Path: /root/parties/evk17/anim 198.1MB 2017-12-11 "Do children have bad dreams?" "You might be able to answer this question in 152 ^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^ [ T H E E N D O F E V E R Y T H I N G ] ^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^░^^ A dream work up experience by 9 year old AA-Ray created with a Nikon Coolpix S33 (blue edition) presented by BitFellas The Credits: AA-Ray______Full camera work Vincenzo________Sound design Bobic_____________Video edit KF____________BitFellas logo Find us at: 171.7MB 2017-12-11 No Description 159.3MB 2017-12-11 Party: Evoke 2017 Compo: Animation Title: Making Starcraft Great Again Group: Futuris Authors: Szymon 'Majak' Majewski Syanide contact: 529.2MB 2017-12-11 Title:Memory Lane Concept + GFX: Luisa Poo-Brain^Rabenauge GFX: Oni Poo-Brain Music: Wayfinder Special Thanks for recording the video and providi Ramses Rabenauge Titus Rabenauge The Evoke Orga team Tools: Photoshop, After effects, Blender, Maya Released at Evoke2017 646.5MB 2017-08-23 No Description
evoke2017_daskatrender_final_sd0001-4700.avi 235.8MB 2017-08-23 No Description
fragmental_by_jeremy_eliosoff.mp4 125MB 2017-08-23 No Description
pixel_peepshow.mp4 88.1MB 2017-08-22 No Description
sp04-kevinhisdream.mp4 7.5MB 2017-08-22 No Description
20000miles.mp4 152.9MB 2017-08-21 No Description
abstract_tochka.mp4 233.8MB 2017-08-21 No Description
avena_become_evoked_-_party_release.mp4 668.2MB 2017-08-21 No Description
drehwerk_midget_jackpearse-kiss_my_ass_early_bird.mp4 43.9MB 2017-08-21 No Description