Path: /root/demos/farbrausch 2.6MB 2015-03-10 No Description 1.1MB 2015-03-10 farbrausch consumer consulting v2 synthesizer system brought to you by 7.7MB 2015-03-10 farb-rausch 015 la sculpture at dialogos2k1 contact: 696.4KB 2015-03-10 fr016: bytes 696.6KB 2015-03-10 fr-016b ! 3.6MB 2015-03-10 farb-rausch 02 6.9MB 2015-03-10 fr-020 in control party version chaos gizmo kb doj critikill wayfinder released at mekka 2002 wait for the final. sorry again. 760KB 2015-03-10 f a r b r a u s c h fr-022: ein.schlag ms2002 pc intro 64k #2 the final version! c p//k b//r y g//w a y 8.9MB 2015-03-10 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Der neue Farbraus :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . :: f r - 0 2 5 : t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o :░ final.version . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::featuring::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -------------------------------------------------- .░ . . ░ : .. fiver2: direction, visuals. chaos: code. wayfinder: music. sarah hill: character rig, animation & choreograph giZmo: character design, modelling and weighting 8.9MB 2015-03-10 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Der neue Farbraus :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . :: f r - 0 2 5 : t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o :░ final.version . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::featuring::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -------------------------------------------------- .░ . . ░ : .. fiver2: direction, visuals. chaos: code. wayfinder: music. sarah hill: character rig, animation & choreograph giZmo: character design, modelling and weighting 8.6MB 2015-03-10 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Der neue Farbraus :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: f r - 0 2 5 : t h e . p o p u l a r . d e m o :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::featuring::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -------------------------------------------------- .░ . . ░ : .. fiver2: direction, visuals. chaos: code. wayfinder: music. sarah hill: character rig, animation & choreograph giZmo: character design, modelling and weighting ronny: recording. andreas thiele: vocals. tiberius: character bones. 740.6KB 2015-03-10 fr-027: out of the blue final version wayfinder/cp/kb/ryg pII or better, tnt or better. (c) farbrausch 2002 758.4KB 2015-03-10 fr-028: Brullwurfel farbrauschs 64k music disk kb - ronny - wayfinder & entropy (feat ryg & critikill) selected works 2000-2002 to avoid misspelling problems, we already misspeled it for you! now that's service. enjoy it or don't - your choice. 762.4KB 2015-03-10 fr-030: candytron the final version chaos, ryg, gizmo, kb 2nd @ breakpoint 2003 760KB 2015-03-10 --------------------------------------------- [fr030 candytron] party version, breakpoint03 no poser, no pixelshader, just candy :) --------------------------------------------- hi everybody, sorry for this unpolished partyversion, organizing a party while contributing to it┤s compos isn┤t a good idea... never the less, this intro took some heavy production hours and i┤m very happy that we made it despite all problems and limits we had to master. i hope you 10.2MB 2015-03-10 farbrausch fr-036:zeitmaschine cp gfx paniq music & additional gfx made using the werkkzeug by dierk.chaos.ohlerich & thomas.fiver2.mahlke 4.8MB 2015-03-10 welcome to the world of... fr-038: theta a paniq/cp/ryg/chaos coproduction. released at tum 2004. "final version 1.01" I. the story: ------------- well, one guy, a pretty fucked-up idea, and 3 mo work. (well, 2 of them idled away with experiments make it into the final demo). and some pretty heav short-before-the-deadline tweaking, as is customar farbrausch products. II. compatibility: ------------------ 2.3MB 2015-03-10 farbrausch fr-061:ID08 aka inercia demoparty 2008 invite . created using werkkzeug3 by chaos fiver2 gizmo ryg . audio by ps . 3MB 2015-03-10 FR-06: Black 2000 - final version fb,fg,kp,lr,th. 1. place dialogos 2000. 