Path: /root/parties/asm16/1k_intro 924.1KB 2017-12-12 No Description 726.5KB 2017-12-12 A S T R A /+ _/ \/\______________________________,\_ p01 / ribbon JavaScript 1k intro for Assembly August 5th 2016 ___________/+________________________i!_ ASTRA: a JavaScript odyssey . in 1002 bytes . . + /+ ____,\________________/\__/ \_______01_ Tested in Opera, Chrome and Firefox Prefer the first two in fullscreen Tools used: JsExe, zopfli, rezop, deflopt, defluff, gzThermal, HxD ______________________/+_____________Hi_ Adinpsz Epoch @kaneel @frksr Ferris everyone pushing the limits with style! _/\__________________________________<3_ Joy & Vida 692.7KB 2017-12-12 Fuzzdealer ========== "Fuzzdealer" is my first 1k intro in a real demosc all like "wow, did I really do this.. yep, I guess again". I hope you enjoy it too. It is a normal "G requires SDL2 for window and audio, and OpenGL for the source code available right after the compo at I must be really emotionally damaged to have made native Linux binary. Sane people should stick to W browser platforms in which (I think) the system ov smaller. Fuzzdealer is contributed to the Assembly Summer 2 compo. The rulebook of Assembly Summer 2016 has be thoroughly exploited as follows: - The target architecture is 32 bit Linux (Live Ub libraries was promised in the Compo rules - SDL2 would consider quite standard, need to be instal - The Assembly rules dictate that the mouse cursor hidden. This is done. - The rules don't dictate that the entry should ex provide a segfault and a core dump. Illegal inst much better than "exit(0)" :) - The rules don't dictate that /tmp/ should be cle binary there as /tmp/I$$. Clean up those files y Why the name "Fuzzdealer"? Well.. as the author, I interesting part of the entry is the synth that re distortion effect. I hope that the Assembly PA wil the fuzz properly as intended. Thanks ====== Greetings to all wonderful dudes and dudettes out students of the University of Jyväskylä who kept running while the "faculty guy" was fine-tuning hi Special thanks to Visy for ensuring that the Linux well at Assembly 2016 and that Fuzzdealer ran nice 691.6KB 2017-12-12 No Description