Mystic PHP

Originally written by Frank Linhares (netsurge/demonic/ and updated by Philipp Giebel (, this is a library for reading MysticBBS data files with php.

Available functions

  • Last Callers:
    $mystic->lastcallers( $number = 10, $pipe = false );
  • Oneliner:
    $mystic->oneliner( $number = 10, $pipe = false );
  • Files:
    $mystic->files( $area, $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );
  • Filebases:
    $mystic->fbases( $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );
  • Chat:
    $mystic->chat( $nodes = 1, $pipe = false );
  • History
    $mystic->history( $number = 10 );
  • Userlist
    $mystic->userlist( $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );


First include the library using something like:

require_once 'inc/mystic_library.php';

Then create a new element with the class, providing the full path to your mystic data files:

$mystic = new mystic( '/path/to/your/mystic/data/' );

When using Mystic v1.11, add 1.11 as a parameter:

$mystic = new mystic( '/path/to/your/mystic/data/', 1.11 );

Now you can use its methods like:

$userlist = $mystic->userlist();

Please check the comments inside the library for more detailed information on how to use the different methods.


Well.. ..This page! :)

The oneliners, last callers and the filebase are written using this library.


Originally written by Frank Linhares (netsurge/demonic/, this library looked pretty much abandoned, when I started using it in 2015.
So, first I updated it to work with MysticBBS v1.11 and later, I added a few more methods.
Lastly, I made it a class for object oriented use and started uploading it publicly to my personal gitlab.
In 2019, I updated this library to work with MysticBBS v1.12 as well.

So now you can use it, too, contribute to or extend it. If you are the original author, an e-mail would be nice.. :)


There is absolutely no guarantee that this will work with your setup, won't damage anything or work at all! Don't blame me!



HTML5 Web Client


Telnet SSL:

HTML5 Web Client


Telnet SSL:


acn 05/18 18:05
secondobs 05/09 04:46
secondobs 05/09 04:11
secondobs 05/09 04:01
secondobs 05/09 01:57
lombi 05/08 07:05
guest 05/07 23:27
guest 05/07 22:55
Max winner 05/07 04:57
Pentangle 05/06 22:35


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