for PowerPacker (m68k-amigaos)
shorten1_22.lha 134.9KB 1995-04-18 High Compression ratio for SAMPLES/MODS (m68k-amigaos)
artic1_7.lha 102.5KB 1995-04-12 Stacker-like,FASTER,can use XPK and MUI (m68k-amigaos)
xpkDisk37_8c.lha 100.7KB 1995-04-12 A compressing disk device v37.8; uses XPK (m68k-amigaos)
RRR-DR0.lha 9.1KB 1995-04-01 New, highly sophisticated packing standard (m68k-amigaos)
SoftCode.lha 15.8KB 1995-04-01 Stores and retrieves software using code-numbers instead of files (m68k-amigaos)
xpkMASH-r4.lha 7.3KB 1995-04-01 Quite fast xpk liibrary (m68k-amigaos)
CmprDisk19B.lha 35.1KB 1995-03-18 Disk doubling package for Amiga, V1.9B (m68k-amigaos)
xpk-Knight_105.lha 60.7KB 1995-03-07 Programmable GUI for XPK (m68k-amigaos)
mdc1_17.lha 14.5KB 1995-02-22 DMS like disk packer. Packs with Xpk. (m68k-amigaos)
PDPro1_0b.lha 179.5KB 1995-01-09 Transparent XPK crunch/decrunch utility (m68k-amigaos)
Cruncher.lha 38.8KB 1994-12-01 A file cruncher that supports multiple formats (m68k-amigaos)
ChsCrunch.lha 9.3KB 1994-09-05 ChsCrunch decrunchs w/ loading FAST ! (m68k-amigaos)
PPack22.lha 16.2KB 1994-08-22 Fast PowerPacker Data Cruncher and Decruncher (m68k-amigaos)
P-Compress2.lha 19.4KB 1994-08-15 New program replacing P-Compress . V1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
gzip124x2.lha 62.8KB 1994-04-10 gzip-1.2.4 RESPIN 2, GNU archiving util (m68k-amigaos)
xpkSQSH1_1.lha 6.2KB 1994-03-17 XPK compressor library for sampled sounds (m68k-amigaos)
CrMv191t.lha 196.1KB 1994-02-24 Crunch-Mania V1.91t - some Bugs fixed (m68k-amigaos)
xpkSMPL.lha 3KB 1994-01-28 xpk library for packing samples (m68k-amigaos)
S-Omni.lha 57.7KB 1993-11-22 Make scripts executable & compressed. (m68k-amigaos)
PowerData210.lha 157.1KB 1993-09-24 Transparent powerpacker cruncher/decruncher. (m68k-amigaos)
SLZSPD.lha 182.5KB 1993-06-08 Example of the Fast SLZ compression routine (m68k-amigaos)
PPMC.lha 115.8KB 1993-05-14 Powerpacker Mini Clone. V1.2c (m68k-amigaos)
xpkRDCN22.lha 30KB 1993-05-13 Fast packer with low compression factor (m68k-amigaos)
decrunchaddr.lha 21.2KB 1993-05-10 decrunch addr-cr. files multit. friendly (m68k-amigaos)
comprs16.lha 17.9KB 1993-04-25 Data compression program using modified LZW method (m68k-amigaos)
xPack_1.5.lha 9.1KB 1993-04-17 OS 2.x Shell Interface for XPK (m68k-amigaos)
epu14.lha 31.9KB 1993-04-08 Stacker like - Doubles disks capacity (m68k-amigaos)
xData_11a.lha 16.4KB 1993-04-07 lets progs read xpk-compressed files (bug-fix). (m68k-amigaos)
packertool158.lha 20KB 1993-03-11 OS2.0 user interface for cli based packer, full configurable (m68k-amigaos)
DrDobbsCompres.lha 20.7KB 1993-02-03 DrDobbs issue on data compression (m68k-amigaos)
CompressDisk.lha 29.8KB 1993-02-02 Creates a compressed virtual-partition on HD (m68k-amigaos)
ppnew.lha 173.7KB 1992-12-01 New version of powerpacker lib plus tools (m68k-amigaos)
npd240.lha 2.2KB 1992-11-30 NoisePackerDecruncher for NP 2.xx (m68k-amigaos)
compress-4.0.lzh 31.6KB 1992-11-21 Packer for .Z files (UNIX), w/ src (m68k-amigaos)
Extractor.lzh 19.3KB 1992-11-21 UUEncode, UUDecode, XXEncode, XXDecode (m68k-amigaos)
imploder-4.0.lzh 137.8KB 1992-11-21 Executable file packer (m68k-amigaos)
ppackerpatch.lzh 23KB 1992-11-21 Allows use of PowerPacked files (m68k-amigaos)
PPDecrunch10.lzh 12.6KB 1992-11-21 Pipeable PowerPacker Decruncher (m68k-amigaos)
PPDO.lha 18.4KB 1992-11-21 Tool for (de)crunching data files. V1.21 (m68k-amigaos)
ppcompress095.lha 13.2KB 1992-11-15 CLI utilities for powerpacker (m68k-amigaos)
Turtle141.lha 9.6KB 1992-10-28 Good cruncher (address type) (m68k-amigaos)
PPData-1.0.lha 27.7KB 1992-10-01 PowerPacker data compression (m68k-amigaos)
xdrop2.21.lha 23.4KB 1992-10-01 Version 2.21 of xdrop. Requires xpk package! (m68k-amigaos)
twpacker.lha 12.1KB 1992-09-22 Data packer for proogrammers (m68k-amigaos)
Huffman.lzh 16.5KB 1992-08-15 Huffman (de)compression with source in C (m68k-amigaos)
P-FixLib.lha 8.8KB 1992-04-27 Lets libs be compressd & accessd normaly. V1.2 (m68k-amigaos)
PPLoadSeg.lha 14.7KB 1991-11-21 Patch loadseg for crunched files, V1.1. V1.1 (m68k-amigaos)
PPType.lha 8.7KB 1991-09-19 Print ascii/crunched files, V1.1a, bin. V1.1a (m68k-amigaos)
LhLib.lha 34.2KB 1991-01-15 Shared lib of Lzhuf comp/decomp routines. V1.8 (m68k-amigaos)
CompDisk.lha 87.5KB 1990-06-02 Fast and easy to use disk compression. (m68k-amigaos)
Pack-It.lha 10.5KB 1987-10-22 Pack files for electronic transmission. (m68k-amigaos)