Mystic PHP

Originally written by Frank Linhares (netsurge/demonic/ and updated by Philipp Giebel (, this is a library for reading MysticBBS data files with php.

Available functions

  • Last Callers:
    $mystic->lastcallers( $number = 10, $pipe = false );
  • Oneliner:
    $mystic->oneliner( $number = 10, $pipe = false );
  • Files:
    $mystic->files( $area, $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );
  • Filebases:
    $mystic->fbases( $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );
  • Chat:
    $mystic->chat( $nodes = 1, $pipe = false );
  • History
    $mystic->history( $number = 10 );
  • Userlist
    $mystic->userlist( $number = 10, $start = 0, $pipe = false );


First include the library using something like:

require_once 'inc/mystic_library.php';

Then create a new element with the class, providing the full path to your mystic data files:

$mystic = new mystic( '/path/to/your/mystic/data/' );

Now you can use its methods like:

$userlist = $mystic->userlist();

Please check the comments inside the library for more detailed information on how to use the different methods.


Well.. ..This page! :)

The oneliners, last callers and the filebase are written using this library.


Originally written by Frank Linhares (netsurge/demonic/, this library looked pretty much abandoned, when I started using it in 2015.
So, first I updated it to work with MysticBBS v1.12 and later, I added a few more methods.
Lastly, I made it a class for object oriented use and started uploading it publicly to my personal gitlab.

So now you can use it, too, contribute to or extend it. If you are the original author, an e-mail would be nice.. :)


There is absolutely no guarantee that this will work with your setup, won't damage anything or work at all!



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