1 bonus demo included. fresst nelken: (c) farb-rausch consumer consulting anno domini 20 2.9MB 2015-03-10 farbrausch 2001 fr-09: goldrausch 749.4KB 2015-03-10 .farbrausch .fr-minus-03.2 .rausch-o-mat .code chaos .graphics fr-02 .music yoda .synthesizer kb .packer ryg .released at tum*02 6.6MB 2015-03-10 farbrausch fr-minus-06: ghettorocker breakpoint 03 party version yoda raw style ryg wayfinder cp yes, we were drunk. 740.8KB 2015-03-10 This is the bugfixed version of FR-010.scx: Art by Code: Entropy, PeCi Fixing and improvements: Ryg and KB 3D design: ruul Music: Entropy, using KB's intro sound system You will need a Pentium II (or better a P3 or Athl compliant graphics card with at least like 4MB RAM great. As always, and hotline@farb your mails. And remember: Final versions should be smaller tha shouldn't be pirated. 755.2KB 2015-03-10 Hello. Here are some annotations for the source of FR-010 All source code in this directory (this means: all .c,.cpp,.asm,.h and .hpp) is (C) Farbrausch/Scoope modify and distribute any of these sources at will notice is part of any source distribution package these sources or parts of these sources in binary cool. If you use these sources to create rip-offs free to get beaten up by a person of your own wish accel version of it. thanks. :) Oh, and don't try to earn any money using these so only persons profiting from this would be our lawy any kind is of course forbidden. You will need Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0 or higher higher to compile the project. Then, a working .ex linker, if not, you've certainly done something wr 736.8KB 2015-03-10 this inofficial mekka symposium invitation was brought to you by your loyal farbrausch employes code: chaos sound: kb thanks to gizmo for help it was done during the ambience using the fr08 dem so don't expect too much 7.7MB 2015-03-10 No Description 759.4KB 2015-03-10 farbrausch creature shop fr-013: flybye 64k invitation demo for the party 2001 [not yet official!] ryg/gizmo/exoticorn/kb/yoda/torus/shamada first release, 01.12.2001 745.8KB 2015-03-10 fr-014: garbage collection nearly 100% party production hah. and you expected something. we are very sorry. indeed. (not really) 698KB 2015-03-10 fr-017: area 51 0a000h 64b intro compo entry (1st place) by ryg/farbrausch (source+different versions included) 839.6KB 2015-03-10 fr018: aGb #1 in the woest compo @ the woest party main code: exoticorn add. code: ryg musik : ronny special thanks to superrouge for bringing the wide 759.2KB 2015-03-10 fr-019.poemtoahorse newandimproved.version code: chaos, kb, doj, ryg graphics: fiver2 sound: ronny 749.9KB 2015-03-10 fr-024: welcome to... ... breakpoint 2003 0a000h 64kb intro by farbrausch giZMo&ryg&kb. 697.4KB 2015-03-10 fr-026: 34b mul & cycle uc6.22 sizeoptimizing compo winner ryg & kb / farbrausch source code with (basic) explanations included. 742.4KB 2015-03-10 fr-029: dopplerdefekt cp++wf++ryg++kb farbrausch 2002 duron 650/gf2gts/64mb "scotty, i want real 3d in an intro." "that'll be a 256kb one, then." "i give you 64kb." "i'll do it in 48." 7.1MB 2015-03-10 fr-03 farb-rausch 2000 rp-th-fb-ms-gb-np-do-fg-tm party version 8.1MB 2015-03-10 farb-rausch 05 : konsum @ evk2k fbfgthrp feat. mentz/tdr 759.5KB 2015-03-10 .farbrausch consumer consulting .fr-08 .the .product .final version 1.01 .demo in 64kb .will make you happy [without drying up] .chaos/fiver2/kb/doj/yoda/ryg .released at the party 2000 697.4KB 2015-03-10 fr0.1: constant evolution 0a000h 64byte compo entry ryg of farbrausch in 2003 1.2MB 2015-03-10 fr-minus-04: PlanQuadrat har har. you actually expected something? notice the "minus". 696.5KB 2015-03-10 rockz 737.8KB 2015-03-10 libv2 - Farbrausch Consumer Consulting's famous ti music player for YOU. This archive consists of libv2 (as found in libv2. an example program which shows how to use its basi to produce small Windows .EXEs with Visual C++. To include libv2 the only thing you have to do is files into your project directory, including them and then calling a few functions (look into libv2. Simple as that. So, have fun with it (I certainly had), Tammo "kb" Hinrichs farbrausch consumer consulting dept. of Time To Move On Dec. 28, 2004 - live at TUM'04 LICENSE: 33.2MB 2005-02-19 No Description 22.9MB 2005-02-19 No Description