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mys112a29_l32.rar 1.4MB 2016-07-28 Mystic BBS v1.12 A29 Linux 64-bit======
mys112a29_l64.rar 1.5MB 2016-07-28 Mystic BBS v1.12A29 Linux 64bit
mystic_110a60_lnx.rar 744.6KB 2015-10-26 Mystic BBS v1.11 Alpha 3 Linux 32-bit ============================================ + Free freature-crazy multinode BBS suite + Built in TELNET, FTP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP + BINKP/FTP mailer and tosser with Areafix + BINKP/FTP FDN mailer with TIC and FileFix + QWK/QWKE Networking via FTP transmission + Event-based menuing system w/ lightbars + Powerful language/theme/prompt editor + Pascal/IPL-like programming languages + JAM/Squish message bases with QWK/QWKE + Full screen editor with quote window + Lightbar Sysop-reader-like msg reading + Long file names, internal Zmodem + 99-line file description & FILE_ID.DIZ + File archive viewing, and testing + Many DOS DOOR formats and 32-bit DOOR32 + Multinode teleconference & user2user chat + BBS list, Voting booth, Time bank, 1Liners Quote of the day, Rumors, Split Chat, more + Ansi gallery, top10, fido importers, node monitor with full telnet client, more